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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  December 10, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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working on a budget... the governor gets a glimpse of the funds he's got to worot to work with during the coming legislative session. the latest prediction...and what appears to be dragging down the economy. rubio's pledge... g-o-p presidential candidate marco rubio visit the metro with a fous on veterans. the changes he wants to make to order to help those who've served. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 an intense game at hilton collisieum tonight.. between iowa and iowa state.. and in the end.. it all came down to one point.. with iowa state coming out on top. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. the cy-hawk rivalry has divided towns, friends and families each time the two teams compete and tonight was no different... some fans had been camping out since monday just to get tickets... justin surrency shares just how excited both sides were before
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cyclones fans have grown tired of the hawkeyes this year... "we have friends that go to iowa and their favorite thing is say we are bad at football but we just say wait and we will blow you out of the water."now the isu fans are standing proud behind their unbeaten team... i lost track of football season after game 2 it is what it is but it's basketball season now and we are going undefeated...with minds still set on a rose bowl bid, iowa fans aren't satisfied will reigning supreme just on the gridiron... "that was great but now we are onto basketball and i wanna see the same game we se here all the time. " i was in indy that was great but this is entirely different..."the anticipation has been so high that iowa state students have been camping cy- hawk game... "it's fun it's like a big party we just walk around and meet new people and everything... "it just shows how tight of a community we are, we all come
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love the cyclones."many staying busy with and the ultimate tailgate item... we've got a lot of stuff...we had garlic bread yesterday, brats hamburgers....a more than optimistic day for the fans of crimson and gold... one if by land 2 if by sea and 3 if by naz, we are going to see a lot of that."turned sour as the hawkeyes lead stretched to over 20...but for those who waited hours, in some cases days in line...they were rewarded with a comeback cyclone win for the ages... well we are front row so it's going to be awesome, and beating them and partying after. haha" the cyclones narrowly defeat the hawkeyes's their third straight victory over iowa and head coach steve prohm's first in the cy-hawk series... experts got together today to gauge the status of the state's economy, and the good news is that it's growing -- just not a pace
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for. the revenue estimating conference estimates the state will bring in about 7 point zero four billion dollars this fiscal year. that number is nine million dollars less than originally estimated. the department of management's director says... record yields and falling corn and soybean prices play a big part in this. but he says right now the numbers aren't a huge concern 321329 - it sounds like a lot of money when you talk about 10 , 20 million dollars but out of a 7.2 billion dollar budget its way less than half of a percent on a good year.... revenue would grow by an average of 5 or 6 percent. but estimates show revenue will grow by 4 percent in 20-17. the governor uses the numbers from the r-e-c to create his budget for the coming year. des moines police are investigating a report of a shooting tonight... just after 6 p-m... police were called to east 14th and university... they did not find any victims at the scene... but 15 minutes later they
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where someone checked in with a gun shot wound... according to dispatchers, two others at the hospital were being questioned about the shooting. webster county authorities are getting creative in order to keep operations running. several county workers have been displaced due to vandalism at the courthouse. authorities say the vandals set off fire extinguishers... leaving a major mess behind. i-t workers got busy... moving computers to re-locate workers around the city. however...there isn't enough space for everyone...and some employees aren't working. a mobile trailer has been brought in to keep the d-o-t operations running. 00-13 all services are up and running today... being taken care of. the courthouse is expected to remain closed until monday. no suspects have been is a one-thousand-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. fire crews from three cities battled a massive house fire just south of the
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a home on 80th avenue near new virginia went up in flames around 2-30 this afternoon. authorities say no one was home at the mary's and indianola fire fighters also responded. there's no word yet on the cause. flags posted along m-l-k... near i-235 may soon becoming down... includes 27 flags, typically from a variety of countries, but on special occasions just u-s flags.. the land had been leased to the kathedral church across the street... but after many complaints, city officials severed the long-standing lease agreement with the church... it will be up to the city to decide whether or not to remove the flags. they legally become property of the city 15 days after termination of the lease, which happened sunday. near record warmth here in central iowa this week.. meteorologist brett mcintyre joins us now with the latest... brett... this ain't december
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there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next -- rubio's pledge... g-o-p presidential candidate visit the metro with a focus on veterans. the changes he wants to make to healthcare and the budget in order to help those who've served. then at 9-30 investigators are looking for new evidence into what led up to last week's terrorist attack in san bernardino... where they are looking... and who authorities are now questioning... from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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i like donald trump. a lof of our friends here have encouraged me to criticize donald trump i'm not
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ted cruz is holding his tongue in public... but that might not be the case behind closed doors. a recording at a private fundraiser has surfaced of cruz questioning trump's judgment. this comes at a time when cruz, trump and marco rubio battle for the top positions in republican presidential polls. political director dave price followed rubio in west des moines and reports on public candidates' private
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iowa congressman democrat bruce braley never recovered after telling a room of texas lawyers that a lawyer should serve on the prominent u-s judiciary committee instead of iowas farmer turned senator chuck grassley. and republican presidential candidate mitt romney looked like he was ripping those who receive benefits from the federal
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the president of the family leader, bob vander plaats, announced today that he is backing republican senator ted cruz in his bid for president. as for trump.. and his statements about banning muslims from entering the united states.. a new nbc news, wall street journal poll out today shows what americans think about that idea.... 57 percent of adults oppose that plan. and 25 percent agree with it... as you might expect, there is a sharp divide between the parties... of likely g-o-p voters, 42 percent support such a ban..
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by taking its money. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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w ce 't st s eeon sw ah pa. de eaci any possible evidence. 5kzvjrh bowdich says: "...the reasn we're here searching this lae toda bau h ae a idiatdhth sbcs m ito this area. we have now pu a dive team into the lake asa local part f covering ttlaahi. uhiie been questioning enrue marquez... who allegedy provided two rifle used in the attack. the f-b- radehi oe vr he eed. ndcag exeeaanh inh cas. gavin says: "probably he willbe
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peshews sra uyrthswpnsttwr s y these terrorists in t slaughter of those innocent individuals." investigators believe rfeav eo cibefore traveling to the unitd states.... possn pia. now there are questions over ow authorities weren't able t dett rrisatit so. salmon says: "...she s radicalized a long, long tim ago and we know tht and so, if we know that now, y didn't we know it then... wen she wet roh hi oerulvttng oes ta he ythy hav." the f-b-i says divers will ben this lake for at least a coupl day. thy ntnu sahevdcdetytidttterois athey say it's not evidence tha threatens the public.. and suggestions are it could e gt tre.adma ie esubjects to possible other adam housley, fox news arkansas state university went on lockdown after police say an
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m cse s a itoa barironcp. the man drove a pickup truck onto the university's campus in jonesboro today. that's about0mle frmmephs awnfrcement rushed to the scene.... and surrounded the suspect... ri eit oebropoie chef "egtaor fo te a a began to talk with this individual and after timef negotiations the suspect threw down his shot gun and surrendered to officers who wa tennt ctywihtan incident." no shots r ie rigt inien. oie dniie espts47 year old brad bartlet. officers are also investigating social dipttabrltme ntni omca nd suid thoughts. a new push to oust chicago mayor rahm emanuel... inhewaeofen olice oigeaths. mike tobin has more from chicago. auel as w'eal s tir of al of thracismnd wewnt rahm to step down." new calls for the resignation of
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handling of the police oi eat of lquan mcdona and rnald johnson. while the chicago mayor apologized earlier this week... community leaders say it'snt og.liinsnsas "citizens have the gh to recall their representatives and elected officials." medical students staging a die in today... lasting 16 minutes... one minute orveyhtirda mcdonald. mos says: "i have learned not to trust people and not to take apologies from people who are no sryabu age" republican presidential candidate ben carson meeting with chicago religious leer dy.. e old'tsyih thought th mayor should resign... instead saying the people should decide. carson says: "to get the various omnet f lk, to develop a relationship, to get to know each other.. because when that happens, a lot of times, things do not blow up." while esdetobmaha t recently spoken with his former chief of staff... mayor emanuel... the white uesasthe prse asbe lowing the events closely. earnest says: "the mayor himself took responsibility both for
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comings that have been observed and on fixing it. ultimately the citizens of chicgwil avt deerin eatl o tefeel about that." while there currently isn't any way to legally remove a mayor in chicago. a state lawmaker has introduced a bill to remove the mayor with a recall vote. in chicago, mike tobin, fox news on monday, the justice department launched a federal civil rights investigation of the chicago police department. the controversial no child left behind law has been replaced with the every student succeeds act... president obama signed the bipartisan bill today the new version of the education law will decrease testing and provide educators. national education association's why this is good news for all students, schools, and educators. they passed no child left behind in 2002 and said, 'the only thing we're going to care about is how many kids had
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you don't hit the cut score, you're a failure. it's been labeling kids. it's been labeling schools by that single measure and that is now done. that is over. what replaces it is something better- every student succeeds act will actually make those decisions on the state and local level in the communities where those children live, and it won't be one single standardized test anymore. the elementary and secondary education act was the original name of the bill. to get more information you can log onto get-e-s-e-a-right-dot-com this year's golden globes nominations are out. theig winners are the drama "carol" and "the big short." jeremy roth has the highlights. the stars got up early thursday to see who received golden globe nominations. the 19-50's set
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nominations, including best drama, director and score. stars cate blancett and rooney mara each got best actress nods. swedish actress alicia vikander was nominated for her performances in two different movies, "the danish girl" and " ex-machina." "the big short," a comedy about the 2008 financial crisis cashed in. among its four nominations, best comedy or musical and screenplay. speaking of best comedy, "the martian" was nominated in that category, leaving some scratching their heads. either way, the science-fiction hit's star, matt damon, earned a best actor in a comedy nod, and ridley scott earned a best director nomination. scott's competition in that category includes tom mccarthey for "spotlight," george miller for "mad max fury road," and alejandro gonzalez inarrito for "the revenant." and denzel washington will get the "cecil b-demille" award for his body of work. what about the snubs? some big
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recognition. steven spielberg was left off the best director's list, and acting heavyweights like michael keaton and johnny depp also came up short. you can see who comes out on top sunday, january 10-th, when comedian ricky gervais host 73-rd golden globe awards. i'm jeremy roth reporting. an old janis joplin song asked if god would buy her a mercedes benz. but in real-life, the singer bought herself a porsche -- and now, it's for sale. joplin bought this 19-64 porsche 356 as a used car in 1968. she had it painted candy apple red with a colorful mural on top. it's being sold by the auction house r-m sotheby's. the car is expected to bring in between 400-thousand- and 600-thousand- dollars, several times what a '64 porsche would normally sell for. the car has been in the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland for the past twenty years. the joplins are hoping to use proceeds from the sale to support social programs in their sister's
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this is the channel 13 news at
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tonight had it all. steve prohm making his cy-hawk rivalry debut. prohm has a problem on his hands. it's jarrod uthoff. the u doing it all... from outside, 3-ball good. he has 14 points in 8 minutes. uthoff to the rack, throwing it down... uthoff with a career high 27 points, he had that with 3 minutes to play in the half. peter jok takes over in the second half. jok with 18 points. hawks up 19. here come the clones... georges niang up top. jameel mckay brings it home. 13 point game. monte morris drives, misses, mckay smacks it to niang... it's a one point game! hawks back up 6, cyclones steal the in-bounds, kick to matt
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niang cuts the lead to one after a 5 second violation. final chance for the cyclones, we've seen this script before, monte morris, clutch. 83-82, uthoff with 32 points tonight. he needed 34. 4th ranked cyclones pull it out 83-82.
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the ladies get their turn comes to ames. cyclones are 2-2 in their last 4 games. desmond king is named an all- american by sports illustrated. of his day. the jim thorpe award goes to the best defensive back in college football. king is the first hawkeye to win the award. he tied the school record with
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mike warren adds another post season award. u-s-a today names warren to its freshman all-american team. warren is one of two big 12
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years ago when he grew a beard. mason has been a model for more than 30 years. some of his santa look is the same. the beard is white. the belt is black. but he has made some big changes. he got rid of santa's traditional hat... and updated his red jacket. "you get people that are a little confused, but once they think about it for a second they warm up. i mean i am wearing a velvet jacket. it's
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mason's fashion santa has been a shopping
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