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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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hassle. some light snow, but it stopped me in our direction. that trend will continue so that by the time you get up in the morning, there is the snow. it's going to write about three or four and quickly slide out. that will keep accumulation on
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snowbird the latest snow totals and we will have time saver traffic updates for you to help you handle the morning treat starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. you tonight a local school board outraged over a troubling tweet on the account of a teachers union per want to show you the tweet in its entirety sequence your so many people are upset with its neighbor. >> a durable tweet can party of a mature schoolteacher to a penis. as a troubling message him out of the source, but even more as
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political teachers union per lesson as it was brought to their dungeon we deactivated the account. >> she says subsequent teats also referenced the same teacher in comments he was making in the meeting. randy weingarten rights i will review, but there are many acts
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board that i have found her children's, education and bird they acknowledge the board is off tonight are up with the union, but she says this is nothing to do a politics early to do about decency. crews use notes use and atvs to get to some difficult to reach
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the weather in skyfox flying over the scene of a car. the less you mentally been famous for gross gas. as a dark side with thousands of jobs lost in the energy industry including many here in colorado. posted when denver is dave young is to buy a good get worse before it gets better. little more than a year ago colorado's oil industry was booming, the typical worker could make $100,000 your bid now with oil dropping below $30 a
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have already disappeared. >> jokes one of thousands unemployed because of energy cutbacks on the western slope. it doesn't matter what aspects of the air oil and gas is a $30 billion industry in colorado where the drop in oil prices has helped up the economy is slowing down and just more uncertainty to the markets. >> oil prices aren't expected to go up anytime soon.
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would be homeless and we would have to leave here and probably live with family. >> that work, western slopes as he seen hundreds of you believe the area in search of jobs. the oil industry says police say the ten -year-old who died may have been sitting in a booster seat on properly secured. we'll bring you any information tomorrow on the day, colorado. to some tonight the first thoughts on the presidential election will be guests and that is what has republican candidates scrambling trying to shore up every last vote.
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the terms message there, the country should rally around christianity. >> we have to unify we have to band together, we have to do really in a really large what they're doing at liberty. so, get together folks and let's do it because we can do it. a geisha ted cruz in a close race against khris warning if he gets the gop nomination it could be disastrous from republicans come november. speaking of the donald, he is still welcome and great britain even after the british parliament held the about banning him from that country. the debate came after trump called for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. my than half million people in the uk signed a petition calling
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their country. he's together, and can't really see people. the representatives is that the men won't be on u.s. soil for a few days. the fourth prisoner released today in iran. he has assurances that are satisfactory to him that he will be allowed to live freely in iran.
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on the same day the americans left iran, the u.s. shed some sanctions as the un nuclear delta cutbacks. he was not among the americans released. he finished in 2007. iranians deny holding levinson that u.s. officials are promising to try to help find him. any kind of comments about locating him member operation is nonsense because u.s. government believes we all believe in the it's very obvious that the government knows exactly where he is. >> in exchange for the american prisoners freed them.
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members of the group black lives matter 528 take a megaphone to reclaim the national holiday from government officials like corporate sponsors. it is going to really tired of your after your amusement apollo we're all of his officials make, but their actual work was not honor doctor kings legacy at all bird black lives matter took part in a far more candidates for district attorney address the community and their concerns spurred dozens of volunteers and embarrassment martin luther king
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meal and my music. the founding member of the eagles glenn frey has died. music playing glenn frey was the cowriter and king linkedin are. one-by-one soul in 1980 he topped the shades with the heat is on very frey and then cofounders and the eagles first
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in the summer of 1971. tonight the bands official website that of complications from the detroit arthritis, intestinal issues and pneumonia. we have lost some great ones. >> a lot even to since the start of this year. he gets broncos gearing up for the afc championship game here on sunday. tickets are tough to get, how much you will have to pay and
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. when the new england patriots
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one tough ticket to find. how much you will have to pay if you're on the search for seats. >> we took to a local ticket broker row numbers indicate this could be the most expensive ticket resale market for any broncos game ever bird piggy broncos injury flooded the internet for 5,000 tickets available to the public and they were confident in minutes. i do heavy on the list and i do know you need for states. prices are going to the roof.
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and determine what's happening with prices. third level of self runs about 500 -- 1,004 the first level between the end zone about 800 -- 3,000 per seat. if you see a limited inventory this is like a dream come true. and candy also wanted to remind people to buy tickets from someone you know and trust or her website that guarantees their tickets because it's easier than ever to get scammed now that most of the tickets have gone digital. it will be a hot ticket. winter weather advisory
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country. here's why, still a good band of snow hovering out there all day long. you know let's work at the rain snow mix. michigan is a holder has adjourned for him just yet, but temperatures today, we were in the chilly 20s, '30s, and 40s over the westberg milder 50s from denver to the south and east a little bit of jill
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twenty-eight and 37. linda martinez out, 28 in greeley. still above freezing to the south end and off to the westward coming down on the northwest side of town, weedkiller she did it the wind will be dropping off into early tomorrow morning as the cold front lies in. with it not only the wind clearing up, but snow coming in first thing in the morning. by 8:00 a.m. some of the final snow showers are already south of town. a small window that we're going to see, but the timing is there for the morning commute and then
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and it's like i can't rule out as you go from about portland, northglenn up to about firestone, for break the going out into the city. may be up to an inch. some of you may be less than that prints out the town a little gems for her, highlands ranch, down into the clouds coming in tonight at like a blanket. to the jewel in the air, mid and upper 30s for collins in greeley. still he '50s to the south and east and mainly 30s from the
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western border. seasonal greetings from about 40 -- 543 degrees. in the morning if you snow shelters. forty-five, 39 with a little bites not early on thursday. a quick bump in the 50s. the next emblems and was no what could be as the wind, so here is how i see it right now as i put this into motion. if your tailgating much like this last weekend, temperatures in the low 40s. you can do felt the chill and then turn became the temperatures can do fall backwards to about 38 degrees by the end of the game. that chill in the air you will temperatures. i think the bigger factor that we will focus on is the wind. if it's whirling around, inc.
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where the kicking game. >> get some stick him for those hands. is i would happen on sunday. it did have a little bit of an impact. here's some bad news for your money and your sweet tooth. street journal there is a number of factors coming from price of chocolate to increase. was cocoa available to make the chocolate because the bad weather in poor farming techniques and demand for chocolate is at an all-time high and i swear i had nothing to do without her i might be the lone person responsible for that demand. its estimate of the price of chocolate is up nearly 40 percent in 2012 since 2012. coming up next in sports, the
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>> the buzz is building up at broncos headquarters sunday's game against the patriots will be the tenth afc title game but these guys had bigger plans. >> denver russia's path again. a deep drop. then he pulls away. it's going to be stopped. i'm tired today. it's exciting. there is plenty to get. one win away from the eight super bowl appearance. they need against the. around the streets or any chances to go out there and play and not have. >> to get that they will have to england patriots. i have a serious hate for the patriots. >> and think he likes to many people in general. you know what, i don't like them too much. not like us so that's going to be a perfect championship game.
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week. >> this is the patriots for straight this straight appearance in the afc championship. >> when the patriots and broncos meet at mile high, it will be the 17th and what could be the last meeting between mr. manning and mr. brady. i love playing games like this, these two guys going against each other is kind of an epic battle. today they are soaking in the victory and they'll get ready for the battle on wednesday. >> every game is going to come down to the wire. every play could be that play. these are the moments that you live for. now, the broncos lose a player to injury, returned that omar bolden is done for the year he is a partial tear in his right knee. he was part of an impressive special team effort yesterday against the steelers and safety chris harris junior a big part of his defense he wasn't quite
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he believes he will be good to go against the patriots that the chris harris a.k.a. a no-fly zone is definitely still bothered by his shoulder contusion. it was so hard to play. it's hard when doing my game and a part of my game is taken away. so i kind of had to alter my game. as set to figure out a way. >> he will figure out a way. ms. in the jets tonight. back between the pipes, i think me and my stomach hurt. shoots, mad traffic in front of the net, but check this up. he got it right there. the last few seconds on the second and the power play, jerome gets his 15th at the season a huge division win tonight to--1 over the jets.
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