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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 16, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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often maybe not physically coach but it seems like he's in a really good spot right now i think so in the extra work we worked during the bye week we had three really good individual stuff and i think we may have some rounds up three days before we got back to work this week i just think every day that he goes out and works with this guy again which he's obviously a born leader a natural leader so many great characteristics when you talk about leadership do you sense to you sense that even going to another level you first look at him in a playoff kind about a can't speak for that because i haven't been around them and my whole career exactly what i thought it was his pparation and his attention to detail in getting his football team ready to play is exceptional o this week it is a little bit of a concern because he's been sort of mystic couple of days but i
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be there for us we are very lucky with what he went through in the san diego game but i think we will push to this and be ready for the team the broncos were sitting at a similar situation the first round by the favorite at home they lost to the colts is also a lot of discussion this week that they learn their lesson last year you get that since. >> those are topics of conversation no guarantees in this business you have to play well to when it is losing an playoff time is devastating the matter when it is wild-card weekend the divisional round is just there so much invested i wanted to trust what they're doing i believe in them i love their work and i wanted to trust himself and go play be back with much more coming up in just a little bit to break down the pittsburgh steelers for now let's go in the studio lebron martinez is standing by with this weeks behind enemy lines thinks that with the news coming from pittsburgh that antonio brown will not
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rely more on my tv is bryant at this weeks behind enemy lines we take a look at the steelers second-year wide receiver brian had 50 catches on the year for over 700 yards and six touchdowns when it is best to games came against the broncos when he had 10 catches for 87 yards and the deep pass something the broncos will need to avoid if they're going to advance of this wiki also happen to have that amazing touchdown catch last week in the wild-card and we are just getting started here at in the zone with coach kubiak coming up we honor the broncos have solved both on and off the field with the local artist who keeps the broncos cleat game strong and for this week's stop is a game brought to you by the colorado quicklime von finished eighth in the nfl in sacks enjoys as
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guest. >> it is broncos linebacker
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excited unfortunately i know it's not likely that you make it to the playoffs every single year in the leg that had take the opportunity stay with my teammates and get it done this year that that they did they just get it done i'm not sure but i kick and scream every day at practice and then the game but i think his attitude and personality is totally difference i felt like that before but it's something different about this team a big topic at talking about the lost in the annapolis last year we got from the teammates
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different to this year. >> when i look back on last
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ago to the wing hopefully it'll pay off how about stopping the steelers it might say they sort of exposed the guys in the second half when they put them in pittsburgh can you go back and look at that film and take much from that bomb an appointment to this game. >> i always look back on the previous games previous game to check and see what they did a good bit of dumb better at what you did great a lot of stuff that we can work on i think that we definitely crossed the season .-dot those eyes that's way to extend you, about revenge's business and thus and thus we a great team in front of the whole world and just take it one play at a time i got woke right next to
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you. >> but you got more time to work on a lot of time to go to the studios and were, - -dash legs this is broncos country brought to you bike super robots real fox 31 denver's jeremy hubbard introduces us to the local artist who was known for his custom cleats. >> watch the broncos game this weekend a lot of taping and just to get it right and you will be attending an art show this is the tv to stuff the actual painting fun part is the quickest and shortest part short as part of the whole deal where cleats are the canvas a white pair of under armour shoes is too boring the broncos collett jimmy concha
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i'm out there with them he got his start of one of the mall kiosks t-shirts and hats are painted motorcycles for a wild and the while in the broncos gave him a big break from their business was born now every week he paints the shoes of a handful of big name broncos are two pairs are ever the same each piece of art is brainchild the clean look classy look maybe add spot orange or a lot of white and with any luck though wind up on highlight reels and sports pages all over the world like the time to various time as were shoes he painted while catching peyton manning's record-breaking 500 game touchdown he wasn't having. >> he said no i'm keeping there is a lifelong broncos
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than this. >> congratulations it to the wolfman still ahead on in the zone coach kubiak and neck and
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steelers at plus we take welcome back to in the zone kind of break down the steelers trying to's matchup is it one of the more physical games what a great football
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football games on their team. capable we understand the challenges we have ahead that we worked really hard to be in his positions over going to do it for more on that here what he has to say about the challenge that exists here going to a hostile environment again we are excited about these challenges are probably spent the last few minutes talking about things that are difficult things that are challenging but don't misunderstand me it's great to be working this time of year is great to be doing it with these guys i agree with them you're right this time of year you want to be in his big games and working makes a hell of a football coach is done a lot of big games he's got a great football team on their coming and her like you said they got a be ready to play we talked all year long about walking that fine line being aggressive being physical especially on defense not committing costly penalties they seem to do that as good as anybody's someone said even crossed the line sometimes are
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with your team this week how much are you preaching that the great observation because you're right they play very physical but the player very smart to so we respect that we talked about that as a team are you preparing any differently whether he will play if he plays they have been all year long michael vick is paid some and they played well they guess there's a thought about trying to contain a guy like that. >> the biggest thing was then that you got a make sure you
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to him and that there is you often you bounce up and it keeps making plays bins a lawyer who will sit in there all day long and do what he has to do for his team to be successful so taking care of our business keeping them in the pocket being able to tackle well is good to be important in the game as he will answer some questions by you the fans was going to let's go to the studio were palestinian bike things that the bye week sure hope the broncos brought to you by franklin d a's are in associates the only question was stood for costs while her brock was practice friday the leading receiver and running back already rolled out antonio brown and deangelo williams while quarterback brian ross les berger is questionable to play with a sprained shoulder now for this week's know your broncos
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broncos baby boom continues the team headquarters in the league jackson is the most recent proud pop by his baby girl dollar was born three weeks ago jackson says he got a lot of good advice from his teammates the first time that he also recently had his first solo time with his daughter. >> we had our first really daddy two days ago two days in a roast leg of the row so i go to her mom do some things it's going to be her all day it's tiring and exhausting but it was the make its funds. >> congrats that i feel your
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if you are turn the last segment here on amazon with coach kubiak we're back with coach to answer questions sherman williams rapidfire fan questions derek anderson from pueblo colorado writes in powerball coach did you play you know what i had a group of coaches asked me for $5 to be in with a bunch of guys and nobody came nobody came back and said we won so i guess we played that we didn't win stephanie rod vicki from ft. collins writes in the ribs are going back to louisiana do you like the idea of the nfl returning to the louisiana area i do of course i remember i grew up with is going to the
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games cards and huge catalogs i think it's very good a little bittersweet considering if you have to go somewhere you have to leave somewhere. >> i think st. louis is a great city great sports time been there many times to think the league knows where they're going wherever they want us to play the local play finally here for a kid question of the day always a tough one. >> high on miley and 12 coach kubiak would you ever have them on miller or jd walton and your defenses. we wake up on that's a great thing i don't know if there's anybody who's played as well as von has at this year i'm so proud of him and former aggie to i got a lot of people calling me about him but you're talking about great players across the board and on this lake as a coach you just a fortunate enough to have one and your in your team and what we've got one.
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have are also want to think a player guest of honor and valor to joining us remember the broncos hosting the steelers to 40 kickoff playoff football and reminder to join us on fox 31 diverters at five men, and nine and 10 go, broncos. the mayor has proclaimed today united in orange day, everybody.
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hit the news. we are totally celebrating the broncos this weekend. >> there is our man. >> nick has never been better. folks are getting in the spirit. you are going to sell that to get to a pittsburgh person, you're going to revoke your privilege of buying season tickets to come to the bronco
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you don't want to mess with that lady. she will get up out of that recliner. >> sooner or later one of these days and she is going to get up at the recliner. we need that stadium packed.
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towel. it is broncos pride or used car salesman. it looks like jd by writer. show your spirit. it is a cool logo. theye toloyo of for a hos. me ait pleer otol.
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think it's a good idea. it is chipotle. >> i know what everybody is saying.
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colorado senate. it features a rectal exam. i'm going to remember that commercial. it shows a guy getting a rectal exam. commercial. >> he gets three exams of year. >> he goes to the medical's goal for the students train on him. >> so it's one after the other. >> you know the guy on the football field where the -- that is what your husband is for rectal exams. >> those poor student after the students did that, did i ever
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said when she came back in, old
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