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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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nissan leaf... what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. fun for kids and tults. yet another blamed for catching fire is and burning inside an apartment. itit exploded while charging. as students sat nearby playing video games.
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lucky nobody was hurt or worse. >> the government should do more to protect the public. >> cleans up after what looks like the after math of a party. >> i was scared. it all happened really fast. >> but this mess including sink -pblged >> i charged it. and it started sparking and exploded everywhere. >> he brought the electric gadget to his home. never thinking it was a risk. >> i have been seeing on the news but didn't think it was an actual thing. i thought it was the chinese ones or something. >> the u.s. consumer product safe commission says it's investigating 66 hover boards fires across the country.
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>> cu banned them from campus residence halls. most retailers pulled them from shelves. and the largest u.s. airlines banned them from flights. >> . it was intense. they had to check us out after wards. >> both are left to wonder why the apparently hazardous devices are sold at all. >> like on the hover board there's no sticker that says anything. >> . both grateful the only damage is to his carpet. and not one of them. or their friends. >> . fox news calling the state of georgia for donald trump. still too early to call the republican result in virginia and vermont.
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all 3 states were where polls have closed have been called. sanders takes his home state of vermont. clinton has won in virginia. and georgia. >> sanders holding a rally in vermont.
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massachusetts. oklahoma and tennessee. for live results head over to pweb we'll be posting updates all night long. >> . >> here in denver. sanders remember the fox 31 denver app is your source for complete super tuesday coverage. we will be updating results all night. and you can find that for free. on your apple or google play. >> . a second emotional day on the stand for sports castor. who is testifying in her 75 million dollar civil lawsuit. >> . suing the operator of. where a stalker altered the peephole into her room. and recorded a video of her. that he posted online. in 2009. he was convicted sp served two and a half years. andrews says the trama caused her to do her own hotel security check.
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>> the hotel should have note notified her. that he specifically asked for the room next to her. >> . hundreds of law enforcement officers lined up outside virginia chapel today. to pay their respects. to the officer. who was shot and killed during her first day on the job. it happened as she responded to a call about a domestic dispute.
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>> . july 16. >> . a lot of people have questions. >> a wedding ring repair turns into a wedding ring lost. >> up next. update. they're on the case to find out how the jeweler hired to repair the ring ended up losing it.
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it is super tuesday. the caucuses here in colorado begin in less than 90 minutes. >> life at one of the democratic caucus locations in denver. with a look at what's happening. >> . good evening. we're already getting results from the east coast. here in colorado, nothing is started yet. if you are heading out to caucuses this evening. regardless if you're democrat or republican. and you're going to a school. begin. here in the calf fear kwra of buyers middle school. yet. evening. you will hear speeches. some of the rules. and you'll disperse into smaller classrooms. you can see folks setting up the speaker system.
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register you. you're advised to get here a half hour early. this line is expected to be out the door. so be prepared for that. where are the candidates this evening. neither of them will be in colorado. sanders is in vermont. clinton she will be speaking this evening. in a state that's not even voting today. she's already phao ud her campaign to the state of florida. as has trump. and rubio. we'll hear from 3 of those candidates from state not even involved in today's proceedings. >> thank you. the wedding ring you thought you'd have forever could disappear from your jewelry store.
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city. >> . hopes of preventing her night nightmare from happening to others. ago. she knew it was a forever commitment. can. it's my commitment reminder. >> she assumeed her ring was along for the ride. >> it's close to a half carat. >> she was in for a sphraoeuz. a few weeks ago. her husband dropped the ring off at park meadows mall. to have it plated. >> the date was on february 8. >> on saturday. she went to pick it up. the clerk handed it to her. she started to walk out. and glanced at it. tracks. >> i looked down. and shrieked. no joke. this is not my ring. >> the store lost it. it turns out they sent the ring repair. and somehow vanished. megaen left with no guarantee so. >> .
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>> . we asked what was being done to find the jewelry. and were referred to the web site. not many answers there. but fortunately the store did call megaen this afternoon. to let her know her ring had however. she can't see it. until wednesday. >> . how come she can't pick it up. >> have a good day. >> . so megaen isn't wreathing breathing a sigh of relief just yet. >> all thrust all trust is out the door. >> . after seeing her we'll be sure to let you know what happens. >> . hope she gets it. >> . the mild weather means two colorado reservoirs are open to
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>> 39 year-old yet to announce his decision. if in fact that's the way he decides to go. reports are surfacing on twitter this evening. that peyton manning is leaning more towards possibly trying to
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that would likely be with another team. not the broncos. they there's the hard deadline. which stipulates his 19 million dollar salary would be guaranteed. if he's still on the roster.
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>> . it's not exhausting. this is with a day off yesterday. you start to get excited. you want to play every game. >> . it's play off game. it will potentially. that could be the two points that puts us in the play offs. we know what's at stake. >> . topuck drop in minnesota at six o'clock. rockies news and note. team leaders taking a step to try to make the hitter friendly confines of coors field less so. after hitters combined for 209 home runs and 490 slug last yearment they're going to raise some out field fences. in attempt to keep the ball in
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>> so much for job security. ball boys and ball girls. tennis match being replaced for man's best friend. one problem. the dog is to bring it back. and two of course the slobber. >> . >> warm and windy conditions tomorrow.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut
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place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast average temperature. all the high ands lows added together. divided by 29.
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the last time we were that warm so. 16 years ago. february. but in order to get on the top ten list. 39.8 degrees average temperature what you need. the warmest february 1954. today. temperatures were again warm. above average. with 40s. and 50s in the phoub mountains. trinidad. while denver is 58 was cooler still above normal. we start this month off on a high note. at 50 degrees. where we should be. what a beautiful setting sun. a few clouds curling over the higher peeks. 53 and 49. air is dry. 27 percent. humidity and winds not bad. out of the south. at 7 miles per hour. lake wood at 54.
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>> nice basket of 50s here. we'll have winds going tomorrow. any where from 20 to 40 miles per hour. with gusts that could exceed that. and go up to 50, 55. strongest will be there over the foothills. we'll feel it. in denver and out on the eastern plains. and because of the wind. and combine that with the warm temperatures. we're expecting tomorrow. and fact that humidity it low. perfect conditions. we have a fire weather warner. or red flag warning for the entire eastern half of the state. >> which he check it out. here's what we're expecting tonight. clouds kind of moving out. tomorrow they quickly move in. and as the wind picks up out of the west. northwest. it going to roll up and over some of the higher peeks. the divide.
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>> it's -td winds you'll feel. no question about that. as you head out. taoeps and 20 teens and 20s for lows tonight. 19 steam boat springs. craig with the same reading. 17 gunnison. >> highs tomorrow. 40s and 50s. in the mountains. warmer 60s for the western valley. to the 4 corners. alamosa 62. >> that wind. it will be anowing. and could be blowing a few things around. the warm wind pushes the temperatures into the 60s. and 70s. once again. returning to the southeast corner of the state. here's a closer view into the metro. i have 64 broom field. and town town.
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a few clouds around. about 41 degrees. we'll wake up at 33. with the clouds in the morning. sunshine to enjoy. in the afternoon. the only thing is remember that wind out there. >> pushing to near 70. on sunday. return. late in the day. sunday. and that's ahead of the next storm system. monday evening. into tuesday. with right now, looks like light rain showers. i'm not mixing in snow. the air is too warm with the storm system. and as you can see by the percentage. it's not a great chance. it is there. and i do think we'll get a few showers. like what we saw the other day. not everybody gets it.
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>> average february is 7 inches. we ended up with eleven. all in two days. >> . we have a long way to go in march. >> . i have told you. don't let that 7-day forecast early march fool you. we are expecting mid to later march for things to get very active. >> always a price to pay. >> . another quick look at top local stories. the city is holding a public meeting tofrpl on plans to make big changes to the broad way light rail station. adding more retail and residential buildings in an already pwez busy spot. that could make it a tough parking situation. that could would be for more than a thousand drivers who use that lot every day. >> investigators in aurora say a fire that started on a stove top ended up destroying this mobile home. green acre mobile home park this morning.
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and the red cross is helping. >> . we are expecting a big voter turn out on the super tuesday. about a dozen states holding primaries and caucuses. including colorado. we will continue to bring you the very latest returns throughout the evening. >> . centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more -- all in crystal-clear hd. watch when and where you want with advanced features
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a writer and editor from deer park, texas... a data engineer originally from philadelphia, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, an author from atlanta, georgia... whose 2-day cash winnings


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