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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  January 12, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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we didn't turn against each other's race or religion, we turned toward god and toward the values that have long made our country the freest and greatest in the world. we removed a symbol that was being used to divide us and we found a strength that united us. this. in many parts of society today, whether in popular culture, academia, the media or politics, there's a tendency to falsely equate noise with results. some people think that you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that's just not true. often the best thing we can do is turn down the volume. when the sound is quieter, you can actually hear what someone else is saying and that can make a world of difference. of course, that doesn't mean we
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and as we usher in this new era, republicans will stand up for our beliefs. if we held the white house, taxes would be lower for working families and we'd put the brakes on run away spending and debt. we would encourage american innovation and success instead of dem monizing them. the economy would soar and good jobs would be available across the country. we would reform education so it worked best for students, parents, and teachers, not washington bureau grats and union bosses. we would end the disastrous health care system and replace it with reforms that lowered costs and actually let you keep your doctor. we would respect differences in modern families but we would also ip cyst on respect for religious liberty as a corner stone of our democracy. we would recognize the importance of the separation of
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constitution in its entirety and, yes, that includes the second and tenth amendments. we would make international agreements that were celebrated in israel and protested in iran, not the other way around. and rather than just thanking our brave men and women in uniform, we would actually strengthen our military. so both our friends and our enemies would know that america seeks peace, but when we fight wars, we win them. we have big decisions to make. our country is being tested, but we've been tested in the past, and our people have always risen to the challenge. we have all the guidance we need to be safe and successful. our forefathers paved the way for us. let's take their values and their strengths and rededicate ourselves doing whatever it takes to keep america the greatest country in the history
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and god bless. >> governor nikki haley with the republican response from the state of south carolina. we're in washington, d.c., tonight. coverage will continue on fox and my network station which is coming up on the east coast. analysis begins now on fox news channel on satellite and cable. for all of us at fox news, i'm shepherd smith in washington.
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this has been a fox news sage to the american public.. as he begins the final year of his presidency.. jackpot.. you're hoping to win the biggest
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and the state of iowa is rooting for you.. why a big win for you would mean a big win for the state.. caucus countdown.. where the top two democratic candidates for president will be in iowa in the coming days.. and the ever tightening race between the two of them.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 president obama addresses the nation tonight... in his final state of the union address.. his message to americans.. as he begins his final year as fearful. melling. thank you for joining us tonight.. the nation is facing uncertainty both at home and abroad.. between an economy that continues to recover from the great recession... and major
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in fact.. just today.. officials announced iran is holding ten u-s sailors in custody.. after their ship drifted into iranian waters.. tonight... president obama worked to quell the fears of americans.. by focusing on the progress made in the last eight years. before the president gave his address tonight... governor terry
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condition of the state address this morning. he laid out his vision for the next year ... and perhaps more importantly his budget plan. 170904-170918 the budget i propose today was crafted the same way hardworking iowans do, with a cautious eye and optimism for the future. it is a tight budget. it is a budget that will keep our state stable. the two biggest expenses in the budget will be medicaid and education. branstad also wants to do more for renewable energy. he wants to increase tax credits for wind power and bio-chemicals. he says the state's current green initiatives are among the biggest creators of new jobs in iowa. state legislators are back at work with the goals of growing iowa's economy and keeping the state's budget balanced... but what if there was an option that could achieve both of them? justin surrency explains how
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governor branstad provided a forecast... "it's a tight budget, it's a stable." urging democrats and republicans to avoid gridlock "together we can forge a new path that will lead us to stable and predictable funding for school infrastructure.but iowa lottery officials have a secret both parties can get behind. "people are talking about how there isn't going to be a lot extra going around and i was thinking about the powerball."that's right, it could take just one lucky powerball ticket from iowa hitting the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot to help loosen government spending... "the cash option right now is 930 million dollars "if they took the cash option the state would right away getdollars just in withholding taxes."even without a winner the state is already capitalizing from record sales... "for every dollar you spend on lottery tickets in iowa about 25 cents goes to state causes so that money is making a difference already."in the last fiscal year, the iowa lottery sold 53 million dollars in powerball tickets...25 million in the last two months...
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over 13 million to state causes... "we are literally in uncharted territory." "the jordan creek pkwy hyvee sold over 32,000 dollars in powerball tickets, more than any retailer in the metro...while this green line is leading players to a hopeful jackpot it's already creating a windfall of cash for the state of iowa..." "let us be bold, let us be courageous, let us set our path toward the future and seize the opportunities before us." last weeks powerball sales in iowa totaled 12.7 million dollars breaking the previous record of 9.4 million in 2001... neubauer says just the sales from sunday and monday are already 4 times higher than last week at this time... today.. three people were found
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burns after a fire in southeast iowa destroyed a trailer there. fire crews were called to this trailer around one o'clock this afternoon in montrose. when firefighters arrived the trailer was fully engulfed by flames. officials say.. 33-year-old jacob russell of keokuk was able to escape the fire but suffered severe burns and lacerations. he was flown to university of iowa hospitals. his condition is unknown tonight. three bodies were found in the burned out trailer. officials are not releasing their names at this time. the iowa state fire marshals office has been called in to help determine the cause of the fire. one of the last holocaust survivors in iowa died over the weekend. the des moines register reports that 91-year-old jennie wolnerman died saturday at her home in des moines.. she survived a concentration camp because a female nazi guard took a liking to her, and brought her a bowl of soup every day... after the war, she married a fellow holocaust survivor, david, and they moved to iowa.
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grandchildren. a bitterly cold day here in central iowa.. but relief is on the way.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. brett.. now this is january.. temperatures will be coldest this evening and rise overnight. by the time, we wake up early wednesday temperatures will be back in the mid teens. there will be a few clouds to start the day but more sun is expected for the afternoon with
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in the race for the white house... bernie sanders has overtaken hillary clinton in the latest quinnipiac university poll... sanders wins support of 49- percent among likely iowa caucus participants. clinton earns 44-percent. martin o'malley a distant third with 4-percent. in a december 15th poll, clinton was at 51-percent... and sanders was at 40. the poll came out the same day
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liberal groups, endorsed bernie sanders. move on's executive director said today that members are quote -- "feeling the bern." the endorsement did not come as a surprise: nearly 80 percent of move on members voted in favor of endorsing sanders. the group said it's aiming to turn out 43-thousand move on members in iowa and 30-thousand in new hampshire to vote, volunteer, organize and fundraise. clinton set herself apart from sanders while in ames today. she spent today reaching out to young voters at iowa state calling on stricter gun restriction this campaign season.... along with the other democratic she is the candidate issue. and jeb bush is back in iowa, taking about second amendment rights... bush made a campaign stop at the new bronwnell distribution center in grinnell. the company sells and distributes firearms throughout the country.
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military to stop isis. while talking to reporters, bush was asked about his super pac ad, that attacks marco rubio i cant control what anyone else im advocating my record, plus plans to fix the mess in washington. everybody is going to be scrutinized, this is not bean bag. in fact, ive been around a few cycles, and this is pretty tame so far. bush also made stops today in coralville and ankeny... he's at three percent among likely republican caucus-goers in the latest quinnipiac university poll. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next.. make a wish.. last month flooding forced jolly holiday lights to go dark how the community came together to make the season bright... well into the new year... and coming up in the next half hour.. international tension.. we'll have more on the developing story in the middle east.. iran takes nearly a dozen u-s sailors into custody..
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when u-s officials say they will be released.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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but the community came together and stepped up to more than make up the difference. jannay towne has the story. one month ago, make-a-wish iowa was facing a six figure deficit. chirs 11:30:36 not knowing where that money was going to come in and thinking about our kids - who are on waiting lists still needing to fund their wishes and things- you get a pit in your stomach 45 thanks to a soggy mess at water works park, the organization had to pull the plug on its marquee fundraiser, jolly holiday lights. soon after, the donations came pouring in... chris 11:30:08 it is well over what our wildest dreams was. when we put out the plea- please help make a wish, this community responded tremendously and we're just thrilled 17 the bring the jolly campaign has raised 484 thousand dollars... well above what the holiday light display normally brings in. nats today in west des moines, the company businessolver presented make-a- wish with a 10-thousand dollar check. jon 11:34:50 it was really in
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that's what we really looked at and said - hey , this is a time where we should really step up. 59 and make sumake sure the money is there to grant the wishes of sick kids on the waiting list.. elise 11:38:40 just the concern that some kids wishes wouldn't be granted because of that because it was such an amazing experience for her and for us that was really a sad thought 54 addie 11:41:38 it would have been pretty bad.. 10 year old addie had the time of her life in the bahamas when her wish.... to swim with dolphins and a sea lion.... came true. addie 11:40:24 it was way better than what the commercial advertised elise 11:39:05 when things like that happen, people rally. and make it better. guess i wasn't surprised that iowans would do that 15 and extend the season of giving well into the new year. chris 11:31:39 no matter what the challenge is, it goes away when you see the smile on those kids
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make a wish iowa has granted 68 wishes this year. the organization is on pace make
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temperatures will start to increase overnight as a warm front lifts across the state tonight. more clouds will move in tonight as well. wednesday will begin with temperatures in the mid teens and reach the low 30s in the afternoon. thursday will be another mild day with temperatures as high as the low 40s. clouds build back in on friday and there may be a few flurries at times. the weekend looks to be cold with temperatures back in the teens for daytime highs. ad lib weather toss back
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up and down.. another wild ride on wall street today.. where oil prices landed.. after diving into historical territory.. [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month -- $20 less than verizon.
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oil plummeted below 30 bucks a barrel today for the first time since december 2003. the latest wave of selling leaves crude oil down 19 percent this year alone. it represents an incrible 72 ercent plunge from crude oil's peak of almost 108 dollars a barrel in june 2014. meanwhile.. the dow ended tuesday trading with a
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