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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  February 14, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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thanks for joining us tonight. thanks both instances having this weekend one late friday night and the other late last night. now police are trying to found out if they're connected. we're live with the developing story. >> last night a driver was making his way through this intersection behind me think when an unmarked car was flashing red and blue lights trying to pull them over which sounds a lot like what happened another driver on another side of town the night before. >> denver police are on the lookout for a set of fake cops who tried to pull over a driver three blocks west of washington margaret but before point over that driver called 911 first
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and then they called dispatch. >> which is exactly what you should do if you think something is awry. >> police say the fake police drove off without any trouble but on friday night your 38th sheridan, that wasn't the case. >> a climb out of his car, they handcuffed him they went back to their car and they came back and said he was getting off with a warning they say that they stole money from the driver who also suffered injuries to his head and face after being pushed into his when children denver police say the suspect also driving a maroon crown victoria with flashing red and blue lights would you can't say for sure if the two incidents are related but they are warning drivers to be careful whenever you have three posing as so it is supposed to trust, and always causes concern.
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right thing by calling 911. if you've tried the same thing, if you're not sure a police officer is it going to get mad at you if you don't pull over right away, dispatch will be on the phone to any officer at the same time and will let that officer know that you just weren't sure and wanted to check. >> you tonight to boyes reported missing from westminster have been found sacred the 17 -year-old and four -year-old are back with a family centered that you have a visit since noon yesterday when they're supposed to go to the zoo and never returned robert there are found near a love and broadway earlier this evening. police say the being pursued. >> deputies in arapahoe county said someone shot a moving car shattering a window. the driver was headed east when his driver side window shattered. the driver was able to drive himself to the hospital and his dad
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a bullet in the passenger seat. the arapahoe county show's office is investigating such a house destroyed after a fire breaks out. they were able to knock the fire out within about 15 minutes but not before it caused serious damage to the attic and walter thankfully everyone inside the house is able to go safely. investors are looking into what sparked the fire brick in opera firefighters rescuing turtles from a house fire. this habit of your 12th and all my record 8-gallon numbers were able to get out of the home. red cross is helping the family tonight. >> a fugitive is still a dollars and tonight they are warning that he may be dangerous. dennis simonson and two other fugitives escaped from parole could however please do still
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the lookout at welford. >> have treated well thousands of people are expected at the funeral for deputy derek greer injunction. the shot while responding to a call. a 17 -year-old was the government. >> we're live in grand junction where the deputy is being remembered. >> deputy gears funeral be held tomorrow at 1:00 here in grand junction many people not just from the state but outside the state and all over the country are joining lot infarction in law enforcement. >> they're coming here to pay respects to their brother a man who meant so much to them not just to them but the entire community. they gather tonight
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is coming together. >> derek greer. >> in grand junction colorado. >> i make it a little memorial for it the deputy that were shot up the road. >> he was so kind. so karen so kerry. >> rest in peace. >> he made the ultimate sacrifice. his face, that smile, that smile was one of the guys who always had a smile on his face that would always bring a smile to everybody else. >> he brought some a story to people who knew him. >> you want to do something and
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done. >> to honor a man who gave everything including leaving behind his wife and two young kids. >> there were the light of his life. it always talk about them. is a loss to the whole community. >> trying to make sense of something so senseless. >> there is no making sense of it. >> with the funeral taking place told that hundreds of law enforcement vehicles will start and go through may street and in the lead up to the church to show the respect and pay their honor to deputy gear. >> tonight work life in grand
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in full swing right here in colorado. former congresswoman gabrielle gifford and her husband mike kelly are drumming up support for hillary clinton. the two are in the city yesterday hosting the kansas kickoff. they say that they support clinton's stance on gun reform and their ability to stand up to special interest groups. >> leading up to march 1 every single day is important. it's important that people get out there in a caucus state to show up and encourage people to get out there and participate in their democracy. >> the colorado caucus is march 1 on super tuesday. >> a new political battle in the aftermath of the supreme court justices anthony scalia's death.
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his replacement. andrew spencer has information on how his death is changing the presidential election. >> in the wake of the death of anthony scalia over the weekend the top ranking democrat on the senate judiciary committee last to any notion of delaying the vote until after the presidential election. >> it would be a dereliction of duty for the senate not to have a hearing, not to have a vote majority leader wants the nomination to be put on hold saying that the american people should have a voice in this election. at the heart of the dispute some republicans claim there's an informal history of not voting on judicial nominees in the months preceding an election. >> the next president should have a chance to fill the void now so it is never going to answer to the electric again for for other democrats that gop is confusing the facts running them
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confirmed by the senate in february 1988. >> present obama is doing the same thing that president reagan dead. >> the vacancy will be felt as the supreme court is expected to take on several hot button issues. >> fighting the zika virus one bar of soap at a time how a denver company is saving lives around the world and how you can help them wrap up their efforts. >> and saying i do with hundreds of other couples. we'll take you to one of colorado's best known landmarks this valentine's day. >> for talking when across the suburbs, the foothills and snow and hazardous driving conditions in the high country. with all that being said, it feels
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ms call to action for violence against women. today hundreds took to the streets of downtown denver to call attention to the staggering statistics. >> among the laughter and smiles, among the music, and dancing, a gathering on the day of love with a message about what love is not. >> love is usual respectful as a partnership and it is not
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>> according to organizers want in three women will be beaten, raped or sexual assaulted during her lifetime. >> i know it i know it feels like to feel like you're alone. >> don't call them victims. >> i am a survivor. >> this means i am strong. >> today they stand home to make their voices heard. >> they rise up. >> we may not know each other but we share something in common. marching to the state capital. >> we tell women it is never okay to be verbally abused, physically abused, mentally abused. >> is about awareness. >> they're taking a stand for
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reclaim their body. >> the flash mob that you saw in that they don't did happen just here endeavor it also happened in 200 different countries today for they say this is a global issue in a global call to action. >> the weather has been pretty >> in the mountains it is still interpreted and isis causes some problems on the roadway. we have a light live picture of a 70 year loveland pass. that is close closed tonight because of an avalanche. new snow today is raising the risk. delays are expected in the area. we have traction in chain laws. as the
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weather. it doesn't look ominous across the high country. because the rater has a tough time picking up on a lot of the snow. it is coming down. a pretty good clip of snow rowing to the upper elevations. perhaps a couple of wet snowflakes but nothing to write more about the winter weather advisory is in effect because of the wind whipping around. you go north of i found it a little more in the western part of the high country well 5-10 inches of
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winter park 6-12 inches of snow in the eastern portion of the northern front range. it's going to be a wild 24 hours or so. the heaviest of the snow will fall likely tonight and suit from warning. i think once we get the 12 afternoon it will still stick around. it will be more scattered and light in nature. downtown i think we will see a pretty good deal of sunshine. we'll still have a couple of clouds makes it in from time to time. winds will be a concern especially in the western suburbs of denver. that extends into the foothills.
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an hour. as you get hurt while warning look how ramp out. fifty and 60 mile-per-hour gusts. i think downtown from time to time we could have a brief brief shot of when gusts. just a little breezy at times all the way to the date role. right now 42 in the city. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. we are looking at the 20 showing up for the most part in the high country. we are at 52 degrees for the high today. as this big bridge building in the against to enhance it will draw in a lot of that warmth building in from the
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right back into the 60s by as early as tuesday. thirty-two overnights night, when and snow in the mountains. a light snowflake early in the overnight. sunshine begins to poke out and will call up early to sony 12. sixtys are right back into the picture started tuesday. we have a lot more taste of spring on the way. >> i'm ready for more snow. >> in the 80s it was video dating but now we have tender and other outs. >> unnecessary the future of
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love can't replace human love. >> love is in the air at redrock's earlier today. what entered issue to some of the couples who tied the knot at the
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for the annual matrimony. but one extraordinary display of love to another this one at red rocks today with the place known for its outdoor concerts transformed into a beautiful menu to say i do. >> camry vehicle was there as a spectator to her couples either got married or renew their vows. >> is a place where wedding gowns are optional along with tuxedos but there's your forsaking the lab. >> it's an honor to be part of their lives. >> about to her couples will be married or remarried. including anti- ms dealers who were married at red works were
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then they were remarried. >> after factoring in the cost the average cost of a wedding in the us is more than twice $6,000 and for some couples that make it official this nontraditional way. >> since we weather use that money towards our family in her house. >> is our lives and are not all the money spent. couples the memory that they can cherish without breaking the bank. >> although high winds likely breaks them up women. >> are own shelter was the maid of honor. >> with this ring idea what. >> that turns men and women into husband and wife. >> now make out like the very
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>> kisses seal the deal and wedding cake comes in the form of cupcakes. >> it's been a wonderful day and we're very happy. >> it's a special day that no chocolates or flowers can ever rival. >> from human relationships to virtual ones. >> so ahead we explore how the future of technology could change the way we show love to each other.
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enough talk.
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the recent outbreak of the zika virus has propelled mosquito -based illnesses back into the spotlight. >> and all natural mosquito hillas soap is a mosquito repellent. box they were endeavors joe and one shows us how a company is helping to


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