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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> the driver getting a sun sere message of thanks. the 19 year-old driver who police say hit a mother and is son. faces serious charges.
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>> you have to move moving forward is something she is used to. >> his name is. >> wolf was her 18 year-old brother. in 2004 he was struck stkp killed by a drunk. hit and run driver. while crossing this same stretch of colfax. >> i'd say like 3 or 4 blocks from this spot. my family hasn't been the same. he was my little brother. this is twice that someone hasn't taken responsibility. >> this is also the seconds time the community has helped bring justice. in 2004. tips led police to a service station where they found the car. and eventually the driver. >> .
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>> two gentlemen. in a tow truck and white car. said they were going to follow the vehicle. >> the two men didn't just follow. the driver of the tow truck managed to stop the vehicle. for good. >> we say thank you. >> . it's not a message they left on a street corner. >> . tonight. they thank the hero. in person. >> north north kraoe ka has successfully tested a high tro general bomb. hydro general bomb. it creates a blast much more
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and also harder to make. we'll have reaction from around the world on this. colorado. >> . executive action on reducing gun sraoeupblgs in america the president plan includes expanding back tkpwroubdz emotional commander in chief. responding to the number of mass shootings in the country. just since he took office. >> . he recalls movie theaters. churches. college. high school. and elementary school. campus tragedies. >> from every family. who never imagined their loved one would be taken. >> .
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>> every time i think about those kids. it gets me mad. >> . the parents of 24 year-old aurora theater shooting victim, were among the families and victims from mass shootings. and invited to witness president obama. taking executive action. >> . he's targeting criminals. mentally un-sable.
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>> >> we should mention obama's proposals to ramp up mental healthcare. adds hundreds of agents to better enforce current law. also the focus on background checks and all require millions in funding. that money must be secured by congress. >> . the president actions echoing across the country. including here in colorado. some say the answer to mass shootings is more guns not less. legal experts say the president's plan will have little impact in colorado and states like it.
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>> house speaker paul ryan. and new information tonight. after fort collins police arrest a healthcare worker for touching a hospital patient sexually. and it looks like the male nurse may have done this before. this is the suspect. he's worked at 7 colorado hospitals in greeley. love land. fort collins and thornton. two others over a -p 7 year period. police worry there could be more victims. >> . tammy vigil explains. >> . police say he instead hurt at least one of his patients. >> he was accused of inappropriate touching patients. under his care. >> . december 24. 2013. a patient claims while under the influence of morphine. tom touched her bare breast and keuzed kissed her neck and bare breast. when she was discharged she was escorted out by him.
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you sweety. 3 days later he sent her a friend request. through facebook. which she didn't accept. >> there are investigations in other jurisdictions ongoing. >> . -lt investigation revealed two other women filed complaints against him. while patients. the first coming march 6. 2014. about 3 months after the fort collins allegation. and the second ant about a year later. in april 2015. in both cases the women were under the influence of strong pain medication. one patient reported she was sexually assaulted. the other reported having her chest massaged. he was later fired by the hospital. he was also fired from regional west in nebraska. after a patient complained in february and march. of 2014. that tom touched her bare breast. and below the waist. >> it's really important for people to come forward if they have been violated.
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we want people to feel safe. >> . they do background checks as part of the hiring process. more pled guilty to dui charges about had years ago. 4 years ago. we wouldn't get an answer as to whether that should have dis-quaffed disqualified him. also his nursing license is still active. the government agency that regulates those licenses couldn't immediately say whether a conviction on a sex offense would mean a rev revocation. >> . >> thank you. a close call for more than one hundred passengers on a flight. from washington to denver. this morning. the plane slid into the snow. while it was taxing towards the run way. the area had been hit by an ice
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>> . like when you push on the the brakes and you're on ice. it starts to sputter along. >> . passengers were put on a replacement plane. they arrived in denver late this afternoon. >> . new details about a story we brought you last night. mother who gave birth to conjoined twins is able to see her surviving daughter again. we told you yesterday about her claim that the children's hospital blocked her from seeing her daughter. at the hospital. today she says thanks to our story yesterday, she is now able to spends up to 4 hours a day. with her daughter. >> . children's hospital wouldn't comment. >> news across america. the fbi begging for clues about the movement of the california attackers in the minutes right after the shooting. today the government gave an update on the case. they say they figured out the movement of the shooters. except the 18 minute span of time. that happened just after the shooting. knowing exactly where they were
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making sure that no one else was involved in the terror attack. >> . today marks the fourth day of an armed occupation of federal land in oregon. group took over the federal building over the weekend. protesting the fact that two ranchers would be sent back to prison. for burning federal ranch land. they say the government has too
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>> local woman gets a big clue. when it comes to finding a missing phone.
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>> having a cell phone a denver mother is asking for help to find her sons smart phone. >> thanks to one app. she's got a big clue. as to where the phone might be. >> . most have pass words. if you lose it it makes it tough for someone to return it. because they can't get in. with this app, when somebody puts in a wrong password. it snaps a photograph. so you know who has it. the only problem is.
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>> . he's how it works. say you accidently leave your phone. and walk away. then someone else finds it. picks it up. and tries to unlock it. >> . when the pass password is wrong. it snaps a photograph. and then sends you an e-mail. >> hey. she looks familiar. >> it's cool. yeah. i should put it on my phone. >> . once she got the e-mail. >> i put it out there .l. >> she shared it on facebook. to put name to the mystery man. >> my initial hope is somebody
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>> wild wh hitting california tonight. it could stick around for a few days. heavy rain. high surf. snow. all in the forecast. for parts of the west coast. it's triggering flooding. traffic back ups. you can see here. also concerns with the rushing water will loosen rock. landslides. officials doing everything to prepare for possible damage.
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>> these big storms. that come in. and just drench the west coast. and some of that moisture is on
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>> down to trinidad. >> 25 in confer. and the same in castle rock. 23 in fort morgan. so. our future cast i'll show you the front range. denver. i 25. really everything quiet tonight.
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once we get passed the lunch hour. and you'll see snow starting to come in to the mountains. i'll show you that in a second. we'll have thicker clouds cover tomorrow night. it's after midnight tomorrow. in the wee hours of the morning. into thursday. that some of this snow could arrive for the thursday morning commute. so get ready. but. for the next 24 hours. the best snow is with the search coming out of california. first. there in the san juans. where we were looking at rage way. they will get the first wave and get deep in there. we had the winter storm warnings and winter weather advisory. it spreads into a northeast direction. up over the central and northern mountains. i 70. could be difficult. late in the day tomorrow. and some of the moisture arrives here in southeast colorado. as far as snow totals. only an inch or two. the snow doesn't arrive in the northern and central mountains until late. it's here. those deeper totals. 6 to 7. 8 inches. we have the advisory out for the southwest corner of the state. >> . lows tonight. going to be in the teens. 20s.
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cold 8 in greeley. same in craig. >> . freezing temperatures again. a lot of 30s through the colorado high country. we'll go back into the ao 50s. for denver fort collins. down into the greeley area. we're where we were today. i think maybe just a couple of degrees cooler. >> we'll be at 36 early thursday. with light snow through the day. it will only add up to less than an inch. better chance of one to two eufrpbls of snow. from friday into saturday. but look at the stretch of cold here. 36 to 28.
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>> . just 39 days until valentines day. one city wants to help you celebrate. as they always do. love land un-vailing the stamps. 2016 marks the 70 year of the stamp. put on valentines cards that go through the city of hro land. also promoting itself as a valentines day destination. >> . in the nation sweetheart city. love land colorado. a day. it's a celebration of everything that you love.
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l-atty: filed that report that linked peyton manning. several other athletes here in denver. peyton manning has yet to fight the charges in court. considering. two other baseball doing that. >> both nationals infielder. along with ryan howard. have filed suit for defamation. both claiming the document their aired contained false statements. inaccurate. and reckless in nature. >> . they're seeking damages that is are estimated to
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>> >> i want to go home. looking forward to it. you put in so much work during the off season and season. >> . this next broncos story. notice the date. turning back the clock. five years ago today. the broncos naming elway the vp of football operations. i'd say it's worked out well. the broncos have advanced to the play off ins five straight years. >> . elsewhere. one day after black monday. the coaching carousel is spinning a little faster. several guys hopping off. guess who broncos fans. trying to get back on. that would be mike. sources indicate he has an interview set up for the 49ers. that's tomorrow. reportedly already met with the dolphins. >> . as for one of the out bound coaches. how about this in new york. former giants coach on the way out. that's the owner.
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not going to shake his hand. absolute power play. >> . how about that. five years ago today. >> amazing five year. >> good run. we're missing a super bowl. >> . he wants it more than any of us.
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sometimes with cold weather. comes beautiful art. and a reason to dance. a winter wonder land festival. opening today. featuring skulltures of ice and snow. look at this castle. 167 feet tall. >> highest and largest snow sculpture. the festival attracts millions of tourists
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>> . it's in china.
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