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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  December 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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is justice served.. a father speaks out against the man who claimed the life of his son.. tragic accident.. a farm accident in clarke county claims a life today.. how it happened.. and the efforts to save him.. missing teen... the search continues for a missing 17-year-old boy... what the teenager was doing before his disappearance... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. the family of a murder victim is speaking out tonight... saying they believe justice has not been served. in september... 50 year old stephen jonas was sentenced to 50 years in prison for stabbing and killing 21 year old zach paulsen in august of 20-14. at the time... the victim's family thought the punishment fit the crime... that is until a few weeks ago... justin surrency has more.. the memory remains fresh...
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"i found him, my son's body laying against the fence, this is where he was murdered."in september, a jury made 50 year old steve jonas pay for the august 20-14 murder of zach paulsen charging him with 2nd degree murder and 50 year sentence... "i though he'd go to a maximum security prison because it was a very violent crime, he stabbed him 35 times."jonas was sent to the medium level security newton correctional facility... "it just shocked us, i read about newton and it's a place to rehabilitate people...he'll have cell mates and 4-5 hours of free time..."fred scaletta, assistant director of the department of corrections described the placement process saying quote, "it is more about the offenders history and current behavior that determines their custody level and facility placement; along with the specific rehabilitation needs that each institution provides" "when they evaluated him, i think he lied his way through that and
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got them to believe he was in harm. i think he got to go where he wants to go..."scaletta says that there are currently 467 inmates at newton correctional facility with a violent offense, 102 serving sentences of 40 years or longer and 31 inmates serving life in prison... 'the review board needs to be reviewed i just can't see that they are sending these people that do these kinds of things in these places when we have facilities for violent criminals."until a change is made the paulsen family says it will be hard to find peace... "to me it seems like he's in a country club right now, playing ping pong with young boys, ii just doesn't feel right."for now one place gives them the comfort they need... figured steve jonas who murdered him took this spot from us and i had to take it back." "it's a comforting place now where it was a horrible place, most horrible place of my life."
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it is not a problem of the maximum security prison at fort madision being at today's count scaletta says there are 541 prisoners with a maximum capacity of 634... a deadly farming accident this morning in rural clarke county.. where a search and rescue mission quickly became a recovery mission. several crews responded to a grain bin near murray. the clarke county sheriff says the owner and 39-year-old hired hand... eric reasland of creston were checking out the corn that had crusted over. the owner went below to start the auger... while reasland walked over the corn to try to break it up... 11:49:01 a lot of time the crust will stay up there and grain go down below it... gap get it to go down in the auger. 11:49:13 crews put about five holes in the bin to get the grain to drain away from the victim. the response effort took more
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authorities are calling the search for sammy kemp one of the most extensive searches in recent memory... the 17-year-old disappeared this weekend, and was last seen at a party in granger... but family members are saying search crews are not doing enough 365618 - hes 17 years old, anything could happen. he could be out in the woods hurt, cant get to a phone anything and your just handling it like hes another run away candice carr is the missing boy's sister. she says family members are eager to search for sammy themselves.. but authorities are still conducting their own organized search. since monday crews have looked in and around a pond where the boy was last seen after a party on saturday. polk county authorities say nothing can be ruled out at this point... 015913 - were interviewing witnesses, trying to eliminate different things and try to get more information. we need more leads so we can try and follow up on those and determined what happened here and find sam weather has been a factor all week... but tomorrow morning several different agencies will will
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expand the search by land, water and air hoping to yield some results fleur drive is opening up a lot sooner than expected. officials said the road would be closed down through the weekend, however, the raccoon river receded faster than expected. as a result... fleur re-opened at three o'clock this afternoon. the raccoon crested at nearly 18 feet yesterday... since then... it's dropped about two feet... and is expected to continue to recede through the weekend. an adel car dealership remains open despite its proximity to rising flood waters. the dealership is located on highway 169, which was closed last night due to the flooding raccoon river. but the store remains open for business, even with the water just feet from the front of the business. the dealership has been there ten years, and so far no cars have ever been flooded. a number of roads around marshalltown are closed by high water right now ... and a local businessman could not be happier. the mild weather has kept larry wegner and his six employees
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scrambling over the last week. the tow truck driver says there is mud everywhere ... and where there is mud there is likely a car stuck. wegner says there's another reason his business seems to boom during flood season ... a lesson he learned back in 19-93. definately helped us for some reason, we had one of the biggest tire months weve ever had..the month that highway 14 was closed. part of it i think.. was due to all the extra traffic cause of all the people that were coming down to see the bridge and the water on the bridge and stuff. but wegner says there is no bigger business boom than after a snow storm ... and he hopes for one soon. local ski slopes are typically busy this time of year... but... not this year.. the average ski season in iowa lasts twelve to fourteen weeks... but so far, it hasn't been cold enough for much snow. that means a ski season as short as eight weeks. the folks out at seven oaks near boone hope to start pumping out snow soon... sleepy hollow sports park in des moines says it's feeling the
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same kind of pain. both places are hoping to open the ski slopes right after christmas. unfortunately.. it doesn't look good for ski hills in iowa.. or any other businesses that depend on winter weather.. old man winter is taking his sweet time this year.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. brett... dreams of a white
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some insiders are calling marco rubio one of the winners of last night's g-o-p debate. but he didn't have much of a celebratory mood this morning in ankeny. the crowd clapped when rubio was introduced at the beginning of the event. and most never clapped again until the speech ended. few smiles, few was a serious talk from rubio this morning. he talked to nearly 100 people in an ankeny hotel ballroom almost
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exclusively about terrorism. rubio said it's one thing to talk about defeating's another thing to have a plan to do it. rubio...0057 we're going to utterly destroy isis. we're going to blow them up...... we're losing that capability."? rubio says congress needs to restore the money it took away from the military.. that way he says u-s forces will have the people, bombs and equipment they need to defeat isis. the white house contenders are all back on the road tonight.. following another round of sparring in las vegas last night.. coming up at 9-30 -- in case you missed it... a play-by-play of last night's debate between the republican candidates for president.. the winners... and losers.. but first.. grinch steals christmas.. a word of warning from a davenport man... after holiday packages were stolen from his front door.. from who h-d iowa's highition're watching the
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welcome back. a davenport man is taking on a porch pirate... that stole a couple of packages delivered to his door step. chris minor shows us the video... with a word of warning for everyone waiting for holiday gifts to be delivered to their home. mark riedesel lives in the village of east davenport. i get packages delivered pretty often recently, he ordered a cat toy for his kitty online, not once. but twice. i never found the first package so i had them send me a new package and that disappeared within the five hour space it was delivered a victim, of what are now being called...porch pirates, people who swipe packages delivered to your door step. a cat toy, not a lot of money, but still a missing package mark wanted to catch the culprit, setting up a camera at his front door, and set out the bait. it was a box, i just taped up empty box, well played sure enough, a woman bites, caught on tape not once but twice, helping herself to the box, rifling thru it, right on marks front porch. do you recognize her, no this man in las vegas decided to take it to the extreme, and teach thieves a lesson planting a box filled
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with dog poo on the porch. sure enough it was taken. fed ex now has an app to customize home delivery, ups offers a free alert service to announce delivery times, some consumers have high priced items delivered to their work. mark is keeping his camera running over the holidays.. i think its terrible, people just walking around stealing stuff its not right data on package theft is limited... but insurance quotes dot com estimates that 23 million americans have had packages stolen from their homes before they could open them.
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ad lib weather toss back
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coming up -- two words... lamar odom. their significance in 2015.
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while supplies last. stocks close sharply higher today... the dow closed up two hundred twenty four points.
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the s-and-p was up thirty points. and the nasdaq rose nearly seventy-six points the federal reserve board did something today that it hasn't done for nearly a decade. and that decision will affect millions of americans. "earlier today, the federal open market committee decided to raise the target range for the federal funds rate by one-quarter percentage point, bringing it to one-quarter to one-half percent. this action marks the end of an extraordinary seven-year period, during which the federal funds rate was held near zero to support the recovery of the economy from the worst financial crisis and recession since the great depression." the rate hike was widely expected, and a sign that the u-s economy is now strong after years of instability. the move is also significant for many, including home buyers, car buyers, investors and those just looking to save a few dollars here and there. bank customers will see a little
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deposits... as a result of the rate hike. and those looking to get a mortgage on their new home will see rates gradually rise. new home construction jumped more than ten percent last month. the commerce department says construction of new homes and apartments climbed ten-point-five percent in november .. reversing much of the drop in starts during october. a big jump in apartment construction in the midwest and south boosted the pace of home building... and those gains appear likely to continue over the next few months. it seems like an inevitable match... facebook is teaming up with uber, the world's largest social network is testing the ability to book an uber car directly from inside the messenger chat app. the new feature is the first transportation partnership for messenger, but facebook hopes add other ride-hailing companies in the future. it is rolling out slowly messenger, but facebook hopes to add other ride-hailing companies in the future. it is rolling out slowly to users in the united states at first. to promote the partnership, uber is offering the first ride for free, up to $20. facebook has big plans for the messenger app...
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you can already use it to send money to friends and track online purchases. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- tracking terrorists... the f-b-i is refuting claims made in the g-o-p debate about the san bernardino killers what really happened... and the
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that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control
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and for yours. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. mistrial.. the jury in the freddie gray murder trial is deadlocked.. what happens next.. and the pleas for calm in the city of baltimore.. in case you missed it... a recap of last night's debate between the republican candidates for president.. google it.. what do terror attacks, a near death experience, and math have in common? a breakdown of 2015 on the world wide web.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at
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a baltimore jury could not come to a decision over officer william porter's responsibility in the death of freddie gray. porter was one of six officers charged after gray died in police custody. polo sandoval has the latest from baltimore. police officers stood side by side in long lines -- as protesters approached. crowds gathered in the street. but the family of freddie gray and the city of baltimore urge calm. "if some choose to protest they must peacefully demonstrate. that is their right. but i also want to be very, very clear about any potential disturbances in our city. we are prepared to respond".gray died after being transported in a police van. william porter was the first officer out of six tried. prosecutors argued porter ignored gray's pleas for help. they also said porter did not buckle gray properly into a seat belt and did not follow police policy. porter's defense said the opposite. arguing standard
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protocol was to not use seat belts. the jury considered the charges against porter -- involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. but could not reach a decision. now gray's family will wait for a new trial as protesters in the city of baltimore demand justice. : "we ask the public to remain calm and patient because we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. we are calm, you should be calm."reporting in baltimore -- i'm polo sandoval. after the judge declared a mistrial....porter told cnn by phone - quote- "i'm doing well." when asked for his reaction to today's hung jury he told cnn "you know i can't comment on that, but i can't blame you for trying." porter is still suspended without pay. students were back in class today in los angeles... this following a district wide shut down yesterday.. after a threat was e-mailed to a member of the
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school board threatening a large scale attack. after investigating... the f-b-i ruled that the attack was not credible. some parents agree with the shut-down.. saying you can't be too careful. but, others say the school district overreacted. arreola says: "well, as the police chief said, if i was in the same position i probably would have shut it down as well." sandefur says: "it didn't inconvenience me but i do think that they overreacted, i certainly think they overreacted." paul says: "i believe that the school district and the city officials handled it awesomely, even though it became a hoax, our safety was their priority so i was very happy." new york city schools received a similar threat tuesday... but it was deemed a hoax. the f-b-i is refuting claims made in the g-o-p debate that the san bernardino killers communicated openly on social media. c-n-n's pam brown reports. today fbi director james comey made it clear the married
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terrorists syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik did not post anything on social media that the fbi could have picked up on... but rather communicated privately about jihad, away from the eyes of law enforcement "in late 2013 before there is a physical meeting of these two people resulting in their engagement and journey to the united states their communicating online showing signs of their joint commitment to jihad and to martyrdom."that comment came in the wake of contradictory claims in tuesday night's gop debate that the shooters' communications were on facebook. "we didn't monitor the facebook posting of the female san bernardino terrorist because the obama dhs thought it would be inappropriate she made a public call to jihad and they didn't target it."today, for the first time, the fbi called another attack on american soil terrorism: the murder by mohammed abdulaziz of four marines and sailor at military
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chattanooga, tennessee in july. "to my mind there's no doubt the chattanooga killer was inspired, motivated by a foreign terrorist organization propaganda."directo r comey and homeland security secretary jeh johnson both spoke today of the fear americans currently feel, but assured the nation the country is safe. secretary johnson announced an update to the country's terrorism advisory system with a third level called a "bulletin"... ... aimed at describing current threat trends to the public. "we want to put in one place for the public to see what we are seeing concerning the homeland and what we are doing about it and what the public can do about it." president obama is set to visit san bernardino friday to meet privately with families of victims of the terror attack just released surveillance video showing a plane landing and skidding
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off the runway at nashville international airport tuesday night. southwest airlines flight 31 was traveling from houston to nashville when it exited the taxiway upon landing. eight people suffering minor injuries in the incident. the video showing ambulances and other emergency arriving on the scene. most of the injuries were minor bumps and bruises. the incident being investigated by the f-a-a. lower gas prices mean americans are finding more money in their wallets this year. the oil price information service says u-s gas prices averaged about two-dollars, 40 cents a gallon this year. that's down 94 cents from 20-14. to put that in perspective, a driver buying about 11 gallons of gas a week spent about 550-dollars less at the pump this year than last. and that gives american consumers about 130-billion dollars more to spend. j-p morgan chase says most drivers are using that gas savings to eat out more. the 20-16 republican
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this morning .... after taking to the stage last night in las vegas. going head-to-head one last time ... before shifting gears and looking ahead towards next year's iowa caucus .... and -- political insiders say it's clear they're starting to feel the heat ... james rosen -- has the latest from washington ... the 5th -- and final -- debate of the year ... is being referred by many -- as the most heated showdown of the g-o-p primary season ... the rhetoric ... turning into back- to-back sparring face-offs between the party's nine top polling candidates who made it to the main stage tuesday night ... and -- as political analysts continue to debate who flopped, and who came out on top ... the candidates were back at it this morning ... as they returned to their campaign trails ... and kept the attacks coming ... rubio says: "again, all this tough talk, ted said i'm going to utterly destroy isis ... but how are you going to do that?" paul says: "people who think donald trump might be fit for president ought to consider that he doesn't really have a lot of respect for the constitution or the first amendment." the debate -- focusing almost exclusively on national security ... and how each candidate would
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approach the heightened threat of terrorism .... a topic that voters have sited as their top concern heading into the next phase of the election cycle ... political insiders say that shift from voters makes last night's face-off one of the most important yet ... benson says: "this was a substitutive debate ... the candidates rose to the moment and i think they performed relatively and subjectively quite well" ... tuesday's debate marked the candidate's final face-to-face meeting of 20-15 ... leaving campaign watchers with a better idea as to how the g-o-p field could lineup in the new year ... this .. as the focus now shifts toward the iowa caucuses ... which are less than two months away ... and where the first official votes of the election season will be cast ... as for the democratic contenders ... hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders are meeting this saturday night in new hampshire for the third democratic debate ... google is out with its top searches of 2015. the paris terror attacks, lamar odom, and a math question all held top spots by category. by far, google's biggest news
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terror massacre in paris. other top news topics included the oscars, the cricket world cup and nepal earthquake. the most searched topic of the year was lamar odom. the former n-b-a player and reality tv star nearly died after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel. and google's most searched for question? what is zero divided
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this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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naz mitrou-long proved he can
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hips, but not the way naz wanted. naz announced he's shutting it down for the season. long played 8 games, averaging defensive liability. he also had considerable pain. medical redshirt. cyclones without naz mitrou-long, but with deonte burton, take on northern iowa saturday night at 6. preceding that game, this one: the hawkeyes and bulldogs tip at 3:30 p.m. the big four classic is sold out. kirk ferentz hopes to do something hayden fry never did: win the rose bowl. but before that, ferentz does
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something else fry didn't, ferentz wins eddie robinson coach of the year. ferentz is the first iowa coach to win the award. the football writers association of america honors ferentz for taking a team with low expectations to 12 wins, and the big ten west championship. ferentz also named a finalists for the dodd trophy and bear bryant award. it's official: desmond king becomes iowa's 23rd consensus all- american, and the first from michigan. the american football coaches association brings the curtain down on all-america teams. every one of them names the iowa junior as a first team cornerback. king has a big ten best 8 picks. king and company play the rose bowl new year's day. stanford is a 7 point favorite. team coverage from the rose bowl in pasadena begins december 28th. these four guys will be there, but there's no guarantee we'll be
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wearing the same exact suits. don't want to be misleading... this just in: the waukee girls are good. the defending state champs started the season ranked #1, and lived up to it last night, taking down always tough dowling. waukee knows it won't be easy to stay unbeaten: the top five teams in the state all play in the c-i-m-l.
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before we go tonight... a t-v interview with a shirtless jogger in chicago is getting a lot of
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online love. a reporter caught up with ethan renoe sunday night as he was running, shirtless, along lake michigan in the warm and rainy weather. the resulting video got more than 27- thousand likes, more than 17- thousand shares and thousands of comments on facebook. on monday, renoe visited w-g-n and reacted to all that online attention. "i mean it's really been crazy. i have about 900 friend requests right now that i have to sort through." "'cause they could see your heart just in that short clip..." in the video, renoe said it was too wet to wear shirts and he loves running in the rain. he also mentions that he's single. commenters on facebook later praised his looks and tried to get dates with him. renoe said he was surprised about how quickly the video took off. and he said on monday he is
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thanks for joining us. have
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