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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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skwaoeu sky fox live in parker. 3 juveniles have been pulled from a pond. after falling through the ice. >> all 3 are on the way to the hospital. due to the huge emergency response there. all road closures in the area.
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breaking story and keep you updated. >> a fight over a parking spot. left this man on life spo support. >> he's about to die. and the couple responsible only had to pay a fine. because double jeopardy prevents police from doing anything more. >> now the district attorney is reviewing the case. >> district attorney now acknowledges the beating is not a case of double jeopardy. what he hasn't decided is whether to charge the couple involved.
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>> what is it choice you're facing. >> to let him go. >> how her father got here. begins with a parking spot. on october 2. >> my father park #-d on a street. got into a fight. some people didn't want him to park there. and now he's dying. >> . he can't talk. can't walk. he can't eat. can't barely open his eyes.
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>> witnesses say stacy was throwing punches. and douglas took him to the ground. and smashed his face into the ground. >> . police arrived and cited all 3 with disorderly conduct. in november each paid a fine. 150 dollars a person. that might have been the end. except a week after the fines were paid, he lost consciousness. >> . after kpwaeupbing of complaining of a massive headache. >> he was beat u up so bad. they hit him so many times in the head. and hit his head on the pavement. that his brain started bleeding and swelling. >> . he suffered a hematoma. the black spot in the cat scan. a slow bleed on the brain undiagnosed.
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>> in an e-mail. the old police chief tells the problem solvers. after consulting with the district attorney office. we were advised that no additional charges could be filed at this time. due to double jeopardy. >> . the idea behind that is that the an individual can't be prosecuted multiple times for the same conduct or same offense. >> after the problem solvers asked the district attorney to review the case. he tells us charging someone for the delayed injuries he suffered. jeopardy. >> we can or could proceed with a prosecution. under the circumstances. now, we are still in the process
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determination if we will. >> everything was settled. i'm sorry this is happening. >> they didn't memories from me. but they stole my dad. from me. >> . tuesday night. she brought her father home. to die.
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and his beloved dog. >> the tone has changed quite a bit.
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about ted cruises birthplace. ted cruise reminding the voters in iowa. that donald trump is a new yorker. with new york city values. so we could see those two spar. for the first time. on the debate stage. that could make for an interesting evening. >> we think it's a big mistake. we don't think anyone should be
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>> we will not participate in anything that's not first tier. >> . it's a calculated risk by paul. instead of building on the debate stage. he made the talk show rounds. >> he'll be on the daily show tonight. it will be interesting to see how many people actually watched that lower card debate. >> >> how would you react if you picked up the phone. and it was peyton manning on the other end.
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the expression tells you all you need to know. >> her dying wish. to meet the man who is used to giving back to so many. number 18. couldn't make it down to her colorado springs home. so he let his fingers do the
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>> her family says while the call only lasted a few minutes. it will stay with her. forever. >> . i couldn't believe that he was on the other of end of the phone. it was exciting to see her face. >> her son says the gesture has left him speechless.
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two tickets for her and a friend. to come here to sports authority field. on sunday. to watch the broncos beat the steelers. >> >> 49ers hired chip kelly. as the tenth coach in history. hr efb eleven days ago they fired their coach. following a five and hr efrpb season. kelly was fired by the eagles after 3 seasons there. so, filled that job today by hiring current chiefs offensive coordinator. doug peter son. still with kansas city.
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against the patriots. that is saturday. in new england. >> just 3 days, the broncos and steelers will square off. in the division round. let's just say injuries are a concern for both teams. it's worse for the steelers. but hopefully peyton manning can stay healthy and play well. his back up is banged up. brock osweiler didn't practice. a right knee injury. >> the team didn't let him throw today.
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shoulder sprain. big ben will reportedly make some competitive throw tomorrow. to see if he can actually throw it down field. >> i want to be out there. unless i'm going to hurt the team. >> we won't put ourselves in that situation. if i can deal with the pain and make plays. i'll deal with it. >> the other concern for pittsburg is star wide receiver. he hasn't practiced since suffering a concussion. against the ben gals. and continues to go through protocol. as he's still dealing with symptoms. >> they don't buy that the steelers stars are not going to play.
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>> this is going to be a really big game for them. and us. everybody is playing. and guys banged up everywhere. it doesn't matter. >> von miller returned today. he was out with stomach issues. he formally eats really well. he's ripped. like me. so watching a movie and eating cheese sticks and are probably not a good idea. >> . every day. you can't put regular gas in a
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>> . doesn't work. >> snow in the mountains today. even more tomorrow.
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t nf >> the snow is returned to the colorado high country. and so much is coming in the next 24 hours, that central and northern mountains. national weather service has a winter weather advisory. in play.
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into tomorrow. where some of that snow could turn deep. we'll get to the numbers in a second. live radar right now. we have snow right up and over the divide. the wind is kind of drifting it up and over the higher peeks. and slapping it down on the other side. towards nether land and. up into es estes park. corridor. you'll notice it doesn't look like it's snowing. but we know there's snow down below the peeks. along vail pass and continuing down towards glenwood springs. >> keep an eye out for that. travel could be tricky. high temperatures today. warmest here again. southeast colorado. 44 degrees today. exactly where we should be. at this time of the year. 44 our normal high. there it is.
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28 where we started this morning. records of 65 and 18 below. stay in play. as far as temperatures right now. 37 and 40. so we're doing good out there. temperatures range from the 30s down 234 castle rock. and parker. and notice greeley at 32. you actually warmed up today. and you can thank that the wind which has been picked up. it blew the cold air away. we're feeling that wind here in the denver metro area. so. as we go through the rest of tonight. watch the win speeds. up and over the foothills. they kind of drop off. a little bit. and here allock along front range the winds are not going to be a factor. tomorrow. as we go through tonight, there it is. snow showers in the pho un-taeupbs. into the afternoon. we'll see increasing clouds. some of the snow from the high country starts to slip down. across the east. it's not going to be a lot. you'll see it here. through the afternoon. therethere it is there. as far as what we're looking for. just a little bit of a trace in the shading around greeley. and brigs dale.
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you can see the numbers on the left hand side oeft of the screen. here's a wider view across the state. again the snow coming in. widespread over the mountains. and by the end of the day, there's yr tal 4 5 ihe upndcrs sef t hhe pes. sileigsee ihe te dre oy ihe mi t uer0s aseonnu t dp o. ne'cckonht 2 degrees. 19 in the morning. and then the increase in clouds will a few snow showers. and 36. to end out the day. there's your 7-day forecast. we are looking cold. >> sunday 35. again some flurries at the game. monday 44. and right back into the snow and cold.
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>> the warm up was nice while it lasted. >> . breaking news now. out of parker. 3 juveniling are in the hospital after falling through the ice.
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