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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  December 29, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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17:33:25-30 'she really didnt care what anyone thought of her. she was always going to be herself and she never tried to fit in. remembering the life of a young woman from des moines who died suddenly yesterday morning... next...hear what made her special. the state has been bird flu free for the last several months... the new announcement made today from the department of agriculture. while snow put a hold on many travel plans yesterday...that's not the case today. how iowans are getting back on track for the trip to the historic rose bowl in california. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 the life of a 21-year-old des moines woman is tragically cut short in a bus accident...tonight we hear from her family and friends.
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i'm jodi whitworth in for lynn . nicole underwood graduated from east high school in des moines and was senior at the university of iowa. she had hopes of going to graduate school in illinois to be closer to her boyfriend. that's where she was headed yesterday when the bus she was riding in lost control and hit a road sign she was the only passenger killed. mike dasilva joins us now with more... mike, you spoke with some of the girl's closest friends... nicole underwood was home for the holidays and got to spend her final days with her family. they even were with her as she boarded the say goodbye. tonight, some of her family members and a close shared some of their fondest memories of nicole and told me what kind of person she was. 17:28:24 'we were at the bus station and i think we were joking about all the celebrity look alikes that were going to be on the bus nicole underwood's brothers say
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chicago...she was going to see her boyfriend and celebrate the new year with him. 17:28:37--51 'when they called her bus, i know she was excited. she was the first one in line, hopped on the bus, all three of us gave her a hug and said you know we love you, she said she was gonna call once her bus got in but....never came.' 17:34:02 'she had honestly just been there probably a week and a half ago and she was going back into meet his goddaughter, for the first time, because the goddaughter lived in florida and doesnt get to come up very often. so thats what she was leaving for. her brothers say though nicole hadn't been dating her boyfriend for very long...she was extremely happy...and that there was something about him that reminde17:34:38 'me and him were very similar people. we both love picking on nicole, and i think thats kind of what she kind of fell for in a way nicole's brothers say they were the troublemakers of the family...and she their words the good
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that's where her close friend isabella comes into the picture. 17:20:42--58 'her mom had a pair peeled the fur off of and me and her went and super glued them back together and didnt tell her mom. her mom knows now, we told her a couple months back, but i think that one will stick out for a long time.' 17:22:37--47 'theres an ongoing joke that we should be drinking whiskey and listening to johnny cash and i think thats probably what shes doing wherever shes at right now.' and while nicole knew how to have a good time...and was full of life, laughter, and adventure... family and friends all say that at her core nicole was all about serving and helping others. a legacy that nicole would want others to continue. 17:40:52—17:41:10 'if you can if you have the means and you can be supportive and helpful to others, thats who she was and thats who she would want you to be if you had the means to do it and it doesnt, you dont have to do it money. i mean, volunteer your time, because thats who nicole would be and what she would want
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there are two gofundme accounts that have been set up in honor of nicole underwood. one to help ease the financial burden on her family and another to raise money for a scholarship in nicole's name. a candle light vigil is set for a young webster county girl killed in car accident. on thursday -- 6 year old payton henry's vigil will take place at the riverview daycare center in webster city. it begins at 5 -- and guests are asked to wear purple -- payton's favorite color. a visitation and funeral will take place at foster funeral home in webster city on friday and saturday the girl's family was involved in a head - on collision near fort dodge on christmas day. payton's parents and two of their other children were hurt but are doing ok. des moines police have arrested the man they say is responsible for a
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31 year old bradley boyd is charged with 5 counts of robbery in the second degree. over the last two weeks -- police say boyd robbed three different gas stations multiple times. thanks to the media and clear surveillence video...police say they received dozens of tips leading to boyd's arrest. meanwhile an accused serial burglar in jasper county is facing more charges. scott johnson of newton is in the jasper county jail on charges connected to a break-in at the bos landen golf club in july. officials say he caused major damage to the building ..then stole items inside. while police just linked him to this burglary case... he's already been charged in a string of other golf course break -ins in the region. a family dog was rescued this afternoon during a house fire in des moines. it happened around two o'clock in the 12-hundred block of herold avenue. fire fighters say smoke was coming from the windows when they arrived. crews pulled a small dog from the home...but they expect him to be
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no one else was hurt...and there's no word yet on what caused the fire. just about half an hour later fire crews were called to another fire they found a shed in flames in the 53- hundred block of southeast 5th street. firefighters got it under control quickly and are working to figure out the cause. again, no one was hurt. birds will once again be allowed at county fairs, the state fair and other live bird shows after the new year. the iowa department of agriculture announced today that the poultry ban has been lifted. it has been in place since may due to the spread of the bird flu. it was issued to help prevent the spread of the disease...and to protect the state's bird population. "that means that we don't have avian influenza as far as we know in the state of iowa. it does not necessarily mean that we won't ever have it again. so we're asking everybody to stay very attentive. certainly to look and question any sick birds we have. but it's great to be able to get back to normal and potentially have
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officials say there hasn't been a new avian flu case since june. yesterday's winter storm was proved to be tricky for drivers in central iowa the iowa state patrol responded to 70 accidents from midnight monday... to six this morning. troopers also helped 265 drivers who were stranded, broke down or in the ditch. that was for dallas, polk, jasper, marshall, story, and boone counties. the interstate is looking much better now than this time yesterday. the iowa d-o-t show roads are back to seasonal conditions, meaning the roads are mostly clear, but could still be some slick spots. all tow ban were also lifted this afternoon. the trek to work tomorrow morning could be a little dicey. let's check in with meteorologist brett mcintrye for a first look at the
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after delays and canceled flights yesterday... hawkeye fans are finally heading out. they have just a few days until iowa takes on stanford in the rose bowl in pasadena. josh nguyen has more josh: hawkeyes fans across the metro have been ready for months... they got their gear the tickets were ready but there was one big issue... josh: ahh the snow... in all, the monday storm gave us about 6 inches and that was just enough to make travel plans a coin flip. sot: 214707 'the airlines have canceled a total of 26 flights yesterday and 9 flights so far today.' josh: as on time... to delayed and finally to canceled many of those rose bowl bound began to
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of flights got canceled. people we were planning to go didnt get to.' josh: dave shrogren has been down with the hawks before... and just like in 2005 vs lsu , he knew if he had faith, things would go his way. sot: 215519 'we knew we were going to go one way or another. we know that we arent going to be canceled or delayed for ever. so we were gonna get there.' josh: flights are back running on schedule and the fans will get there but its fitting. with so many close games this year, even the travel plans came down to the last second. sot: 220003 'all of a sudden, out of the blue, here this comes. i dont think anyone predicted it. its been kind of fun ride, it really has.' josh: this will be the 3rd trip to pasadena for patty and todd bohlender and they are just happy to be back. sot: 215750 'its been a long time coming. had a blast last time and im sure its going to be a great time this time.' josh: now that the travel part is taken care of... there is just one more thing to worry about. sot: 220106 'i
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airport management says the 7 chartered flights taking fans to l-a all appear to be on schedule. we'll have more on the rose bowl from pasadena...later in sports... there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- his tickled the ivories for more than half his life... but has never preformed before a major audience -- until now how a 93 year old man is adjusting to his new found fame and the iowa caucuses are just over a month away... in a crowded republican field -- why rick santorum says he's not worried about his low poll numbers plus...donald trump is back in iowa tonight... were he met a huge crowd...and why he says now is the time to spend millions on ads. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox
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candidate is dropping out of the race... former new york governor george pataki officially announced tonight that he is calling it quits. pataki reportedly told some of his key new hampshire supporters about his decision this afternoon. but then tonight... this ad aired on national t-v. 20:27:44-20:28:00 while tonight is the end of my journey...and not their master. pataki...who flirted with a presidential run in 2008 and 2012...announced his campaign in te may. but since then he's failed to gain much traction. pataki has spent most of his time campaiging in new hampshire. donald trump is back on the campaign trail tonight...visiting a huge crowd in council bluffs. 11-16 go trump go trump
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hasn't had to spent much on advertising just yet. but he says that's all about to change. trump says he's going to spend a lot of money over the next four weeks in the early voting states. when asked why now...he says he doesn't want to take any chances. before his event...trump talked about his new plan...on his jet...with reporters. "i feel i have an obligation even to myself and to the country to spend and so we're going to be spending a minimum of 2 million dollars to the first and then we'll see what happens and if anybody goes after me, i will spend a lot of money against the people that go after me." when asked if trump would chose one of his g-o-p rivals as his running mate should he get the nomination... he said quote "it's very possible." one of his many rivals -- was in des moines today rick santorum is down towards the bottom of the republican presidential candidate field. he is polling about one percent in iowa.. but he says he's not worried those numbers...
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was polling three percent... and went on to win the caucuses... 23:04-23:28 i've been in this position before. i don't hold much value to these early polls. i don't think they mean much... and win in november. today's stop at our studio was part of santorum's two day swing across the state. democratic hopeful bernie sanders is hosting a new years' eve party in iowa. it's thursday night at the renaissance savery hotel on locust street in des moines. doors open at six o'clock and the event runs from seven to nine. it's free and open to the public...but attendees are urged to r-s-v-p. the party is the last stop of sander's three-day swing across
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tough enough to take on isis.
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coming up after the break... it started out at has hobby... but now a 93 year old piano player has attracted the ear of thousand of
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a 93-year old piano players in michigan is hitting the right note with you-tube fans. wally krauss is used to playing for small groups... but an idea from one family members has put his skills on display before a much larger crowd ann emmerich has the story.
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piano - something special happens. : "the piano is in my living room, and every day i spend an hour, i just do that, it makes me feel good. keeps me limber. "for 82 of his 93 years - wally's touch of the keyboard - has made a lot of other people feel good too. : "a big part of my life has been music, put it that way."as a teenager - wally directed choirs - and went on to do the same - in the navy. in fact - there hasn't been a time in his life - without the piano. on this day - wally's tickling the ivories for a small group at an assisted living home. : "he has a very happy style. i call it a happy style and so i just grew up enjoying that and so now, it's amazing that here we are so many years later you know, i'm in my 60's now and i still get to enjoy him playing."about 5 years ago, wally's son john had an idea. why not using technology tom share dad's music, a way top let family and friends near and far enjoy it too? so he started a youtube channel
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: "i'm as amazed as he is about just feel his joy and his slow happy style comes and touches their hearts and they write these beautiful comments."comment s from people around the world. more than 14,000 people channel. his 300+ videos have amassed million views. : "did you ever think you'd be playing in front of that big of an audience?" : "no. absolutely, i just can't believe it. i'm amazed at that. i really am. but it's very, its heartening to me because it kind of makes me feel better." : "people were worried about you, cause you hadn't posted in a while, and then when you posted, boy they were excited." : "i had a spill, you know, and that's bad when you get to be my age."now recovered, wally's back and sharing more songs for his audience.... a music man with a gift and some advice
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: "if you enjoy music, then for goodness sakes, follow it." among other things, krauss plays "fly me to the moon" and "bye bye blackbird" on youtube. again... you can search for wally under happy-piano-one. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- flooding in missouri is taking a deadly toll what state leaders are comparing this flood too... and why it will likely get worse before it gets better plus... thrill of the rose bowl quick thinking from a boy scout troup saves it's leaders life
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attack. hear the 9-1-1 calls and the how the victim is doing now... floods in missouri are on pace to top the record floods of '93... how many lives have been claimed and the state's current concern . and... the officer accused of shooting a chicago teenager made his appearance in court today.. his plea...and which city leader protestors are asking to step down. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 chicago police officer jason van dyke is pleading not guilty to six counts of first-degree murder... the white officer shot black teenager laquan mcdonald 16 times, killing him in the middle of a street in late 2014. van dyke entered the plea in court this morning...
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release of police dash camera and weeks of protests steve rappoport has the latest from new york. a white chicago police officer who shot a black teenager 16 times, pleading not guilty to murder charges. jason van dyke appearing in court tuesday in chicago... he's currently free on bond and his attorney says - he wants to tell his side of the story in court... so he's not seen as a cold-blooded killer. herbert says: "i know what evidence i am looking for and i know what evidence we are going to be able to produce and with all of that being said, that's how we believe we are going to be able to successfully defend ourselves in this case." prosecutors announced the charges last month and released video of the shooting... showing laquan mcdonald veering away from the officer before being shot. the footage set off weeks of protests...led to the resignation of chicago's police superintendent ...and prompted a federal investigation of the entire department. hunter says: "i believe the whole system in the county of cook is corrupt and i maintain that and i need someone to prove me wrong by bringing justice in the jason van dyke case."
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calls for mayor rahm emanuel's resignation are growing... prompting him to cut short his winter vacation and return to the city. skeptical demonstrators say - the only way to effect the change needed - is for emanuel to leave office. green says: "we've been protesting for over a month and he is still in office. he doesn't understand that we're fed up. we are fed up with his leadership in chicago and he has to resign. van dyke faces six counts of first- degree murder and one count of official misconduct... he's due back in court on january 29th. in new york, steve rappoport, fox news" van dyke has been free on a 1-point-5 million-dollar bond since november 30th... after spending only six nights in jail. families of those hurt and killed when 16-year-old ethan couch drove drunk -- are relieved he's now in custody. the so-called "affluenza teen" was arrested yesterday with his mother in a
9:27 pm
was convicted in a 20-13 accident that killed four people...but was only given 10 years probation. couch's attorney argued that he suffered affluenza -- meaning his wealthy upbringing was to blame for his behavior. couch and his mother went missing earlier this month after a video posted online appeared to show couch violating his playing beer pong. a lawyer representing the victims' families says his clients are glad the pair are in custody. "i think they want to see the system work. they want to see that indeed, there be consequences for profoundly bad behavior. and i think they want to not be seen as victims of this affluenza. i think, you know, that is something that these families have carried around for all this time. i think they want to now be able to grieve, they want to be able to heal and not have this open wound that keeps opening and opening as it's continued to do so for the last two and a
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a warrant was issued for couch's arrest after his probation officer lost contact with him. couch's mother is charged with hindering the apprehension of a juvenile. the two are currently jailed in mexico and will be deported to texas. officials in new jersey have released the 9-1-1 calls of last week's bear attack on a scout master. several scouts reported the attack and helped rescuers find and save their leader. tony aiello reports. it ended with a rescue - scout leader chris petronino bundled on a stretcher and loaded into a helicopter. but only after a frantic hour and 20 minutes - recorded at rockaway township dispatch. "9-1-1 where's the emergency? we're in split rock reservoir on a trail. me and two other scouts were hiking. my scoutmaster went into a cave and a bear is in the cave with him." three young scouts watched in horror as a bear grabbed petronino's
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"i think the bear's on top of him. the bear's on top of him? yeah, i think so." the young scouts - sounding nervous but staying calm - showed they could "be prepared" to help in the emergency. "one of the scouts is putting food into the cave." first leaving sandwiches near the cave entrance to draw the bear out - then - taking action to help rescuers locate them - "okay, the scouts are making a signal fire right now. okay, we'll keep it contained and make it a lot of smoke. okay." as rescuers closed in - this poignant comment from one of the scouts - "guys, if we don't make it out of this alive, i love you guys." meanwhile - scout leader petronino managed to escape the bear by hitting it on the nose with a rock hammer. he too called 9-1-1. "i'm sorry about this. what's that? i'm sorry about all this - he pulled me into the cave listen there's nothing to be sorry about, okay, let's just get you taken care of okay? where are you bleeding? your leg, your arm? left arm. left leg. neck and head.
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one of the scouts who saved chris petronino's life was his own son. as for the victim -- his friends have posted on social media that he is recovering. missouri's historic flooding now stands at 13. the rain has ended, but governor jay nixon says the threat remains high due to rising water levels. in the town of union, flood waters left several businesses partially under water -- including a gas station and a hotel. the national weather service says missouri will face quote "major historic river flooding through early next week." flood warnings were in effect today for 16 counties. 34-54 now that the rain has moved out, the threat has changed but it is not by any means over, especially for communities along the rising mississippi river and its tributaries here in the st. louis region. water levels are predicted to exceed the historic crests during the great flood of 1993 which caused significant and
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nixon says the majority of the deaths were from cars being swept off flooded roads. the flooding all came from that massive system that brought snow to iowa yesterday. that system moved north today...leaving it's mark on minnesota. in rochester, folks are digging out of at least five-inches today... but d-o-t crews knew what they were in they were out early preparing and treating the roads. one big concern was a multi-state hockey tournament at a local arena. while some games went on...others had to be rescheduled. new york city is ready to party on new year's eve. the mayor, n-y-p-d brass and the f-b-i outlined security plans today... ahead of the times square celebration hundreds of thousand of revelers are expected to see the annual ball drop. the police commissioner says his department has spent an entire year preparing. streets in and around times
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morning to set up barricades and check-points. everyone will be subject to bag duffle bags or alcohol will be allowed in. five-thousand police officers will traffic and plainclothes officers. this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times? it's a housewife who's in control of the finances. actually, any wife, husband, or human person can use progressive's name your price tool
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next we head out to pasadena to see what the hawkeyes are doing in the days
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thanks keith! while it's sunny and warm in california...the temperatures are dropping here in iowa. a final check of your
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finally's a mascot to the rescue! a bat got loose inside the arena last night before the san antonio spurs game. it flew onto the court before tip- off. but the spurs' mascot...a coyote...dressed as batman...came to the rescue. the caped coyote quickly corralled the flying rodent with a fishing net. tomorrow morning some central iowans will be waking up to snow! but brett...this won't be
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