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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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fox 31 denver news at 5:30. restaurants with food choices and now, thanks for staying with us 5:30 erika gonzalez. the restaurant scene exploding and a lot more opportunities to eat out and also resulting in a big cook shortage. fox 31 denver live with how they shortage could affect your money, joe. good evening, 5:30 perhaps sitting on the couch getting ready to try a new restaurant in denver in 100 new restaurants expected to open across denver in 2016, but the restaurant brown creating a problem. not many cooks, let's face it,
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doing. i go out to different places. really good about picking out. kaitlyn, we are loving food and eating out. but the explosion of new restaurant across metro denver is creating a problem. that is beef. a manager at the restaurant having trouble finding cooks, he calls it a quality cook shortage. veteran cooks or hard to come by, newer restaurants fielded with newer cooks to a four tuesday on the job because timbers rent is so expensive. the wages are not that great. the question now is what to do with over 100 new restaurants expected to open next year. the problem could get worse. but suggesting industry tips being shared with cooks but that
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future and difficult for relinquishing that share. the hiring sign remains firmly in place in his restaurant, one thing that remains off the table is raising menu prices to pay people more. the last thing you want is kaitlyn to go somewhere else. i would eat out a lot more. and it's not just a cook shortage the restaurants are dealing with in 2015. many restaurants complain of a server shortage as well. some restaurants offering retirement plans to try to attract employees. fox 31 denver. economic home in denver also effecting the cost of transportation. increasing the average one-way
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$2.60, $99. . and also eliminated some of the levels creating a flat rate in certain areas where the price fluctuate but there has been backlash and board members say it must be done. done. i225, searching for the driver involved in the crash. it happen yesterday, northbound ramp i 225, two vehicles crashed causing one person to be thrown from their car. that person and another taken to the hospital, still listed in critical condition. the person let the scenes. a man is sent the hospital after the deputy say his roommate hit him in the head with a hammer. and the sheriff's office, his roommate wayne morris attacked him while he was sleeping.
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house, they say the suspect refused to come out. that is when the swat team went in and arrested more. faces several charges including first-degree murder and assault assault. less than a month away from the presidential hopeful shaping up the strategy to catch more voters while others hoping entirely. fox 31 denver mary maloney but the latest in the presidential election. the rose bowl parade, sky writers not focused on football but instead sights on republican presidential front runner donald trump. the message america is great. trump is disgusting. trump known for biting insults not shy on the trail or twitter writing. people ask why you tweet and polls? because of big dollar ad. those ads, if bothers me $60 million on ads against me, let of its, right?
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to ensure victory. or just are spending a lot of money because i don't want to take any chances. pricey advise, early voting states and insist trump will fail. we are living in this reality tv political environment where he fills the space five outrageous things. the emotion of the here and now will subside. ben carson, losing three top aides and his team set the campaign is gaining energy. on the other side of the political aisle hillary clinton to bring not so secret weapon bill clinton on the campaign trail. but they not change much and the new year. friday the campaign announced it raised one -- $12 million for the primaries since officially jumping into the race in april. both republican and democratic candidates to hit the trail monday marking a new phase in the new year. mary maloney reporting. so what is next for the canadensis? cast in the iowa caucus just a
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than just one week later, the primary february 9 and the majority of the states will not cast votes until super tuesday march 1. colorado caucus on that day with 13 other states including the so-called sec primary states. turning to news around the world, security forces fighting of militant attack air force base northwestern india. 4 attackers killed after target of the base of the pakistani border. no group claiming responsibility for the attack and the latest incident one week after india's prime minister met with pakistani counterpart. to lunch detox. undermines the diplomatic talks. saudi arabia announcing it has executed 47 criminals including a prominent g.i. and officials say the man religious extremist and members of terrorist groups. convicted of plotting and carrying out attacks against
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jeddah 2,004 and lebanon supreme islamic shiite council condemning the act. investigators are still looking into the massive place that broke out downtown dubai. residence with a luxury hotel forced to evacuate new year's eve when a fire consumed the building. there are conflicting reports about where the fire actually broke out and ground-level mother say the 20th floor. either case the authorities believe that may have been sparked by electrical malfunction, but they are still investigating. focusing on health in 2016 come if so, you're not alone. thousands of people across colorado working on resolutions to lose weight but no matter how much you won it, losing weight can be difficult. a study along these tips drastically increase your chances of success. be sure not to take on too much at the start. exercising and dieting is key to losing weight and doing too much
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diet. popular diet things like paley a or low carb and restricting too much food at the start makes you crave more in the long run. remembers successful weight loss plans and lifestyle changes but losing weight successfully requires a change in mindset and time. take it slow and work your way into a routine and you will have a happy, healthy new year come otherwise, so easy to do, right? influential rabbi speaking out about marijuana for medicinal purposes. the health products wilson received from the orthodox union for being kosher, merrow one a product to be the first who use a trick -- trip -- ou certificates, judaism, and encourages the use of medicines designed to improve one's health and the medicinal marijuana should not be viewed as a central act and the certification is a big step
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industry to push for legitimacy. learning for the new economy. a look at how some schools are preparing for the increasingly competitive job market. playing at home this year. the quarterback philip rivers to end the season with upset in denver but the broncos what they say about the matchup so much on the line, martinez will have that in sports. temperatures still in the 30s across the front range and the plane come in many locations, warmer than what we saw pettit
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will >> as the working world becomes more competitive, there is a growing trend for the americans. what is it is called dual
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new york with the latest on this program. what was 100 of kids a year ago is now thousands learning in a language other than their own. that is why educators say about a trend in schools across the nation come a giving the next generation a competitive edge on the global stage before they are out of the sandbox. learning program to teach elementary school high school kids all the standard subjects, in the second language. and two languages before cap and can. the rest of the world have children in school who are running two, three or four languages so the children, a disadvantage. if we don't at least help them acquire more than one language. new york city has 182 to a language program senate schools, 39 years expect -- 39 more
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schoolers and 10 percent of all k-12 students in portland, oregon are enrolled. students at the elementary in manhattan change the language they speak every other day, monday, learning their abcs in english, tuesday, in spanh and the lessons and subj stay the same. words are color-coded throughout the school, red for spanish, blue for english. program. in the future come in the job market commit is a huge benefit benefit. and i think it is a good opportunity to be exposed to other cultures. understand that there is more than what's in the neighborhood. they do wellste test according to randy my study by the grand -- rand corporation with students in kindergarten, grading by the fifth grade into as well as
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in new york, frying in us, foxnews. now, pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark monstrola. comparison to the days of late december, this afternoon was absolutely beautiful. the sky full of sunshine and finally, the temperatures reaching 40 degrees mark. take a look at this. the last time his summer 22nd and this is dia, by the way. this afternoon, we brought back a trend, made it to the low 40s dia 41 degrees this afternoon and hit low 50s over and's -- colorado springs down to pueblo and southeastern corner of the state. still a little chilly imparts of the high country, cold morning especially the valley but the cold air to get trapped they are, in the teens, specially across the northern high country of colorado. thirty-three downtown, 32 dia, better than daytime highs for most of those days in late
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temperatures across the metro, generally speaking low to mid 30s and the foothills, looking at 22 evergreen, cooling-off golden. checking in at 29 degrees. the bigger perspective, teens and 20s the northeast corner, below zero in those northern areas of the mountainous terrain. the teens and 20s further south of i 70 in the high country. satellite radar composite, into the city, nothing to write home about, quiet night as we go statewide to show you the bigger perspective. and ice big ridge of high pressure control and as we ticket to the future cast, basically it holds on as we see the rich stick around, sinking air does not allow anything to set up shop as far as the warm air, to spell from the south. tomorrow, you might do better
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expecting middle 40s downtown area, plenty of sunshine but then monday, little storm system starts to approach from the west but will not impact colorado communities as we get to monday afternoon. to the south, krause -- across albuquerque, new mexico some snow but then tuesday, that is where the snow make begin to creep into the high country. by 8:00 a.m. come i have to wait for the lunch hour. the snow will not make it to the metro area, the flakes to play until thursday night into friday down tempe for the next bit of unsettled weather comes on in. partly cloudy skies, low with 18 degrees, tomorrow afternoon, back to 45 daytime high, plenty of sunshine all day long make or just finished to the weekend and if you like that moment extra clouds and sun, 44. do it again tuesday partly cloudy skies, light mountain snow does not look like it will give us accumulation although,
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brings rain snow mix thursday, possibly snow friday. little accumulation downtown and maybe a little bit more, couple of inches possible by the end of the week. the sunscreen out, she is ready to go. you have to bring it all out. get used to the single digits, you can only have for so long, 40s feel balmy. completely above normal, way above normal. been like that all morning long. we are looking at what is trending tonight. science-fiction fans all over the country celebrating the birthday of sci-fi author isaac. the day unofficially dubbed scientific day, celebrate celebrated by fans dressing up and admiring their favorite work . more famous for foundation. then winning the term robotics. you may be twins but these two
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birthday and born on different days come even different years in san diego. midnight on new year's eve, twin brother born two minutes after midnight on new year's day. were good news, both babies happy and healthy and the parents, and had to cancel for the exciting special. that is perfect because they each got their own birthday. in 1999, and different centuries. and the broncos, the paper but the chargers are thinking and what each is saying about -- the starter, but raul
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get one more shot. don't want to >> the players have competitors you want to finish but they when. if you need the extra motivation come a chance in my mind, let's not let him -- then take it on the share. the san diego chargers to be competitive fish year. some thought this might be the season when they pass the broncos and the division. i did not happen and the team has not won a game and the season finale temper hoping to keep it that way. for the first time in a long time the broncos are healthy and even peyton manning is possible. the linebacker brandon marshall and tj ward questionable with ankle injuries but the chargers have one advantage, they played last thursday and the broncos coming up short week because they on monday. despite the favorites, still have to come in. and a loss
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week. we know, they will put up a fight. we expect them to have a great practice today i can expect them to fight. everybody is familiar with what we do. will be able to beat us right now so definitely we have to be ready for them. you don't get the week off. 's we've got to take care of the week starting today. the along hart junior, pretty call driving called driving and that the kickoff, penn state in georgia. this is all about the bulldogs. final seconds before the half. perfect strike, connecting with terry godwin. and gets it done 24-17, liberty bowl, arkansas against kansas the razorbacks in the first half alex slicing and dicing his way through the wildcats. and the
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nuggets, back from injury and will play tonight. the bad news, the golden state warriors, 2 losses of the season but the worst news star guard stephon curry stepped paris back from injury. the colorado avalanche, on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs, both teams played well in december and back in the mix, the pepsi center as bedrooms, again working -- looking to reach a major milestone against a former team, currently 599 career goals. at the same time, what happens happens. and we need to climb back in the playoff spot. time for a quick role. this is my thing and let's go back to the broncos.
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make six games and reason too, don't want to mess with moments of especially after win in recent three, great football in the second half and over he went over the bangles, look at the 2 biggest games of his career, he came up clutch comes the patriots in cincinnati the ear is the thing, i want to see peyton as a starter. like i said he deserves the job but i want to see the sheriff get one more shot we -- we denver to a super bowl. for me i like peyton and the playoffs because of experience. he's been there before, won a super bowl and then to three and his last game i don't want to be against the chiefs, where he was benched. i want him to write off and the sunset with one amazing run. that does not mean i want brock to get her because i want peyton to play but he's done it thing the right way and said the right things and i am rooting for him to succeed in the playoffs. and nostalgic feeling, what could have been may be peyton will get that shot and one more match have up his career.
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will happen, dozen at? without my prediction and tomorrow's game actually think it will be close. gary kubiak team in dogfights all season but the chargers still don't have a quarterback but the broncos remember what happen a few weeks ago, when oakland plays here, and that will happen. brock throws a touchdown on the defense scores one at a field goal, denver 24-17. they know how important they would lose this game. they probably will not win the super bowl or have a shot at it. they cannot play on the road. they beat the chargers tomorrow and play for the first playoff. it could be the chiefs. we could see the chiefs and we could see the jets. a lot of options and a lot is to be played out tomorrow. they need the jets. it's not going to happen. the patriots could lose and the broncos, you never know, a lot can happen.
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thank you so much for joining us today and we will be back for
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