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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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got a lot of people calling me about him but you're talking about great players across the board and on this lake as a coach you just a fortunate enough to have one and your in your team and what we've got one. >> that is all the time we have are also want to think a player guest of honor and valor to joining us remember the broncos hosting the steelers to 40 kickoff playoff football and reminder to join us on fox 31 diverters at five
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the calm before the storm broncos country united in orange and blue as the steelers make their way to deliver the divisional round of the playoffs and this time it's personal that's what we focus on tensions are a mile high broncos country promising to silence a his dealer fee and then game day. >> we just hope they're going
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>> thanks for joining us for fox 31 denver at 10 on deborah tucker harbor and i might burst in orange) for redemption the sunday against the steelers and the weather shaping up to be about as cold between the two teams while martinez is standing by with a look at how the broncos are preparing but first we'll start with chief meteorologist dave fraser this will not be a tuesday affair the chilly air moved into day we only made into the 30s and that cold air hasn't going to live as we had to the weekend right now as you can see were in the teens in the 20s we have had some snow showers around it's taken all night but they finally dropped in the denver area moving from north to south across the rest of the out here on the eastern plains and into the mountains but our attention for sunday is here on the storm begins in the
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straight for colorado it'll be about 35 prepare for that and then for the game i can get the chance of a flurry out especially early on the bigger deal will be the cold temperatures with the 232 at halftime and had below freezing bread into the game with a little bit of wind. >> of course pay demanding pay starting quarterback the cold weather isn't necessarily good pick manning is not a single playoff game with a 40 degrees or less the quarterback rating falls with the temperature averaging out around 60" games compared to the normal 75 despite that the first year in franchise history the broncos have been number one in total defense and as they say they win championships in the coaches say the broncos red-hot defense couldn't be more prepared for the rematch against pittsburgh after the steelers outscore the broncos
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game as an deangelo williams are out the team says it still business as usual really nothing changed we are prepared for their offense so really nothing changes and one of the things about our team that we know what it's like to play in big games and be missing some guys the broncos game the health of these teams and home field advantage but they expect the steelers best shot.
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last time they played or something like that the ball went all over the place you had a lot of guys that can make plays everything is fair game to be very sad at what they do will coach and play now with the injury news of the broncos are now favored by more than a touchdown and coming up later in sports the heat's success on offense of why it will be a special weekend for wide receiver to marry us thomas while martinez of fox 31 denver one of the fbi's 10 most wanted to few churches has been arrested after almost two months on the run we say 25 -year-old milo mason was one of three masked men who staged a visit by the robbery at illiquid bank back in november during their getaway place a mason and his
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the other two suspects were caught in mason got away just hours ago the fbi swat team found mason at the store and mattel the fbi says he was arrested without of the incidents aggravated robbery attempted kidnapping a soul and a federal charge of being convicted felon in possession of a ballistics fast one town one family that's the message tonight as hundreds mourn the death of three teenagers who fell through an icy pond now hearing from one of the survivors the cranky editor joins us live where students are remembering legend high school sophomore patrick lentz this isn't where more than a hundred people gathered to make the neighborhood clubhouse just yards away from the retention pond people here who knew the team and people here to support one family they understand more than a
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students they survived because of the 13 patrick lamb's patrick didn't survive after 35 minutes under the freezing pond but spent his final moments saving his friends he helped max the community united in tragedy in pain i think teams at this age shouldn't be surrounded by death like this is really hard some of us just can't handle it and others choose not to
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its growing up too fast this is a tragic tragic accident. >> several people asked the students here tonight a glimpse of how far denver police officer has come since been shot last month in the line of duty and last but certainly not least we have antonio lopez junior known as tony tony was promoted today along with 12 others to the rank of sergeant he was able to get out of his wheelchair and walk across the stage of using captchas met it just goes to show how strong of a
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the call months before he was shot and critically injured by a man he tried to pull over at physical therapy three times a week and it's not true yet when he will return a crisis almost 1300 miles away inspiring a local brewery tube replaces fear was safe clean drinking water the man shows us how crafted burying good samaritans and longmont are stepping up to help. >> they're known for their colorado the colorado drafted beers on tap for tonight everyone is talking about the water is. >> bottled water is being
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excellent michigan colorados owns oskar blues has a history of helping when disaster strikes is a myth getting across from patrons at longmont safety little the problems that they're having influence they begin in 2014 when the city stopped getting water from detroit in the states which is a flint river its with dangerous contaminants the lasting
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flint and forced continuing our look across america possible lead exposure at a office building and dc 10 people were evaluated earlier today after they reported feeling ill and a cafeteria hazmat crews evaluated the area and tested for any contaminants the building is one of three use used by members of the united states house of representatives authorities are searching for 12 missing at sea after two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii the crash happened at late last late last night after hawaii was most sure they saw a flash in
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two choppers and whether expected with waves expected to crest around 30 - -dash statistically were tied in iowa their demand to credit national committee for scheduling debate during the nfl playoffs the north carolina argues it had nothing to do with the schedule sing tv stations were keeping an eye on the weather tonight and the pinpoint weather forecast straight ahead first a new mom making hiding in the hospital to get access to her sick newborn the fox 31 problem
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>> a very big step forward for us and we were ready to go and then again it's just another brick wall we keep running into those blue-collar and her attorney playing children's colorado for putting the brakes on the transfer i would speculate that this impact our conversations and colorado's been clear to me from the
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want me to transfer children's colorado denies its playing an appearance stating there is no reason why we would try to interfere with the patient's transfer adding there are many complex factors involved in a patient transfer including safe transportation insurance verification availability and approval from the receiving hospital etc. all of which can be a lengthy process in many parts of it not reap completely in control of the transform institutions who created the facebook page rates for sabrina was than 3,000 members are joined in the first day in order to deter this kind of abuses of power we reached out to boston
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we show you the snow that's been overtaking the eastern plains it's not heavy there is deeper of loopy and you can see them be getting a little burst of snow that could add up to something but overall lighter cliche s it's occupying these complaints doesn't really add up to too much northern front region looks like the snow has meant that there's still a few snow showers over the foothills in denver we seen for the first time all days and snow showers coming and was out of town east towards a world without ports, city payday boulevard towards denver international and little bit dead in the tech center and as we look out west to consider in the mountains continue with all the way to the western border temperatures today chile 20s and 30s nothing has changed in the mana week the little drop-off is here as we got out of the 40s and 50s and 60s and drop in the 30s in
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denver's numbers today 33 you can see most places snow showers in the eastern plains and plains and i to the south and move overnight to an three and 45 and 6 inches of snow possible and now here on the plains underneath some of the heavier bands i can't will out
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it's overdone sunshine workload could it not a bad day a little breezy at times but if you get in the shadows or by some clouds you will feel that chill 27 degrees at 9:00 o'clock in the morning and wait 37 degrees is your pinpoint weather seven day
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sunday really early in the day but it could trickle into the broncos game 35 on sunday with a little bit of wind that monday is good tuesday wednesday light snow doesn't add up too much and then we are back to friday thursday friday back in the 40s as we can doubt the work week all eyes on the sunday forecast i still don't think it's a big deal but it's coldest january tailgating could be by the heater i think the beach is fine though the key to success will be that's coming up and after knocking off the best
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had another at the ce congratulations to derek woke the defensive end was given a four-year extension by the
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bucks 17.5 million guaranteed to start the season wolf came back strong denver is a lot of guys coming up on free agency on miller malik jackson jenny to reason and broca's weiler to name a few more on the broncos in their big playoff matchup with the steelers in a moment stick to some basketball it was just the other day the nuggets shot the warrior's and handed golden state its third loss they're feeling a bit good these days in another tough one of the pepsi center very exciting moment this is a marriage proposal how awful would it be if she said no hysterical for us bad for him but the good news is she said yes my image he stopping by bill dwayne wade denver's got a shot the nuggets, and strong booty a finding kenneth prorated nephew nickname is the memo you better not third-quarter
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the power dunk 74 and 61 for the nuggets for the lead it was risk of bosch issues the dry fadeaway eat when it is doing so without deangelo williams that is expected the huge losses antonio brown and he will he could've used him and think about how brown torched the broncos in the first meeting did respond they don't get a shot of them again >> that's unfortunate for ap we noticed a game that he probably will he wanted to
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can be upset to be honest just help the first on us in the morning he's out he's okay the playoff next man up defense isn't really a concern for denver the offense is going only to war with it all starts with protecting pain manning the line's been shaky all year michael scofield has been consistently bad she was finally but he could be on a short leash. >> i knew i was struggling but i think it's why we came is a good time for me he's been really struggling get really shortly of pagan drops one time i think is out for the game they came for the various thomas is my will be in the stands for the first time ever she was finally released from prison part of by president obama so exciting time for dt hopefully is a big game.
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>> thanks director jj abrams does and again secretly dropping the trade them one of train them one of the most
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