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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  March 8, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm MST

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>> why it was so easy for him to get hired here in colorado. we just learned a civil lawsuit has been filed against swedish
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the medical tech accused of exposing thousand of people to hiv or hepatitis was fired from several hospitals before landing a job here in colorado. >> every time he was canned for drug related charges. it begs question. why didn't background checks on rocky allen expose his controversial past. >> . more on the systemic flaw. when it comes to background checks. >> . fired from 4 hospitals. before he came to swedish. problem .s swedish medical knew nothing about his controversial past. when they hired him. and the reason has everything to do with state borders. and one huge loophole. >> when it comes to patients safety. former sufrpblg kal tech is a public relations nightmare. >> am i supposed to trust the doctor. that i don't know.
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we're protecting. is one of nearly 3 thousand patients being tested for hepatitis. and hiv. >> something all the prior hospitals didn't do. >> they were concerned more for the reputation of the hospital. patients. and possibly future exposure.
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the fox 31 problemsoever document. which shows scripts never provided his name. only marked a five dollar vile was missing. and the box theft reported the police. is marked no. so the dea never acted. >> that's just it's stupid. and dumb. they should have done a better job at his background search. >> remember. until swedish. no other hospital had him arrested. his criminal record was clean. most employers were usually only confirm if a worker was hired and for how long. fear of lit litigation means they won't say if someone is fired.
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>> obviously i would be concerned that other states don't have the kinds of checks sp balances. >> again rock rocky allen was job hopping across state hraoeups. not within colorado. he was supposed to self-report past termination. to the department of regulatory. when he registered in colorado. but did not. >> self-reporting is one thing. but you need to cross talk between states. >> former patients say a federal law demanding all hospitals share employee discipline records. is common sense. >> . they need to share that information. don't just sit there and block it.
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association says a plan to talk with other states about creating a federal law. or hrat at least a impact between states that would allow hospitals to talk to each other about past employees. so rocky allens don't slip through the cracks. >> the district attorney office will decide if charges will be filed. against others involved in the case. >> adams county deputy accused of attacking his girlfriend. a peered in court today. judge setting disposition on the case for june 1. >> on administrative leave. charged with false imprisonment. third degree assault and domestic violence. >> happening tonight the latest rounds in a fight to drill 22
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tonight 150 republican delegates are at stake in idaho. hawaii. mississippi and michigan. i pit on michigan colors -fpt don't tell in anybody in ohio. >> . tkopbd trump. a strong performance could set the stage for him to pull away from the rest of the field. >> . a new washington post and poll indicates ted cruise is khroegsing the closing the gap.
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>> . tkpwa fr michigan. the polls close there at 9 p.m. that will be the state that most of the candidates are focused on. >> . all right. we'll keep a close eye on that. >> . a california highway patrol officer acts fast to save a family. from a burning car. his acts are caught on camera. the officer saw the car catch fire. and start to smoke on the highway. when the driver pulled over the officer pulled one screaming
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and returns to pull a second child in the backseat. all meanwhile he's yelling at the driver. to get out. she eventually escaped by climbing out the passenger side door. all 4 family members were treated for smoke inhalation. >> . a father and daughter plane ride comes to a frightening end. the plane just fell from the sky. this incident recorded by surveillance. in a long island industrial park. just plops down. >> the phraep plane lost power. the emergency parachute helped ground. nobody was hurt.
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hrapb caster pennsylvania. omaha. and hudson valley new york. the best mobile performance. that honor goes to atlanta. >> . good for them. there's a good chance you or you know someone who takes self-es. >> i know several people. far too often. they seem harmless enough. a study shows more people died from self-e related injuries last year. than shark attacks. >> . >> when i'm bored. i just take pictures. >> boredom can make uz us do really strange things. >> i have like an album. for self-es. i have two thousand 6 hundred. skpwhr. >> she's not alone. not by a lock long shot. >> . this is the self-e generation. >> . a professor of communication. arts and science. at metro state. thinks they are becoming a part of the.
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it's part of their life. >> we're so obsessed with showing people what we're doing. and what we look like. we can't help ourselves. >> it becomes a way of documenting what you're doing on a day by day. hour by hour second by second basis. >> . so much so so. we're blinded to our surroundings. >> . in my room. i try to get a good angle. if i don't i just fall. >> plenty of studies on the matter. most like this one find women take more than men. it says young women spend about 48 minutes a day taking self-es. and while women take more pictures. 75 percent of self-evicts tend to be men. >> . plenty of places said no to
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>> . jackson posted big numbers for the broncos this year. five and a half sacks. certainly a big loss for the defense. starting corner back chris harris jr. tweeting out. >> . hungry players. that remain on the defensive line. meanwhile. 3 more broncos cut today. we told you at the top of the
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>> . with the 3 moves combined it creates close to 8 and a half million dollar ins cap room. combined with the 19 million that went off the books with peyton manning retirement yesterday. now creates almost 27 and a half million to hopefully sign on some more free agents. like. brock osweiler maybe. set to hit the open market
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ts check last check the broncos offering a 3 year deal. around 45 million dollars. a good offer. perhaps not good enough. he currently sits as the best option in free agency. across the entire league. also new today. word of the houston texasens are stepping up their efforts and interest level.
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>> . dancing with the stars coming up. >> he's going to be the break out star. i guarantee. >> however did you seed video today. around the time of his announcement. dancing on the field. >> . we'll be rooting for him. >> . make the most of your all-day breakfast at village inn with the inn-credible vib. choose 4 from over 30 favorites. you create it. we make it. the breakfast you want, when you want it. the inn-credible vib, at an incredible price,
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get to village inn for the inn-credible vib. choose 4 from over 30 favorites. you create it. we make it. it's breakfast how you want it, when you want it. the inn-credible vib, at an incredible price, only at village inn. the on and off snow showers in the mountains today. are now moving onto the eastern plains.
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running right up and down north to south. west of i 25. as we come into the metro area here, you'll see the advancement of the snow showers. and as they come down in elevation. they turn over to green. rain showers. into the warmer air. the one thing the relative humidity out there. is a little bit dry. so. a lot of this is going to evaporate. if you watch over the last couple hours. everything at the base of the foothills is taking a while to show up. on the west side. we do have in the forecast for tonight, a brief evening rain. or in some places you could see a few snow flakes. high temperatures today. 40s from the southern valleys through the central mountains. >> we're looking down broad way. heading off. and you can see some of those rain and snow showers. we're seeing on live radar:
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as they come into town it's possible we will see them here. in the city. we're at 45 and 48. look at the humidity. 33 percent. again. the air is just a little bit dry. as you look off to the south and west. again. over the higher terrain. it's cold enough to be snow. you slide down into the city. all in the mid to tupper 40s. for the most part it will be rain showers. we may may sneak in a few snow flakes. south side of town. up in elevation. easy to add in a few snow flakes. 41 castle rock. 42 parker. here's the future cast. again the snow showers rain showers coming up between now and 9 to ten. move to the north and east. and fade away. wake up with cloud cover early tomorrow. we'll have sunshine in denver. and then into the afternoon, once again. push of moisture. generates snow showers over mountains. and late in the day here in northeast colorado. one or two rain showers. i can't rule out a sprinkle here in denver. or brief rain shower. better chance is over the higher terrain.
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there we are at nine o'clock. rain snow shower across denver. doesn't louisiana doesn't last long. tomorrow looks identical to today. clouds passing by. couple snow showers in the mountains. rain shower to the north north and east. temperatures tonight cold in the mountains. teens and 20s there. here in the east, northeast colorado below freezing. including denver. hanging close to freezing with a lot of 30s in the south and east. highs tomorrow, 40s and 50s in the mountains. back to the 30s in steam boat. warmer 50s for tkpwrapbdz junction. pardonwarmer 60s. pueblo. lamar. trinidad. springfield. we'll see temperatures slide up a bit here. in northeast colorado. into the upper 50s. rather than a low 50. jump of about five to 7 degrees in a lot of places. here's your temperatures. foothills in the 40s. come to the west side you'll be in the 50s -fpt upper 50s as you make your way to downtown. account tonight. kaepb can't rule out the shower. 37. wake up at 28. then quickly warm. to 56. with a brief shower possible.
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only about a ten percent chance. then after that. 60s for thursday. friday. i love friday. friday looks great. saturday and sunday. aren't bad either. it's the weekend. there will be a little wind and cloud cover on saturday. temperatures cool just a little bit. in to the lower 60s. 60s dominate through tuesday.
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