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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> we have been at the hearing this afternoon. and joins us with the new developments. >> . the hearing is still going on. right now. it is expected today pass out of the house. and tpwo on out of the committee. and go onto the full house. under current law the statute of limitations is ten years. supporters say the cosby case shows why it's important to give victims more time. >> a second woman castle rock resident says she too was sexually assaulted by cosby.
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>> the two colorado women are among th-r more than 50 alleged victims who have come forward in recent years. the comedian faces criminal charges in pennsylvania. thomas and ferry say the courthouse doors in colorado have been slammed on their attempt to seek justice. because the statute of limitations is over. >> in support of a bill to ex-tebd extend it to 20 years. >> you don't have to keep it to yourself anymore. we believe you.
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>> . cutting her baby from her womb. lane is charged with attempted murder. and unlawful termination of pregnancy. if she's convicted she could be sentenced up to 140 years. in prison. >> . concern is growing about the spread of the virus. on u.s. soil. to the point president obama is asking for nearly two billion
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to fight this disease. the latest numbers from the ckc showing 52 travel associated cases have been reported in the u.s. 16 states. and the district of columbia. >> . the virus have spreading. >> a rapidly developing situation. >> in blood banks in denver. new protocol in place. >> >> if they have been to the areas. including mexico. >> the sign that greets donors. when they have been any where in central or south america. or the caribbean. in the last 28 days.
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>> in brazil. officials hired disease experts. scram scrambling after soccer player hope solo wouldn't attend the games ins august. if it worsens. >> . there is no blood test we can to check for the virus. >> . the sheriff deputy who was shot while on duty. has been taken off of life support. deputy gear was shot several times on monday. while responding to a call of a person with a gun. since then.
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to donate organs. the suspect, 17 year-old was found hiding in a backyard after the shooting. he's faces second degree murder charges. >> . autopsy was performed today on the body of a 6 year-old boy. found dead yesterday inside an apartment. this is the deputy injured in a crash while responding to the scene. remains in the hospital. >> they still had not been able to reach the buy logical mother of the boy. found dead here. one of several reasons they haven't released his or his fathers identity. at this point. those autopsy results certainly add to this tragedy. >> . here at west wood apartments the news was still sinking in. how could someone. especially a parent.
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>> the little boy died of stab wounds to the neck. as a result of homicide. deputies tpoupd his body in the same berm with his father. who suffered self-inflicted knife wounds. the father is still hospitalized. and no charges have yet been filed. on either the sexual assault of his domestic partner. or the 6 year-olds murder. >> the couples two year-old son was found unharmed in a nearby room. >> . the sebgtd part of the trapblg tragedy happened here a mile away. 26 year-old veteran deputy was critically injured in an accident.
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today police announced a blood drive to help replenish blood used during his surgery. >> a fire at colorado's oldest church. on tuesday night. led someone to think something one woman describes just sho rt short of a miracle.
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she says the black smudge of ash above this portrait of the virgin mary. looks like a crown. >> she believes it's a sign to show the church was under protection. >> . for driving under the influence. of alcohol. or drugs. in 347 of those cases. marijuana was the only indicater. while in 665 cases marijuana was just one of the indicators. authorities say the total number of marijuana citations to drivers dropped by 1.3 percent from 2014.
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the gold king mine spill. which turned the river orange. and it is not in favor of the epa. this report released by the house on natural resources. which has been investigating this bill since it happened. it finds epa intentionally dug into and breeched the plug at the mine. causing the spill. it also says the epa issued two intentionally misleading reports. and used taxpayer dollars to fund a 3 deceptive report. to conceal incompetence and negligence within the organization. and the report concludes the actions violated the clean water act.
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>> some good news. after a rough day.
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the mild weather rolling along. again today. look at your high temperatures once again. gunnison cold air trapped in the valley. a lot of 40s and 50s over the western half. from denver to the south and east. posting 60s and a few more 70s like we saw yesterday. >> almost 20 degrees above where we should be. we thought upper 50s today.
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and i'll show you why. first. this is a cool shot. that is down inside of coors field. where the crews are getting the stadiums series ready. hockey out doors. and coming up on february 27. a saturday. the colorado avs take on the red wings. you can see they're getting it ready. interesting to watch them put it together. we're at 60 downtown. 47 out at the airport. with an east wind at 14 miles per hour. so much cooler out here. out by the airport. you come into the east side of town. staple ton in the 50s. it's still 60s town koupb town wheat ridge 61. across the rest of the front range. you can see. some 40s out here. 50 sterling. 48 akron. we're in the 50s and parker and castle rock. it's 45 in confer. great temperatures. now in some places, it is cooler out there. now.
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>> it heats to compress the air. it boosts the temperatures. once again, that wind even though you notice ited. it may have been annoying. you can thank it for the 60s. >> . wind lays down in the city tonight. stronger gusts over the higher terrain. our future cast, we'll go with partly cloudy skies tonight. cloud cover in the morning. you'll see a brief shower here. no moisture reaching the ground. then the clouds lift out through the lunch hour. very similar to what they did today. only to see the clouds fill back in. as we get into the second half
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>> we're still so 30 degrees partly cloudy. and a little bit of a breeze. 54 a little breeze tomorrow. but a cooler day. at 54. and then this rolls on. i was going to say tp s it's a rolling snowball. but there's no snow in the forecast. maybe a sprinkle around on valentines day. not a big deal. and monday tuesday wednesday. warming back to 60. and 58 by this time next week. >> is it shoe
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it will. next weekend we could be back to cold and snow. >> this is the first complete fish skull discover on the national grassland.
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okay. go. is at it again. a gravity defying video. called upside down inside out. the pop group leased a clip this morning on facebook. they teamed up with a russian air airline. sp spent 3 weeks training and filming. it includes gravity free flip. twists and turns. and fun with paint balls. people can't seem to get enough. this video has been viewed nearly a billion times. that's not the only gravity related news. this morning. scientists announce they confirm something said existed but could never prove. >> . >> one million light years ago. and ended today. with this announcement. >> the first time the universe has spoken to us.
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>> . you can actually hear. first theorized by in the theory of relativity. until thousand scientists couldn't bereave it. because human instruments were sensitive enough. then. they built this laser. which detected the ripples. >> as far as light travels. with waves.
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well passed the light. man. when suddenly you can hear. it. detection. we can see what had went on. in that particular phenomenon. >> . it's a new tool to learn about the universe. and its origin. and scientists couldn't be more excited.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as
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for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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shaul turner has more on how to get the most of out of your money. >> . who isn't enjoying the cheap gas prices right now. but we usually brace for them to go back up. now experts say that won't happen any time soon. the federal government estimates s typical household
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this year. compared to two years ago. they predict the average cost of gallon of gas will be a dollar 98 the entire year. the plunge in oil prices making it cheaper to fly. that's why we're spending less on airline tickets. >> for a hundred dollars on night. you get a 4 e course dinner for two. champagne or sparkling cider. a rose.
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