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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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week the broncos in the chargers well-nigh kickoff set f two two:25, 6:00 o'clock sunday evening and highlights as well as inside the broncos locker room and we we will also look ahead to the broncos play in the playoffs. we will see you then. >> fox 31 denver news at ten. and at downtown temper, we are finally out of the deep freeze. the first time in more than a week the airport above freezing so thank you for joining us mike fox. erika gonzalez, happy new year and many of you planning to get
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before heading back to work. meteorologist jennifer broome to look at what you can expect. nice to get above freezing. 35 degrees in denver, 40 pueblo upper 40s across southeast colorado. the colorado mountains cold in the single digits, steamboat springs, gunnison and also single digits over in meeker. the current temperatures this time last night are pretty single digits in denver so it's not as cold tonight. it is still cold 20 degrees in denver 25 boulder, 17 conifer but i want to point out extreme temperatures in the high country west. kremlin 24 below zero, 20 below zero walden, 18 below knee kirk and it is 22 below gunnison with wind chills running 30 below or worse. so that is still extremely cold in the high country. we are getting slightly warmer air over denver and basically i
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because of southwesterly winds kicking in, low temperature 15 so not as cold tonight nice we can to warm-up 40s to talk about that then guys, we have a cold shot late next week and it could have a chance to snow coming up in a few minutes. if you are traveling in and out of the mountains be prepared for extra traffic c-dot expects heavy traffic saturday and sunday afternoon many of those people on i 70 headed to denver international airport sunday forecast to be the second busiest day of the holiday travel season, crowded monday as well. we check with the airport and a flight sunday, recommend arriving three hours before the flight departs. developing tonight, the new year, president obama cities tired of waiting for congress to address gun control and so people have to take executive action as soon as next week.
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what it means across the country. so the president has not outlined exactly what he has planned for spent a lot of time talking about background checks today. colorado, that might not have that much impact. my new year's resolution is to move forward on unfinished business is much as i can. the mass shootings in aurora in newtown three years ago, the attack san bernardino late in the year prestel obama said there is no greater piece of unfinished business than gun-control. congress has not done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families. planning to move forward without congress commonsense reform specifically related to background checks. meeting with the attorney general loretto lynch to discuss options because i get too many letters from parents, teachers, kids to sit around and do nothing. if they think background checks
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sense of security. even if the president exceeds pushing through executive reforms commit would not expect background checks because state legislators did that three years ago. that is not that way in every state so we could have an impact on those dates. colorado's new background check at best. it is an honor system because your is no way of knowing whether you did or not. still in light of the continued shooting, the president says he wants to do everything he can. we know he cannot stop every act of violence but what if you try to stop even one? what if congress did something kemeny think to protect the kids from gun violence. the fact president obama a longer willing to wait for congress is something takes issue with thing he appears to be pushing the boundaries of the executive office. fox 31
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to replace prestel obama, in the election for 2016, one night from the iowa caucuses, taking place and donald trump starting the new year come of the candidates hoping the new year is a fresh start, ben carson with the news set of top advisers while jeb bush advisers from early states not giving up despite donald trump. we are living in reality tv political environment where the space with outrageous things. i think the notion of the hearing will subside. on the other side of the political aisle hillary clinton not so secret weapon bill clinton on the campaign trail, announced raised 100 million dollars since they entered the race in april. at the rose bowl parade, none expect a political message, take a look at this. someone hired sky raider with
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but trump comic use too late to message, reportedly could receive up to 10-mile radius. you can tweet about that any minute. denver police asking for anyone with information to come forward after early morning shooting outside of the nightclub, 12 family can, fox 31 denver come up with information. undoubtedly not home one it to start the new year but the church nightclub, two men got into a confrontation last night we went to the parking lot outside the friends of the victim said he friends shot three times. one hour in 2016, please lights and crime tape who sided timber church nightclub. 1:28. came in 12 family can in regards to a shooting. hundreds of people celebrate the new year and converted cathedral, denver police say to
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confrontation outside. i think given the time coming anytime you have a crowd and a nighttime in any part of the city commit will be chaotic. i don't know if that contributed to the incident at all. a shooting. an altercation in the parking lot and shots fired. shot three times twice in the stomach and once in the shoulder and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. office then number of people in the area. it is a scene that leaves a bad taste a new beginnings. but is crazy. a bad omen. and you mix large crowds with celebratory drinks on a night with too many expectations. the one thing you would expect as there is a lot of alcohol involved. he is recovering in the hospital tonight but the police are still looking for the shooters and the only
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male with a gray shirt. twelfth and lincoln, fox 31 denver. denver police also investigating several of the crimes this new year. officers conducting homicide investigation after a man found dead and responded to the scene after someone called 911. trauma. identity not believed but -- not released but not sing with her suspects in the case. looking for the driver who left the scene after he ramp from i2252 i 25 and just after 4 this morning across the double yellow line and 4 people inside the car, one ejected from that person taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. returning to problem solvers with emotional plea to get some's stolen tablet return. the son died in a car crash early this month and photos of him, they want to remember him
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has the story. the communities heartbreak turns to outrage as the thief steals much more than a little boy samsung tablet. the memories that we want back. we lost him would like to have those memories. the county sheriff's deputy driving eight-year-old son austin to a wrestling match december 19. the boy died after involved in a crash. the pickup was towed to the impound lot and yesterday they learned, cut a hole in the fence and stole among other things samsung galaxy tab -- tablet to. my son liked to video himself and take pictures. finding out
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hits. if you days before christmas hundreds of people gather to celebrate boston's life. he was full of life and lived life to the fullest. angry facebook posting today urged to ever took it to do the right thing and return the tablet to his parents. the sheriff says no questions asked, just bring it back. i don't care if you walk kids, handed to give it to somebody else, and that is it. the tablet old with charging problems and practically worthless to anyone else, but priceless to austin's austin's parents. those videos are memories of him smiling in his giggle and his laugh. him being a goofball. i just want to people to voice. just to hear his voice. so they are very special.
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whoever helps and they ask anyone with any information to please call the police. julie hayden fox 31 denver. he deserve it. and hoping to adapt adapt. helped as one of the only denver. and finally a break from the
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know how long the some new year's days with family and the perfect day to watch a movie but the days of renting a movie at a store quickly coming to an end. unfortunately the only remaining stores to keep its doors open because the owner, more than a store. fox 31 denver has the story tonight. on the corner of sixth. looking for anything in particular today -- nearing the end of an era. the very beginning of this we have airplanes. plenty of action. one that jumps out at me, and unfortunately not as much action
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business, no different than the very first door in denver open in 1984 and now it's over 30,000 films. the owner jeff on it is morrison video stores. video one is one to me and customers like family. started working for a video one in 2,001 when original owners wanted to sell to get out of the rental business jeff but the place and 09. i didn't wanted to go away. it's not looking good for the only remaining video rental store in denver. unless i can create a positive change in here, we will not be around until a few months. the video library, the last of its kind in denver and hoping by becoming a nonprofit it keep the movies on the show and customers through the doors. i thought about this for the last two years, can i make this a nonprofit with enough people
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one thing is for sure, jeff cares and is willing to do whatever it takes. to be here and make people happy by just being who we are and what we do. if people want us to stick around, well, we would like to stick around. fox 31 denver. if the new year's resolution is to get rich, time is running out to buy tickets for tomorrow's big powerball jackpot. the multistate lottery will take $334 million for tomorrow night's drawing. ticket sales cut off before the drawing which takes place 8:59 and the winning numbers tomorrow night fox 31 denver news at nine now pinpoint weather with meteorologist jennifer broome. i guess you can't win if you don't play so a note to myself. stopping and getting a powerball ticket. 20 degrees after we finally got above freezing today. 35 degrees employee was it nice
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it is still cold as you head to the west gunnison the coldest temperatures of the state temperature of 26 below. windchill that -- fechter, same thing aspen, steamboat springs, it feels like nine below there. six below, grand junction also feeling below zero. twenty denver, factoring winds about 12 miles an hour. it feels more like eight. in store for another cold night but just not as cold as last night. the satellite radar combination high-pressure in control of the western half of the country now. a little disturbance making its way off to the east in new mexico, texas and another disturbance that will quickly make it move off to the east over the southwest as we go through the weekend. southern california right off to arizona, new mexico but if you scattered clouds kick back up to colorado. i don't think we will see much
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afternoon into saturday night here for the future cast, mostly clear skies and right on into saturday morning, there is a lot to get you going. sunshine but keep in mind in the mountains commit will be called to start out as a lot of well below zero. take you through the day saturday, plenty of sunshine and south, southwesterly winds eased of the state, high temperatures and we should see a lot of them getting into the upper 30s, even into the 40s. i think we have 40 downtown denver, 43 over dia and commerce city. morrison comes in 44. same thing highlands ranch, hoping to get a couple of spots into the upper 40s. 43 castle pines and they will hold to 39 for castle rock, springtown and also into the
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to sunday, so 43 tomorrow with high temperature 45 sunday. the broncos game, kickoff comes in 44 commit to:25 and at the half to rep up the game, back to freezing at 32. to take it through the next several days, tomorrow if you enjoyed the slightly warmer temperatures today, you will suck it up tomorrow. forty-three is where we should be this time of year. going for that tomorrow and low with 15 and the morning not as bad, sunday, even warmer 45 and we will say 44, 45 monday, tuesday, wednesday heading into the latter part of the workweek. another system to comment, some snow on thursday they quick shot of snow thursday night and friday. i will take five days of 40 plus degree afternoon's. after will be have gone through.
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temperatures not 30s but below 30s. is still very cold. still very cold up on the mountains early learning skiers, still covered up and a lot of wind chills running in extreme conditions. even the temperatures have through tomorrow morning and some spots of the mountains, 20s, 30 below zero. for the high. i will be in afternoon skier tomorrow. enjoy that. just a little warm. thank you so much. coming up, peyton manning look today after first week of practicing practicing with the team. plus, the crews to the rose bowl
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records the call it -- colorado >> now, the large casino sports zone with kami carmann. the are arrogant. we want to be the best and to
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nfl, leave them in yards per rush. we want to have it all. that is what we want, we want to be the best. plenty of swagger and they could be the first since 1991 equals to be the first in the nfl in defense pass defense and run defense with an elf -- 14 different players and they have one game left. the chargers, about a month since the trip to san diego beat the chargers, three points a game in temper, be the teams twice, and kansas city and the raiders at home. and meeting them again after the first match, especially when it comes to san diego. it is always a team that you know. you feel like you know them and you notice the personnel, and
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always a great game. one of my favorite quarterbacks and it doesn't matter what the record is. the best effort. the broncos on sunday, peyton manning is a backup quarterback, the defense of starters announced, and doesn't have to hand out high-five's to his guys, and of course, solid week of practice no known setbacks, and starting quarterback while manning continues to get healthy. notley offensively, but most of the team for us, a good week and move forward with this weekend. and linebacker brandon marshall with good guy award, voted on by the teams local media created the quarter -- passed away nine years ago
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player, shows general enthusiasm, honesty of dealing with the media. my mom, you know she would be proud of this. she will note that she raised her boy no way that people look up to him and a way that people respect him means a lot to me in that regard. i've done a good job to try to become the best man that i can be. winners, chris harris. today, christian mccaffrey, and good, but mccaffrey owning the spotlight and this time breaking all kinds of records. and of course, athletes back and their day. the cardinals go pick on the first play of scrimmage, kevin hogan finds mccaffrey with plenty of room 75 yards to the end zone. that is a career-best and also
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and return game is so dangerous has seen here. 63-yard return to the end zone, aunt 368 all-purpose your today commit stanford crashing iowa final score, impressive 45-16 with record performance by mccaffrey, a sophomore, by the way. have to focus on you and become the best player you can be. they don't worry about any individual accolades. all of those are part of the team the team win. team win, fish mccaffrey winds, first, glendale arizona, ohio state and notre dame, had what you call solid effort, the buckeyes lead 28-7, number three for the day. the fans are loving it,
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that was touchdown number four, ohio state polls the average 44-28. gatorade, everybody is happy. finally tonight green bay, a llama walking across the bridge, started a ledge and legend of the lucky llama, and on new year's eve, receive blessings and good fortune and hoping the legend, he loves green bay, loves the tradition but happier like aaron rodgers to walk across the bridge. maybe that is aaron rodgers. what's with these ballgames? they were not really good games. honestly, against nevada one of the most entertaining games to watch. that was good. but these bigger ones, all the
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fans, michigan state. mccaffrey, the guy behind him. runner-up. what a great run. ample livable. the final season of "american
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coming up next, who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a a p. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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seacrest sentimental about long-running show coming to an end the season and reportedly stealing from the original season everything from science to photos a possible in the show was coming to an end after 15th season, hard to believe. the final season premiere
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