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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> . a cay yacht chaotic the denver fire chief stabbed. and a woman arrested. tonight we're learning more about the suspect. >> officers say the woman jumped into the chiefs suv. stabbed him. and then tried to get away. >> . we're just learning that the suspect is she's been arrested several type s before. and has a history of assault. at this point we don't know if the fire chief was a target. or if this was a random attack. >> >> nobody
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everybody stopped. nobody knew who what was going on. somebody finally just jumped in and. parked it. >> . he saw something else happen at the fire department. on the corner. >> i saw the guy had holding onto his arm. >> this is what he saw. >> on duty firefighter in his vehicle. westbound here colfax. a woman jumped in and stabbed him. >> police say denver fire chief was in that suv. stopped atd the light. but was forced to jump out. when a woman opened his door. got in. and stabbed him. he immediately went back to the fire station. with nonlife threatening wounds on his hand. and leg. >> . we're really fortunate that the injuries were not more serious. >> witnesses pointed them to this woman. she's in custody on aggravated
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but police continue their investigation, the biggest question is still why. >> . we don't know. what the motive was. for the stabbing. >> . a 24 year vet of the department was driving an unmarked car. so it's not clear if he was a target. or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> now facing a long list of charges including attempted first degree murder. and aggravated robbery. >> . love land police need your help catching the man who sexual sexually assaulted woman in love land.
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hoping someone will recognize the man. it all happened back in july of last year. the love land police department says a suspect attacked a woman. on west 29 street. if you have information about the incident. call police. >> . 545 people died in traffic crashes in colorado last year. 25 year-old is one of them. >> . she was the youngest of my 4 children.
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jefferson county crash last august. police say the driver, 22 year-old, was speeding. and he's been charged with vehicular homicide. >> . >> speed is a huge factor in many crashes. >> . traffic fatalities in our state went up an alarming ten percent in 2015. compared to the year before. and hundreds of families are grieving over crashes that could have been prevented. >> . the recent spike. we don't know. if it's a sign of things to come. we don't want to take chances. we are redoubling efforts to address the issue. >> . half the fatal traffic accidents in colorado last year involved people not wearing a seat belt. another third are related to drunk or drug driving. and 104 people died riding motorcycles -fpl the most ever in colorado.
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>> . just slow down. wear a seat belt. never drive impaired. and put down the phone. >> >> colorado dot says every traffic death is one too many. >> my daughter should be here. >> there are better we could come up with cheaper and bert al alternatives a lot are already embracing it.
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using tech technology. living in biking and walking communities. or taking transit. >> . colorado dot says if nothing is done the congestion will get worse. and there has been no significant improvement to the roadway in the 50 years since it was constructed. >> . presidential election. a new poll in new hampshire showing how much the democratic race is changing. that poll shows that sanders is leading clinton. if the election were today, sanders would have 60 percent of the vote. compared to 33 percent. hampshire. which makes sense. he's a senator in neighboring vermont. >> . a big endorsement for trump. palin endorsing the candidate. >> . donald trump. >> . the former alaska governor republican front runner.
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>> . this could be a key turning point for trump in iowa.
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>> . ben carson suspending campaign activity today. volunteer. >> . when they switch the water primary source. from lake haourpb. to the flint river. >> . there are questions raised.
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local officials. in leading to this particular situation. >> . the white house appointed a czar to over see the federal stka pbs assistance to flint. >> . the governor says the need is around 55 million dollars. >> . new tonight the centers for disease control recommending some pregnant women should get screened for the virus. the mosquito born virus recently linked to an increase risk of birth defects. women who recently traveled to areas where the virus is active and have at least two symptoms should be tested. officials advise pregnant women to postpone travel. to infected areas. >> .
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fiberoptic systems in various cities around the bay area. >> . a counter terrorism expert for the fbi. he's seen the super bowl assessment threat. >> every criminal act tkubt doesn't have to be terrorism. because it's disruptive to the financial institution. or. people can get a lot of bang for the buck but cutting the cable. it doesn't mean they're a terrorist group. >> an attack on the systems can cause massive problems. whether san francisco super bowl city. or at levi stadium. potentially stopping the soup every bowl itself.
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california congressman who is on the house kpwepblgs committee what groups could be planning. and the bigger fear is like a paris like attack. >> super bowl city organizers say there's going to be 4 entrance gates for the tens of thousands of people. attending festivities. along the san francisco water front. medal detecters and other security measures. fans would expect at any large sporting event. >> >> of course we would love nothing more for the broncos to be there.
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they have to get through the patriots. what you need to know. if you're trying to buy or sell tickets for the game.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> troed the championship continues sunday. with the championship game in denver. if you haven't heard. a lot people looking to cash in on holding the hottest ticket in town. >> but. scalping your ticket legally is no easy task. >> what you need to do. to make sure your ticket transaction doesn't get you into legal trouble. >> >> welcome to scalp ticket land. >> . >> but wait. that's illegal. right. >> . scalping is not illegal. it depends on where you're at. there's a no stat statute. >> .
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a city ordnance makes it illegal to sell tickets for higher than face value. >> not a felony. >> but it is criminal. you're looking at a criminal record. fines. up to a year in jail. >> now. it's not a violation to buy a scalped ticket in denver. but why pay more than face value. >> unless maybe the denver broncos are in the championship game. >> . in which case. you could visit a ticket broker. >> . which is totally legal. if you're outside denver county. >> . this sunday's game is keeping
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>> . >> so remember. scalp in denver, do some time. outside denver, enjoy the sunshine. >> . this has been amazing. we put in a call to send in team spirit pictures. and we have been getting. the last hour or so. dozens of photographs hundreds. >> again. send them to tips at
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>> the boss gets upset if we don't wear orange. >> . my forecast. check it out. we're looking at a kick off tailgating temperature in the 40s. and of course we have the game time temperature. slipping just a little bit. down to about 4 degrees and maybe at the end of the game, down to 38.
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potential of snow. and that snow comes in sunday night. i'll show you in the 7-day forecast. meantime. snow already a concern. that's a winter weather advisory for the phoup taeupbs. and the reason the snow is already pouring. over the western border. and on its way into the
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>> very strong gusts over night tonight. and into early tomorrow morning. where the wind could be going up to 40 to maybe 50 plus miles per hour. for us. we'll have clouds. moving in over night. maybe fog. then we'll let in sunshine. that will be followed by more clouds and there you see it. a few snow showers could cut through denver. south and east. right around the evening commute. 4 to five o'clock. >> snow showers will move through so quickly. like this morning, doesn't look to leave much in denver. as a matter of fact. our future cast is keeping everything dry. better chance here to the south and east. and there's your accumulating snow. up and over the mountains and points west. snow totals as much as 6 inches in spots. here it comes. snow spilling over the border from utah. into the mountains. a bit of a wave tonight. a second wave tomorrow. when it's all wrapped up at sunset.
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>> 20s in the mountains. everybody in the state below freezing. teens 20s here in the east. greeley limon down to 16 and 18. highs tomorrow, pretty similar to where we were today.
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we're dealing with wind during the game. after the game. into the evening. some snow gets under way. into the monday morning commute. we'll watch closely. for accumulation. it could give us a slow start. to the workweek. down to 32. with that snow. we'll keep an eye on accumulation. and right back to near 40 degrees. by tuesday of next week. >> . all right sounds good. >> . new tonight. can you name all nine supreme court justices. chances are the answer is no. but a new survey of college graduates says ten percent of them believe one of the justices is on fox every afternoon. we're talking about judge judy. >> . i'm sure i
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>> a lot of ways you can describe brady. great come competitor. winner. cheater. now cry baby. after a couple players called him exactly that. in a recent interview. brady can now wake up in the morning and read this. >> . this actually the back cover of the new york daily news. for tomorrow. thanks to those comments by smith and marshall. brady gets a diaper and the headline. >> i have never seen any quarter back look right to the referee. wanting a call after sack. more than brady. >> . not that he's saying anything new.
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board motivation i guess. more on this years rematch. and what's different than the last time around. week 12. when the broncos handed the pats the first loss of the season. >> . >> just a rivalry game. >> same thing as two years ago. >> . every time we play them. it's a tough game. >> we're excited. looking forward to it. it will be a great game. >> it's a different type of match up this time around. tom brady has two of the go to guys back in action. >> they're back at full strength. >> . we wouldn't want it any other way. >> . kind of like the quarter back. peyton manning gets to face his friend and foe. this is the fourth time these two have met. with the afc championship on the line. >> . >> no word on what hood bill will be wearing at mile high on sunday.
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>> one of the things i admire. how many guys all of a sudden become players for him. >> . like the bench warmer who won the super bowl hra es year. >> . last year. >> . broncos definitely don't want to see tom terrific jumping for joy this week. the patriots preparation begins tomorrow. >> enjoy the process. and go play some football. >> . the games have just begun. >> . nuggets pack to work. hosting the thunder. danilo gallinari was one with the hot hand. >> now working baseline. off the pick and roll. and there's a big dunk. 14 of his team high 27 came in the first quarter. however the thurpbdz so good at this.
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in transition. >> . he had 30 points to lead all scorers tonight. denver didn't hang around close. in the end thunder pull away. 110 to
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