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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  January 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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construction accident claims the life of a thirty year old trench collapse in altoona... caucus countdown.... we are now 26 days away from the iowa republican party of iowa is using to get faster and more accurate counts... sloppy and slippery.. a mixed bag of weather today and into tomorrow.. what to expect for your morning commute.. definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 just in time for the evening commute.. sloppy weather turned roads slick in some spots.. and the mix of rain, sleet and snow is just getting started here in central iowa.. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight... over the next few days, we're going to see just about every form of precipitation.. as the temperature bobbles above and below the freezing mark.. meteorogolist brett mcintyre is here to break it all down for us..
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a mixed bag of precip is moved sleet, drizzle and snow all falling. temperatures will hold steady in the low 30s tonight. tomorrow upper 30s and rain will build in and
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rescue crews worked for six hours today.. to recover the body of
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authorities say 30-year-old justin jorgensen was working to install water and sewage lines in a trench when the dirt caved in around him. crews estimate the pit was about 10 to 12 feet deep and it did not have a trench wall to brace it's sides. they also said the dirt and clay was extremely unstable. under o-s-h-a regulations , in trenches deeper than five feet -- trench walls are required. when crews arrived on scene -- they said jorgensen was partially buried but knew they couldn't save him.
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joe anthony lopez of des moines is charged with first degree murder and child endangerment resulting in death. in november of 2014, 20-month-old ruby alvarez was taken to the hospital with serious injuries -- a fractured skull and broken ribs. clive police said lopez lied about how those injuries happened that led to her death. lopez told officers she fell from a high chair while he was in the bathroom. but investigators said the baby's injuries were not consistent with a fall. a des moines woman will stand trial in march for the car crash that killed two men in november. today 53-year old deanna gliem was arraigned at the polk county courthouse. she is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide by o-w-i and two counts of vehicular homicide by reckless driving. police say gliem was drunk and speeding when she crashed into another car on hubbell avenue on november 15th. 60-year old rick hummel and 59-year old randy sonnenburg were killed. gliem's trial date is set for march 7th. the chairman of the republican party of iowa spent part of his
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media...trying to clear up what he says are the myths about the iowa caucuses. dave price followed him on-line today to talk technology, turnout and trouble. fewer than four weeks left til iowa' s much hyped night...time for a caucus chat. and iowa's republican chairman turned to technology to do it. he chose the new take reporter questions from across the country first up...the republican candidate to beat in iowa right now. ted cruz has been blasted by the governor, the governor's son and ethanol supporters. they think he's chosen subsidies for big oil in his homestate texas...over supporting iowa's renewables. which side did gop chair jeff kaufmann take? both...really. kaufmann wrote..."ethanol is a critical issue for iowans. ted cruz is a fantastic candidate and we're excited to have him working so hard to earn iowan's votes. kaufmann's's important caucuses don't start to look like a primary, but we are working directly with the department of defense and the republican national ensure iowans
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will have ability to participate in process we'll stay tuned... donald trump's brought attention to this presidential race like no other. he's one of a dozen republicans still running for the nomination...surely... the chair expects to top 2012's record 120,000 caucus night turnout... maybe... kaufmann wrote...i would personally be surprised if we don't surpass 120k. but there are so many variables . how will the chair make sure 2016 wont' repeat 2012's embarrassing caucus night screwup. that's when the party said mitt romney won...only to weeks later realize rick santorum did fittingly on this technology talk..kaufman...says technology's the answer. he wrote...we have press call tomorrow with microsoft to walk
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microsoft has developed an app - caucus volunteers will input candidate's caucus night totals into their smart phone or tablet at every precinct. that's supposed to mean... quicker results into the parties. tomorrow... we get our first look at how that app works. former iowa congressman tom latham is fighting cancer... latham announced the lymphoma diagnosis online today... he's also staying positive... on twitter latham writes, "i have never lost an election & i'm not going to lose this battle either! thanks for positive thoughts and prayers." latham retired from the u-s house last year. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next -- it's known for the bridges of madison county and as john waynes birthplace. the historic preservation efforts under way in the city of
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and later.. at 9:30 bomb threat.. north korea says it successfully detonated an h-bomb.. which is much harder to make than atomic weapons. why many experts are skeptical that pyongyang made the jump. from who h-d iowa's high definition're ng the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes.
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and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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it's a town full of history... to make sure it is preserved for future generations... the town of winterset is known for the bridges of madison county and as john waynes birthplace. now winterset hopes people will stop by for another reason. roger riley has the story. at the madison county mercantile..shirley roach loves to show visitors around this store — the building went up in 1889, as a clothing store.. the original light switches are still here from the ealry 1900s. sot: shirley 42:15 when this building came up for sale, i was afraid someone would buy it and tear out the tin ceiling.. butted so i bought it
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something to do with it, so i went into business. this store and others have been involved in a four year effort to do a historic inventory of over 100 buildings in and around the square. many buildings now marked with a plaque. now the work has paid off..some 83 buildings of the winterset commercial district, are now on the national register of historic places. sot: brenda 'once your are on the national register there are tax credits...second stories can be rehabbed and put back into use.. the success with restored historic buildings is causing more interest in people having businesses or homes here.. sot linda smith/ winterset historic preservation comm i see a lot of classmates and people who graduated from winterset high preserving the buildings here, or coming back and buying homes.. already winterset is known for its bridges...also on the national register of historic places.. 22:15 ' its not just about the buildings...its about the stories and the people who lived in the buildings we discovered people here had a lot of grit and a lot of perseverance.. roger standup: with all these buildings now on
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expected to draw whats called historic tourism, people who want to visit a town because of its architecture...and the story it tells of the towns past. the town will celebrate the historic designation on january 29th at the iowa quilt museum building.. plenty of people across the metro are trying their luck at the half a billion dollar powerball jackpot tonight... convenience stores around the metro say the usual morning and lunchtime rushes were full of powerball ticket purchases... around 24-thousand iowans won prizes in saturday's powerball drawing, even though no one hit the jackpot.. this is one of the biggest jackpots on record. a lot of first time players say they aren't big gamblers... but the fantasy of winning this much
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"it's like willy wonka and the golden ticket everyone wants that ticket and the kids are telling their mom to pick numbers and filling them out it's awesome... "id go on vacation, buy a house buy my parents a house a lot of stuff" "id sit on it for a while take care of family and have fun and see if i want to keep working hahha" if you're still planning on getting a ticket, you're out of luck... ticket sales for tonight's drawing ended just before nine... the numbers will be drawn at
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the mixed precipitation that's moved through central iowa late this afternoon is moving out tonight. temperatures will warm into the upper 30s on thursday. this will lead to rainfall across the state thursday and friday. most locations will see a half inch of rain or less. there could be some pockets of higher amounts in southeast iowa closer to 1". cold air pushes in friday night through saturday. there may be some light snow with the arrival of the cold air. temperatures will be much colder for the weekend with highs in the teens and overnight lows in the single digits. winds will be blustery on
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coming up -- you'll soon be able to watch netflix on your next trip to nigeria.. but first -- nosedive.. the marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.
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were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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the scary headlines keep on coming for investors. wall street experienced another mini panic attack today after north korea claimed to successfully test a hydrogen bomb. the markets are already being spooked by the financial and economic turbulence out of china and the latest plunge in oil prices. lori rothman has details . stocks were slammed today after the price of crude oil fell to a 7 year
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cents a barrel. that's a decline of 5.6% this after word that north korea successfully, they say, tested a hydrogen bomb followed by data released earlier in the week that showed the chinese economy slowing even further, so when all was said and done, stocks on wall street fell about 1 and a half percent with volatility popping higher. so, here are the numbers. the dow jones industrial average down 252 closing below 17 thousand, 16,909, and that wasn't even the worst level on the day. the s and p 500 fell 26 points to close at 19-90 and the nasdaq composite index lost 56 points to close at a level of 48-36. so, that big decline in oil prices weighed on the energy sector. energy stocks were the worst performers on the day. as a group they were down 4%, but on a bright note, walmart, the only stock on the dow that closed out the session with gains. and then you had shares of netflix which also had a nice stay today. netflix popping up after word that their international distribution agreements were gaining traction. from the new york stock exchange, i'm
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as of today... netflix is in nearly every country in the world. the streaming video service is now available in 130 more countries... including india, nigeria, poland, russia, saudi arabia and south korea. still off-limits for now-- crimea, north korea and syria. the company says it's working to open its service in china... but will likely find challenges... media content in china remains heavily censored by the government and many websites including google and facebook are blocked. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- get out.. federal authorities still haven't taken action to remove a group of armed protestors occupying a wildlife
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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til.. essesiidn ae
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hyden bo es .. kuptormake t ad itns tspolcf resingaist north korea ievnga ydonbob s eiable." scessfulesting of the h-bomb, would mean a daforward for the "rogue nation's" nuclear/military program. it would be more powerful than atomic devices pyongyagn tested
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capability they've made it clear that they surely have the determination to do so a tat codgto analysts, might be the main aim. recently out of o soh, im jong un, appears to want to get international attention back as well as firming p mstc upo. nillsson-wright says: "this is a way in which the leadershi fi on unaniyo ike, cement his authority at home." at a ouincstug su korea's government calling the atomic test "a grave provocation." lo alchnsyg twas firmly opposed to the detonation. and the un secryouci anup for even more action against pyongyang. ban says: "the act is profoundly destabilizing for regional security deously undermines international non-proliferation efforts." one more thigu exerint egion told us, the blast seems to confirm that kim jung un 'going the same way' as his father andhi afh it few seem to be able to stand in that very dangerous way. in london, greg
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lawmakers in washington appear to be laying the ground work for a coeno 21 wednesday, leaders from both parties showed that major hurdles remain if anything is igoge dnei president obama's final year in office. steve nannes has more. less than a week into the new year... the oitcabtl lines have been drawn for 2016. us see: "we know the president wants to fill this year with distctn ewastoak about anything but his failures."house speaker paul rananue weneda that he will send a bill to the white house that would repe obamacre andde-fund planned parenthood -- two proposals that willshs aysbse but stand no chance of becoming law. after five years... it's the firs time a bill like this will reach the president's desk. house speaker: "for years, senate democrats have been blocking and
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is too important to let up. president obama has already promised to veto the bill... and republicans don't have enough votes to override it. illinois "enough is enough"on wednesday, house democratic aes blasted the proposal and warned of its potential consequences maryland "apparently the republican new years resolution for 2016 wastese si ws for 2015, which is to attack womens' health ."and when it comes to obama's new gun control proposals... speaker ryan says he's looking at all options, and otrig ut legal action. house speaker: wewill not take this distraction for more than it is - a distraction.lawmakers in washgntrig216much as they ended 2015 -- sharp disagreements on policy issues with few signs of potential compromise, setting the stage for a combative 20-16 on catohil.i shngton, i'm steve nannes reporting. it's now been four day since armed protesters took over a national widlifereservein oregon... authorities haven't taken any action to
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and now an oregon tribe says... they etlv. rodrique says: "armed protesters don't belong here. they are desecrating one of our sacred sites and endangering our community. armed confrontation is not the answer." the tribe's leader says the group is not welcome there. the group occupying the preserve says they'll go home when there's a plan to turn over control of federal land to locals... so it can be opened up for ranching, mining, logging and other uses. they also want two local ranchers - dwight hammond jr., and his son steven - released from federal prison, where they are serving a five year sentence for arson on federal land. the texas state tested sandra bland last summer has been fired after being indicted for lying to a grand
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brian encinia was the trooper in video of the contentious traffic stop where bland was pulled over for an improper lane change... she ended up being arrested for assault. the african-american woman was found dead in her jail cell three days later. a special prosecutor announced the charge today. "the waller county grand jury, as of about three-30 today, has issued an indictment against state trooper brian encinia for perjury." "is that the only charge he's facing?" "that's the only charge that the grand jury issued an indictment on." "give me the class of that perjury." "it's a class a misdemeanor. excuse me. up to a year in jail and up to a four-thousand dollar fine." the charge alleges encinia lied about how he removed bland from her vehicle during the traffic stop. that same jury decided last month not to charge anyone in connection with bland's death. her death was ruled a suicide, which is disputed by bland's family and activists. bland's family has filed a
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an alabama supreme court justice has ordered probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. this, months after the u-s supreme court issued a landmark ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. alabama judge roy moore contends that a recent ruling by the u-s court of appeals upholds alabama's state ban on gay marriage. he says it's now up to the state supreme court to decide if same-sex marriage should be legal in alabama. the effect of moore's order is unclear. gay marriage activists quickly rebuked it, arguing moore does not have the authority to override higher courts. a series of high profile foodborne illness outbreaks at the chipotle restaurant chain has meant a slew of lawsuits and a 43 percent drop in its stock price in less than three months— and now the company has been served with a federal grand jury subpoena as part of a criminal investigation of an outbreak of norovirus in california. the investigation is being conducted by the u.s. attorney's office for
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conjunction with the food and drug administration and the subpoena calls on chipotle to hand over a "broad range" of documents. heavy winds and rain are pounding the west coast.. causing flooding and power outages. but after years of drought, many southern californians are celebrating. a storm this morning was coupled with a high surf warning. and lighting strikes and high winds took down power lines. highways were flooded.. so far, no word on any injuries related to the storms.
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the mixed precipitation that's moved through central iowa late this afternoon is moving out tonight. temperatures will warm into the upper 30s on thursday. this will lead to rainfall across the state thursday and friday. most locations will see a half inch of rain or less. there could be some pockets of higher amounts in southeast iowa closer to 1". cold air pushes in friday night through saturday. there may be some light snow with the arrival of the cold air. temperatures will be much colder for the weekend with highs in the
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winds will be blustery on saturday and sunday. ad lib weather toss back and lynn spin and transition to
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protecting the home court is a near must in the tight big 12 race. iowa state always seems to find the right amount of magic. texas tech hasn't played on the road this season. cyclones have won 4 of their last 5 conference home openers.
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that? good. jameel mckay rim to rim slam. it's 2-2. coach prohm sticks with abdel nader in the starting line-up... nader sticks foul trouble... georges niang plays 4 minutes in the first half with 3 fouls. lay-up don't get prettier than this. monte morris has iowa state up 17-9. ball is loose, morris scoops ahead to mckay... flush. 26-13. cyclones led by 18... isu texas tech drake is probably still a year away. bulldogs just 5-9 and 0-3 to start conference play. former roosevelt head coach greg lansing in his 6th season with indiana state. former valley star, kale abrahamson is drake's second leading scorer.
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points in the first half. drake down by 3. abrhamson going to take it himself. fouled, but he gets the shot up and in... 11 points tonight for kale. penn state transfer, graham woodward looks drive. pops, and drops. drake down by 22 at halftime. that's too much to overcome. indiana state wins 79-69. u-n-i at missouri state and they lose. panthers fall 59-58. that will not look good in march. the streak ends at 8. cyclone women lose 75-54 at number-4 texas. a win over nebraska extends iowa's conference winning streak to nine. the longest in 46 years. it started flat. nebraska jumped out to a 10-0 lead, but nebraska-native mike gesell tallied his first career double-double 22 points, 10 assists. jarrod
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the hawkeyes are 3-0 in the big ten. nine days from now the hawkeyes play their next game. it's a road rematch against michigan state. waukee's michael jacobson returned to iowa last night wearing red. as a true freshman jacobson jumped into nebraska's starting line-up. jacobson made his 7th career start at carver hawkeye arena infront of 21
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