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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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can't win if you don't play. >> the counts down is on. >> . we know you want to know the minute the numbers are drawn. 3 and a half hours or so until the numbers are known. you have even less time to kpwet
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if you haven't already. >> you only have two hours until the machines go dark. they stop selling at 7:30. as you said. jackpot estimated at one and a half billion dollars. tickets are selling at an unprecedented rate. of 3 thousand dollars. a minute. those in it sold a ticket for 150 thousand dollars. a my goods market on chambers and a diamond shack rom shamrock in north glen. sold a ticket worth sao thousand
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frisco. collins. >> in a kipenzi kal week. sale collars in in the past 4 days. they are nearly 15million. if no one wins. the jackpot climbs to two
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>> a tkwraoup of workers a group of workers thought they won. one even quit his job. >> . that excitement lasted for just about 20 minutes. before they realized they read the numbers from last wednesdays jackpot. wrong. >> . there the numbers were right. it was the wrong drawing. there were no winning numbers sold in that one. they were on the phones checking an out of date web site. that listed the old set of numbers. it was up to the bartender and host to break the bad news. >> one described it as getting punched in the stomach. >> . just under two hours left to buy tickets. for the jackpot. we ofblg will have the winning numbers right off the top of fox 31 denver news at nine.
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new developments about an alleged kidnapping case. parker place say a kidnapping reported in september. never actually happened. on september 22. officers asked for the public help in gathering details about a 17 year-old reported she had been abducted from her home. she said her kidnapper tried to sexually assault her. after their investigation, police determined the persons statements were not true.
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from arizona. the 3 are accused of distributing largements of meth. and heroin. the drug task force seized 19 pounds of drugs. along with cash. and two cars. timing it can be. and around. trying to find parking. in parts of denver. now people who call a historic denver neighborhood home. development. nightmare. neighborhood. >> we're preserving the h of the some here are worried about a >> .
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>> a recent neighborhood meeting the developer told residents he wants to build 56 apartments here at 32nd and stout. they're oak with that. >> we're not against high density housing. >> their concern. the proposed development will not provide any parking. >> . 0 parking. for 56 residents to come and stay. leave the cars here. or park at night. it's already become a parking issue here. >> keith lives in one of 33 row houses in the neighborhood. street. he says parking is tight enough as it is. >> . at night it's ridiculous. >> . because of the small lot size. the city cannot force the
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but says he met with the properties today. and urged them to find a solution. >> what other lots can we look at. to do a parking share. how can we provide bike parking. car to go. in front of the building. so, this owner has gone out of his way and i think we'll come to some sort of resolution. >> because the husband and wife involved already paid a 150 dollar fine. for disorderly conduct.
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you can't do this to somebody. and get away with it. >> a problem solver investigation gets the weld county district attorney involved. tonight at nine. double jeopardy and justice. >> . denver not the only city driving the housing boom in the metro area. >> where real estate sales are so hot. even current homeowners looking to sell aren't fining they can afford to make the move.
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denver has a hot housing market. and could be the hottest in the country this year. according to to the latest prediction. the denver metro area will be number one.
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out pacing seattle and dallas. >> >> this aurora home is packed in ready to move. >> my realtor said he could sell my place. in one day. >> it's been this way for one full year. and here's why. skpwhr. >> for 896 square feet you have a house for 260 thousand. >> ouch right. >> she still can't find place to go. >> right now there's only 4 houses on the market. that are within my budget. >> though the city of denver is and will remain a hot housing market. she's looking in aurora. which according to to will drive some of the biggest increases in the metro area. in the next year. skpwhr. i wish i would have known a year ago what i know today. >> all five of the top metro neighborhoods for home value growth are in aurora. right near kol colfax. beginning with dell mar park way. high land village. center tech. and city center north. followed by number five. north aurora. >> . i think a lot of the reason
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list, is because they were affordable. >> with the medical center poised to add more jobs. you can expect the competition for the surrounding homes to increase too. >> home prices are expected to increase by 8 to 9 percent. for more information on these predictions. and everything that goes into them.
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>> you can question his physical about. maybe his aging legs, arm strength. but his wit. that dry quick humor. still one of the best. that's peyton manning today. when asked if he had comments about folding up shop. not even a month after they recently ran a story that he had allegations of using human growth hormone. >> if nothing else. hopefully another step past whatever distraction that might have been. play off practice. here today at team headquarters. manning looks healthy. >>
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as broncos pointed out today. that was last year. different coaches and a completely different attitude. >> . buy we week helping them from a health standpoint. the steelers however played last week. got beat up pretty good. big ben and fellows. they're hurt. >> . >> big talker outside of broncos headquarters. who's healthy and who's not. inside these guys don't really care. they assume everyone on the steelers roster. will be good to go. >> the hr
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they also know it's post season football. >> in the play offs anything goes. >> . there was one major absence today. line backer von miller. nothing major. he was simply sent home because he got sick. >> we'll have the same game plan. we have to do it again. for 48 minutes. over time last game. in golden state. maybe. but curry he's one of the best.
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>> tthis is violet. rshe's been waiting for rthis moment for awhile. r a moment other kids @ wouldn't think twice about. @ her first bowl of cheerios. @ because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others rare enjoying their first
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n owf we hope you enjoy it. fall. for the mountains you won't notice a big drop off. you'll stay there.
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but over the eastern plains better. from denver east. southeast. lots of 40s. 50s. close to 60 degrees down in lamar. greeley and fort collins once again this week, short. in the 30s. but better than what you had yesterday. 51 denver. 44 where we should be. 69 in and 20 below. are your records. on this day. 41 and 39. where we stand. with the south wind at 14 miles per hour. still in the mid to upper 40s. sliding from over to lake wood. wheat ridge at 45. 42 in golden. thornton. across the rest of the front range. temperatures starting to fall off fast. 42 up in to georgetown. wind was again noticeable. coming off the foothills. down the west side of town. early this morning. we'll do it again late tonight and tomorrow. there's your current wind speeds. noticeable out there in denver. about ten to 15. it will clearly be strongest here. over night tonight. gusts better than 40 miles per hour.
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higher terrain. but notice the numbers spinning across the front range tomorrow. we will have wind up to a at times 20 miles per hour. so that becomes a factor. into tomorrow. make it feel cooler out there. >> . for tonight. any of the cloud cover we picked up is gone. tomorrow we'll start with sunshine. and clouds will increase. and while we'll see increasing clouds across the front range. through denver and i 25. the mountains will start to get back into snow showers. and that will start as early as sunrise and stay there. until sunset. >> . pretty quiet over night. most of the cloud cover moves out. and the snow clouds dive into the north and central mountains. continuing there through the day. we'll pick up a few clouds here. as far as how much snow. one to 3 inches. most will be over the higher peeks. again if you're driving i 70 and mountain passes watch out the snow will be whipping around. >> . lows tonight. going to be tph-td single
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not as cold as the last couple nights. tomorrow. 50s confined here. to southeast colorado. we're slipping back into the 40s. and the 30s up in greeley. as i mention the mountains don't change much. 20s and 30s. gunnison that's way too warm for you. lucky to get to ten degrees on the day tomorrow. >> . closer view into the metro. again. comfortable temperatures. mid and upper 40s. sunshine will feel good. not the 50s that we had today. >> here's any forecast. 26 at nine o'clock tonight. under mostly clear skies. wake up with the sun shaoeub in the morning. and 25. we'll see additional cloud cover moving in. as we top oult at 45. then to 36 with snow. very light. on friday. 37. sunday still the snow. 35. dry monday. 39. to the 40s we tpo go on tuesday. snow. and speaking of sunday, 35. to freezing. to 28 degrees. with a few flurries possible. down at mile high. for the steelers broncos game. >> . 7-day forecast.
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it's more about the cold. i will say that. it's not bitter and both chances. all 3 chances don't look to add up to much. >> . nuisance snow. >> . 3 hours from finding out if anyone becomes a billionaire. the drawing for the highest ever power ball jackpot happens at nine o'clock tonight. the winning amount again 1.5 billion dollars. unless it goes up. between now and then. it could. >> . >> 4 month legislative session today. both parties already announcing
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>> again. that blaze last night. killing one person. >> . coming up at nine. a dog owner dealing with heart ache. after she says a coyote attacked her beloved pet. and killed it. that unlikely place the attack happened. tonight at nine.
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it's about time the taco...camer out of its shell.
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