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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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denver and ever talk a horror and i'm erika gonzalez the world champion broncos are back in colorado tonight getting ready to celebrate their super bowl 50 victory the big event rally at civic center park starts at 10:00 a.m. you can see the setup is already underway and thousands of people are expected to attend the victory parade that starts at noon on union union station and travels down 17 streets based on super celebration coverage with the latest on preparations erica done here about civic center park this will be broncos essential starting tomorrow we are expecting at we're expecting at least a half a million people crews are still out here late into the hours tonight getting everything ready the stage is set almost
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to be the biggest denver has ever seen civic center park is transforming into broncos country headquarters this is with a victory parade will end and after the team and city officials will finally hold the one rally all of denver has been waiting for to descend on downtown denver tomorrow so police and city planners have their work cut out for them there already closing downtown streets along the parade route to make way for broncos boulevard but some fans are already here it's like that same feeling you have right before the game i was sitting in front of the tv for hours before the game started going all my god let's
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does and her husband drove down from greeley a night early we wanted to come down early so we knew exactly where to go because they like every other fan have their sights set on their the green fence is because that fence is the closest spot if you want to get a good spot here tomorrow listen up civic center park is closing tonight at 11:00 p.m. it's not going to reopen until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning that's when it will open up to the public it'll be a free-for-all can come in here try to get the best spot you can if you don't get one of those few spots out front don't worry there is plenty of space throughout the rest of the park on the lawn and you will be able to see and hear everything they have had tons of speaker set up its super atmosphere that will also be
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of the action and if you're
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parade to the city tomorrow they all thought i was crazy and she's not alone which is why it's important broncos don'ts to make sure attending the parade is worth your while first pack your patience of a toll as it'll probably be a pretty big event we can expect a lot of people second leave the car at home parking will be scarce and rtd isn't adding is in adding light rail and bus trips to accommodate the crowd to get down her early plan to stay late but streets in and out of downtown will be shut down my after rush hour if you want to snag is not the front row seat the crowd that middle of the parade route but if you want to catch the rally to snag a spot closer to the city county building you will be asked to leave the. >> essentially think of it as you would terms of what you
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i've been in the car since 11 hoping to witness broncos once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and can be well worth it now to the bad news release for your kids if they want to attend the festivities tomorrow we don't have any school districts allowing or canceling classes for the festivities and only one that we know of denver is allowing excused absences and you have to let the schools know ahead of time that your kids won't be in class otherwise it will be counted as an unexcused absence would also want to let you know the several rtd bus and rail lines will be detoured because of the elements happening downtown tomorrow we got the specifics of which lines are affected. >> were sending blankets your way right now the big question if you're headed up to the parade tomorrow how many layers of orange and blue when you what you need to stay warm
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expect with a such celebration i just wanted to show you there it is the city and county building on the activity will be right there on the front steps their civic center park and as we get the day going it'll be pretty we have a few clouds around maybe a little my cloud cover past lunch hour related pictures look good 46 at 10:00 a.m. with the festivities get underway when the parade starts at noon will be close to 49 degrees and by the time that up there on the stairs at temperatures and because the 50 i will tell you this it'll be a little breezy out there i would wear a jacket i would bring a hat and i would bring some gloves if you're in the shadows anywhere it won't feel this one but overall the weather couldn't be any better i will show you the seven-day forecast before it gets warm in the and a few minutes with our hoopla downtown some local businesses are hoping to cash and at union station and 17th street tomorrow for the parade and this means
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will see a boom in business and to mark this special occasion the downtown denver partnership is decking out the entire area in orange and blue it'll be a gorgeous winter day in february i think there will be national media attention on the broncos coming home at the world championship fans we talked to that were at the last rally in 1999 say they're glad to see the title return to the broncos after 17 years and when you do head out to the denver parade be sure you're sporting away super bowl swag caught off the presses and it is hot fans swarming to get their hands on it t-shirts has even flags the tellers are going all out to celebrate the winners of super bowl 50 and demand is high fans it showed up at sports authority castle authority castle on broadway as early as six this morning they quench the wind we headed out to the floor before sweating and if you haven't picked up your
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isn't going anywhere and will be available online for years to come for broncos quarterback picking manning the celebration and denver will be his second parade since the super bowl was a guest of honor at a parade and disneyland in california today in pain says is happy to celebrate his bait when one of the happiest places on earth downtown denver will be just as happy as anything procures another look at the parade route for the broncos it starts at noon at union station and travels down 17th street 17 the street and into broadway before ending up civic center park make it your home for coverage of the super celebration it starts at 5:00 a.m. under the colorado celebration coverage begins at 10 on the everyday show in at 11 will have a life parade coverage and also on our sister station colorado's own channel to want to see your super celebration photos you can send them to us on
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them to >> we have is and is developing a mesa county sheriff's deputy is at a western colorado hospital being treated for life-threatening injuries after being involved in a shootout deputy derek geer was shot multiple times while trying to stop a suspect after reports of shots being fired less than an hour after the deputy was shot a 17 -year-old male was taken into custody as a person of interest investigators have not yet released any details about what led up to the incident attorney to the presidential election like pictures right now from new hampshire where boaters in the town of dixon much have already voted on the democratic side bernie sanders cap for both hillary clinton got zero for the republican john casey got three votes to donald trumps to and as he campaigns to meet meet their final push in new hampshire. >> here's a sign of real weakness jeb bush taking a
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playbook the candidates bashing each other at campaign stops and a continuing the attacks and via twitter trumpet writing bush is a pathetic figure bush responds trunk you are just a loser you're a liar and a whiner on saturday in an awkward moment and republican debate when ben carson and trump missed their cues from a florida governor jeb bush after everyone settled on stage chris christie related to marco rubio for using a rehearsed lines the latest cnn poll of polls in new hampshire shows a trumpet topping the republican cruz rounding out the top three for democratic voters at bernie sanders has and bernie sanders has a commanding lead over hillary clinton people will be asking it's not just
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people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revelation clinton and listing the help of her husband at making a last-minute case to voters in the granite state when you make it a revolution you can't be too careful about the fax chipotle restaurants across the country closing their doors today to brief workers on food safety could the restaurant food safety problems come from a sinister source with some experts say the problems could've been caused by fire terrorists and get ready for a taste of spring how warm it will be for the celebration tomorrow had in your pinpoint weather forecast it can happen to anyone it can
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this all this week on the day colorado how to save a life she just wasn't responding how would you react to someone having a heart attack what
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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chipotle to as across the country opening several hours late today so they can address a food safety issues that have plagued the company over the last few months the criminal investigation is underway in the outbreak all-new at 10 justin joseph tells us some believe the outbreak may have not been bad food safety practices at all but an act of biological terrorism with an e. coli outbreak hit one of colorado's biggest success stories chipotle stock tumbled as consumers are shown consumerization the picturing. contamination but there is an there's an emerging theory that's gaining momentum chipotle wasn't to blame someone targeted either them or their suppliers using bioterrorism is it possible that somebody could've gone and in chipotle with this passages and distributed in a couple of locations in so that those key people or in his people in there for this few days could've gotten sick in
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explanation allen loses a policy expert on actual things we asked him why someone would want to target one of the country's favorite restaurants he says it may have to do with the recent position they took against genetically modified concern over their link to herbicides. >> out of the blue shortly after chipotle takes a very stand brings the issue to the highlight they suddenly have a food safety problem this is what's raising everyone's eyebrows polk besides kill weeds but not gm is because they been genetically modified to be resistant can imagine how much money as its farmers because they don't have to hire manpower to read the field the problem may soak this building chemicals and no one knows if their change of us that continues to grow gm owes are a $15 billion industry and reputation
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that bet the farm on gm owes. >> find out how much of the contaminant bounds to the food mike adams first put forth the theory of bioterrorism and admits its controversial they offered with the criminal mindset so it is consistent with their behavior that they would attempt corporate sabotage against their arch enemy which is too polite to leader of fast clean food chipotle told us in a statement quote they see no evidence to support this but the cdc is stumped in the final report on the outbreak they make this finding saying quote the investigation did not identified a specific food or ingredient linked to illness experts say it's both unusual and telling chipotle had an unsatisfactory food safety system then i think they've been around at least 20 years you would've seen as they're out there are thousands of locations a criminal investigation is underway when asked for the
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chipotle declined to comment it was sunny today but you could fill a chill in the air especially when the wind kind of kicked up temperatures were not that bad for this time of year we had 30s and 40s in the mountains warmest was with your upper 40s on pueblo back towards lumbar trinidad at 48 and then we were in the upper 30s in fort collins 40s in greeley 42 in denver which actually isn't too far away which is a 45 at this time of year outside right now that wind is still noticeable at the south at 14 miles per hour the same when the conditions that we dealt with through the day today will be a run tonight by him as freezing or below freezing and watkins now sitting at 2732 in
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side from wheat ridge into a word about wheat ridge up to arvada 32 in boulder 40 in estes park 25 in the fort collins area in greeley is at 23 with color shaded is here on the eastern plains a little bit around the sensor at denver international and little stronger as you get into the pit hell is our future cast wind speed strongest when we'll be here will be here but at times tomorrow you will see their wings pulling at 10 or 1520 laws per hour kind of what it did today to night skies remain clear wake up in the sunshine which our looks good then after that late in the state looking sunny here in the northwest southwest and southeast watches up at the clock into motion is really will pick a thicker cloud cover under mainly clear skies tonight it won't take long for the temperatures to fall off and will bottom out in the single digits and the routines
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30s with a few spots like lyman and greeley down to 17 degrees and then highs tomorrow upper 30s from calder to its crank steamboat below freezing 42 in pagosa springs warmest year trinidad out towards lumbar close and sprinkled the junta will see that numbers coming up a little but we go to mid 40s fort collins in greeley and metro denver the temperatures of things to do a little bit of wind your notice it will be in the 50s will go 53 and more sending ken carroll 56 in lakewood and we were just got that same number downtown and then you can see all the 50s of the eastern side so in the morning couple of clouds it will already be coming up from our forecast below which will be done into the 20s will be at 36 degrees on our way to 52 then check it out warmest day comes with a little more went on wednesday that's the
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60 degrees then we will see slightly cooler temperatures about everything here is about 10 degrees above normal 56 and 5510 .-dot the workweek if you miss it this week he did to enjoy it over the weekend 56 and 54 and anti- 53 normal is 45 it's very quiet weather pattern given the fact that this mother started off with a record-setting snow and record-setting snow and a week of cold last week in the parade tomorrow as i said at the top looks fantastic just a jacket you'll be out there and not stand you'll be up on a riser bring gloves it'll be a little chilly up there dress for a little bit more of a chill pain manning spent the day at disneyland and you will hear for the broncos quarterback coming up plus the size and sounds of super bowl 50 and the broncos placing the
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the mac to be a part of the super bowl team almost 10 years ago i remember what a great feeling it was to be able to celebrate it with your teammates and your family members and friends that have been with you for a long time they game the celebration makes for a very special 24 hours pain manning and his family spending today at disneyland they're going to disneyland with the season is spent for number 18 it was five weeks ago we didn't even know if he played another game that he is a two-time super bowl champion in the big celebration is tomorrow are you ready for the parade broncos country they said the denver broncos would lose to pittsburgh to new england and carolina but that's why you play the claimed the great when told me on saturday that this game surprises even the
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broncos return in style on their big plane coming back in as his guys are having fun last night the pilot brought up the broncos flag and the players showed off that lombardi trophy you will see that bad boy tomorrow during the parade earlier this morning this was at the scene in downtown san francisco mvp von von miller showing out the trophy there. kubiak also on how barracudas leaving the broncos to a super bowl win in his first year. >> sting her today and to be the head coach of the denver broncos world champs super bowl 50 represent pat boland these players these coaches and her organization as city the proudest moment of my career that mvp especially i
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brothers for it so as you can imagine cam newton was frustrated perfectly natural i hope you're angry after a performance like that but the panthers quarterback didn't do himself any favors at the podium he's getting ripped for storming off early if you've ever been in the postgame super bowl podiums each team is right next to each other and the only barrier is this paper thin cloth broncos quarterback was right next to him and cam didn't like what he was hearing. >> act like you've been there before cam got a learn from that he can't get enough of super bowl 50 i didn't think so here's the sights and sounds for the broncos big when as the denver broncos and
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battle for the lombardi trophy carolina panthers the carolina panthers with the play of their defense be won a difference like that all your can find a way to get the ball seize almost see is almost complete control of this game is a unique opportunity for this group i am very grateful to be a part of that i do not take it for granted by any means he got the parade tomorrow and the next big step is what's going to happen with pain manning asked the police that the biggest shock would be these things coming back i
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on top he's been playing so poorly as of late he has to realize this is the way to go out the only quarterback in nfl history that have sued two super helps you to super bowls with one different team that's
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defense he's got the defense this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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