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strong!arly ffender is wanted after he failed to return to the fort des moines work release facithe concern a local organization has tee's reeae alts community in mourning... counselors were on hand today help a boone county community mourn four people killed in a fire over the wke. how the fire started.... and how comfort the only ai me o e family. daofemmrne.ay honor martin luther king junior... how people aroundth ciy d tt hored the civil rights leader. from who h-d iowashg deitnleader..this is the channel 13 news at
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the iowa department of correctiscniust er r a man who failed to return to a des moines work release facility last week. good evening. i'm lynn melling. utrtesy h registered sex offender was under close survielence but somehow manged to walk from hisj n uhre otlst friday without anyone noticing. some are questioning how this could have happened... and a local anti - abuse group worries the offender's possible whereabouts could be within reach of s cms. jodi whitworth has more 363302 - when someone is leaving the facility there is always a plni place but things didn't go as planned after ross clouse failed to return to the fort des moines work release facility on friday in0-09 clouse was sentenced to ten years in prison reau dindecent contact with child... he was released from prison after less than five years... bu ecus of the charge is required to have mandatory supervision for threst of life. some offenders eruet er oiorng devices..
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particularly for the victims and the mmitt eep these people under supervision - fred scaletta cls aswrin oebu ut it off when he escaped the iow dprtet f for offenders to be plediatnsitional home their feet. they are allowed to find their own ride to work and are required to l tefailt -hr teir job is, how long it will take to get ere, and when they are expected to return back. authorities say clouse was working in guthrie county.... the same county where he abused 2 people. th a nrei ayoeeped him escape... 390625 - you dont want it to happen but can it? sure but is a possibility sure - lisa heldebrand local victim abuse advocates say the news of clouse's escape is cocein fan he may strike again 280016 - his choice is to remain gone and his victim and other people wh v esully assaulted, not by him but just in general.... that is their fear that they have that their
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where they live - lisa heldebrand authorites claim their monitoring is up to par... but unilke the prison walls another person from the same facility -- 25 year old karlos goldman junior -- was also reported missing today. turns out , he forgot to tell officers he picked up shift at his second job. after seeing himself on the news -- he turned himself back in. officials say goldman could receive a minor write up.. as for, clouse -- if found -- he could be placed back in prison. if you see or know where he might -- be contact police the marion county sheriffs office says a rape case from 2008 has been solved thanks to d-n-a evidence. forty-four-year-old james michael murphy of knoxville is already in prison
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kidnapping charges... his d-n-a was taken and a match was found... linking murphy back to the marion county case from 2008. a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for january 22. fort dodge police say a man is behind bars.. accused of throwing a fake bomb-like device inside a home. 40-year-old tyrone fudge is charged with "simulated explosive violation" and first degree harrassment. police say fudge threw an object with a lighter attached to it through the kitchen window of a fort dodge home yesterday. authorities searched the suspect's home and say fudge had another similar device in his home. a fort dodge business went up in flames this afternoon... it happened at the "goodyear tire storage", near the corner of 17th street and central avenue. officials say one firefighter was hurt while fighting the flames. they say it wasn't just the cold slowing their efforts... heavy load of tires and there was a propane tank that ended up exploding during the incident. it was just a matter of putting out enough water on
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still no word on the cause of the fire. the community of boxholm is mourning the loss of four people from one family. amber sorenson and her three children died in a house fire yesterday morning. and at school today, the youngest of the victims were remembered... the school brought in a crisis team of about dozen counselors, pastors, and nurses. the group was on hand to talk to grieving students and teachers. school officials met with each class and answered any questions students had. while some classmates wanted to talk about their loss, others put their words to paper. the elementary students made posters and wrote letters to the surviving member of the sorenson family, husband and father john. it's an emotional time for all of us. we lost three kids. it's like our collective elementary heart now has three holes in it that cannot be replaced fire officials believe a space heater sparked the fire. it was in a three seasons room at the back of the house and was being used
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the bitterly cold weather is finally on its way out of central iowa tonight.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. hi brett.. temperatures are going to get slightly warmer the next few days as highs eventually climb out of the teens and into the low 20s. another wave of snow will move across the state tomorrow, with 1-3" possible throughout central iowa. the heaviest amounts will be south of i-80, particularly in sw iowa, where a few 3 to 4 inch totals will be possible. des moines will likely see snow totals around 2". temperatures will start to trend up by the middle of the week, with temperatures back into the lower
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today was a day set aside to honor a man who spent his life pursuing equality for all races.. today... iowans spent "martin luther king day" reflecting on how far we've come as a nation.... and how far we still
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present day poor students and students of color face a multitude of barriers to academic success. our justice system is failing african americans and latinos on every level. and people of color swell the ranks of minimum wage earners. the civil rights leader was honored with a ceremony at the botanical garden this morning. the department of human rights hosted the event. "m-l-k day" is celebrated on the third monday of january. last friday would have been dr. martin luther king jr's 87th birthday. brenton skating plaza held it's annual "m-l-k junior day skate." it began at 5 a-m with a live broadcast from w-h-o radio's van and bonnie. the event helped gather clothing donations for the homeless... and offered free admission, skate rental, and breakfast pizza... tributes to dr. king could be found across the country today.. coming up at 9-30 -- day of service.. how president obama and the first lady observed the day. and how the nation's first female african american u-s attorney general
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but first.. caucus countdown... two weeks from tonight thousands will start the process of electing the next president of the united states... how candidates are trying to get your vote in the final days... from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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several dozen people this morning at an african american-owned barbershop near drake university. paul has pushed his party to go into more minority areas... that might traditionally view democrats as their most likely candidate choices. he wants to lower taxes for businesses...which he says will encourage them to hire more people...and that could help poorer areas. one man asked paul why the country spends so little on fighting poverty and so much on fighting wars. paul....0030 what do you feel about that. paul...i wouldn't send foreign aid to other countries. we get to take care of
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paul also said he's wants to reform laws so that minor drug in prison. as the clock winds down... the more ways than one... and with just two weeks until the iowa the campaign trail.. dianne gallagher has more. the closer it gets to iowa the more the claws come out... debate... presidential candidate i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous.the candidates didn't play nice. presidential candiate im not about the plan you just introduced tonight or the plan you introduced nine times in congressthe gloves are off on the republican side as well... with campaigns for the florida friends, turned foes, duking it out on the airwaves. "we all see what's happening. spending millions on false attacks" marco rubio: just another washington politician you can't
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clamour for support in iowa where the latest poll shows a dead heat between trump and cruz. cruz today cautioned voters that trump is quote "no ronald reagan"... as the real estate mogul, courting evangelical votes in a speech at liberty university, took shots at fellow candidates- on both sides of the aisle while, at the same time, across the atlantic, the first petition has been signed by more people than any other in this parliamentthe british house of commons actually debated banning the republican frontrunner from the united kingdom... due to "hate speech" - referring to trump's calls for a travel ban on muslims entering the united states. with just a fortnight to go before iowa's caucus... the ugliness on the campaign trail will likely get worse before - or if - it gets better. in washington, i'm dianne gallagher. temperatures are going to get
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temperatures are going to get slightly warmer the next few days as highs eventually climb out of the teens and into the low 20s. another wave of snow will move across the state tomorrow, with 1-3" possible throughout central iowa. the heaviest amounts will be south of i-80, particularly in sw iowa, where a few 3 to 4 inch total
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30shighs eventually climb out of the teens and into the low 20s. another wave of snow will move across the state tomorrow, with 1-3" possible throughout central iowa. the heaviest amounts i-80, particularly in sw iowa, where a s around 2". temperatures will start to trend up by the middle of the week, with temperatures back into the lower
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ad lib weather toss back coming up -- a member of an iconic rock band has died...
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simple surgery is giving them more fre their glasses. what doctors are doing to get their vision headed in the
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but, your vision can get blurry and dull as you get older. about 60 percent of people 60 and older develop cataracts, and the rates increase as you age. surgery can fix the problem and even provide freedom from glasses. megan reuther explains. @36:23 "let me take a look and see how you're is nothing new for diana whited. @32:41 "i've worn glasses since i was 10 or 11." but, a couple months ago, she realized her vision wasn't what it should be. diana@31:17 "things were dull, the colors were dull, and i didn't realize that as much until after the fact and things were getting blurry at night. it was harder to drive." she needed surgery to remove her cataracts, which causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy as we age. dr. ejaz husain @58:31 "by removing the cataract from the eye and replacing it with a clear lens that
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dr. ejaz husain with associated ophthalmologists in west des moines surgery...and nowcomes to the implanted lens. @49:18 traditionally we have used monofocal lens implants that unfortunately only allowed people to see at one focus, so people always needed reading glasses. @49:40 "with the introduction of the new lenses it's given the patient independence from glasses all together." @42:58 "it's great now dean hammerstrom got the multi-focal lens implants four years ago. dean@43:00 put glasses on to read the newspaper or watch t.v. or do anything like that, so it's changed my life quite a bit." has helped thousands generation of lenses is out where you can customize the lenses to your life." @50:56 "so that if a patient likes to read a lot, we have a certain lens for that. if a patient likes to drive or shop a lot and they want to see intermediate vision, we have a lens for that." whited likes the freedom the
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@33:54 "i'm looking forward to taking a trip because i've had to wear prescription sunglasses for a long time.@34:05 "i'm always looking for my other pair of glasses, so now i can buy those really nice fun sunglasses, like i've never been able to do before." as life becomes brighter and clearer. to get the surgery, you must have healthy eyes, and motivation to be free of glasses. doctor husain says insurance will cover part of the surgery, but you may have to pay more depending on the lens you choose. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- tainted water.. what's being done to bring the water pollution crisis in michigan to an end.. and why it may be too too late for many.. i'm keith murphy... coming up, a
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and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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a house-to-house search in a baghdad neighborhood for americans abducted were when they were kidnapped.. and who authorities believe did it. angry and frustrated.. secretary of state john kerry reacts held captive by iranians.. who he blames.. obama and the first lady observed martin luther king day. and how the nation's first attorney general says dr. king continues to shape the nation.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 iraqi security forces are going house-to-house -- in a baghdad neighborhood -- looking for americans abducted over the weekend. but we are still trying to find out more about who these people are -- and what they were doing. conor powell is following the story
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powell says: us officials confirming to fox news the three missing americans were contractors working for the state department at the embassy in baghdad. though it isn't clear if they were involved in security operations or diplomatic efwashington post is also reporting all three were iraqis who acquired american citizenship so far washington has yet to release their names. it is believed they were kidnapped while visiting the home of their interpreter though there are also reports they were taken after visiting a brothel or a bar in baghdad's dora neighborhood. kerry says: "we have a strong indication of where this might have emanated from and we are working to secure their release." this neighborhood is predominately shia muslims and controlled by iran linked militias. iraqi police conducting door to door searches today. powell says: "the working assumption is
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many militia groups in southeastern baghdad and not isis. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox news. secretary of state john kerry is responding to the release of video footage showing ten u.s. sailors being taken captive by iran the sailors were held at gunpoint with hands behind their heads and were released within 24 hours of their capture last week. kerry says it came after u.s. navy vessels "inadvertently" drifted into iranian waters. kerry says this crisis had more to do with iran's military - not its government... "i was very angry. i was very, that was released. i raised it immediately with the iranians. it was not put out by the ministry of foreign affairs or put out, i think, through the military over there, the iric, who had been opposed to
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kerry credits resolution of the crisis to goodwill built during nuclear deal and prisoner swap negotiations. three americans freed by iran this weekend are safe in germany tonight. iran freed the americans in exchange for seven iranians detained in the u-s. the swap happened the same day washington and other countries lifted economic sanctions on tehran.... after it fulfilled the terms of last summer's nuclear deal.. the obama administration insists the two moves happened independently of each other. secretary of state john kerry is defending the swap, which is being widely criticized by republicans. the national guard is boosting its presence in flint, michigan... to assist with that city's drinking water crisis. over the weekend president obama signed an emergency declaration. and the situation also became fodder -- for the presidential race. mike tobin has the latest tonight politically, the flint water crisis is tailor made for democratic candidates. it provides fertile
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accusations of class separation, ethnic inequality... and they can pin it on a republican governor; rick snyder. clinton says: "we've had a city in the united states of america where the population is poor in many ways and a majority african american has been drinking and bathing in lead contaminated water." sanders says: "what i did, which i also think is right, is demanded the resignation of the governor. a man who acts that irresponsibly should not stay in power." governor snyder responded over twitter: political statements and finger pointing from political candidates only distract from solving the flint water crisis. the crisis is an example of government working - at best - slowly. a federal e-p-a water expert flagged the problem almost a year ago: a corrosive component in the water - breaking down lead in the pipes and delivering harmful lead to the people of flint. the e-p-a then battled the state department of environmental quality and lots of memos were
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meantime, lead showed up in children's blood tests - because the people did not know they were drinking it. hanna-attisha says: "we can sit back in ten, fifteen years and do nothing and we can see the consequences of this population-wide lead exposure. we can see a community suffering from the cognitive and behavioral ramifications." the head of the department of environmental quality resigned. the white house approved emergency relief only to the tune of 5-million dollars for water, filters and test kits. the corrosive water came from the flint river... tapped into under the authority of an emergency manager trying to save money. now, two class action lawsuits are in motion... the national guard has been mobilized and more troops are on the way... to get bottled water and supplies to the people of flint. in the midwest newsroom, mike tobin, fox news. protestors shut down traffic today in the bay area.. by blocking the san francisco- oakland bay bridge... protestors chained themselves to their cars, chanting and unveiling signs reading "black health matters." the protest... on martin luther king day.. blocked the westbound
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treasure island for about thirty minutes... police eventually opened each lane up and arrested the group... it identifies itself as black seed... and is calling for quote: "96 hours of direct action to reclaim king's radical legacy". the activists are demanding an increase in the health and well- being of all black people in oakland and san francisco... and are also citing recent police shootings in the city and around the country as a reason to demonstrate. the national holiday to celebrate the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king junior was celebrated across the nation today. federal offices and schools were closed but hearts were open as americans remembered a man who changed history. rick leventhal has the story. when doctor martin luther king made that historic speech in front of just turned two years old. president of the united states remembered doctor king by participating in a day of service at leckie elementary school in d-c. he was joined by first lady michelle obama who as part of her "let's move"
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to eat healthier food. attorney general loretta lynch says the words of doctor king still help guide the quest for justice today: lynch says : "his words and his deeds and those of the millions who stood with him are not the vestiges of history but they are timeless calls to action. they are as fresh and real today as they were in those times." doctor king's daughter bernice spoke in atlanta at ebeneezer baptist church... where her father had preached: bernice king says: "as we think about this day and especially as i think about it, my mind goes to a question that i am often asked especially during this time. that question is what would my father say about the state of affairs if he were here today. the other day, i heard ms. clayton speaking down at our state capitol for their annual commemoration of my father for his birthday and she said, he would say, what is taking you all so long?" in south carolina.. this is the
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confederate flag was removed from the state capital. 2016 is the 30th anniversary of the federal observance of martin luther king day. the civil rights leader was assassinated in memphis in 1968. in new york i'm rick leventhal fox news music legend glenn frey passed away today.. the founding member and guitarist for the legendary rock group, the eagles... had been battling intestinal issues for months. frey was the co-writer and lead singer on many of the band's biggest hits... including "take it easy", "tequila sunrise" and "lyin' eyes"... he also co-wrote classics such as "desperado" and "hotel california". he was 67 years old. temperatures are going to get slightly warmer the next few days as highs eventually climb out of the teens and into the low 20s. another wave of snow will move across the srow, with 1-3" possible throughout central iowa. the heaviest amounts will be south of i-80, particularly in sw iowa, where a few 3 to 4 inch totals will
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likely see snow totals around 2". temperatures will start to trend up by the middle of the week, with temperatures back into the lower 30s by the weekend. this is the channel 13 news at
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temperatures are going to get days as highs eventually climb out of the teens and into the low 20s. another wave of snow will move 1-3" possible throughout central iowa. the heaviest amounts will be south of i-80, particularly in sw iowa, where a few 3 to 4 inch totals will be possible. des moines will likely see snow totals around 2". temperatures will start to trend up by the middle of the week, with
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ad lib weather toss back and
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. who's the rebel now? no way. yes way! savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like.
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steve prohm could use a signature moment at iowa state, and an early
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has done at isu in nearly sixty years: beat the #1 team in america. of the most successful cyclone coaches in the modern era, the late johnny orr went zero for six against #1 teams. tim floyd oh for three. larry eustachy oh for two, and fred hoiberg had just one shot, but isu lost. this photo shows the most recent isu win over #1. the cyclones upset kansas with wilt chamberlain, 39-37. 2 player of the year candidates. georges niang and buddy hield 1at half monte morris drives, layup good. cyclones up 2. later morris up top to jameel mckay. alley oop. isu down 3. sooners keep rolling with hield. 3 ball. 15-12 ou. niang starts to take over. spin, inside off glass. 21-19 isu. then its
9:39 pm
still up 1. morris drives, blocked, but right to niang. buries the 3. 32-31 isu. niang on the break, goes glass again. isu up 3. just before half. morris hits the floater isu leads 41-35. cyclones sooners isu could become the third different iowa team to knock off #1, and it's only mid-january. in november, uni upset north carolina. in december, right before the rose bowl, iowa defeated #1 michigan state, though the hawkeyes were favored in that game. the new a-p poll showed oklahoma as the unanimous #1, but the high flying
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9, up 7 spots. and iowa state drops 2 to 19. ahead of happen often. and a hot junior guard. west des moines peter jok wins big ten player of the week honors for the first time in his iowa career. jok averaged 20 points in wins over michigan state and michgian. he three showing signs of a being a big ten force. jok and the hawks play at rutgers thursday night. that's a five and oh big ten team against one that's oh and five.
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alma mater stays #1. also from the metro, hoover, ankeny, dowling, centennial, and ames all crack the top ten. it's time to rise and shine. at kum & go, we're doing more for you to start your day right. li serving up a friendly "good morning" along with breakfast sandwiches & breakfast pizza, yes pizza, & donuts & muffins & coffee
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before we go tonight... a kansas city chiefs fan shows off some fun female fashion... "molly balloons"... is showing her support for the kansas city team... by wearing a homemade dress made entirely of balloons! molly constructed the dress out of several hundred balloons... which took a whopping 15-hours to put together! the dress has a shelf life of only a few days... but molly says that's enough to make her point and show her love for the team... molly first made it big during the royals world series championship parade... were she excited fans with her
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my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect.
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