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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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short period of time. that's football for you. peyton manning and ware weren't even playing in that game. so many injuries occurred. in the epic over time battle. should be a different kind of game. but one that the broncos are hoping ends in the same result. and the prize this time, is so much sweeter.
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afc championship trophy. and playing in super bowl 50. if this game is close you have to like denver's chances. the broncos are ten and 3 in games decided by 7 or fewer points. think about that. they have played in 13 close games this season. including last weeks gritty win. against the pate ross this is the 17 meeting between manning and brady. tom has won eleven. this is the fourth time they have met in a championship game. peyton manning has the two to one advantage. >> .
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answer. until today. >> for 20 yores this logo cats and shirts and everything in between. but the man who created it didn't work for the broncos. and you might be surprised what he got.
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>> it's iconic. >> it brings back the tough days of the grind of the old football things. >> in a letter written in 1968. >> the broncos organization thanks pat taylors father. ed win. >> . that's my dad. >> denver is looking for an ut update. >> here's his bucking bronco. it looks like it's emaciated.
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>> 1234-789d u thu i think shenever truly recognized. >> dad has been gone since 1993. >> the broncos take the field sunday, and thousands in the stands. still sport that denver d. pat knows her dads legacy lives on. >> . >> such a great logo. it's not the only one ed taylor is credited with. he created fred tkeu the air force falcon. for the old colorado colts. and national western stock show bull. now pat says she's she hopes some day he is inducted into the
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>> . as we go through about kick off. i think the clouds really begin to thicken up. not going to see much in the way of unsettled weather. but that point. in fact most of the game is fairly quiet. five o'clock in the afternoon right around the time the game is over. hopefully after a win. we could see some scattered
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>> of course. don't forget fox 31 denver is your number one source for all things broncos. >> all the roads in new york city. have been shut down. the massive winter weather system rolled in last night. bringing freezing conditions.
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>> one year ago. parker police need your help. the logo on the back of a truck could be the clue. that will solve this case. >> . >> it's a beautiful little park. here.
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>> . parents and parker on edge. after a middle school student reports 3 men possibly tried to kidnap him friday morning. it happened around 6:45. stop. >> . just pull up. right along the bike path here. schoolteacher. who says the clark farms neighborhood is one where kids often walk. to pick up their bus. >> his waouf stunned too. quiet. >> the boy was walking along a sidewalk. just like this. got out. one began to pick up the pace. but the truck soon sped away. the boy reports the back of the truck had a logo on it. >> . catches many me off guard in the neighborhood. >> . the boy told counselors later in
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who then informed parker police. the suspects described as 3 men. ranging in age from late 30s to early 50s. one having a skruf tpeu beard. and brown baseball cap. >> we will put full description of the 3 suspects on our web site. >> . >> . thank you. new details tonight about a deadly house fire. in southwest denver. earlier this month. a second person is passed away
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>> tk er police are investigating a roll over crash. that killed one person. investigators say two cars slammed into each other. near 92nd and federal. around 9 last night. wub of one of the vehicles roll off the road. ejecting the driver. the driver died on the scene. the're driver was not hurt. >> . no charges have been filed so far. >> . a sad end to a tragic helicopter crash. in hawaii. >> . how the u.s. marines are honoring the 12 men who went missing last week. after the two aircrafts collided.
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>> the centers for disease control and prevention says 12 people were hospitalized in 6 states. one patient died tpr-d the infection. now there's a recall of package salad that came from a dole processing plant in springfield ohio. saying maybe connected to the out break. there have been no infections in colorado. the cdc is issuing a warning. if you have dole salad and has a manufacturing code beginning with a. throw it away immediately. or get your money back. >> >> flint michigan dealing with a new health crisis. linked to that drinking water. >> . the city's hospital says it
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>> . there are a lot of communities in 60 degrees. at dia was close. 57 for a high. >> one of the cooler spots. still being relatively warm there in steam boat springs. hitting a high of 26. right now, it's a lovely evening already. 55 downtown. 49dia. just a little breeze out there. tphorg major. five to ten.
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>> . we're looking at the 20s and 30s now. starting to show up. in upper elevations. we have some pacific moisture filtering through. in the form of high clouds. especially around the foothills and spao the into the plains. more and thicker cloud cover. beginning to develop. back through the high country. >> a bit of a changing weather pattern. this low back to the west feeding off the pacific moisture. throwing know as >> we start off at eleven
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notice not a lot happening yet. but by tomorrow morning, and especially in to the early afternoon. that snow really begins to spread out. and get heavy at times. through the high country. i think by the late day, 7: eight o'clock. we begin to see the snow really across the downtown area. although for the end of broncos game. maybe a few flurries showing up. >> . zoom by quickly. there. by monday at 5rbgs. we won't it begins in the city. lasting through midnight. it sould calm down monday morning drive can be sloppy.
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one to two inches across the downtown area. meanwhile in the high country. they could get as much as 6 to 12 inches. in some spots. because of that, and the winds that will kick in. winter weather advisory in effect. all the way through monday afternoon. >> . 32. over night tonight. partly to mainly cloudy. beautiful evening here in the city. >> through midnight on monday. things winds down from there. that sets the stage for a week. wednesday through next saturday. >> . it is a big football game. taking place tomorrow. >> . that's just peyton manning's quarter back rating.
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>> with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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continuing coverage of the road to the championship. the art of trash talking reaching new heights these days. >> social media making it easier than ever. but is it more effective. >> . >> he's going to cry about getting hit. >> that sorry blank blank. so sp so. >> .
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>> as entertaining as trash talk is for fans and sports writers. the question. why do players do it. we went inside the nfl to tpaoeupd find out. sp spoke to a farmer player.
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>> to get a mental edge. that's the key. >> any way to get into the opponents head. get him off his game. is beneficial. now with multimedia. trash talk is piling up. >> trash talk has been on the field for years. now thanks to social media. we can all go >> no trash talking dance. >> . stop that dan. >> . >> the problem is. if you're wrong you have to eat your words. >> not smart to do it.
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