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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  February 8, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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>> they start at 930 with a live look at the city and county building called the dell and orange and blue for the denver broncos to world champion not much going on there right now some final touches they're putting in place right now but come tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. that place will be hopping are you ready for the super celebration the city of denver broncos are gearing up for one big party after that great super bowl win yesterday the party starts at live bands like 303 there be worked into the night setting up for tomorrow's festivities than in the parade kicks off at union station about an hour going down 17 to two broadway to an abrupt turns down 13th where it ends at denver city and
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a big united in orange rally denver police are hoping for a repeat of last night despite huge crowds and moto one relatively calm on the about 70 people arrested think probably no one was hurt police said they have a plan in place to make sure tomorrow's celebrations are safe for everyone you if you're staying a home to watch the parade on tv channel two news have you covered live coverage after that from 11 to three jeremy and i will be like bringing it all the sights and sounds as it rolls through downtown denver that
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colorado's own channel to i buried a lot of this over 35 dealt with that england is one of colorado's oldest murder mysteries the signs may be closer to solving at rob lowe traveled from the sunlight into texas with dna connection has reopened the once very cold case it's hard to prove murder without a body and it was 12 years before boeings were even discovered but another 23 years before investigators realized with those bones belonged to if there's one thing time doesn't always in the town of salina colorado is the angel of 70 and image of an angel in the snow that emerges each spring
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mountainside for 12 years a secret hit in hidden the shadow of the mountain 400 feet down the steep ravine it's pretty amazing that somebody found them share of john's bz was in the sheriff in 1992 but a hiker found it remains in a remote spot and county land and no one at the sheriff's department told salina police even though the agency had an insult unsolved missing poll persons case kerry clark was in the salina police chief in 1992 when just a few blocks away the sheriff's department said she remains to pathologist in colorado springs colorado springs is where to get 23 your detour they looked at the remains of normally assumed they were more than a hundred years old and the pioneer error so the remains are sent to a college lab with a sound
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that a little housecleaning just luckily somebody stumbled the sheriff sent the remains to the university of north texas families have always told us we can never bring them closure but we can give them answers bj works at the dna lab in fort worth one of just a few in the country identify human remains by matching them to the dna. >> of beverly england went missing and even when the remains were recovered dna is
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unidentified cases. >> but kale who says he became a cop partly because of his mother's disappearance police's father always polices father always thought the whisper of townspeople could always feel an atmosphere of suspicion around our dad i'm sure i believe he was under the microscope quite a bit
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have a person of interest they won't say who it is kut beverly's kids have a hunch to think the woman that your mom was last seen with had something to do with. >> i do there is talk about an affair and that they were meeting each other to discuss it over the years kill killed number shall have haven't learned their mom was accused of having an affair with another woman's husband is there any truth to this outside of their i guess she again she was in the way we are very confident we know what happened but the sheriff says you can't make an arrest until more test results come back from investigators investigators uncovered during a follow taken out not october i feel good that we may very well so that do you know things that you can share with
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that arrest is so likely. >> yes. >> reopening beverly's case has given her children new faith that justice like the angel of 70 was still be revealed. >> am very hopeful very hopeful and i believe that they will is pretty important because i have in my brother had me my brother have them in time for this kind for the last 35 years and somebody has gone on living my life with this nasty secret detectives have conducted the interview since beverly's remains were identified the two detectives the case with the high school the case is a personal connection and in talking with the losses is clear they believe an arrest is a strong possibility. >> roybal stayed on top of this will have updates for you chipotle addressing customer concerns following a massive a fast casual restaurant chain
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diners plus the truth is out there and we are sending our own kevin torres out to find
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closed for four hours to talk food safety with employees and very excited to announce this new program today the meeting the preaching tweeted this video as he announced a new
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farmers keep chipotle's supply chain claimed were committing up to $10 million to help local growers provide chipotle for produce and meat that meet our new food safety protocols the announcement comes after an outbreak of e. coli taking dozens of customers over several states so far the fda is been unable to locate the source of the bacteria experts say there's the possibility that it may not of been an internal food safety issue but instead part of the supply chain the supposedly support late chipotle hot and satisfactory food safety program that i think they've been around at least 20 years you would've seen it there after thousands of location the company stock tumbled as customers look for alternatives from the restaurant chain this as the criminal investigation into the outbreak continues tonight at 10 will look at alternatives very bioterrorism did someone target them
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their restaurants. >> we look forward to that report coming up cracking unsolved mysteries in understanding the bizarre cap next we bazaar cap next we delve back into the real-life x-files two colorado men explain some of the strange things happening in their livestock and i'm dave fraser temperature is already below freezing in a lot of places
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>> tonight we are continuing our series of colorado's unexplained stories with a trip down to trinidad is there in the southernmost part of something bizarre has been happening for the last couple of decades some of the footage you are about to see might be disturbing his kevin torres. >> is like sanchez with a whole intersection some choose a more sane sight to study something that can easily be explained. >> what looks out to me is the way the back later laid-back but if everything was easy to understand that tom miller and chucks a task he wouldn't be left who what and why really what i first started the mutilation tapes is the investigator. >> for the last three years said caskey appeared a number
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the supernatural. >> you can smell it now in 13 we had at least five at mutilations and then it looked like it stopped until just the other day this was the first animal this is the one that he found that it's hard to explain how they died and why they died and who killed them then you have cut around here the evidence that shows lacerations in shows lacerations in the body were precise. >> this particular case that there was a cut around the job not that but i am the eye socket the rib cage is built building her by the backbone
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see right into the back if things weren't auditing of the cattle were found in a completely different area of the ranch of rancho far from where they would normally be. >> in cases with tom so many animals are dropped were placed or placed at such a hard impact that there was one case where the rib cage was broken this last case's most recent case it was actually separated from the backbone. >> this sort of thing is been happening and tom's ranch since the 80s he was a skeptic at first but now believes who or what ever is doing this isn't from our world. >> editing some from up above or something something unexplainable which is why truck clicks clicks and clicks to capture whatever evidence he can do better understand it's all open area when they
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ground. >> understand something that just doesn't make sense and it pretty soon i started changing my mind in trinidad this is kevin torres at fox 31 denver we hope you get some answers and figures that out because watching i did that is very interesting i think summer there's always an answer just got a find it i was working in des moines hourly iowa the listed title that dropdead and they figured out the ground was what it was lightning strike it all went down i'm not saying there isn't something going on down there
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was making the investigation a little more difficult to follow because it got a lot of sunshine let's start with a look at just a little bit of cloud cover spelling and across the top of us you can see it coming down out of the north just kind of clipping denver in the eastern plains that's on the backside of the jet stream which is out here and if you go east you run into a lot of cold and snowy weather temperatures for us today not all that bad with the clusters seasonal average at 45 we had 42 but as you look off to the south and southwest in west all of this one area that you seemingly in the 50s and even 60s it's on its way to us as far as when do we have a little bit of wind from time to time a special because the jet stream is coming over the eastern plains the wind to be a 15 - -dash the most per hour and it's doing out of the airport right now 33 downtown and out of the airport freezing in castle rock and parker 30 in fort collins now down to 23 in greeley across the rest of the
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close to or below freezing in the southeast trinidad we just heard from kevin at 30 degrees at 19 eagle 20 and i in aspen and future cast relatively quiet out there a few high clouds and really in the day in a little thick cloud cover here in the far eastern plains highs will be mainly in the 30s and mountains most places above freezing warmest year with 50s and 60s were warming up a little bit with temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50 in denver at get 50 to the high tomorrow good deal of sunshine with high clouds quickly out of the 20s and into the 40s at the lunch hour kits will need a light jacket in the morning it will be chilly especially if in the shadows out there and of course if you're driving to and from work it should be a problem member to grab the sheets come back at 10:00 o'clock will give you a forecast for the parade in the rally tomorrow coming up the nuggets have a wild finish in brooklyn that lives in a buzzer beater if denver is the
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possible miller smiling the mvp how the broncos linebacker celebrated the day after winning the super bowl everything you need to do to get ready for the super celebration switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels
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>> von miller did some damage in these playoffs first or shutting down bin laden's burger than is berger than tom brady and the super bowl 50 came there and got a taste of 58 phone is a part of it incredible defense it may be top three all times there were number one this year that griffith has more on how that the shut down the number one offense in the nfl everybody is talking about carolina's defense but they were talking
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often wanted to prove we did that we want to turnover battle knocked out of his hands it bounces around i think that verse got as for the mvp that would go to von miller how about the night he had six tackles two and a half sacks in 24 scrambles fumbles. >> the ball is a free denver's got it touched on denver's. >> it just shows you what kind of team we've got is not about offense or defense we came together as a whole we spent a lot of time together we got a lot of love for each other things continue today this was a scene of the muskogee center in downtown san francisco miller's show went off the mvp trophy kerry kubiak also on hand clues leading the broncos to super bowl when it is first year the seventh the storyline of the season it mean means something to bring back the lombardi. >> staying here today be the
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broncos world champs super bowl 50 represent cap boland of these players in these coaches are organization as city the proudest moment of my career the mvp especially the super bowl i'll be able to be von miller what a difference two years makes unbelievable for that guy switching the finish in brooklyn tied game seconds left between the nuggets and that's just a minimal trying to finish it off huge bucket by kenneth buried at denver leads by two but then this happens june johnson from downtown and apparently banks are open late in brooklyn ball game that
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nuggets and in the rockies and the avalanche you got one more day cam newton by the way terrible press conference after the game within a show you why he stormed off in a had and had something to do with chris harris junior still playing and plenty of mourners >> the champions have landed now colorado is gearing up for one big party as we prepare to honor the broncos super bowl victory and what a c lebration it will be up to a million
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denver and ever talk a horror
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