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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  January 23, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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>> the app allows you to search for a bargain as late as 90 minutes after they came
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ticket hits your phone in seconds. >> you see a lot of sellers desperate to get rid of those even after kickoff and you will see pretty significant ticket accounts whatever your ticket buying method if you score one don't be a no-show. >> the saying is definitely going to be and a reminder that reselling tickets for over pace of value is illegal in the streets of denver police planned to be out in enforcing the ordinance on sunday. >> a big shout out to all of those out there who helped us crush our sister station in boston are fans when i say crush that's an understatement we've got more than 37,000 likes comments and shares on a facebook post a facebook post have about boston they've got 6,000 or so nice try go to our facebook page and spread the
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while you're at a e-mail us a more united in orange fans photos us and them to we've been showing more pictures always long and every single newscast keep them coming we will will keep putting them on the air best baby photos of family picks up dogs cats or if you've got some dumb and my only requirement you've got to be proud broncos fan many more photos coming up later in this newscast and then again tonight at 10. >> more incentive to stick around a fraser will join us for the game they forecast you won't want to miss it. >> with an 85 million americans are on the path of a monster snowstorm at the national weather service says of the storm will ebb and flow's don't taper off at times they kicked and kick back up again in tennessee and north carolina were hit first earlier today traffic brought to a standstill in some places the storm barreled north heading washington dc in philadelphia despite cap thousands is canceled flights many was felt here at denver international the parents of an murdered high school student speaking up today at
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change clarity this was 17 years old when the shooter killed her at arapahoe high school back in may 2013 this week the report highlighted administrators failures leading up to the crime davis' father testified before the state school safety committee this process was down without the next meeting crisis much of the testimony focused on what we learned this week that if administrators make different decisions of clear davis might still be alive in tonight a celebration of life for a longtime denver columnist penny parker she passed away this month at the age of 62 parker was a staple of the social scene for years in the denver post a treasure hunter from broomfield has search for a hidden fortune which could be a new mexico the craggy editor twice as now choices now but the developing story the one being hunted and early january when the bill you set out in his searching
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believes near santa fe new mexico with now been three weeks and he was last seen or heard from which the treasures with the pleasures. >> usa outdoor's course in the evidence evan says his dad read and discovered a new love and he read the poem and he got really into it. >> randy has been hunting for treasure of gold buried somewhere in the rocky mountains at six years ago by eccentric millionaire millionaire force-fed physical roller coaster in his latest search and the record and unforgiving land west of santa fe we indeed has seen moving vanished it seems like there's been no clues three weeks ahead to he lost to make contact and still no sign of a lot of in the treasure can the community counting community understood that that meant maybe he would take steps obvious to anyone else have no treasure hunter shasha johnston and a team of with 24 others are on the trail and not a place you want to send
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this car is been located as reckless fan of the edge of the real grand it look like everything placed inside was rent is paid full faithful companion has dog leo the dog was found very hungry and underway{ searchers are using planes a helicopter atvs and even deploying drones in hard-to-reach areas and we were doing in our powerok lust and that it had have launched a lot of lookers but chris they would love to see the properw3 they called up their official search saying they run out of clues and have nowhere else to look with his family and friends are hoping to find people who were camping in the area and may have seen them they're still looking for any leads it is pass or fail in restaurant report card enough to find out
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the metro area's most popular places first a broncos spas literally you want to cut like this we've got the farmer you've got to go see nmda fraser gorges weight and the#q utt)hu)u$ a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures hanging on for that for one more debut for the snow in the cold was into denver in the broncos
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*kon te
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wrote to the championship line with faithful fans across broncos country take a look you guys are the greatest sending photos of all your family friends your pets in your house is your cars everything checked out that donald trembley as long as the broncos keep the dream alive news at 10 you don't want to miss it plenty of cheerleaders out there there's plenty of
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proposition{{ young and old looking to show their support on their noggins{sxd{{{qwlq{qds,yv +ho35(p&c @&c%
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up to sundayww3rsm{3g 1{c'a =ov:[xro only thing missing the final score again to take your{ business i guess asthwi gerber had to make an appointment for monday morning. >> a partisanu| shortage of the broncos for the{ winning but the winning this game is pretty amazing.w3t(s >z"*$u(*h)eall>jt{;l?0* and they're expanding to evenq the shots and will be busy this weekend thank you i think the side good luck fantasticqsi]{. >> there's no help for youzv{{{{w4{ it stays out there are defined. >> all focus on the game for obvious reasons but more important with the forecast and last in the of the last of the pritchett's runtime gets no they can help us again this time let's get to work with what's going on out there with pinpoint whether i wasokc'{{_ tall with a wide field across ther country becausei] a couple ofe/lk3x things to point outym number one here is your big blizzard running up the{zv$x east coast and to be in thei] nation's capital if y?/hi wondering wjo about the
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char{_ they go to take j3d_-- { the panthers at the storm will lift away and it will clear out though have sunshine in temperatures in the mid- 40s and 50s good weather for the nfc and afc were keeping an eye here on those approaching storm which will slide into colorado{ and bring us a little bit of snow let's get right to it forecast calls for falling temperatures if you you'll be tailgating dress warm if we get to theok game i think the kickoff{ temperature about 39 or 40 degrees and quickly fall into the half at 37th seven .-dot do close to freezing and%qo]({ i do think we'll have some snow movingwmomyym in doing the game and3wmyw36&0 as we get to the second half it could stop to
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could see a little bitko{r{q({{_{coru!kymsyyl_t( of accumulation starting to stick across the metro area will talk about that more in a ekdq%ond. high temperatures today 30s if you 40s over the west of the green shading into the work we denver coming in at 52 almost 10 about what we should be which is 44 outside right now 33 and 35 wins out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour into a leaving out that your mature temperatures that just about everybody hanging a few degrees above freezing 38 nora 37 centennial and just below freezing up into door and 29 and parker rest of the front range castle rock of 40 but you can call there up in fort collins and were done to 25 in the query area overnight tonight headed the next approaching storm system a little bit of a westerly wind that were created with cloud debacle over a 25 will have that in the morning taken at the lunch hour break{ up later in the day definitely more cardwd(ju expected across the front range and the abundant sunshine we had today but it won't does you see inrhm his second impact our temperatures whatsoever as we stay even watch`o\t west turk{{ in the clouds],hzqok{xd{ in the morning elizabeth cloud{{sr{ cover outmy dow o@uqz?n9(dl{ by 25 in the clouds thicken up late in the dayxdt( in somer {_zv{w of the snow willr start to make an appearance of the northwe&a quarter but{{ not untilko]i{ the{qwm2ujukw3 #+ j* *j u ews|1ktdw3{{4h;cur{[/!{5a{{{{[ga{ tonight can be ijr*he{ single{xd{{_{{r_5=g digits and teens in{w3{ theu&x{{w3 mountains wi 9a{m{ lotq{ ri]{ of 0cciju the{_ eastern{ plains about 28\$f"ox denv]r$2 .dloyj f u%w *h*omorrow
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check it out more 40s in the mountains good day for skiing there be a little more card cover 40s greenly fort collins and then from denver to the south and east and mid- 50s to mid 60s get out for the colder change arrives on sunday 54 loveland 50 need 49 and militant 58 boulder the\g> the west0s on and south side of . -middle-dot bally continuing down southw3s0f[ highlands ranch parker bowles ism6{{t(lpy{ about 60 nvidia inzv castle{{ok pines 56 and castle rock my forecast will be for 28 degrees with a few clouds tonight tomorrow and joy at 55 degrees a little breezy certainly more card cover than we saw today the cold front comes and will hit 42 early snow on the way in the afternoon into the game and then accumulating snow of one - -dash 3 inches into the monday morning drive which means i'll have a little bit of a slow drive to work on monday snow wraps up monday
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then guys would waste right back to where we were today with warming temperatures and into the 50s by the end of next week we should all take monday off and continue to celebrate before you make a dinner plans this week and stick around for the restaurant report card of next pass or fail investigative reporter had him heidi hammett checks out another batch of restaurants in the denver kubiak at 930 the only show in
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broaches the flies want food and black rhyme to some of the disgusting discoveries investigative reporter heidi hammett uncovered in intimates restaurant report card inside swings thai health inspectors find that flies and that's just the beginning does denver location sells a report card with 14 critical health code violations in its may and november inspections including a fly strip with over a dozen
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cans of curry sauce that roaches on sticky traps on the approved it will chill pesticide being sprayed in the facility in the play was eating chips and a few for table whole cabbage and mesh bags with sword in the floor and pillows and blankets were stored next to pots and plans a spokesperson says its response at her goal is provide a required eight dining experience it we we take any health department feedback seriously and make the changes immediately next we visit warwick hotel are second at this week at the denver hotel's kitchen was cited for 13 critical violations in june and december among the violations of hundreds of flu flies on the walls and ceilings and equipment employees touching ready-to-eat food with bare hands of tartar sauce of buttermilk and bacon were held unsafe temperatures and and say temperatures and had to be thrown out and there was black
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manager provided this statement the restaurant takes in these reports extremely seriously in any issues reported on the december 7 inspection were immediately corrected upon the december 18 reinspection there were zero violations and that finally are a of the week goes to papa john's and i were off a world for back-to-back perfect inspections to see all the violations listed in the reports we have a link inspection on just click on the news tab and click on restaurant report card and if he had a restaurant or any other store you would like us to investigate send us an e-mail to >> in the zone with coach to be active coming up next to have a great weekend with your orange and send us your photos e-mail >> will leave you tonight with some of them are the great photos we've been sending in all of you think thank you for
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maybe one of them is yours.z{{{ two teams each equipped with the legendary quarterback opens at playmakers doused defenses but there's one afc trophy in one spot available in super bowl 50's championship weekend denver broncos country unite in the
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off right now. >> will come into in the zone with coach kubiak at playoff edition culture we go your team is here now you've been here several times and on offense of coordinator never have you been there as a head coach feeling it different this time around it feels the same it just great to be working this time of year being one of the final four i have been in this game a few times this am in my first time as a head coach or preparation is the same the attention a little bit different but we are excited about it were having a good week so far and how soon do you have to give a lot of a la speeches the guys know what's in front of them will you try to give them and stuff this stop this time a other fine with its really
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about the moment that you're in the frontage of playing in these games and how hard they are to get you i wanted to enjoy they begun the work i want them to enjoy i guess if they do need reminding a guy like an 18 year veteran p manning isn't a bad guy to help remind them of that we have pain talking about that one opportunity is ahead of him this week the matter how you get here it's an exciting opportunity certainly not when will you tape again to to play in the afc championship is a real honor and i think a team realizes that is exactly right it's just he's been in many of them we've got guys like to mark as the hall of fame career he said he's never played one before she really makes you appreciate it but we've got a good football team and worked really hard this year to get there everybody's been involved and wanted him all this weekend it will have you bricked on the patriots coming up in a little bit of a
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brady versus manning part 17
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