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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  February 13, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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>> but that johnson needs to pay for what he's done. >> he deserves what's about to happen to him she's tried to explain her sons of murder to verse four siblings who are wondering why they will ever see him again i tell john monday all the time if you
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have to do is pray. >> the sad story even more complicated ritual loft cut after she was investigated for child abuse her ex brandon is in custody but still in the hospital for self-inflicted stab wounds it now facing charges of sexual assault in the murder of their child riley. >> in developing story out of arizona two teenage girls and sophomores shot and killed this morning as goal investigators say they're not looking for a suspect in the case of the shooting happened outside a high school in glendale northwest of phoenix in fact they believe one of the girls may have fired the deadly shots. >> these two young women were found next to each other there was a weapons down beside them police have not released any information about how the victims knew each other meanwhile in colorado senate johnson is being charged as an adult for allegedly plotting to shoot up our school today her lawyers continue their
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as a juvenile junction in book higgins are accused of planning mass murder at non- vista high school in highlands ranch prosecutors say johnson made detailed maps of the school a judge will decide if a preliminary hearing whether he will be tried as a juvenile chickenpox at a denver middle school is forcing parents to keep their kids at home so for a couple students have become an effective because chickenpox is so contagious at the school is asking unvaccinated children to stay home until february 203 also the development of the swedish hospital middle scandal that may have put almost 3,000 patients at risk for hiv and hepatitis were running the forwarding the fda is taken over the investigation they switched out the patience of needle to inject himself and then put the needle back into circulation he has not been charged and the case we talked alan's former roommate who says he kicked a mail about a week ago is a disease that has been spreading around the
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cases reported in colorado but the virus is here and labs in fort collins joe st. george won on a tour of the site today and live to tell us what he founded a. >> the cdc has offices in washington dc and atlanta but it's the laboratory in fort collins that's helping stop the spread of seeker will come to the fort collins at site leading the world in studying the zika virus. >> this is ground zero for cdc zika virus research doctor m powers walking us through what is being done inside the site you're colorado state university dozens of researchers working around the clock to fight the virus were certainly very concerned this is a pattern we've never seen before senators kori gardner michael bennett invited us on the tour can get a sense of what springtime the best in the world analyzing the habits of the mosquito trying to figure out how to stop the outbreak.
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politics of this is a great illustration of why we need to have a functioning agency's cdc experts reiterate the mosquito carrying the zika virus which is impacted over 20 states and dozens of countries is unlikely to mutate and come here currently neither of this to speak zero the virus is currently contained in some of them is secure the most secure labs is not just in fort collins but the world making it nearly impossible for it to get out of the building mark fischer says the greatest threat for coloradans is if somebody travels south is impacted and comes from the cdc has put out a specific precaution of pregnant women to consider it not traveling. >> that's because some birth defects have been reported by victims of the zika virus we should mention the fort collins facility was slated to be close to six years ago by the obama administration and
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step then they stopped it is to not use it 's over couple of incidents in the super bowl remember this one will be fined over his $26,000 by the nfl for that facemask on receiver corey brad was pretty nasty also with something as well malik jackson will also have to pay 8600 for a late hit this past season the broncos were fined almost a half million dollars for a dozen incidents for the season of conifer at broncos went counterfeit broncos went from 2015 vectors vendors the us immigration has had. >> all always funny broncos in super bowl logos authorities conducted a similar rate in san francisco before the super bowl the problem solvers getting answers tonight after several homeowners have been waiting weeks for the city to
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problem he joins us live from the cherry street townhomes in denver to explain the issue. >> dab in the issue isn't too hard to explain if you've ever been around this area on joel especially in the past few days despite tonight's whether you get a lot of icepack appear it's pretty thick usually the city takes care of the problem but for the past six weeks this is what has been here and this is as good as it's looked in a long time after a beautiful week in denver is a bit odd to see someone using the shovel i didn't know what else to do especially like this sometimes the water freezes at night again so i try to get some of the water at appear residence at the cherry street townhomes have been trying to get the water out for six weeks now it does look better than i has this is what it looked like yesterday out its work is a block of ice and people are
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out of the driveway and trends in years past the city is taking care of the problem but even though he called 311 back in early january nothing happened that. >> found out about a week ago that they closed the ticket and i said how do they close the ticket they said well the works completed and i was standing on the mobile phone talking to 311 ago and government i don't think so. >> when i called the city today and ask them why the first order had been closed they said they didn't know and that they would look into what they said there was a second order and their crews are working as fast as i can to address the problem the problem is it's too late to make it happen before the holiday weekend. >> is unfortunately: we waited. >> and although the problem will continue for a few days there now hopeful a final solution comes on tuesday. >> i appreciate as quick as
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response out of the city. >> now the good news is is that this is still water tonight the problem is they were mentioning its frozen over and that this is literally been like a version's sheet of ice especially on the sidewalk which is potentially dangerous for a lot of people that walk year and go to the pedestrian bridge at nearby and i 25 when i talk to the city today they said they do not have a backlog on 311 but it does take time to process these requests again we hope to see it remedied come tuesday. >> if you need help or want us to investigate something let us know in e-mail problem solvers at you can call (303)566-7575 or click the contact us top on the tab on the top of the homepage >> avon forged on the playground was but sadly destined to end their coming up second-grade soulmates and the lesson of love why these two young kids will never grow old together two years a restaurant report cards up
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regular blood monitoring r and no known dietary restrictions. r treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. v ask yourr do ctor about xarelto . this month that works at two years or and since we started our restaurant report card series we exposed hundreds of telling establishments and a+ winners as well here's heidi had met with the new round of restaurants. >> visit restaurant is famous for its whiskey but their recent health inspections that might make you think twice before giving it a shot. >> argyle fails our report card with a 16 critical health code violations in its july in january inspections including a dead mouse in a trap 20 - -dash 40 wooden droppings there were booster seats
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sink that was supposed to be used for handwashing and there was food debris on the floor the general manager provided the statement the argyle management was made aware of the inspection and took immediate action to resolve each one next olive in french our second at this week the denver restaurant was cited for 13 critical violations in july and january inspections among the violations prize landing unclean place and putting boards rather than dwelling the gloves required and there was was no sanitizer on the time of the inspection and had taken steps to ensure they will not occur again and
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purpose inspections and by the way is the second time the sin which a sandwiches shop has a star report card the goal is to serve customers and make their expectations or exceed them and we are very pleased we've had this great report and we expect more of the same to see all the violations it listed we have a link to the restaurant inspections on just click on the news tab and click restaurant report card if you have a restaurant or any other store you would like us to investigate send us an e-mail to tips at >> i can't believe it's been two years since we started and since we started that i know people who live by that and i'm sure if you're a frequent go into a restaurant you see a pop-up you might raise your hand a little bit we are here at the weekend is upon us and the good news is not much has changed if he didn't get a
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and enjoy some of the warm weather you well this weekend let's get to work with pinpoint whether i'll start with the temperatures today which were pretty good once again we were cooler than yesterday with the 60s and 70s gone the begin the 40s at green greenlee 50s fort collins 50s denver's lights slight south asia 60s touches touch of 70 down and trinidad we had 40s and 50s over the mountains once again gunnison unfortunately cold air trapped called aircraft in the valley and only 21 degrees 52 denver is above abnormal average 45 and 20 away from the record 72:30 a.m. 34 outside with the south when the humidity is not a problem temperatures in the 30s and inglewood 39 centennial 34 colder up their adoring still 38 nevada a pair of 40s over here in wheat ridge and liquid and 41 and little tend across the rest of the front range of colder teens and 20s in the mountains is a lot of mainly
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about delhi and akron but that 29 still 42 in the castle rock area the wind on the eastern plains is strong of the foothills i just want to point out it's an easterly wind and that factors into something that will happen overnight emotional it to you any strong wind overnight and tomorrow we'll is they are once again over the highest nonpeak that easterly wind is a bringing in some cold air and some low clouds and we will have some high clouds around in the morning denver and points west will see some sunshine mixing and in that context that's pretty thick here will start to lift out a little bit late in the day mm's line up and then this line right here if you connected that is a cold front coming in and as it bums over the mountain peaks and will squeeze out a few snow showers i think you'll notice a little bit of gusty wind as the front comes by late tomorrow and you can see it
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bring the temperatures it down on sunday so get ready for that they're it is again low clouds of colder out here to the east and northeast that lists out there comes the cold front and it will be good for those skiing and they get a little bit of snow late tomorrow night much colder teens and 20s in the high country than highs tomorrow one more 70s back to the 60s and denver warmer 50s fort collins greenlee again fortunately you can see the cold 30s to the north and east will have temperatures in the mountains a beautiful day in the balance of skiing with temperatures in the 40s and 50s may be a light layer day up there that is the colder air you can see a polling in the below 55 and had sent 59 about before you get to the 60s and series 60 as you make your way toward longmont 62 boulders 63 in superior lower 60s across most of the
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little bit it drops off to 59 out there and watkins 65 in lakewood littleton and 66 on the south side 60 and decker's 54 in conifer 63 box borough park and 62 castle pines 29 my forecast low in the partly cloudy skies tomorrow little breeze it time especially when the corporate comes in late in the day but will have 60 degrees before that) behind the front we do drop to 52 it will be a little bit of cloud cover around late in the day out of the clouds that can't allow a sprinkle especially east of denver but that's it there's your valentine's day and the beyond that we were walking you through another mild week weather pattern does not look like it wants to change it at the private couple days in the 60s and into the 50s cooling but not until the end of next week's how about blood and guts on valentines weekend nothing says love like a stroll to a why it's not just for halloween anymore and caught
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want your car but was inside the one thing you need to keep close before you get victimized at the end of every day that's what's important a lesson and love it out by children at no older than eight years old coming up wider whether message doesn't come without peers without warning anyone can become a victim of the warning signs it may vary and unfortunately you need to be prepared for the worst what would you do in a moment of sheer panic all next week a good day colorado could you survive any and that you roll up on the accident a quick the quick thinking i've got a window between two and
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help you get o valentine's day a few days away restaurant reservations are filling up flyers powers flying up the show but this is
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perfect date may idea to inglewood tissue engelbert tissue inside the valentines haunted house. >> yet that it's been a packed house all night long the lines have been wrapped around we've seen plenty of couples out here celebrating their valentine's day weekend in music out here i don't know if you can hear it over the scream but we just heard it can you feel the love tonight just give you an idea of how they are trying to boost up the romance the 13th floor haunted house's been a popular thought during valentine's day the owner got the idea who got house was the best first date he's ever been on. >> trick-or-treat or rather happy valentine's day it's to too illegally nothing says parent.
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swan gone wrong is the 13th floor is floors of fourth year of valentines crime every year they've increase at a sold-out of a regular ticket no wine and dine but there are roses that you never know love finds you when you least expect that we've actually had people meet their significant other at the haunted house and visit valentine's day themes haunted house is so popular you heard in the story they are sold all of their presale tickets you can still get walk-up tickets out the door and tomorrow is your last chance up with for the thrills are open from seven until 10:00 o'clock at valentine added so come check it out if you're looking for something different on valentine's day reporting life not my cuppa tea out of idly by micah on halloween history and millennia of the making coming up (this meets with the leader of the russian orthodox
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have major international implications crooks with an eye on your cars the metro area county dealing with a
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this guy is pretty brazen it's apparent that the vehicle of the victims or opportunity unlocked. >> parking garage purpose police on the lookout for a man stealing credit cards from cars he would think would be safe to say the suspect has already had a few cars and could soon expand the scope dave young spoke with the arapahoe county sheriff's office as they asked for your help to put the script behind bars b mac we know right now this guy is working this area of arapahoe county but could be working all over the metro area looking for an opportunity to get into your car's car had a video camera rolling when the mr. clean the end it struck again someone knows this guy he's got a
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>> he has that mr. clean look the shaved bald head it appears he has a large gauges and his ears has tattoos up and down both arms he breaks into cars and like like the ones in this parking garage and at least two cases is headed to nearby service stations were stolen credit cards police were able to track them on stolen car reports to find them on surveillance cameras investigators say he's ever low-key walking to parking lot looking car windows trying the doors this one we found unlocked this guy is pretty brazen it's apparent that the vehicle's are victims of opportunity because most have been unlocked unlocked it makes for easy crimes he's carrying a bag to put stuff in his carrying a light to look into vehicles is pretty obvious what he's out to do. >> he may be hitting parking lots all over the metro area anytime we have any type of serial crime were always comparing notes with area task
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working similar crimes that he first was i didn't arapahoe county in october continuing until now we were fortunate this vehicle he broken to happen have a video camera and at the suspect of white man that usually wearing jeans and three-quarter links short slaves again don't be absent-minded walk away to make your car or public use of a victim police want to stop him from playing on people put him behind bars if you've seen him call arapahoe county sheriff's or your local law enforcement. >> drama on the aspen ski slopes leading to a skater's arrest, suppose all has been charged with assault and reckless ginger mint he's accused of pushing a snowboarder off of a chill of the last month the snowboarder survived even though he fell about 25 feet and landed face first in the snow according to the police report he said that guy he pushed it was threatening him but when asked how he was being threatened he said it was because the other guy was wearing a ski mask something he would typically
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april challenge will not be happening this year after all today organizers announced the cancellation it comes after the former financial backers as they did in september they hope the race will be back on in 2017 new work tonight no word of the iconic sports authority sports castle on broadway was so close staggering dad in the change from market are impacting sports authority so badly the company is working with lenders to reorganize to chapter 11 bankruptcy the retailer's grace period ends on sunday valentine's day turning to news around the world a new cease-fire in syria for tonight even though western diplomats had attended a deal for a temporary truce was she refuses to stop bombing and the syrian president as solid as vowing to fight until he regains full control of the cease fire is supposed to start next saturday but leaders say it can't happen if russia keeps up the attacks leaders had


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