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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 22, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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>> . millions are preparing to face one of the strongest snowstorms to hit the region in years. >> including nearly 30 million people. that are under a blizzard watch or warning. here's a look at how the city is it preparing. >> . we are very sorry. for inadequate response. >> . washington dc mayor is under fire. after just over an inch of snow wednesday night. crippled the area. making some wonder if the city is ready for the big blizzard heading its way. >> . we believe that we didn't provide adequate resources. difference. in last evening's commute. we should have been out earlier.
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>> . some abandoned their cars to flee the weather. >> president obama's motorcade didn't fair much better. slipping and sliding on the streets. >> reminder of how much the president will miss have abg says to marine one. a year from now. >> . around the capitol. heaters shovels and sleds were flying off the shelves. grocery stores are being cleaned out.
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>> governors were declaring state of emergency. to free up more resources. virginia and north carolina deploying the national guard. >> 82 percent of the weapons were loaded. found at 230ist airports during security checks. denver making the list of top
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weapons are allowed on checked bags. as long as they're unloaded and passengers inform the airline beforehand. >> . a new poll out. in the presidential election. showing republican donald trump and sanders both taking commanding leads in iowa. >> things are about to get >> . the video of the night is just moments away. >> something really cute. it could break your heart too. in the world.
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>> a lonely baby monkey. who just wants some love. >> . the stories trending tonight. >> . this first story kind of heartbreaking. josh a baby what does she do for comfort. she hugs herself. since losing her family she was taken by the international rescue. caretakers have been trying to pay special attention to her. she hugs herself because her mom paid special attention to her. now they will try and rehab her. in order to eventually return her to the wild. >> . how about this for a scary site. a man films a close encounter with a killer whale. he heard there was o r kas in the water. so he grabbed his go pro. and went searching on his paddle board.
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>> illinois man. he makes a living by sticking things to his head. he goes by can head. and his head is like a suction cup. he can stick cans. bottles. cell phones. kpwrou you name it. he was told by a doctor because of his ab normally high body temperature. always at one hundred degrees. things just stick to him. >> . one thousand dollars a day. but renting out his head. to different companies. wanting to promote their product. >> .
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>> .
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the road to the championship paveed with loyalty. and dedication of proud broncos fans. all night. we have been showing you the pictures you have e-mailed us. friends and families. completely decked out from head to to in orange and blue. we'll keep showing you the photographs. for as long as the broncos keep the dream alive. >> . this has to be so excited for sunday. >> . except for the dogs and cats. >> . we have gotten nearly 3 hundred new photographs. just since the newscast began. that's not enough. we need more.
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hrou how to become a permanent broncos fan. >> . an art form popular with sailors and pirates would be more desirable today than ever before. >> you have doctors. lawyers. everyone that is back ten years ago. that never had tattoos or visible. they have them. >> celebrating life. remembering the dead. military service and love. just some of the paren perennial tpa euf favorites. >> add love of orange and blue to the list. >> i love my broncos in this town. everyone should. >> not only does he create tattoos. he created tattoos on the denver broncos. he's prabgically the unofficial tattoo artist. he's tatted over 30 players. >> . they like coming to the shop. we treat them like normal people. we don't blast they're here. >> . so. what do the players prefer. >> .
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broncos blue. >> . a broncos fan. is adding to his already impressive collection. >> this would be my first whereon bronco helmet. and i have current. >> . players come and go. but joe he's a fan for life. >> >> he's a fan. that's for sure. we'll ask you to go the extra mile to show your pride. join ours fan challenge. this is a serious competition with our sister station in boston. to see who has the most devoted fans. go to our facebook page. either like, post or comment on this play off fan challenge. >> . seven o'clock tomorrow night.
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>> . just like the pictures. >>
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bulls eye is right in the center over washington dc. and baltimore. still could be up to two feet of snow. but because it's reaching further to the north. boston looked like they might get a glancing blow. about an inch. look at this. new york city. 6. 8 inches. boston about a 3 to 6 inch snowstorm. here's the latest advisory. these are winter storm warnings. for heavy snow in the tpha general ta. blizzard warning for the nations capitol. green shading a blizzard watch. and just extended the winter storm watch. out close to new york city. i think this is going to ends up being extenned up into northern new england. >> . it will be a big problem. with air travel.
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>> we'll break it down. sunshine in the morning. 28. quickly to 43 at lunch. warmer than today. top out at 50. make sure the kids grab a light jacket. they'll be caring it on the way home. and drive to and from work should be a breeze. just a few clouds and dry roads. here is that broncos forecast. that i promised you. not much changed. it's a chilly game. from the 40s into the 30s. and flurries are possible. just flurries. >> . all the heavy snow can stay out there towards the patriots hole >> home field.
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r. the nuggets home tonight against memphis. this is the rockies out fielder. firing up the crowd with the half court no look shot. >> . favorredly 3.
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>> one of the best to ever play. you have to be at your best. high level.
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number 12 is so good at getting rid of the ball quickly. against a good chief defense. he got the ball out an average of 2.1 seconds. so line backer von miller has a solution. >> . 2 seconds. sometimes i only need like 1. >> . tp s quick. we have to be tight on secondary. the window that we get. it means we have to get to the ball faster. get to him at 1.8 seconds. >> . congratulations to the defensive coordinator. named co-assistant koef of the year. by the pro-football writers of america.
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plenty of time to recover. >> . more broncos fan photographs. as long as you e hail them we'll get them on the air. tips at wepb >> . thanks for sending them in.
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the most beautiful city in the most beautiful state in america america and heat when heat things up right now with colorado's everyday show. all kinds of hot stories i think i'm going through puberty. what is going out with on with your suit i'd got a lot of grief today back in 1990s and britney spears and justin timberlake wore denim to that music awards show a dead and they are still in the top 10 of the worst outfits this is like a fate of denim and you match the genes to the jacket existed let's get straight to it hopefully i don't die and is due were talking about dumb ways to die at an actual campaign is offensive to the video showed
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to the rtd light rail not paying attention and boom you survive bank god a dumb way to die in a hole campaign now with a song about dumb ways to die. dumb ways to die so many dumb ways today is as clever or is it offensive now in australia they been using this for a while it's coming to denver rtd is going to be using this campaign to encourage people to don't die in a dumb way specifically you know you're facing your gonna be had via by a train or a bus i think it's fine because it out i'm one of those people who so it that's how my life ended i would just
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you got it taken out cell phones anything that gets people talking and reminding people to be careful i'm in favor of i always worry about it anytime i any time i ever am in the bathroom and thinking please lord don't let me go elvis style i do not want to be discovered on the john it be a more fiber it would just go easier metamucil please speaking of dumb and other another really hot soccer amy shimmers with the biggest comedians we roasted her right under so what are you doing in colorado well for non- renowned to be avoiding you the answer imitation of me big story
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schumer ceiling the daily mail did she but i like it when the guy pays. like i am very old-school she's, now swing a must on twitter straight up on my life i have
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