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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 30, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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following a shooting and stabbing at the national western complex. >> tonight we're learning more about what went down outside the famous motorcycle expo. there was an it an altercation between two groups. gunfire exchanged. soon turning into knives and fists. >> police have also told us no one is in custody. they're continuing to question several people. as for the expo. it has been canceled tomorrow. after the violence rang out. we'll post any updates we get throughout the night. >> on >> robber wanted in connection with with the craigs list robbery and home invasion has been caught. arrested at an apartment complex in federal heights. he is believed to be one of the
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craigs list add. last sunday. >> the hunt is over. >> i can say this morning. that the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> . found in a stolen white van. parked by a grocery store. up in san francisco. a citizen noticed the suspicious vehicle saturday morning.
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>> bullets found in the van. but no gun. the investigation now shifts to exactly how they made their daring escape. if iofficials say the group cut their way out of the jail holding tank. went through plumbing tunnels and cut through steel bars. where they climbed down the side oflt jail. some 7 stories. with rope they fashioned from bed sheets and clothes. the teacher at the jail was arrested for helping the inmates plan the escape. others who may have helped the 3 on the outside were also arrested. >> steps are being taken to ensure no one including the 3.
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>> very little time remains until the iowa caucus. trying to gain supporters. thousands of supporters showed up to see donald trump speak. at a rally. at the airport this morning. even before trump arrived. he was the topic of his counter parts rally. >> . as we speak. right now this moment. right now this moment. billionaires are trying to buy elections. >> also holding rallies today to make a last minute push to voters. and the former secretary of state.
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>> veterans say it will help make a colorado a more veteran friendly state. and encourage more veterans to retire here. >> colorado horse rescue saved the lives of thousands. themselves. this story new tonight. >> . 5 horses called don't you dare. that's near capacity. with room for only 5 more.
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rehab and find a forever home. similar to a humane society. for horses. >> but the beautiful creatures are far different than cats and dogs. >> . so. we mix this. >> expensive to feed. and care for. and their life span can stretch 30 years. >> they try to educate the
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>> they're counting on you. to take a horse home. >> . it cost a half a million dollars a year to keep the operation running. they're working to open a second facility. where older horses can come to retire. >> . they are accepting donations to make that dream a reality.
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raising money to fight hunger in 32nfl cities. how it's helping families here in the metro. >> >> as the professional chef. troy guard is used to satisfying the stomach of his customers. >> >> and now with this dish. he'll be eating away at the hunger of thousands of metro area families. who have never stepped foot inside his restaurant. >> we're cooking 80 pounds of lamb. and 120 pounds of. >> .
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of the squash. >> he's cooking enough of his colorado lamb be dish to feed 25 hundred guests. >> each chef is represented by a city. so i'm with the broncos. >> last year last year the event raised one million dollars. some of the money came here. and will again. to the food bank oflt reasonable of the reasonable care reus (
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there are tickets available. piece. >> . if you're looking for a good game day recipe. he shared one of his favorites. >> . find it on the home page of
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>> dark blue color the heaviest bands of snow are currently falling. from the knot east. down here through the denver metro area. and extends back into the high country. you're watching the x games earlier onment aspen was getting nailed with heavy snow. >> downtown. wet pavement for the most part. right now. not really sticking to the roadways. just yet. although it may. as this band is back building a
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>> back to the high country. 6 to ten inches could come down. before tomorrow morning. we're expect -lg heavy snow to wrap up early. in the mountains it may stick around. through sunrise.
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>> look at river of phoeus moisture. kra rpbging in through the coastline here. that will feed this storm. as it comes in to california. eventually into the great basin. and the 4 corners. and at this point. models have it pinpointed. almost perfectly. to wrap the moisture around it. counter clock wise. south of us and stacks it right across the rocky mountains. sunday night we're expecting it to kick up. lasting through tuesday. we could see significant accumulation. if in fact the models are correct. with the positioning of this
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>> monday evening commute maybe the worst of them all. through the stretch. we're expecting from about 8 to ten a.m. through the afternoon. bands of really heavy snow. to crank up as this storm intensifies. through the afternoon hours. monday. look at five o'clock in the afternoon. just widespread heavy snow. the heaviest of the snow will begin to taper off a bit after midnight. on monday. but still expected to see light snow through tuesday morning. with this potential snowfall coming our way. tuesday morning commute could be a little rough too. 6 to 12 inches of snow.
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>> 26 tonight. heavy mountain snow will morning. maybe a couple flurries early tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. through the afternoon. with a high of 36. and then things get ramped up from there. sunday night. light to moderate snow through monday morning. heavy snow monday afternoon. tapering off finally tuesday morning. we have seen fluxuations in the numbers. quite a bit. but i really think we'll be able to nail things down. by tomorrow evening.
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a little ore over a we're here in california. getting set for the big game. levi stadium mind me. before i left town i sat down one on one with ware. he's played eleven seasons in the league. hao ets he's making his first trip to the super bowl. i picked his brain about what this once in a lifetime
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>> . peyton manning told us that the coach he's hoping to set it at nine o'clock. regardless. he said nine o'clock kor curfew. maybe ten or 10:30. around that area. it needs to be early. it's a business trip. >> von miller is a big fan of yours. he's certainly your under study. you can say that. do i get this right that for christmas you gifted him an ipad. >> and gifted you under wear. >> yeah. >> that's him. he gifted all the guys under
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>> gun guy. interesting guy. really good football player too. >> . say i'll join him tomorrow in california. hit me up on social mode media. i'll throw a pwufrpbl bunch of pictures and videos of the whole week.
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teach me that. unbelievable. >> . shoot the puck like that. >> . >> the all star game. is tomorrow. >> . the nuggets trying to make it two in a row. visiting indiana tonight. fourth quarter. denver down one. check out danilo gallinari. two of his 23 points. nuggets up one. after a pacers free throw. this went to over time. nuggets down one. this can't happen. >> to the hoop. and ha the harm. denver falls. >> . in college basketball. a little mountain west rivalry today. border war between colorado state and wyoming. in hrar lair phaoe
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she's the champ. as you can imagine super bowl tickets are hard to come by. the players playing. and think about all the people that try to hit them up. a lot of panthers are experiencing this. so this is how they deal with it. >> family thinks they're free. family all trying to come. i have been there since the beginning. all right i hope you have 18 hundred.
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i have a high school friend who plays for the panthers. he's had more than 2 hundred
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