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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue obamacare, so that i don't have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. hey, is that it? i think that's it. what's up tiana? thank you for everything you do. wow! you're a wonderful mom. thank you so much! it's just shocking that someone cares. tears of joy?
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>> gus: the celebration continues at stanford, as the cardinals defeat notre dame in spectacular fashion 38-36. gus johnson, joe klatt, what a game. >> joel: how about that. i'm still trying to take in what we just saw. there was a team, i would be remiss if i didn't start with notre dame. their season, you think about the injuries that they have had, what they had to deal with, and to be in this position with a red shirt freshman quarterback with stanford on the road 4 of the last 5 games. you think they might run out of gas. all of the credit in the world to the fighting irish. they had a wonderful season. unfortunately, it ended two points short. they're not going to be in this college football playoff. and then six lead changes? and the senior, kevin hogan, this guy has had such a unique career following andrew luck.
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last year, guy plays with the weight of the world on his shoulders. and he played his best games of his career in his 34th win tonight, in his last home game here at stanford stadium. he was really terrific. i thoment he was calm in the pocket. he picked up some first downs with his feet. then when it was on his right shoulder or nothing, to get the ball down the field in order to give ukropina a chance at the field goal, he made the play. he made the play. kevin hogan, was tremendous tonight. >> gus: all right, so kevin hogan, age to really scratch out his nickname "gritty" a gritty performance, as stanford wins the football game. our molly mcgrath had a chance to catch up with kevin hogan after the game. >> molly: kevin, your final game at stanford stadium, and it's rivalry game, over a team that you grew up cheering for and your father's alma mater. where does this win rank in
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>> number one all-time, number one of all-time. to come out here on senior day against an amazing notre dame team. and fight to the end. they went out with a score, 30 seconds left, but that's the way the game went. we figured whoever had the ball last was going to come out on top. made a great catch and ukropina ice in his veins. >> molly: this game always ends in dramatic fashion. you beatly good notre dame team. what does this say about what you can accomplish moving forward, head noogs the pac 12 championship game and beyond? >> just means we have to keep stacking them. we got two in a row, we have good team next week at leave eye stadium. but just -- levi stadium. we'll keep it going. feels good to get this trophy. >> congratulations, kevin. >> thank you. >> gus: stanford wins the legends trophy as they defeat notre dame. up next for the cardinal pac 12
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-- usc. 38-36 the final, an instant classic as stanford comes back to beat the fighting irish. next we will be in indy for the big 10 championship game, number 4 iowa takes on number 5 michigan state for a conference title and a possible playoff berth. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. that wraps it up from here in stanford. for joel and molly, i'm gus
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good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm justin surrency. for much of central iowa -- the snow and ice has all but ele. ttodal ecoigbc vey o. torlois ean salois joins us now to tell us when those slick roads could return..... e atr anilb going down hill... and it begins early enough as tonight for some parts of the state. southwest iowa is under a winter weather advisory for some freezing rain tonight. hi a ak a slc hrug alysdy rigtenateni urs to monday. a winter storm watch goes into effect monday morning in northwest iowa, where the heaviest of snow will fall. a mix of both rain and some snow will kee ttasoe he de on t.beoe h pn thgh, e ave one more dry day on the way for sunday with mostly cloudy skies and highs in the upper 30s. police in fort dodge are seeking
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attempted murder charge they are looking for tismn li s treoseso25- year-old damal clayton at "sneakers eatery and pub" in fort dodge yesterday. mosley is wanednutlwrnt for attempted murder, going armed with intent, and criminal gang participation. the victim is
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serious injuries at unity point medical center in des moines. if you have any information, contact police. republican preidentil candiate ted ruz lad out his plans today in iowa, if he should he be elected president... senator cruz ralli supporters at the corner... at a coffee and antique shop in greenfield today. the republican first shook hands with potential voters- then took the stage talking about the issues he plans to tackle on his first day of office--- among them, scrapping the iran nuclear deal. "the single greatest national security threat facing america is a threat of a nuclear iran and we need a commander in chief who says under n circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons." senator cruz says he also plans to work on rebuilding the nation's military and standing up against islamic terrorism. today local store owners showed what they have to offer shoppers for small businesses saturday. local businesses across the metro offered sales and other treats to
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lure shoppers in. shops in the east village in des moines, as well as west glen and valley junction in west des moines, had deals for customers. in valley junction, the first 4 - hundred shoppers to stop at historic city hall this morning received a free "small business saturday" reusable bag. business owners say they saw more traffic than a normal saturday today and think the brand of "small business saturday" helped. 16:27:50 "i do think that a lot of our customers treat every day like small business saturday, and that's they want to shop local, and they want to keep their dollars local, and that's it just brings more awareness to the whole community, to you know, shop :01-:14 some stores didn't even offer a discount, they just extended their hours to celebrate the day. some of the best holiday shopping deals are still yet to come... cyber monday is just around the corner, and it will bring the best online bargains of the season... according to the airfare search engine, airlines will even launch major airfare sales starting on the morning of cyber monday
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coming up after the break... from ice to deadly flash flooding where severe weather is hitting
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n.. to deadly flash flooding... fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. with ice coating everything from gas pumps to signs in childress, texas early saturday ... the slow-moving storm being blamed for more than a dozen deaths... the system heading out of texas saturday...but hitting several states to the north with ice and rain...creating some potentially deadly driving conditions. its all part of the same stormy weather that's been moving through parts of the plains and the midwest since thursday. at least three people are dead after flash flooding in texas...where a seventy-year-old woman was swept away in her car friday in forth worth...rescue teams were out searching for her saturday. clay says: "she started to lose control of her car and went off
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the edge of the bridge and she made a phone call to a family member." another victim -- a 33-year-old woman was also flash flooding washed her vehicle off the road.jones says: "she didn't call until she was already in the water and water was rising around her car." meantime, out west -- a cold snap in recent days...with a dip in temperatures in many areas including the san francisco bay area. mos says: "electric blanket, heater and i've got like three layers on right now." this as icy conditions persisted saturday in parts of oklahoma and kansas... authorities in kansas blaming icy roads for four traffic deaths near wichita on friday alone. while in central and southwest oklahoma, broken ice-covered tree limbs downed power lines and cut electricity to more than sixty-thousand people. at least seven people had to be rescued from vehicles in floodwaters in northeast oklahoma on saturday...including three small children in new york, i'm meteorologist janice dean, fox news. brett ad lib wx tease on set with anchor a winter weather advisory goes
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into effect at 6 pm for southwest iowa. an area of patchy freezing rain and drizzle will be possible in that part of the state, making roads slick there. for the rest of the state, skies will stay mainly cloudy across the southern half of the state with some clearing across northern iowa. temperatures will hold steady in the upper 20s overnight. dry weather continues on sunday with temperatures reaching the upper 30s. a cut-off area of low pressure will move slowly across the state on monday through tuesday morning. a
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paul rhoads is a cyclone through and through, but passion doesn't fill the win column. rhoads found out this week that it would be his last. a farewell game for rhoads. cyclones trying to send him out with a win. iowa state didn't hold back any plays... 4th down, cyclones fake it, holden kramer has enough for to move the chains. the same drive runs into another 4th down, why not go for it again... kramer fires a bullet to kane seely. for the down, why not go for it again... kramer fires a bullet to kane seely. for the moment... that keeps the drive alive. these boys are having fun. the drive produces points, a 49 yard boot by cole netten. cyclones trail 13-6 at the half. west virginia plays spoiler. skyler howard right up the gut. mountaineers win 30-6. cyclones finish with 3 wins. rhoads and his players with an
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emotional goodbye. it might not be long before iowa state has its new coach. sports illustrated's thayer evans reports, toledo head coach matt cambpell is the 'front-runner.' according to s-i, the deal is expected to be finalized within 48-hours. campbell has a 1-1 record against iowa state, including an overtime win this season. campbell is 35-15 in five seasons with the rockets. missouri is also courting campbell. the prohm-dynasty is off and running. iowa state is averaging 89 points per game. championship game of the emerald coast classic. 4th ranked iowa state and illinios. monte morris with 9 assists, jameel mckay slips off the screen and dunks it. mckay with 5 points. monte making it look effortless, the half court oop to abdul nader. 61-58. cyclones playing fast, naz mitrou- long to georges niang,
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and finishing with the left. niang finishes with 23 points. cyclones coast 84-73. 2014 depleted the trophy case. 2015 filled i back up. the heroes trophy symbolized the hawkeyes first undefeated regular season in 93 years. iowa celebrated perfection at memorial stadium. the hawkeyes were outgained on black friday, but had four interceptions. jordan canzeri got most of his 140 yards on two plays.
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