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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 28, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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>> a kaoupbt in aaron is in mourn 146789 56 the a principal died saving the lives of others. >> she pushed children out of the way of a moving bus. before she was hit and killed. >> . a routine meeting turning into a time of reflection. after her death.
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as a selfless educator. who always put children first. >> jordan died yesterday. when a school bus jumped a curb. and children were in the way. and jordan pushed them out saving their lives. >> . in florida a big clean up project under way. right now. after an ef one tornado touched down this morning. it packed winds of up to a hundred miles per hour. vehicles of all sizes were over turned. trees were knocked down. and roofs were ripped right off buildings. despite the damage. only one person was hurt. >> . people are facing charges for a stand off between police in oregon. and a members.
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>> parked in a spot on campus. >> i spoke with his father here tonight. he told me it's too hard to speak on camera.
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so no one else has to go through this. >> the reality is setting in. >> two of their classmates won't be returning. >> . >> friends of the teenagers who
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flgt tors that several students had been drinking mountain due. mixed with racing fuel. two other high school students were treated in a hospital. and released. >> . weird news. what's trending tonight. >> . like the disturbing truth behind this picture. a poker game you probably don't want to get invited to.
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a white actor cast to play an african american pop star. >> . joseph fines will play michael jackson. >> not clear in the trip ever happened. but in a 2011 interview. one of jacksons former employees insisted that actually happened. and the 3 of them made it as far as ohio. >> >> 99 year-old woman got quite a square in florida. when an exotic animal woke her in the middle of the night. part monkey part raccoon. usually found in the rain forest. they don't know how it got into the house.
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>> someone was keeping it as a pet. >> . this story just too crazy to believe. it happened. the poker game is actually a wake. the guy in the mid ot game with the shades and cap. is actually dead. away. his family and buddedlies thought it would be a good idea to that i take his corpse. problem him up. prop him up. and honor his life. with a friendly poker game. >> whatever they love to do. and have a wake.
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>> when you are super bowl bound. everything must go. from the obvious training equipment for the players. to tvs. for the media. >> a lot of gear for the trainers.
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>> >> a lot of marketing material for the team. media guides. that type of thing. >> . the loading began early this morning. this giant 53 foot rig is decked out. and he will be behind no rules will be broken. >> so how much does this weigh. and how much gear is inside of the truck. we'll follow the hash tag on the
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>> help them carry the trophy. to their airplane. if needed. >> . all the gear is due to arrive in san francisco. early friday morning. >> all right. a brand new batch of broncos
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>> here's what we have. colorado.
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all the cold air is bottled up over minnesota. back to the great lakes. just a bit of cloud cover coming our way. eventually this pipeline right here, is the next storm system. which will slide in our direction. >> single digits and taoeps from eagle to
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today. denver hit 52. another five and go to 57. a chilly start in the morning. at 30 degrees. sun will make it feel really good. at lunch hour. on the way to the upper 50s. light jacket for the kids. it will be shoved in the backpack when they come home. >> sharp type. >> . come what kind of move pat bowlen and the broncos ownership did.
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>> >> the only thing that's changed. is the media attention. it's only two teams left. so. we put ours in this position. denver put themselves in this position.
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as well as they do. because it's hard work. >> a week from sunday. the final football game. of the season. i know. it's sad. but the broncos are in it. they have to take on a tough team. cam newten respects denver. he's high on his team. why not. they are on fire. they lost one game all season. today, the panthers got to work. preparing for the broncos. both teams flying out sunday.
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>> possibility being his last game. added if he decides to hang it up. he can go out on top. by the way. peyton manning only has one ring. his younger brother has two.
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and we'll bring you your coverage. i'll take you behind the scenes. with pictures and video. like me on facebook. and follow me on twitter and insta gram. >> the avs trail two to one. in the second period. nuggets lost a hrolt more than they have won this season. trying to get things going on road. in the garden against the
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>> . we have college highlights coming your way. >> a and live the hottest talk in colorado the the everyday show on this wednesday at a beauteous day in the mile high we're going to get you riled up let's get straight to it. we're going to be chris meet chris pine later in the show be
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in the meantime a big story today the most talked about story on the internet all about michael jackson by moonwalk need to work i can never be michael jackson i can play michael jackson but what about a deborah white actor playing michael jackson i sat down with joseph biden two days ago you must however you think it looks like michael jackson he never misses a chance to fly over colorado i'm always looking out for ethos out the window guy jagged twinkling away beautiful and i think that's colorado hay i got to go down there one day he has flown over colorado many times very charming for the companies
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business playing michael jackson he is a british tv movie all about michael jackson after 911 when he went on that road trip with elizabeth taylor so when you take that critics say this is more examples of whitewashing on the heels of the oscar nomination this is an outrage d. a great okay it is a little weird don't you think but here's the thing mike a little got a little white toward the and though that's not michael that he is playing a think it's bad timing is as good be awkward make past i had arrived benedict
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good casting is a great actor it is time to talk about the mall man i'm so it cited for the big game at the only thing we can't afford really it's only for the rich the average ticket it's now going in over $5,000 for one ticket that is obscene but why should only the super wealthy be able to enjoy the biggest moment in sports we been saying this for years that i have like liked the dog pound says the rock pile pay were watching at cap the south she's got four bathrooms
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can eat tater tot casserole that's how we do it we don't need to be in the stadium is go into the junk pile if they are credits where we are going so may be worth 5,000 because this guy right here peyton manning is in his last game shut your mouth we took a pull out our website and it turns out 90 percent of us home believe that peyton manning ought to retire after the super bowl game and the big story gone viral even peyton manning whispered to belichick after the game is this might be my last rodeo don't say it but he should but here's the thing i think that it's often that we might be able to as the denver broncos send up another legend into the sunset with a super bowl went just like we did with
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