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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  January 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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the way.. and with them... the potential for a sloppy mess..
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wanted... des moines police have identified a person of interest in a shooting investigation... who they are looking for... and how you can help... campaign sto than a month away from the iowa caucuses... the candidates you can expect to see across iowa in the next week... voter registration.... registering to vote just got a lot easier.... the new way you can get registered by the click of a mouse... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton
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today...holding organizing events in davenport, cedar rapids, and right here in des moines. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us state addressed a room full of of the des moines historical museum. mike dasilva with more. hillary clinton addressed the news of the day... she said she will standup to the gun lobby and fight to get common sense gun safety measures. she said she's so proud of what president obama announced today, that he's going to use executive authority to require more gun sellers to conduct background checks. 00:35:57 -- 00:36:16 'im for comprehensive background checks. i want to close the gun show loophole, the online loophole, what they call the charleston loophole. i want to end the immunity from liability that was given to the gunmakers and sellers, the only given that.' clinton was an hour late to the event, saying her campaign had to de-ce in
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longer than she thought it would. she arrived and took the stage standing next to former iowa governor tom vilsack, who told the crowd how clinton helped him get elected. in her stump speech, clinton talked about what was at stake in this election, including president obama's affordable care act, and she told her supporters that she would defend a woman's right to choose and planned parenthood from being de-funded. 00:44:14--27 'oh, i think it was just splendid. she just touched on all the important points, the reason that we are democrats. the reason that were going to vote for her. equal rights for women, equal rights for everyone.' 00:45:58--00:46:03 'i thought it was really great, i like how she appealed to all the womens rights, and definitely making college more affordable for us 00:46:10--19 'with college affordability, im a student at drake right now, and its expensive and to be able to lower the cost for us will really help for us for the future.' 00:47:08--22 'it was wonderful hearing hillary today, talk about the things that i think in america need to be addressed. things about social security, veterans, and she seems to
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clinton did not attack donald trump specifically by name, but did appear to take a not so subtle swipe at him, without saying his name. by invoking trump's campaign slogan...clinton said "i happen to already think america is great, but we can be greater but wedont get greater by diving and by insulting, by engaging in hateful mean spirited rhetoric." republican ted cruz began a week long tour of iowa today...first stop-- kings christian bookstore in boone... ted cruz/gop presidential candidate 'and i ask for your prayers, that we stand as one because this is our time music laughter that was strong..' a little cell phone ringtone to the good the bad and the ugly..a clint eastward movie today. cruz said he came seeking traditional value voters, smaller government, religious freedom, and controlling immigration. with the caucuses
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working to close the deal. i wanna ask every one of you, to vote for me, ten times, laughter now look were not democrats im not asking for voter fraud, but if every one of you gets 9 other people to show up and caucus, thats how we win iowa. cruz also went to carroll, guthrie center and winterset today... he will make about 30 stops in iowa through saturday. and get ready for even more candidates to come to the state in the next month... republican candidates ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul and mike huckabee will all be making multiple stops across the state this week... and all three democrats will be in the state this week as well... then one week from tonight, they will be back at drake university for the brown and black presidential forum. the forum will be broadcast live at 7 p-m on fusion... and then later on c-span and iowa public television...
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secretary of state paul pate showed off the electronic voter registration system today.. iowans with a driver's license or state i-d can use the system to register to vote or update information. for more information.... log on to my-m-v-d-dot-iowa-d-o-t-dot-gov. some potentially sloppy weather is on the way to central iowa.. meteorologist ed wilson has details.. ed... the first monday of 2016 was a little gloomy.. cloudy skies this evening with temperatures in the 20s... watching for some sunshine on tuesday with windy conditions from the south will take temperatures back to the 30s. more rain and snow chances to
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des moines police are looking for a man who they say knows about a deadly shooting last month... 36-year old tacono conner was
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apartment complex on south union... on december 27th. 37-year old amy stolki was also shot but she survived. today, police issued a material witness warrant for 60-year old alf clark in connection with the homicide investigation. anyone who knows whee clark is, is asked to call des moines police, or crime stoppers of central iowa... a des moines teenager will spend the rest of his life behind bars... for beating his 97-year old neighbor to death. ngor makuey was convicted last month of murder in the first degree in the death of rupert anderson. it happened after makuey broke into the anderson home in july of 20-14. he received a mandatory sentence of life in prison for the murder statement at the hearing, but his attorney aware of what he crime. a boone man convicted of heading to prison for the next 50 years. a story county judge handed down the sentence to 34 year old leigh lepon this morning. in november, a jury convicted him of second degree murder in
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of devlin lockman. the 38-year-old father was found with a single gun shot wound to 20-13. at first, police ruled lockman's death an accident. but new evidence led to the charges against lepon. in court today, lockman's mother killer. 15:03:04 you have taken a person i loved very much and he has been replaced with a pervasive, overwhelming empty sense of sadness that will be with me the rest of my life 19 lepon told the court and the to prison an innocent man. iowa law requires him to serve 35 he's eligible for parole. tonight.... coming up next.. the white take executive action on gun control... how local gun dealers are reacting... and later.. at 9-30.. international tension.. another crisis in the already volatile middle east.. why saudi arabia and iran are at
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countries jumping in the fray.. and the potential global repercussions.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator.
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the obama administration will announce a series of executive actions tomorrow to combat gun violence in the u.s. tonight the white house released new details about what those actions will involve. mary moloney has the details. 200 new a-t-f agents enforcing gun laws... 230 new f-b-i employees dedicated to background checks... and 500 million dollars for access to mental health care.. president obama is planning to announce these and other sweeping gun control measures tuesday morning. "i think everybody here is all too familiar with the statistics. we have tens of thousands of people every single year who are killed by guns. we have suicides that are committed by firearms at a rate that far exceeds other countries.the focus of these actions... keeping guns out of the wrong hands. the plan encourages states to report people who should be kept from buying weapons. it also partially closes the gun show loophole by expanding
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however hobbyists and collectors requirement to register what i asked my team to do is to strengthen our enforcement republicans in d-c and on the presidential campaign trail have blasted any attempt by the white house to do this on their own. something that needs to be worked out with congress.mary moloney, reporting. the president's plan of action is already having an impact in iowa... and not the way the president
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this month alone there are at least six gun shows scheduled in iowa.... with three taking place in the metro. all of them are expected to draw large crowds because of the potential change in gun laws. permit to carry classes are also filling up. steven anderson.... a former des moines police officer and current owner of training specialists in ankeny... says enrollment is his class is soaring. "we have been having around 20 but this december and january we are going to have around 50 each. anderson tells us he's more concerned about potential gun control measures at the state level... rather than any executive action from the president. the top baby names of 2015 at . today.. unitypoint health released the five most popular baby names for boys and girls: the boys included: henry, jackson, liam, james, and wyatt and the girls included: olivia, charlotte, emma, avery, evelyn &
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names of nearly five-thousand babies delivered at unitypoints three metro hospitals... the overall birth rate in des moines
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cloudy skies will hang over central iowa skies tonight. temperatures will stay in the mid to lower 20s. there will be some partial clearing overnight with lows in the teens. the winds will pick up on tuesday from the
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temperatures back in the 30s. it will be cloudy then through the end of the week with both some rain and snow chances. there may even be some accumulating snow friday through early saturday morning.
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coming up -- 50 cents for a pizza.. where you could score one for yourself.. but first -- nosedive.. stocks take a plunge on wall street.. how far they fell.. and what is
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the first monday of the year saw a nosedive of u-s stock markets. the dow dropped 276-points, lost a-hundred- and-four points. the s-and-p- 500 closed 31-points down. china helped drive the sell-off. china's main stock market had to temporarily halt trading today after stocks in shanghai took a seven- percent plunge. another worry for investors: new tensions between iran and saudi arabia, both key oil producers. the problems continue to mount for troubled german automaker volkswagen. the e-p-a and justice department are suing volkswagen over its emissions cheating software. the federal agencies accuse the automaker of violating u-s environmental rules. the agencies are seeking up to penalties. volkswagen has admitted that its diesel cars had illegal software installed to cheat emissions
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volkswagen and audi vehicles in the u-s are affected by the scandal. the automaker has yet to comment on the lawsuit. but says it is working with u-s environmental regulators on a solution to the problem. this may wipe out your new year's resolution real fast. pizza hut and papa john's began the new year with new low-priced offers. pizza hut is offering customers the chance to buy a medium pizza with one topping for 5-dollars as long as they buy at least one other item also for 5-dollars. papa john's is offering customers who buy a large pizza at regular price the chance to buy a second for only 50 cents. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- search is over.. the tragic end to the search for a missing country singer... where he was found.. and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.. coming up in sports, new college basketball rankings are out... where the
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international tension.. another crisis in the already volatile middle east.. why saudi arabia and iran are at odds.. the other neighboring countries jumping in the fray.. and the potential global repercussions.. stand off.. the latest on the situation in oregon.. where a group of protestors has taken over a federal building.. what they want.. and how long it could last.. state of emergency.. the disaster area created by floodwaters.. the areas hit hardest... and the places still bracing for rising water from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 while saudi arabia is cutting diplomatic and commercial ties to iran -- the obama administration is urging the same policy of diplomacy and patience -- other nations -- meanwhile -- are following the saudi lead -- prompting one american official to accuse of the kingdom of playing a dangerous game -- and ignoring the bigger
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thousands of iranians protested saudi arabia's mass executions on saturday... including the beheading of sheikh nimr al-nimr, a shi'ite cleric and opposition figure convicted of subversion. by sunday a mob had set fire to the saudi embassy in tehran... and even though the iranians swiftly arrested 40-suspects... riyadh responded by severing diplomatic ties with iran. al-jubair says: "we will also be cutting off all air traffic to and from iran. we will be cutting off all commercial relations with iran and we will have a travel ban against people traveling to iran." ansari says: "since saudi arabia sees not only its interests but also its survival in the continuation of tensions, it has therefore used this issue as another excuse to increase tension and conflict. saudi allies bahrain and sudan also severed diplomatic ties with the islamic regime... while the united arab emirates merely downgraded iran's diplomatic status. for years, in proxy battlegrounds like syria and yemen... saudi arabia, the sunni monarchy that is the world's leading petroleum exporter and custodian of islam's
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struggle for regional domiance against iran, the shi'ite powerhouse that sponsors "we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region. president obama's protracted nuclear diplomacy with iran, finalized in july, has long irritated the saudis... who showed their displeasure by sending a cabinet officer to mister obama's camp david summit this spring. today, the white house affected studied neutrality, saying "there is plenty of blame to go around"... despite the fact that u-s-saudi relations, at least on paper, those with iran. rosen says: "why shouldn't the saudis, rather, expect that the united states will behave like an ally in this situation?" earnest says: "our concerns about saudi arabia's actions in this regard are related both to concerns that we have about the impact this -- that these actions have on saudi arabia's national security, but we also have concerns about the impact that this has on u.s. interests in the region." with iran complying with the nuclear deal and bracing for an influx of unfrozen funds worth up to 150- billion dollars... and oil prices remaining low,
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showing signs of vulnerability. mcfarland says: "their new budget shows they have a shortfall of income because of the falling oil prices. so they're not going to have that cushion, that extra money to spread around to friends and to defeat foes." rosen on cam: aides to president obama acknowledge that if the saudi - iran standoff continues it will make it even harder to reach a political settlement on the civil war in syria. which is in terms seen as essential in the fight against isis. at the white house james rosen. fox news. two days after taking over a federal building, armed protesters in oregon are refusing to budge until they get what they want. the group says it's standing up to the federal government over land rights... but officials say the arson case that sparked this protest is over and it's time for the demonstrators to go home. paul vercammen reports. the media allowed to go where law enforcement has not... inside the
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armed group that now has a name: citizens for constitutional reform. paul: "how long do you plan to stay here and do you feel like you've already made a statement?" "we've definitely made a statement, but statements aren't good enough. we intend to go to work and assist the people of harney county."ammon bundy-once involved with his father cliven in their own standoff with federal officers in nevada-says he came here in support of oregon ranchers dwight and steven hammond. the father and son were sentenced to five years in prison for arson.. after a supposed controlled burn on their property spread to u.s. government land. but bundy calls the hammonds case the result of a failed land grab by the government. "because of that refusal to sell the ranch these federal agencies began an attack on this family."on a tour, we saw no weapons, just a dozen or so people who took over unoccupied buildings. the group charges the federal government has aggressively swallowed up ranch land, harassed farmers, hurt the
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just like this..wide open harney county. "we've come here to work, we're not come here to sit as children, and stamp our feets and demand that certain things are met, we're gonna go to work. we're gonna try and help restore these ranchers that have lost their ranches." while many in town echo the support for the hammonds and other ranchers.. some are upset that the occupation led to schools being shut down for the week, and one man called this takeover just plain weird. dwight and steven hammond turned themselves in to authorities monday. the father and son were convicted of arson in the case that has fueled this and other protests. missing country singer craig strickland has been found dead. the 29-year old and a friend disappeared while duck hunting at an oklahoma
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storm. strickland's friend.. chase morland, was found dead last monday at the lake. strickland was the lead singer in a country rock band called..."backroad anthem." police said nothing about what caused morland's death. they added that there were "no personal flotation devices in use." devastating flooding is beginning to recede in parts of the midwest.. people there are now starting to clean-up as the full scope of damage comes to light matt finn is in missouri with more. branch says: "..i just, i want my neighborhood to get back the way it was, and not all this ruckus." a rough start to twenty-sixteen for folks in arnold, missouri. about a hundred homes here affected or destroyed by the flooding residents' belongings... pictures, heirlooms, and furniture... piled up in garbage heaps. branch says: "..everything i own was down in that basement. it's just gone. my kids' stuff is gone. i'm sorry..."
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more than two-dozen people in missouri and illinois. waterways in both states rising after ten to fourteen inches of rain drenched the region. it could be weeks, even months, before the situation returns to normal. branch says: "..i'm living day by day trying to help my friends out and they are trying to help us out. trying to comfort the ones who really lost everything, their house, everything. this illinois man measuring nearly twenty-one inches of water in his basement. it's the fifth time his property along the illinois river has flooded in the seven years he's owned it... but, he says living on the water is worth the risk. hammerl says: "..we have a garage door in the basement, so when the flooding is coming, we just open the door, water flows in. when the river goes down, the water flows down, flows out." the rain has ended, but, folks aren't out of danger here in the midwest. emergency officials tell us there are still numerous levees under historic pressure along the mississippi river... and there is more flooding expected. in arnold, missouri,
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the city of portland is experiencing another rare snow day. light snow and freezing rain forced many to st home today. the national weather service has issued a hazardous weather outlook alert for residents throughout the night. officials are asking people to stay home and avoid driving... crews have been working throughout the day to spread gravel and salt on all major roadways.. but slick roads and cold weather are still making many roads dangerous for commuters. cloudy skies this evening with temperatures in the 20s... watching for some sunshine on tuesday with windy conditions from the south will take temperatures back to the 30s. more rain and snow chances to wrap up the
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this is the channel 13 news at
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temperatures will stay in the mid to lower 20s. there will be some partial clearing overnight with lows in the teens. the winds will pick up on tuesday from the south and will help warm temperatures back in the 30s. it will be cloudy then through the end of the week with both some rain and snow chances. there may even be some accumulating snow friday through early saturday morning. ad lib weather toss back and
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged.
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an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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cyclone fans have been in basketball mode for a couple months. with the rose bowl over hawkeye fans can now switch their attention to the hardwood, good timing. new rankings released today and both teams find a spot in the top 20 iowa state drops 2 spots to 13th saturday. iowa makes the biggest jump ive to 19th. thanks to the hawks knocking off number 1. kansas takes over the top spot followed by oklahoma and maryland. the sooners and jayhawks play tonight. after taking down the top ranked spartans iowa then went on the road and beat 14th ranked purdue, after trailing by 19 in the first half.
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lafayette in 10 years. hawks now 11 the big 10. hawks have just 1 game this week. home tomorrow night against nebraska. 8pm tip from carver. its also adam woodbury bobblehead night.
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ran out of gas in norman, falling to oklahoma 87-83. a road win would have been a bonus, but in the big 12 its all about protecting the home court. iowa state back home on wednesday against texas tech. tubby smith's crew 11-1 and just outside the top 25. deonte burton was picked as the pre- season newcomer of the year in the big 12. the junior from milwaukee is living up to that hype. for the 2nd straight week burton is named newcomer of the week in the big 12. in 2 games big number 30 averaged
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shooting 72 percent from the floor. prohm says burtons minutes will increase, but he doesn't see deonte starting anytime soon. the iowa state women started the season 2 and 3, didn't look good. but 8 straight wins later, along with a 2 and 0 start in the big 12, all of a sudden isu is right back in it. big test on wednesday for iowa
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