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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  January 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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it was the biggest game in decades... but the hawkeyes didn't have enough to pull off a win... we'll have
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17:09:07--09 'he was right by me, i told him to stay right by me.' several questions remain unanswered about a des moines teen found dead in a pond. for the first time -- his best friend is sharing his account of what happened that night. police have made an arrest in yesterday east side shooting... who police have in custody... and why his age will play a factor in his charges from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 good evening and happy new year... i'm jodi whitworth... it was the biggest game for the hawkeyes in decades but they could not pull off a win... iowa and stanford faced off in the rose bowl tonight... this is the first time the schools have ever played each other... this was stanford 3-rd trip to the rose bowl in 4 years. and iowa... their first in 25-years... stanford scored within seconds of the start of the game... and it
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up. standford lead 35 to zero at the half iowa was able to get on the board in the second half... however the hawks lost 16 to 45 that final score was tough for hawkeye fans to take... in the hours before kickoff... pasadena belonged to the hawkeyes... they were everywhere... andy fales has the comparison... being able to tailgate in january takes a little sting
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that wasn't the only highlight... hawk fans enjoyed a week of fun in
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it hard to watch the 60's of california when we're dealing with
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meteorologist brett mcintyre
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it's been two weeks since police found sam kemp's body in pond near granger. the 17 year old was reported missing several days earlier after he never returned home from a party. his family and friends say how he ended up in the pond is a mystery. mike da silva joins us now with more... mike -- this is the first time we are hearing from sam's friend who was with
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not only was trishay thompson at that party with sammy kemp...the two went to the party together and they left the party together...but somehow, they got separated. 18 year-old trishay thompson says he and his now late best friend sammy kemp were partying hard that night. how hard? 17:08:15 'from a scale to 1 to 10, 10.' 17:08:32--36 'marijuana, good marijuana, and vodka.' when the cops arrived and broke the party up, some 300 kids took off running. 17:08:59 'did you run with sam? 17:09:00 'he was right behind me.' 17:09:07--09 'he was right by me, i told him to stay right by me.' so how did the two separate? 17:09:31--37 'i turned around and he was like running along with me. and then i told him that he needed to hurry up' thompson recalls the first moment he realized kemp wasn't with him anymore. 17:09:43--50 'as soon as we got to the parking lot, i turned around because i had almost got there. i started calling his name.' 17:09:52 'sammy? you
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then, i started walking back towards where he was, like where i last seen him like, eye to eye and he wasnt there.' 17:10:05 at a candle light vigil on december 19th, sammy kemp's sister wasn't buying thompson's story and demanded answers. 16:37:08--27 'we spoke with his best friend and the story just doesnt add up to what hes saying, you know, we dont know what happened, you know but if the best friend knows anything, he needs to come forward. he needs to tell what happened to sam.' i pushed him on that point... 17:12:37--41 'how did you not see something? how did you not see what happened? because it was foggy outside. and it was raining and thundering and dark. thompson did find a ride home that night... 17:10:50--17:11:04 'im waiting for him in the car, i like go to the car with some random stranger, i knock on their window and they let me in and im looking out the window, waiting for him, so then its just like alright, wheres he at? thompson says he figured sammy
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the polk county sheriff's office says there was no evidence of trauma or injury. the cause of death was fresh water drowning and manner of death was certified as an accident des moines police have made an arrest in connection with a shooting yesterday.. police say a 15-year-old boy shot another 15-year-old at this home on east 14th street. officers say the victim was shot in the chest... but is expected to live police say the shooting occurred in the home... not outside as first believed. the alleged shooter is charged
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be tried in juvinelle court the city of johnston's mayor is on the run --- but it's for a good cause. mayor paula dierenfeld pledged to run a mile for every bag of food or personal items donated to the johnston partnership last month.... people stepped up and donated 187 bags... so today... dierenfeld stepped outside for her first run - a half marathon. that's 13-miles down... and she still has alot of miles to go. the city is still tallying donations. dierenfeld is an avid runner and has competed in several marathons before by the time she completes this challenge -- she will have run the equivalent of about 7 - marathons by the end of the month 20-16 marks a new year and a new baby for one metro family. this is little everly jo butler... she's the first baby of the new year in the metro... she was born at 2-28 this morning at iowa methodist medical center. she
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butler of des moines. everly has 4 sisters and 2 brothers to welcome her home. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- " another day, another planned executive action from the white house. i'm kevin corke traveling with the president in hawaii. i'll have that story, coming up." and... don't be fooled by his size... this miniature poodle is tougher than he lookfinition're watching the channel 13 news at
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a texas family is starting the new year on an extra positive note. their miniature poodle, who went missing while being boarded at a local kennel last month, has been found alive. and they say the kindness of many strangers made the reunion possible. melanie torre reports. don't be fooled by his size... this white miniature poodle is tougher than he looks. p-b -- short for polar
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the last 30 days in the cold and the rain living in the woods. "he survived in the brush area wheee there's coyotes and raccoons and who knows what." the graves family had all but lost hope they'd ever see p-b again. on december first, their round rock dog boarder lost him while they were out of town. it was a sad story their mail carrier, daniel maltby, just couldn't shake. "when you put the dog in a place where you expect it to be safe and you come back from a vacation and it's gone. that's just horrible." he took the family's fliers and passed them out to other carriers in the area. three weeks later, someone, spotted him on their route. "i was absolutely shocked." no one could catch the little dog who is wary of strangers--- but when he recognized his family... "he just ran up to me as i was bending down and he just jumped right into my arms and i just started started sobbing." "i saw him and i was like, 'oh my goodness.' it was him. and he smelled so bad." p-b lost half his body weight, was severely dehydrated and covered with fleas, but the vet says he'll make a full recovery. the
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community enough for helping bring p-b home.. "the kindness of the human heart.. i just . it's overwhelmed me." they say they'll never underestimate the power of social media that helped spread the word while p-b was gone ... nor will they underestimate
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ad lib weather toss back coming up after the break... for a michigan woman a trip to the auto body shop changed her outlook on life the burden that a complete stranger lifted and why the woman insists it was
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the new year is off to a good start for a woman who has fallen on hard times... it all started at a car repair shop in michigan -- with a stranger who felt she needed to help ken kolker has the story: "yeah, this is a saab story, with a happy ending. "centhia fleming's 2009 saab, with 109,000 miles, wasn't safe to drive -- something to do with the steering. other mechanics
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-- so she drove it from her home in battle creek to fox saab in grand rapids. quick"they said it was a transfer case." and they gave her a price. "oh, my the original estimate was about $800." she had recently lost one of her jobs as a visiting social worker and had spent everything on christmas for her two young children. "i just started praying. i said lord i really don't have the money for this. i don't know where it's going to come from. but i know you'll make a way, you'll take care of it, no matter what it is." amy kornoelje was there to get her son's headlight fixed -- a $70 bill. "i was reading a book at the time and i felt like, something saying, you need to help this person. you need to help this person. you've been here before." then, she overheard this mom she didn't know making calls to borrow the money -- and it moved her. "i said i don't know her story, i don't know what it is, but we're all here on this earth, and i feel like i need to help her out." the dealership cut the bill, almost in half, and amy took care of the rest - $430. fleming couldn't believe it when the service guy told her and when he
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"i cried, it was tears of joy of course, but i cried like a little baby. " "i feel like if we all did that a little bit, just really pay attention to what's going on around us, then this place would be a whole lot better and we can make a difference." there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- another planned executive action from the white house. what president obama is planning to
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a new year mean new resolutions even for the president... what he thinks should be done about the issue of gun control.. and efforts he plans on taking to put it into action and as the flooding levels rise in missouri so do the death tolls. the worst hit areas... and how
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plus... earthquakes are rocking the state of oklahoma... what's believed to be causing so many quakes there recently... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 president obama is starting 20-16 with a familiar refrain from last year: executive action. he said today that one of his new year's resolutions-- is moving forward on new gun control measures. the president plans to meet with his cabinet next week to repeat a strategy that worked well for him in 20-15 ... bypassing congress. kevin corke has more potus says: "we know that we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one? what if congress did something - anytytng - to protect our kids from gun violence?" frustrated by a lack of cooperation from congress, president obama is once again, prepared to go it alone- using executive action to push ahead with new gun control measures. the president using his first weekly address of the year to
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agenda item that his team has been working on for some time. potus says: "a few months ago, i directed my team at the white house to look into any new actions i can take to help reduce gun violence. and on monday, i'll meet with our attorney general, loretta lynch, to discuss our options." =====f/s graphic====== executive action on guns those options include expanding new background check requirements for buyers who purchase weapons from so-called "high volume" gun dealers. following a year in which the country suffered through repeated mass shootings.. from charleston to chattanooga.... roseberg to san bernardino... the president's measures can be enacted without congressional approval. it's a tactic he's used before... instructing an anonymous team of white house attorneys to scour the law, looking for ways to allow the president to implement subtle, but legal changes to existing rules. it happened with immigration...guns are the next target...and later... the white house hopes to use a similar plan to lawfully empty the prison at guantanamo bay cuba. halper says: "president obama wanted congress to pass laws, they didn't pass laws, and therefore he's going at it alone. this has been
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in terms of other issues, so it's really become a huge issue, and it will remain a major issue going forward." especially on the 2016 campaign trail...where candidates like bush- who is expected to attend a gun show in the sunshine state tomorrow... could use the issue to draw a see as an overreach by the president...and a right guaranteed by the second amendment... corke "we have been reporting for quite some time that we expected the president to unveil his executive action on guns in early january. and now given the fact that he's expected now to meet with the attorney general on monday, it's very likely the public will get its first view of the plan next week. traveling with the president in hawaii, kevin corke, fox news." train stations in munich
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continue to investigate a possible terror attack. german officials decided not to take any chances as they temporarily closed train stations in munich last night. the german government received a tip from french intelligence...hours before new years eve...that militants from iraq and syria were planning attacks in the city. police say as many as seven suicide bombers were planning to take part in the attack. the area around saint louis is starting to recover from flooding that has claimed nearly two dozen lives... but the region remains water- logged... and at least four people are still missing. matt finn has more devastating flooding in the midwest carries over into the new year. homes, cars, and infrastructure in the region hit hard. roads in missouri beginning to clear up, with all interstates now open after crews worked to pump out excess water. anton says: " see this and all the workers and everything going on . i'm 68 now never seen anything i have been in a war never seen anything like this." the worst flooding seen along
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in arnold... parts... completely water- logged. police say 145-thousand sandbags were used here... but they weren't enough to keep the town dry. murphy says: "..i feel bad for all the people in the area who have homes and who are trying to get things dried out. it's going to be a long process." sekarski-budding says: "..crazy." merkel says: "'s historic." one person says his home could be a total loss. maxey says: "..we're really kicking around if we're even gonna come back here. we just don't know. my house smells like sewage and i don't think that will ever come out of there." illinois also getting inundated. the state's governor touring flood damaged areas. rauner says: "..we've seen the worst of it. hopefully we won't get anymore rain over the next couple weeks. we'll keep our fingers crossed." in arnold, missouri, up to two hundred homes affected or destroyed by the flood. the mayor there saying this is the worst natural disaster the town has ever seen.
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for the second time in a week -- residents in okalohoma city are dealing with earthquakes many locals are left shaken and some angered. this homeowner moved to the area nearly a decade ago... but due the increase in quakes, is considering moving. other residents say they are mad because of the state's lack of effort to help taxpayers through these types of issues "what we're saying is there's a greater impact on the economy when you have hundreds of millions of dollars of damage worth of real estate that's being damaged by that industry and at some point the public interest of the taxpayer and electorate have to supersede those of the oil companies." according to the u-s geological survey... the earthquake topped out at a magnitude of 4-point-4. a university in michigan has released its annual list of banished words. the school says words or phrases are included on the list because they're overused, misused or just in bad taste.
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"it's fun to see the list of words and see if they agree or disagree or see if oh yeah that's something that's been bothering me a lot too i hear that and it just drives me nuts."lake superior state university released it's 2016 list of banned words. top contenders included "vape", "break the internet," and "conversation." "you get tired of the same repeated words on the tv or just in the media in general and so this is our way of saying were done with these words and you can't use them anymore."lake state alum scott shackleton's first submission ever, made this year's list. he was one of many to submit the word "so" when its used at the beginning of a sentence. "its one of those words that has no meaning the way its being misused and gosh i just hope it stops."the university started banning words back in 1976 and since then they've received thousands of submissions each year from the u-s and across the world. "every year i think maybe people
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they are and they really are everybody has somebody about the language, a word or phrase that drives them crazy."it's a tradition l-s-s-u is proud of and plans to continue. "were all about tradition up here and so its something it just gives us something to hold onto and some tradition to keep moving forward with so i think it'll be here for years to come." other words that made the list include: problematic and manspreading- which means someone is taking up too much room on a bus or train seat. the complete list is posted on the lake superior state
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this is the channel 13 news at
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and we'll be right back with a live update from the rose bowl
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keith murphy, live at the rose tried to win another rose bowl for the fourth time since 1959, and once again, the hawks exit this stadium disappointed
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game in progress must be updated to reflect current score #16 oklahoma state vs #12 ole miss #7 ohio state: 44 #8 notre dame: 28 -final #23 tennessee 45 #13 northwestern 6 -final #14 michigan 41 #19 florida 7
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we'll be back with one last look
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finally tonight.... an earthquake rattled parts of oklahoma friday morning. this was the scene from the t-v studios of k-f-o-r in oklahoma city. its morning show was interrupted by the tremor. a preliminary report from the four- point-two magnitude quake was centered near edmond. there are no reports of any injuries or damage. oklahoma has experienced a sharp rise in earthquakes in recent years. critics have blamed the use of for the increased
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