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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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a family disturbance leads to gunshots in a quiet commerce city neighborhood, leaving two people dead and another injured. thanks for staying with us at 10:00, and kagan harsha. >> and i'm tammy vigil, commerce city police say they are not searching for it any suspects tonight.
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us live to explain why investigators and neighbors are searching for answers. >> one woman made it to a neighbors to call for help despite suffering a minor head injury but it was too late for the others. >> it's a kind of saturday afternoon activity that nobody on juliet circle was familiar with. >> it's just really sad. yet everyone understood you know something is going on with the ambulance isn't leaving right away. >> please say a 62 -year-old mal and a 43 -year-old woman died from gunshots when inside this house. another woman suffered minor injuries but managed to get to a neighbor's house to call police. >> we believe there was one we are not actively looking for >> most neighbors tell us they never heard the gunshot. >> very nice people. but kathy kreitzer also said she never saw this coming. >> he would come over and see if
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he was a very nice guy. >> it's the kind of tragedy nobody here was familiar with. >> families are in crisis. and in desperate manners. >> yet everyone understood. >> you never know. >> no places is this impossible to happen there are still many unanswered questions tonight but i just got off with a commerce city police and they tell us the family member that survived is treated and released from the detectives. kent ertl, fox 31 denver. >> new developments in a loveland moto kidnapping. . deputies in their mouth county found her shortly after won this morning. hamilton was taken early yesterday morning outside her room at loveland's budget hotel. witnesses she approached a parked minivan but when she saw was inside, she took off running
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connection with the kidnapping. three days after three deputies were shot in one killed serving an eviction notice, the mountain town of bailey dance together. the chretien register shows us how they are showing support. >> 14 colorado law enforcement officers have been shot in the line of duty and the last three months alone. the latest incident. bailey, where three officers were shot this week. today the community is tying blue ribbons in posting flags all over town to make sure those who risk their lives every day, know they care. >> just days after three part county sheriff's happy these are shot. >> i can imagine how the lights are changing right now. >> one of them, corporal nick carrigan, fatally injured by a homeowner been served an eviction no notice. >> justin sociability -- a group gathered along highway 285 near bailey.
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and flags fly. from the highway to the high school, around the gas station a neighborhood entrances. the color blue is tied to trees and pulls and pushed into long rows across the ground. residents of bailey banded together for the brave men and women in uniform. all of us feel so helpless. >> a show of support. and a strong message from a community not allowing tragedy to tear them apart. >> we are strong community and we will stay together. >> the community of bailey will be doing the same thing tomorrow morning, putting blue ribbons of flags all around town. a sign of support for the fallen deputy, his family and all those who wear the badge. in bailey, macradee aegerter, fox 31 denver. >> turning to the presidential election, hillary clinton demand the victory in south carolina democratic primary. she won the margin against a
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vote compared to sanders 26 percent. clinton delivered her victory speech in front of supporters at the state capital. >> there is no doubt my mind that america's best years to be head of us. we've got to believe that. got a work for that. we have to stand with each other. we have to hold each other up. lift each other up. move together into the future that we will make. thank you. god bless you and god bless america. >> in the victory in south carolina is expected to boost clinton's campaign ahead of super tuesday next week, including here in colorado. fox 31 denver's joe st. george has more on the last minute push this weekend ahead of the big test we are volunteering with the bernie sanders campaign. >> down the stretch they come. colorado democrats making a final push today on the phones and him front porches to rally supporters ahead of tuesday's caucus. >> you want to be like us to be cool a walk around the
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>> we caught up with brett and the reno walking denver streets near colfax for bernie sanders. meanwhile, we found jerry with bricklayers union knocking on doors for hillary clinton and little town. >> hillary clinton. >> a big part of both campaigns final push is hispanic outreach. >> the clinton campaign fine and obama cabinet secretary who in castro to rally volunteers. castro is considered by many people to be clinton's possible pick for vice president. >> this is going to be a very competitive state. no doubt. both campaigns are on the ground here. hillary campaign is well organized. >> sanders is getting outside support too. lucy florez is a politician from las vegas the latino support is incredibly important it's a
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>> the question is will the efforts of these volunteers change that we can. >> they deftly want to vote in that something i've heard a lot. >> we are spreading the word and informing people were to caucus. >> a reminder that caucuses started at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday and if you're confused about how to caucus, we have all the answers for you on her website >> the debate is getting more entertaining all the time. you never know what's going to come out of the candidates mouse >> i've never seen hillary so excited. >> the big finale. >> thousands of fans gather at coors field for tonight stadium series hockey game. we will show you all the hype surrounding the outdoor matchup. >> and hosting the best oscar party. we have some tips to while your guest during tomorrow night's award show. >> 70 degrees for high temperature today and we had a beautiful afternoon was skies full of sunshine. the winds picked up late in the day.
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come as tomorrow a live look at coors field. the grand finale of the nhl stadium series that place over lodo this weekend. wrapping up just about an hour the colorado avalanche faced off against the detroit red wings. >> the event drying thousands of fans from all over the world. fox 31 denver's drew engelbert shows us the hype surrounding the game. >> what you didn't see on tv was the countless number of fans that flooded the streets of lodo. it looked a bit like a festival been a hockey game.
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and see everything. we had to be out of -- it's really just a celebration of the avalanche and the 20 years they have been here. >> fans from near and far x i live in scotland. >> turn denver, at least for the weekend, into a hockey town. >> to spectacle. amazing in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> it wasn't just a spectacle of outdoor hockey, or the legends of the game. it was the party. >> my son is actually skating and it's a full family event. they have everything.
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>> that once again has hockey fever spreading through avalanche country. >> we definitely made it can't weekend of it. >> unfortunately the avalanche cannot cap off the incredible weekend with a victory. the red wings one with a final score of 5-3. row will will have all the highlights coming up later in the show but from now coors field, drew engelbert, fox 31 denver. >> preparing for the academy awards. >> from food to do her prices, we have some great tips for hosting the best oscar party. >> and the springlike weekend
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how much (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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tomorrow as we know, i've the oscars. you might be hosting a viewing party. some good tips for hosting the best party are using a cookie-cutter to create a great sandwich buffet or panini bar. the small sandwiches are perfect is back on. another good idea is to have a cupcake bar. if you're looking for prices to give up, consider spray painting a ken doll goal to make it many oscar statue. >> what a beautiful day it was until the wind started reeling whipping around. daytime highs made it into the month. we came a degree away from tying the record this afternoon.
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a moment but first we start with the winds which of really spread out over the last few hours. you begin to with around in the eastern front wings -- notice how they spread into the gusts of 33 out there. i latest check is upward of 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts in the north eastern plains. it will be windy night all week night long. it was a beautiful night and the fix no easy was flying around thanks to the wind. during breaks temperatures were down at coors field at 52 degrees. dia at 55 degrees and winds continue to with the rounds. the cold front is a corporate and that's why the wind started about their. we had a batch of clouds that
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and now edging to the southeast. dryer air coming in behind it which means we have starry skies in the city rainout. many plastic clouds and in the mountains could see a few inches of snow and a few communities. nothing really significant. we start off at 10:00 tonight with light snow times through the high country. that will fade away by sunrise early tomorrow. breezy conditions will stick around. with the dry air filtering in, plenty of sunshine on tap for us to finish off the weekend. winds come from the northwest and that will keep daytime highs 5-15 degrees cooler than we saw today. that will still be higher than
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year. near record highs that we saw today went to 72 degrees. it is still warm outside. we are still at 55 degrees. 54 degrees at boulder and we see 20s and 30s popping out at the high country. look at what happens as we go through the next few days. our next storm system will begin to creep in once we get through the day monday. especially monday evening. this is a cold front may be some snowfall in the mountains. 10-20 percent chance at best. the light rain drops could switch to snowfall tuesday morning with temperatures crawling after sunset. we are not expecting much in accumulation whatsoever. 36 degrees overnight and partly cloudy.
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mainly sunny. a little windy with when gus at 20-30. that will transition into light snow tuesday morning and it is gone quickly. no accumulation and plenty of sunshine falling. wednesday, thursday and friday and back to springlike conditions to start off the month of march. >> where is the snow? we need the real stuff. >> not the cotton stuff. >> highlights and sounds from the exciting stadium series between the state are coming your way.
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there's a report out from woody paige at the denver post citing to sources that peyton manning has reached a decision to retire and will make an announcement by the broncos are telling me this is news to them. peyton hasn't told them anything yet. the plan continues to be that he will continue talks with the team next week. so nothing official, obviously there are some key dates here. play, he must pass the physical march 4. and then the broncos will be forced to make a decision march 9 if manning hasn't come to one. that is when his $19 million salary becomes guaranteed. as we have been saying for some time, expectations are that he will make that announcement around march 1 through 4th. more out of the broncos is that von miller should get that franchise tag tuesday. from the atmosphere to the game, it is the ads and red wings and the only negative was the finish.
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the attendance was 50,095. that is more than any rockies game in 2015. it's 2-1 colorado and the third. my goodness we are tied at two. the wind was an issue tonight in denver. check out the fake snow around the rink flying everywhere. what a mess. i blame mark monstrola for that one. they would actually switch sides of the ten minute mark to be fair to both teams. the red wings would score late of the avalanche team is resilient. fourteen seconds later, gabe blandest off to out tank way and we are tied. both one minute left big mistake here brad richards pokes it over semi on our law and detroit would add an empty netter in colorado falls by three. it certainly wasn't the result these guys were looking for. while they appreciate the
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a bit bummed after the first outdoor hockey game in colorado. >> we had goose bumps and chills going onto the ice. i was excited. this was a game easy to get motivated four. the adrenaline was rushing. just not the result we were looking for. >> all games are extremely important ray now. we have to come with two points every night. we have to learn from what happened and move on unfortunately it got away from us in the third and we had the chance to and it was still a great weekend but it could have been better. it is always fun to look back and when you win the game it is even sweeter. >> i enjoyed it. it was a nice experience. i'm disappointed because we lost tonight but everything was first-class by the organization. >> now that the core out here in the infield had a rough game. the fields field is covered with this cotton batting and when the
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this place apart. it started flying through the stadium but the teams both say it was not a factor at all. you have to expect some of the situations in an outdoor game. >> switching to skiing and lindsay von has had injury issues in the past. today she suffered another one. when von when she crashed off the course at the end of her run peerage she had to be taken off on a rescue sled. von wrote on her facebook page the x-rays showed she has a hairline fracture in her left me and will get in mri monday. news breaking today that united states international goalkeeper tim howard is close to competing a move that would send him to colorado rapids from everton. the team landed the top spot in the mls location. his contract runs until 2019 and is set to make about $2 million
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that rakes and second in the nation. there are hosting sacred heart mrs. pioneers all-american pick. let's finish with a font nominal mba game. the warriors in overtime and off the okay stevens. steph curry continues. no big deal he just pulls up from 32 feet and does that. golden state has 53 wins and five losses. curry is absolutely amazing. nobody will beat them. >> so clutch. >> i wish i could barry
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>> just have curry check it out. >> have a good night everybody. we will see you back here
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