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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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we just want to remember him the way he was the way of appeals remembered him and that is what is what's on what is on the template tablet's hand in himself. >> mother pleas for a fee to return her eight -year-old sons sam samsung tablet stolen from a truck that was impounded after of the boy died in a traffic accident. they buried the little boy on tuesday and when it i went to go get personal items out of the impounded vehicle, they discovered someone had taken the boy's boys tablet.
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problem solvers to get back until he hidden joins us live hit and run the slide with the story. >> the family says weber took this probably had no idea what the tablet means for to the family. it is full of pictures and videos their young son took up himself and that his sister but they are interpreted this to start the new year and a good note and return it and no questions will be asked. >> we will miss him dearly but we will always remember him getting a community's heartbreak turns outrage is a thief steals much more than a little boy local boys a little boy's samsung tablet. >> it was just fun videos and memories that we want back. we lost him and we would like to have those memories kicking a morgan county sheriff stephanie was driving the eight -year-old son austin to a wrestling match december 19th. the boy died after there were involved in a crash. their pickup was to two to afford more than impound lot they learned someone cut a hole in the sense there and stole stroll among other things
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he had been playing with it just before the crash. >> my son was a ham bone and he liked to video himself and take pictures. >> going through this anyway and then finding out that was also stolen, or back a few days. >> reporter: a few days before christmas, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate austin's life. >> he was full of life. he lived life to the fullest. he was funny. >> angry facebook postings today urged to ever took it to do the right thing and return the boys tablet to his parents. the sheriff says no questions asked, just bring it back. >> i don't care if you walk in and handed, i don't care if you give it to someone else to give my don't care. i just want it back and that's it. i want those memories of my son kick at. >> the tablet itself is old with charging problems and practically worthless to anyone else, but pricelist austin's parents to give those videos are
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giggles and his laugh. >> it's just him being a goofball and i just want to be able to hear his voice i know that that is what is on their so they are very special memories kicking those memories really don't exist anyplace else so they ask anyone with information to please call police, and there is a growing cash reward for whoever helps get this tablet back to his folks. an act topic views across america, tonight the death of singer natalie cole. the daughter of legendary singer nat king cole passed away yesterday in los angeles due to complications from ongoing health problems. >> .-dot song and her voice completely unforgettable. her 1991 version of her late father standard unforgettable, a
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voice, helped the album sell millions of copies and win six grammys in 1992. she survived a long struggle with drug abuse and later had hepatitis c then underwent a kidney transplant. her family says she died how she honor. she was 65 years old. on the baltimore police of freddy gray says great may have had back problems before lawyers obtained paris' medical records grace medical records and say these showed he complained about or her of a battle back weeks before his death but the attorney for grace family said he did not have an interest that i of his death in the medical examiner found no evidence of prior injury. officer goodson's trial begins on january 11th. a fire ripped through an historic church in new jersey. authorities say the fire broke out this morning causing the building's roof to collapse. luckily no one was hurt.
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listed as one of the 10 most jersey. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the famous to the infamously adorable to the infuriating this year was chock full of viral moments and jeremy ross takes the fun of a fun time trip back to 2,015th most viral stories. seven old dylan barnes shook it up this year dancing his way onto ellen and into the presence of taylor herself. got to meet the superstars backstage at her tour stop in kansas city and they had this epic dance off. >> october 212,015th. >> the future.
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least in back to the future part two terms. october 21st the world paused to geek out over the day 1990 named the future, world of flying cover boards and holograms. it culminated with the actor showing up on late night and what else works? the delorean. there was perhaps no viral video in 2015 as horrifying as this, vehicle dashcam that captured a transitional plight of that coming out of the sky, click left a vehicle on a bridge and plunged into a river. as a pilot error was to blame and 43 people were killed. pharmaceutical ceo meathead rate made headlines when he raised the price of an aids medication raising the price from $13.50 to $750 per pill overnight. he was declared the most hated man in america, surpassing even the dentist who killed cecil a lion. speaking of that, zimbabwe's prized people cecil the line was
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sparking an international file storm firestorm against walter palmer faced abject humiliation. the controversy inspired ridiculous halloween costumes. pet patty bell petit mal fans vote fact set sail for sets sail through the roof when the musical revue went viral and captured the attention of the singer herself. labelle made sure the fans got up and got his just desserts host hosting him for dinner from one diva to another, channeling the essence of aretha during a summer the summer dance recital. [cheering] >> the at this as a six six-year-old tapped her way to stop total state start total stage dominance. and the story that had everyone talking this year, the address. is it loyal and black or white and "-right-double-quote? the questions question sparked
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articles and threatened to tear families apart and for the record, it is totally blue and black. >> it is blue and black. >> yes it is i think you've got its. >> her parents have their hands full ride their. and has given the world a never before seen view of the universe kicking the hubble state space telescope marking 25 years in orbit. coming up we learn why his future is now in question. leader in sports how peyton manning has practiced in his first week back in action. we made it above freezing today but even warmer temperatures
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how warm in my 2015 marked the hubble telescope's 25th year in space as is as it continues to orbit around the earth nasa takes a look back at what is learned
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telescope can be going behind we go on a behind-the-scenes tour of nasa's hubble command center. >> it is truly the most productive scientific instrument instruments that have ever been. >> since 1990, the hubble telescope has been transmitting the high quality images of deep space back to earth. >> the idea for hubble originated in 1946 when houston advantages of what he called an extraterrestrial observatory, basically a telescope in orbit. >> every aspect of how the hubble's capabilities can be controlled from the state state-of-the-art command post at nasa's flight center in greenbelt maryland. >> each is set up for a different subsystem. each is responsible to make sure all of the data coming down in that area is within certain limits that we are not violating anything that will jeopardize the health or safety of hubble. >> the telescope is delivered into space by the now retired space shuttle discovery with the original intention of beaming
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but as the breakthroughs continued, so did nasa's interest in keeping the telescope going. that meant a major overhaul in 2009 to help fight the natural aging process. >> with all the redundancy that we have, we are very hopeful that we can get and make hubble last to at least 2020 and beyond. >> but when president obama ended nasa shuttle program in 2011, repairs were no longer be possible, meaning it is just a matter of time before hubble will go extinct. and even after 25 years in orbit, hubble is still making new discoveries like this new star in the milky way galaxy that has been dubbed the light saber after the jedi's weapon of choice in the movie franchise star wars. >> we have the fire behind the dark cloud and then to very brilliant gasps coming out from the two holes of the star and it looks remarkably like someone
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the holes of the light saber. when the broncos take the field against the chargers sunday peyton manning will be the backup quarterback. thankfully this is the stars of the amounts to run out of the tunnel. how awkward will it be to see him on the field to hi5 brock after he runs through the fireworks? and very awkward and the best news or peyton manning fans is the fact that he had a solid week of practice with no known setback. he is the brock is as the starter while manning continues to get healthy. >> they practice good and took not only some arrests offensively but took most of the scout team forward so i think it was a good weekend weove forward this weekend. >> and has not even been a month since the broncos made a trito
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17 / three, but the quick turnaround is not that much of an advantage especially when it comes to this team thinking this is a team that you feel like you know this personality and then boom they throw a wrench in there and throw you all off. you're always going to get a great game. this is one of my favorite quarterbacks to go against. it doesn't matter what the record is our a record or their record were going to get the best game. >> tune in later tonight for in the zone with coach kubiak. a sitdown with quarterback chris harris junior and also talk with cubes about the quarterback situation this year and how the team has handled. >> or team is strong. strength is built on a football team through a little adversity, injuries, through issues that you have an team that overcome those things and continue to
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also to calm a behind-the-scenes peek at the denver band who made their denver debut the thing on the night sweats are one of the hottest bands of the moment right here from the town currently on tour but they stopped by the mile high to perform the national anthem. >> i recently started to like football because when i was a kid football players were the guys that beat up the musicians. >> i love it. these guys are great. you can watch the whole package denied on in the zone with coach kubiak. they were very funny. >> and he's talking about the quarterback situation out there of out there so peyton will be the backup right? >> he had a great week of practice. that's what happened last week in practice until friday and then they went back to plan one case there is an potential he could start a playoff game. >> as it stands now, he would be available. >> i can't wait to see how that plays out.
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from the bitter cold. it is a great start in 2016. we got above freezing and denver and made it to 35 degrees this afternoon. normal high as 43 so we are getting closer and closer back to normal. 40-amp in pueblo, a lot of temperatures in the upper thirties across southeast
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burlington native to 42 this afternoon. in the mountains we had a lot of temperatures in the single digits and low twenties. morning lows were brutal. six and denver and a lot of temperatures went well below in the high country. you will do that again tomorrow morning. grand junction had a high of 24 at the temperature is set in 19. it has already dropped below in meeker and steamboat springs. got a gunnison has already dropped 15 below coming to intel and india one, 21 in fort collins, 27 in denver, 17 in akron and greatly is setting in setting and 10. a little better across southeast colorado where temperatures are still holding in the thirties. we are starting to see more of our wind come out of the southerly to southwesterly direction and that is helping our way. we nudged up a bit with temperatures. tomorrow we get to go into the forties and mid- forties coming for sunday.
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really quiet across colorado with one disturbance to the south and a second one point going to southern california. this should make a southern trek across california, arizona and new mexico and texas but may kick up a few clouds especially for the san juan san juan's as we head into vista headed to tomorrow. tomorrow if you have any plans, no problems weatherwise except for the cold temperatures in the mountains. we will fare better tomorrow morning of at a mostly cloudy skies and denver temperatures dropped to the teens instead teams instead of single digits. we work our way through with the future cast in a very quiet day. 5 o'clock tomorrow we see cloud star to stream and in the intuition behind financiers that go across the state as we is when as we take it and is when taken into as we take it into saturday night. they look as our high temperatures tomorrow night chilly but getting better. high temperature of 37 in
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in the foothills that should be just a touch warmer in the eastern plains because of down sloping wind. you have a bonus going from 45 to 47 in late 140 and 8144 downtown, thornton 42 )-right-parenthesis dia 43 and at the same temperature and stapleton. aurora aurora and centennial both going for 45. sovereign temperatures hit 43 and castle pines and you almost get there and castle rock and this is where better than where you've been going for 3044 in sedalia deckers goes for 40 degrees. it's nice to see temperatures getting above freezing. let me take you into sunday 44 degrees and at the end of the game 32. i'm calling it a great game day with with mostly sunny skies. at this point take him to call
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are prepared over the next seven days. after seven days of freezing temperatures we finally got above freezing today.f year. 45 the high temperature for sunday. keep it in the forties monday tuesday and wednesday then of course it's january. another blast of cold air coming our way for thursday and friday, snow back in the mountains than thursday night friday morning we could see snowflakes in the city. doesn't look like much but could be shot at snow snow flower speaking it was called cold today. i walked outside without a jacket in this post wait until sunday. 45? >> for anyone who went to the game last monday and is going to the game sunday. >> if it actually actually tailgate outside as compared to the way it was monday. >> almost unbearable that day. >> before we go here is a look at today's top stories. one person remains in the
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that occurred at 12th and lincoln on new year's eve. around 1:30 a.m. there was a flight outside the church nightclub. the victim was shot and police are still looking for the suspect. the only information they have now is he was an hispanic male who fled the scene wearing a gray shirt. the search is on for at least one person who police say to evolve from the took off from the ramp i 35 die to 25. one vehicle crossed the double yellow line hitting the other vehicle. to be boring more inside one person was ejected in that person was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. new laws, too little to noodle bump me up to smoke on sidewalks or outside patios. minimum wage increases to $8.31 an hour. connect and tonight on fox 31 denver news at 9 p.m., president obama announcing he has big plans for his final year in office when it comes to gun control.
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colorado and concerns gun rights activists have denied on news at nine. we are still working on a lot of news for you and we will have the latest on fox 31 news at nine and 10 p.m. meanwhile enjoy the warm weather. [laughter] can you go outdoors and you go
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