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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> >> broncos over coming a lot of obstacles today. to secure the afc west title. for the fifth year in a row. >> . players performance has fans on edge. until coach put manning back in the game. we have team coverage of the win.
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fox we are live with fan return. first we begin with sports nick take it away. >> . today. to secure a fifth straight division championship. the number one over all seed in the play offs and the all important buy. they did it with number 18 returning to the field. up. broncos offense. tkwar gary said he felt in his gut it was the right move to bring him off the bench. and look at that. greeted to a huge standing ovation. he wasted little time. led the broncos on a 80 yard drive. >> the team blocked and secured the football better with peyton manning at center. >> like rivers often does. not one to give up. so competitive in nature. this is too easy. wide open for a touch down. 80 yard pitch and catch. chargers took the lead 20 to 17.
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right back comes the. that's a long throw. across the field. hits sanders and 18 yard timing. out of sanders break. >> broncos tie it on the drive. with a field goal. and win it with this play later in the game. >> . we now know the broncos next game will be sunday. january 17. 2:40 in denver. much more on which quarter back the broncos should play. coming up on the sunday sports zone. that game sunday january 17. >> new a limited amount of tickets to go on sale tomorrow. at noon. through ticket master. prices will range from 80
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good luck with that. meanwhile. standing by, ashly mike elses reacting. >> . it was crazy out here. at game time. onto the field. it was so loud. truck. parked all the way on the sidewalk. out here with the windows completely up. and we could still hear the >> . listen to this reaction. peyton manning takes the field. >> this is the moment. waiting for. >> . the crowd is thrilled. >> a surprise return in the third quarter. >> . he was ready to go. i'm really excited. >> so was the crowd. >> . electric. as manning led the team to a victory in week 17. securing a number one seed. and home field advantage. >> . but now that we know where the broncos will play. the big question, is who will be their starting quarter back.
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he says it was fun to see him win tonight. he doesn't think it will last. >> . i don't have faith in peyton manning. one hit, done. >> . his theory isn't too popular with some other fans. brock is the future. peyton manning is now. >> . either way. >> whoever is healthy. whoever can play. >> the broncos are on the road to something special. >> . super-bowl 50. >> they have to win two more games to go. fans in denver say no matter who is behind the ball, they'll be behind him. >> . it's such a great feeling to be part of something bigger than yourself. >> . live at phaoeu mile high.
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we want to know how far you think the broncos will go in the play offs. we have a poll going on right now. on here's where it stands. 67 percent of fans think the team will go all the way. and win the super bowl. 15 percent think they'll lose the afc championship. ten percent think they'll lose the divisional round game. and 6 percent think they will >> . you can cast your vote again right now. find it at >> . a developing story. two people died. 6 others hurt: in what first responders say is one of the most bizarre crashes they have responded to. afternoon. at the intersection of colorado and medical mexico. after the driver who caused it made a very deadly and unexpected decision. >> . the vehicles were almost unrecognizable. >> . it's a ball cap. a kids backpack. and a mangled license plate. all signs of the destruction.
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>> . it made me sick. >> when a speeding black suv barreled into the intersection. slamming into one car. >> it was like the temporary explosion. >> . after another. >> . i find it a miracle anybody walked away. >> . she and several other witnesses sprang into action. once the suv finally stopped. >> . firefighters say the driver was asleep in his vehicle. in the middle of the road. when firefighters woke him up, he took off. >> normally when if something is wrong. people are right away are receptive to our help. they'll ask. hey i'm having chest pain. i'm hurt. i'm having a seizure or something. this was tphoft the case. >> .
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with lights and sirens on. that's when the suv crashed. leaving drivers both tpraz his injuries minor compared to those struck in the wrong spot at the wrong time. >> . i got the easiest of it i guess. >> . two people did have to be ex- hurt. police haven't said who was killed in the crash. investigators are hoping to determine whether drugs r-r
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>> . >> including 12 in the past week alone. >> . if you have any information. you're asked to call police. >> . when you look at the crowds. it doesn't look like too bad of a crowd. this is how it looked all day today.
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>> no matter how much we move forward, sometimes we look back. >> . we can all go with him. can't we. >> instead of zipping our mouths shut. we wonder about how busy is too busy. when things are supposed to be super busy. >> we left so early.
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>> >> on a day when many figured it's better to be safe than sorry. they found themselves bored and more bored. all to be part of a new which part. in dia history. >> . couldn't tell. this is a great airport actually. >> . the busiest travel day in history was november 29. 2015. a few weeks back. more than 182 thousand people passed through the airport. >> . much better to be surprise and had bored. than get there and deal with panic.
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while heus tor -bg flood allowing people who live in missouri and illinois to begin cleaning up. there are new fears for those living ahropb the river and those to the south. >> . >> just 3 days after the river crested at record levels. the water re-seedling to below. in two hard hit towns in missouri. remaining only 4 feet above flood stage in valley park. for those in some of the communities ravaged by flooding. residents starting ph-sz a euf clean up and recovery efforts. >> . we're seeing a lot of mud. and sand left behind. so our next extravagant effort is going to be to clean up. >> a st. louis area water plant. servicing 20 thousand residents. back in working order. sunday morning. and am track resuming service between st. louis. and kansas city missouri. today. >> .
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after water flooded out some of the tracks. growing fears in areas south of the flooding. which killed 31 people across several states and forced large scale evacuation. the possibility of rising water in arkansas. louisiana. and the entire southern mississippi river valley. becoming a real concern for residents. >> . meanwhile. it hasn't felt much like winter in minnesota. making it especially hard for ice castle builders to finish their masterpieces.
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in the past week. temperatures finally dipped low enough. these guys had hoped to open some public tomorrow. now the earliest the castle will be ready is january 22. >> . the design is completely different. we're trying out new features. and going to have more of the slides and tunnels. >> . crews are working 12 hour days. and using 80 to 90 water lines to keep the massive piece of ice growing. >> . still quite chilly. 24 degrees. downtown. dia checking in at 26. that light wind out of the south. at 8.
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what it feels like into the upper teens. we started teens this morning. 15 the morning low. early on sunday. and we climb -td back to about 46. sunshine. and a nice flow. from the south. that is 3 degrees above. our average high for the time of year. get used to it. we'll stay around the mid 40s. at least the first few days of >> . temperatures are backing down into the teens and 20s. for the most part.
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>> . we see snow creeping into the southwest. it looks like monday night. snow. maybe one to 3 inches. it doesn't look like the snow will filter down into the denver metro area. or surrounding plains. and front range. about thursday night and friday. to see the next chance for snow.
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mountain snow will climb in. starting thursday afternoon. with our next storm system there. that will push down into the metro. maybe some rain. thursday night. transitions over into snow. sometime in friday morning. again no major accumulation. this time around. keep up to date with the latest forecast. just in case something changes. 20 degrees over night tonight. partly cloudy. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. clouds and sun. >> . a high of 46 degrees. 3 day forecast. mid 40s. both tuesday and wednesday. >> . 7-day forecast. >> not expecting a lot o pile up. things might change. depending on the track of the storm. keep up to date with the latest
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give it a pop. authorities say a man and a child were in the car. when it crashed this morning. both were taken to the hospital. with nonlife threatening injuries. and thankfully the building was vacant at the time.
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the building. that had not yet collapsed. no word yet on what caused the car to hit the building. >> . celebrating his one-hundredth birthday. takes us to the surprise party. in new york. where the revealed exactly what keeps him going. >> . surrounded by two hundred of
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all here to wish him a happy one hundred. >> . friends fred fred. honoring him with speeches. >> . very loving. very sharing.
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>> >> tight security for celebrities.
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some of hollywoods top while the cast of the big short won the ensemble phone performance award. held under unprecedented security. even celebrities had to tkpw through a detecter before entering the ballroom. the chairman says while there was no specific threat. it was the right move to make. >> . there's new movie. i don't know if you heard about
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star wars. >> . third straight weekend win. taking in 88 million dollars. that's adds up to a 17 day total of 740 million. 20 million short of topping the all time domestic record. >> . >> it's doing real well.
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>> . regular season in the books. win their fifth straight division title.
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