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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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white democrat denver and it winter blast blowing through the eastern us how the subzero temperatures are freezing records up and down the coast line. >> they are stay with us. >> new developments out of our breaking news story we first told you about five. the two boys had been found with their family tonight they were reported missing by their mother at midnight after they never returned home from a trip to the zoo. they found the brothers and no charges have been filed. >> drivers on high alert after two people have been reported as being police impersonators.
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the incidents are connected. >> last night a driver was making his way through this intersection waiting unmarked car with lashing lights try to pull him over the sounds a lot like what happened to another driver on the other side of town the night before. >> there is another possible police impersonator. >> denver police are on the lookout for a set of fate card to try to pull over a driver saturday night. it happened just three blocks west of washington park but before pulling point over that driver called 911 first. >> is exactly what you should do if you think something is it right. >> called the dispatch. they can verify that for you safely say the state police drove off without any trouble but on
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case. >> they handcuffed the man they took money out of his car, they went to their car and came back and said he's getting off with a warning. >> they stole money from the driver who also suffered injuries to his head and face after he was pushed into his windshield. denver police say the suspects were also driving a maroon crown victoria with flashing lights or they can can't say for sure institute incidents are related but they are warning drivers to be careful. >> whenever he has summary posing as so what you're supposed to trust that always is causes concern again the driver did the right thing by calling 911 now if you try that when you're unsure if it's a real or fake cop and it turns out to be a real officer, they're not going to get upset at you for not pulling over right away. the person on dispatch will also let the officer no that you just
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it out first. >> deputies in arapahoe county investigating whether someone shot a car breaking a window. the victim was able to drive himself to the hospital. his father later found what appeared to be a bullet in the passenger seat. >> a few noticed on the loose tie and please are warning you may be armed and dangerous. one man was found at a motel in colorado springs and another found two hours later. the police are asking the public to be on the lookout for the third nutritive. he's a felon with no ties to white supremacists stress learning your details about the former surgical technician at the center at that the needles of scandal.
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out patients needles to inject center does not leave any patients were affected but they're also offering b, c and hiv testing of the patients. >> may county deputy killed in a line of duty will be laid to rest robert derek geer were shot a week ago by a 17 -year-old heard it's been a very emotional weekend for the community. >> it has been good evening. we see law enforcement from all over the country, the hymie rapid city south dakota. we
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from the metro area. this was set up by folks in the community >> everyone is coming together for site lives in sections can bring us down the list down different paths. >> the sort of path that is rippled with uncertainty. in grand junction colorado-six i making a memorial for the deputy that were shot of the road. >> one particular ripple as it turned into everything. a ribbon wrapped itself around an entire community. >> he was so kind, so carried. >> the deputy brought life and life to a dark place. >> he made the ultimate sacrifice. his face and that smile. >> he's one of those guys that always had a smile on his face
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to someone's face around him. >> like his colleague. you want to do something or say something or help in some way, there's nothing they that can be done. >> it breaks my heart. >> he leaves behind his wife and two little kids. >> they were the light of his life. he was so proud of those kids. >> is a loss to the whole community. >> life's intersections brought them here. >> recently gathered trying to make sense of something so senseless. >> right before the service roper told that hundreds of law enforcement vehicles will go through main street here in grand junction leading up to the funeral. dad's fiddle for one
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of the sort who'll share with you. >> there will be no autopsy done on the late supreme court justice anthony scalia who died this week. if a systemic and officials from texas made that decision. the justices body remains in el paso texas. she died in her sleep of he died in his sleep at the age of 79. he is 30 causing a major battle. >> during last night's gop base several kenneth say any obama >> on the other hand hillary
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and in the other one he could could-latest numbers in the presidential election show or shortage by that donald trump is dominating among south carolina voters on the republican side and just a few days of for the primary msa. that's according to the latest poll. the democratic side hillary clinton is that 59 percent. the endeavor former commerce would gabbi givers and her husband mark kelly got busy drumming up donations. she and kelly both stated report since his dance and the ability to stand up to special interests groups. >> every single day is important. it's important people get out there.
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congress is on march 1. >> we continue to learn for information about the sexual allegation involving paid many. nearly a dozen athletes we're cited by a lawsuit saying that the diversity of tennessee violated title nine regulations. according to the tennessean the two stated that the university policy more vulnerable to sexual assault and not it did interfere with the disciplinary process. it also alleges that the basic paid many sexy assaulted an athletic trainer. he has denied it and was never the summer of a police investigation, but she sued him and that was settled back in 1996. >> one of three women will be raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime. a large campaign to win balance against women in
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the cause have been together for a left flash mob and marsh at the state capital of the day were is celebrated. the message was about love is and what love is not. >> love is mutual respect for it is a partnership. it is not violence against women. >> i am a survivor. >> i am a survivor. >> the flash mob took police and from 200 different countries around the world for one group arriving assesses a global call to action. >> thankfully everyone in the house was able to go safely. investigators are now looking into assert the blaze. firefighters in aurora rescued
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family rooms were able to get out of the home along with those turtles. red cross is helping a family. >> colorado couples taking the plunge on valentine's day. >> and they all did it together says plus an amazing story of survival the one thing the captain man alive after he was stranded in the middle
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they got married then divorce. >> the first time yes. i did the address and all the people. the first time yes but the second time i said this is where i want to be safe after factory in this book costs of a venue, food and photography the average cost of a wedding in the us is more than $26,000. for some couples that reinforce their decision to make his official and a nontraditional way that we really put that money towards her family and her house. >> today is about giving couples and families a special memory they can cherish without breaking the bank.
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could have broke some equipment. >> with our own shaul turner as a maid of honor. >> with this ring either the wed. >> i now pronounce the new couples married. >> now make out like the very first time. >> a kiss sealed the matrimonial deal. >> and instead of cake it was cupcakes. a special day that no chocolates or flowers could ever rival. >> programs wasn't the only colorado site stealing the limelight. eighty couples cannot today to get married or tree knew there about and this is the 20th scare from loveland annual valentine's day matchpoint. after the ceremony
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their wedding gear. >> i like seeing the wedding gowns going down the mountain. that's pretty cool. >> snow is coming down pretty heavy across the high country. check out i 70 this is near vail. they close for a short. of time. the past has now been reopened but still travel is in tracks and laws are in effect. be very careful. we have heavy snow will redo parts of the country. we are noticing
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come in it about heavier snow. still a few pockets of that will grow into central portions of the eastern plains. the northern half is now starting to dry out. afterward we are completely dry. partly to mainly cloudy skies. we will winter weather advisory thinks all that snow. you get to the northern portion of the high country and looking out 5-10. 6-12 around winter park. it's not just the snow, it is the wind that's been thrown. this ability is being drop-down. i think this gnome will stay heavy to the early portion of the
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lighten up and become more scattered on and off throughout the day tomorrow. may well high wind watch in effect for western areas of downtown denver. the i285 quarter especially to the north we have foothills and foot range locations that could be high winds up to 70 miles an hour. that goes all the way to throw afternoon. wendy down near the palmer divide and breezy in the city. again visited for hopefully they'll also begin to lighten up. >> may well it's beautiful downtown right now. tell you to
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upper 30s. winds are quite at this point. low 30s in the eastern plains. high country teens and 20s. we made it back to 52 today despite the cloud cover. average high around 46. sunshine returns and there's a ridge to the west of us. that will allow the warmth to build the south. 32 degrees tonight mainly cloudy. tomorrow high temperatures will be around 57 degrees and back in the '60s as early as today we could be pushing 70 by the time we get to the day on thursday. a sunny sky every single day to the next seven days. >> we got to enjoy a warm
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some other parts of the country.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise,
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and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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is a cold one for much of the eastern us. this is actual steamno ske.itor when ers ldi mov lave wmewar th aalti'sayecd 24egrees.
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>> subzero temperatures are expected to ease a little bit tomorrow but snow and ice can make travel amounts. >> and oregon man who was stranded for a week in the nevada desert said he survived by eating snow. he said he was driving in his pickup when his truck broke down in the snow covered highway. the man stayed in his truck drinking melted snow and wrapped me what little food he had. the whole week whereby it is folly found by h uber who is on the highway and just happen to be looking for abandoned cars. see the zone giving it everything through a drive through these days including presidents. >> roses, tulips, teddy bears and talk whispered the valentines drive-through has it
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last-minute shoppers. >> don't have to get out of your vehicle because it is pretty cold right now sucks it happened each year at the state fair park. >> so no excuse. >> but you know you still have to work for it. >> is not exactly a romantic valentine, we can we but a raunchy superhero is especially box office is. >> how the new movie crush all
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sport's illustrated police three covers for its sports illustrated swimsuit issue. rather the celebration of different body types. one of the models was a plus size model ashley graham. in response to the decision to the magazine says there is time for a change and that not one size fits all this no longer apply for making a very strong and powerful statement. >> beautiful weather here. wind and snow are going to be cranking it up in the mountains. >> thank you so much for joining
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>> wake up keeping the band together or letting some of them walk. >> plus road warriors. and turning a ballpark into a hockey reprint the latest information for an upcoming stadium series. close failed inspection was specifically cause the team to not make a qualifying run at daytona 500 and kobe bryant last all-star game. what the future fall of humor has left behind. >> now the studies were zone brought to you by autonation.
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