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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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>> the day is almost here. 16 hoeurs away from kick off. believe it or not. the broncos and the patriots will kick off the championship game. whether you're going or planning to watch it from the couch. or with a crowd downtown. a good game plan is key. >> game day downtown is going to
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>> . whether it's a big bar. or a small irish pub. >> first come first serve. >> reservations are not on the menu. so find another game plan. >> order some wings. drink some beer and get ready for the broncos to go crazy. >> the game starts at one. so. i'm suggesting get here in when the doors open.
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>> . just remember. back up is just a bar away. >> this is what you're up against. go to the game. too late. well. you're in luck. tickets are still available. you might even be able to get them for cheaper than you would have paid at the beginning of the week. it could be because of the more than 8 thousand flights that have been canceled on the east coast. or the priciest seats simply not selling. either way.
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>> >> all week long. fans have been sharing with us. how excited they are. for the afc championship match up. >> we have 15 hours until kick off. that might be the count down to the transition in the weather pattern. as high pressure is in control. gave us the warm and sunny days. that we have seen the past few afternoons. gorgeous out there earlier today. >> that high will shift off to the east.
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bringing snow to utah. and parts of western wyoming. and eastern idaho. and even a couple of snow flakes northeast of colorado. it's already headed our way. by the time we get through tomorrow afternoon. it will in fact arrive. now here it is on future cast. we'll start things off and zoom ahead to nine o'clock tomorrow morning. bring in the metro area. by that time filter sunshine. it will be a nice start to the day. by noon temperatures will get back to the low 40s. tenone o'clock. still looking quiet. for kick off. as we get towards the later stage in the game. probably through the fourth quarter. that's when we can see snow flakes across the west side of the city. and foothills. and maybe even a few snow flakes around sports authority field. >> if you're heading to the tkwaeupl. tailgates looks good. take the heavy jacket to the game. it will be breezy. and again maybe some late game flurries.
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advisory for the mountains from the storm system. we'll talk about that. and how much snow will arrive across the metro. before monday morning. >> ignited fire. firefighters remind us even though there's still snow on the ground. in some areas. al tall tkwrasz grass tall grass can tra s to what we're seeing. picture. where it's night it's official the storm breaking records. >> third largest snowfall the city of new york has ever seen.
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>> in new york the governor imposed a travel ban. for parts of the state. to encourage people to go inside. >> the city that never sleeps will be quieter. all broad way shows canceled. bridges and tunnels leading into
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>> . however you should know. at least 49 flights are canceled tomorrow. already: . if you have plans. make sure to call ahead. >> . new tonight. we brought this earlier tonight. breaking news. one man is killed in a shooting in denver. and it happened around 6 p.m. in the montbello neighborhood. police say it started with a fight in a parking lot. multiple shots were fired. striking the victim. so far no arrests have been
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>> local muralist has painted the town with broncos murals in the past. this year he's added again. celebrating the broncos make t-g to the a if, c championship game. >> . the latest mural is sure to make fans proud. and send a warning to the patriots. toto beware. >> . i think we have a video.
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>> . orange sp blue actually. >> . people in the eastern u.s. are taking advantage of all the know e people snow boarding in the streets in washington dc. i hope we have the video. it looks like they're actually. it's like water skiing. attached the vehicles there in front of them.
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not a site you see every day. >> this is so adorable. >> look. giant panda having fun in the snow. >> sucking on his foot there. >> this is at the national zoo in washington dc. he woke up and saw the snow. obviously so excited about it. >> loving life.
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>> ou on the other hand. last time we had the big blizzards here. they have 60 and 70 degree temperature. we flipped the script. their turn now. we get the warm air. temperatures phaedz made it up to 57 degrees. a gorgeous afternoon. we hit the low 60s. in many spots. up and down the i 25 corridor. into the plains. and even the high country. got in on the act today. well above average.
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monument hill at 41. boulder 36. and we're seeing teens and 20s showing up now. in the high country. we have a lot of pacific moisture from the west. in the form of high thin clouds. that's blowing through right now. the denver metro area. the foothills and the plains. >> we have a weurpt weather advisory out. actually. for the high country. tomorrow. it will last through mondays. the first signs already coming with that light snow. a big upper level trough. will eventually kick this big ridge. given us beautiful weather. off to the east. now the central plains. they'll enjoy the sunshine and the warmth tomorrow. meanwhile. tomorrow more of a transition day. we start off warmer. but then we get into the afternoon, we get a cold front dropping in from the north. that trough scoots in. and temperatures begin to tumble. we could see snow flakes as
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>> snow still well to the west. at kick off. then as we transition towards the second half, that's when the cold front is expected today drop through. temperatures will actually fall. from the 40s. down into the 30s. by the time the game is over. it will turn breezy. we can't rule out a couple snow flakes there. at sports authority field. by five o'clock.
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again. winter weather add vie reu. for the high country. we can see 6 to 12 inches of snow. blowing snow. we can even get low visibility. it could be rough there. for the upper elevations in the high country. through sunday night and monday morning. so 32 over night in the city. partly to mainly cloudy. lovely evening. tomorrow we see the transition. back to 46 by noon. temperatures tumble. we start to see the snow kick in. after dark. >> that sets the stage after ward for sunshine and warmth.
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>> >> a warning tonight about your health. 12 people are sickened in one killed from listeria out break. in bad salad. packaged salad from a dole processing plant in springfield ohio are recalled. the centers for disease control believes they maybe connected to the out break. nobody in colorado has gotten sick. if you have dole salad with a manufacturing code beginning with the letter a. officials say throw it away. immediately. or go back to the store and get your money. >> . to some promising news. when it comes to flu. flu season is off to a slow start. with fewer cases than last year. doctors say the strain of flu this year appears to be the h1n1. a bert match for the flu shot. while this is good news we are not out of the woods. the worst activity is expected next month. february.
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>> wash your hands.
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>> did you though there's a couple big games tomorrow. one in shar hrofplt one right here in denver. broncos patriots playing for the right to go to super bowl 50. all week the players have been practicing loose. nerves have to kick in right about now. even for peyton manning. >> . it probably would mean you didn't care that much. or didn't care about the out come. it's healthy to be excited. and to be have a lot of
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and have some juice in you. >> even i'm tphefbs. manning brady. for the 17 time. we have seen some epic battles between the two. back when he was in indianapolis. and even the meetings while he's been in denver. previous match ups the two really don't like to talk about it. about each other. they do here. >> . all i can say about tom brady. is that he plays the position the way it's supposed to be played. he's extremely talented. very competitive. and he just plays his position the right way. >> he's been one of the best to ever play. you have to be at your best. you can't play anything less and expect to win. he's going to play well. and he's going to have the team playing well. >> nuggets. home tonight. facing off against the pistons. great finish to this one. down 74 to 95. >> . check this out.
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when you need a big shot you go to. look at that. denver up 3. nuggets lost the lead. danilo gallinari, shoot the j. fade away. he buries it. they would never lose the lead after that. >> >> college basketball. the buffs hit the road. facing washington state. the cue cougars. colorado led most of the way. found themselves down one. great hustle. george king, big shot. buffaloes back on top. later, buffs separating themselves. >> . colorado gets their 15 win of the year. >> how about the avalanche. december and january, they have been excellent. right now they're in a 3 game winning streak. currently in the second spot in the wild card. the avs in dallas tonight.
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they have faded a bit. lately. still high up in the standings though. check this out. >> what a move. after the steal. shorthanded goal. dallas ties it in the second. on the power play. shorthanded again. who needs an extra man. thank you very much. they add another in the third. colorado wins 3 to 1. >> . i just want to continue. there's a lot of hockey to be played. we need to be sharp on the next road trip. >> >> avs. climbing up the standings. i'll be at the game tomorrow. and i'll take you behind the scenes. with photographs. and kphepl tear. hit me up on facebook. tweet about it.
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i do the insta gram as well. >> . i'm with the times. with the kids. >> i like to interact.
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