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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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decided not to file charges. >> . live with the new developments. >> . we just got done talking with marshalls family. and lawyers. and they are very upset about the district attorney decision. up until now we have only been able to hear from the city what happened inside the jail that day. for the first time today, we can see what happened too. take a look at this surveillance video. we just got it in an hour ago. shows michael marshall walking in a sally port. a deputy stops him and 3 more get on top of him. this went on for 13 minutes. the medical examiner says sometime while it was happening, marshall choked on his own vomit. and his heart stopped. nurses and a deputy performed cpr. before he was taken to the hospital. where he died nine days later. his family says when they watch this video, it's clear to them
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>> district attorney says he is not going to prosecute the deputies. that is only for situations where use of force is a criminal act. that he says can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. in a nine page decision statement. he says quote the maneuvers placing marshall on the bench and on the floor were not aggress i have or violent. it's important to know note there were no punches. kicks or strikes. >> they are calling for a
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>> back doe says the thieves thousands of dollar ins cash. jewelry and other valuables. police want anyone with information to give them a call. >> . for attempted murder and first degree assault.
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accused of plotting an attack on mountain vista high school. appearing in a courtroom today. a new defense team. they're fight tp-rg her case to be moved back to juvenile case court. and set a bond hearing for next week. charged last week as an adult. with two counts of conspiracy to commit first degree murder. codefendant faces those same allegations. >> happening right now. little ton public school set to speak about explosive allegations. claiming administrators failed to see the warning signs that may have prevented the 2013 shooting that left a young girl dead. >> >> there
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and needs to be significant systemic change. at lps. and likely lots of ore school districts around colorado. >> . a friend of michael and tkez ray davis. who lost their daughter. claire. disappointed by the school response, last year the family forced a school into arbitration. by waving their right to sue. >> . they paid an enormous to get the answers they finally got. it shouldn't have taken two years. but they did. they paid the price. they went through an enormous amount to get to where we are today. >> the report describes a school stone walling authorities. five days after the shooting. an agent wrote quote.
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the school district never fired anyone. tomorrow the team will testify at the capitol. they want lawmakers to turn a schools failures into forced accountability. >> . you know you hear the response to today to the denver post. you think about what's happening in the meeting behind me. i spoke with a number of parents who are in there right now. they came expecting to hear a school board that was re-mothers re-remorseful. taking responsibility. instead what they heard the first hour the school board patting themselves on the back for the reaction to all of this. as you heard the davis attorney says really only time will tell. whether or not this school board
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>> the universities of denver on alert tonight. after late night assault on a female student. near the campus. we learned the schools had a troubleing tphurplg of sex related crime since the start of the year. >> . i was told by a spokeswoman. they were having a meeting for strategy and safety. planning today. around noon. what they were planning. but as of now, no one will talk to us on camera. >> . there's heavy patrol in the area. once i got an alert. >> suspect described college
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light skin. he was last seen wearing a hat with flaps over the ears. walking west. on. nearby residents say they weren't told anything. >> everyone needs to be warned. >> meantime. du police are asking everyone to remain vigilant. activity. >> . now as folks say they are spending letters to members of
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ex-planing what that forcible fondling means. a federal guideline for a type of sexual assault. she said that is very different however. they're not sharing any other details about what they're doing community. >> . abandoned cared already littered roads. after a small amount of snow fell last night. stopped drivers in their tracks for hours. to avoid a repeat of that leaders of the nation capitol and other major east coast cities are sending a message. to millions in the storm path. >> . from the north. to the south. millions are prepping for a weubgtd winter weekend.
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it was chaos. before the storm. less than an inch of snow turned highways into parking lots on wednesday. >> you don't know for how long it will take. one hour. two hour. five hour. >> even the commander in chief couldn't escape the dc disaster. his prosecute presidential motorcade.
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>> check your flight. american aairlines and united already announced dozens of cancellations. >> . going to be a mess. we are following a lot of broncos fans on the road to the championship. we found perhaps the biggest fan. literally. look at the size of padding ton bear. he's the mascot for station preschool. today the class came by to take a tour. studying weather. they had a lot of questions. including the forecast for sunday.
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>> there's plenty of motivation. inside that locker room. >> . one of the messages heads coach had for the team this week. has been the fact that you're playing more for the person next to you. than for yourself. that's a concept that these guys have taken to heart. >> ware. a nine time pro-bowler. but has never been to the afc championship. two big reasons why the team is pumped today play the patriots. >> .
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>> they are so phaoeuped for the kpwaeupl 1234679 citizen it's all about controlling their emotions. >> . that's for sure. we want your help. fans. proving to them there is no place like broncos country. join our play off fan challenge. this is serious competition. with our sister station in boston. to see who can get the most devoted fans. go to our facebook page. or share it. >> . we'll tally friday night at seven o'clock.
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an art form popular with sailors and pirates would be more desirable today. than ever before. >> you have doctors. lawyers. everyone that is back ten years ago. that never had tattoos or visible tattoos. they all have them. >> celebrating life. remembering the dead. military service and love. just some of the paren perennial favorites. >> . in broncos nation. add love of orange and blue. to the list. >> he's tatted over 30 players. >> . they like coming to the shop. we treat them like normal people. we don't have crowds of people coming and taking pictures. >> so.
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>> . 38 staple ton. freezing in aurora. 34 centennial. highlands ranch 36. and 38 wheat ridge. rest of the front range it's pretty much 30s. down below freezing. in parker and in the castle rock area. 25 in georgetown. 35 in boulder. 24 hour temperature comparison. if you were outside today you you could feel it. a biting north wind. most places a good ten to any where from five to ten to 15 degrees colder. there's that wind. we notice it here in denver. now the stronger winds are kinds of moving out onto the eastern plains.
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>> under clear skies. you get the temperatures to fall off. so more single digits from eagle. steam boat springs. craig. gunnison. alamosa at 0. and it will be in the teens and lower 20s coming over night tonight. and tomorrow, not bad. we start to actually warm up. look at this. we're looking at 30s and some 40s. sprinkle in over the mountains. and points west. to the south and east west. telluride 42. the 50s return to southeast colorado. and we'll see the numbers jump into the low 40s. i think we're back to 50 degrees
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>> high of 50. a little more cloud cover on saturday. but it will be warmer at 53. and then down down to 44. down to 34. and snow coming in to play. from saturday. sunday late. into monday morning. still a little accumulation of an inch or two. could impact the monday morning trao euf. beyond that. we bounce back. with sunshine. and the temperatures warm. let's talk about that game. forecast. you know the only change i made. was i don't think the wind is going to be as strong as it was last weekend. i still think you'll notice the wind. if you're tailgating. kick off temperature will be about 44. but it will quickly drop into the upper 30s by the ends of the game. we are throwing in a chance of a flurry.
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>> we thank you and the broncos thank you too.
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this video is called dumb ways to die.
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safe around the new train lines and buss. >> . weekly jobless claims higher than expected. and mace seu's may have announced the end of department stores as we know them. >> . weekly jobless claims touched a 6 month high last week. the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits was up ten thousand. to the number suggests lay offs were larger than expected. >> amazon offering full refunds on any hover board. sold on its site. the refound are in response to a rash of fires and falls that have plagued the popular two wheeled vehicles. >> . in the near future. macy's stores could turn into discount out lets. the company testing some of the discount backstage stores. and existing locations this year. those stores sell brands. 80 percent off. >> star wars toys generated
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dollars in the united states. in 2015. that made toys from the movie the number one property in the toy industry. during the year. >> all right. young boy lays in a hospital on life support. and his family says it didn't have to ends this way.
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