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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  August 6, 2016 1:35am-2:01am MDT

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weeks ago bobby's parents with this liquid apartment and made a horrible discovery he went to the bathroom and turned on the light he was there laying in the file or something that started at a mutual pew they say with the apartments made because adult zamora and the disabled sons at least you know that i can take you to court and charge you for two or three months just because you name police 30 day notice. >> happy to give a 30 day notice you don't know when you're going to dice of family members reached out to fox 31 problem solvers the family said the on-site manager of heights on huron would we consider right there on the paper he still says that we are still owed $380. >> no help at noon (no compassion but to a series of e-mails and phone calls with
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of the complex problem solvers were to find a solution with the corporate manager they agreed to drop all charges except for the 30 day notice and final utility bills if it wasn't for fox 31 that we would we would be that right now to figure out a way to pay that debt we do appreciate everything you can know what to think that management company for working with the soap work out an agreement for the family being understanding of the tragic situation even agreed to repay part of t hope they get a few hundred dollars refund next week even more government and healthcare can happen here colorado still ahead what you need to know about amendment 69 the initiative that could radically change the way we cover how cost colorado and throwing punches on the 16th street mall problem solvers tackling the issue head on and
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>> another violent attack on the 16
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caught on camera the problem solvers at first exposed the growing violence that growing violence in the heart of downtown came out after the latest issue of i was a denver man is speaking out and hoping for a change andrew ingo bert spoke with the man enjoys his life with a story like the fight happened just before 11:00 o'clock on wednesday night ranger at about 16 and in stand denver police it tells the problem solvers at this point it's hard to say to the man who go camera he says another is enough to show another night of chaos another spell of violence i was really shocked to see that this minute a man appearing to be knocked unconscious after a fight when statement: the 16th street mall heard a bunch of shouting so i knew that it was going to be the this is all too
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need to grab my phone in order to call the police are captured footage in order to get more people also more awareness at the sixth generation denver native i know them to be safer than they are now i remember when i was a kid i could show around the mall now a resident of the 16th street mall now it's so frequent that it's almost expected and that said darnell says it hurts to see this happen so much shocked but i really do want to scream some health call for some help but i also know that it is something that continues to recur denver police and told a problem solvers the problem solvers that patrollers have increased the definitely had more police presence in darnell has noticed a difference the binoculars bicycles with segway's a bit at her with atvs for says he still thinks twice about being on the mall during late-night hours and helps with our awareness comes change all i can drink listed think the listed as much quoted in order
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who was involved or what actually happened for the police to be able to address the situation in denver police tells the problem solvers of the responder to the altercation as it is they got the call they also reviewed as i had no camera footage from the new cameras easy on the 63rd street at this point inc3 the victim has come forward to so that means no suspect the mac remember a denver that was much a different. >> is a thief the potential for purchase wings next is a caught on camera highs to keep them probably never seen before where he's going with that swing and unnecessary change it to help get on the government in our personal business a closer look at amendment 69 when you will be voting on in november and on the fraser space bar the rain kind of turning away from denver i'll show you what has
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>> should the government have more control over health insurance you'll will get to decide that in november will also start a fire the party. >> in the 69 would create colorado. as a form care that the form of healthcare that would likely replace the private health insurance you currently have political reporter to st. george's shows us with vacuuming for your help the mac when you believe that the country to the universal healthcare for our
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healing of america now he is helping lead the fight to change her insurance when people know what we are doing way when we was talking about colorado care amendment 69 euros voted on in november the plan would essentially eliminate private health insurance by raising the employers payroll taxes .6 percent raising the payroll tax 3.3 percent he would be run by a 21 members elected board of eli deductibles and co-pays read says most importantly cost would be kept low because government insurance is a not-for-profit our strongest asset is that we are going to take away power from out-of-state insurance companies and set up the control) colorado reid believes any tax increase would be cheaper than what employers and employees are already paying with health insurance in fact it is a cost saving calculator on their website spectacle bernie sanders to campaign for this
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president of the denver chamber of commerce chief says it is a drastic change increasing the state budget by more than 30 billion there is no guarantee of what you did in exchanges she believes tax increases close at jobs i think we could lose some of that of healthcare professionals in colorado change this with you stand for reader brought for expect the fight to intensify between the november >> supporters of amendment 69 admit if you make over $189,000 a year the tax increase would probably make your form of health insurance more expensive than we probably have change it to something house it would likely be cheaper they believe are virtually every republican is against this plan some top democrats are against it as well including jet governor john hick in the upper.
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piece of outdoor furniture wrap somebody's property this is is a video from to the kansas home of surveillance camera captured as a video of a cook in action he mosey's and he just kind of halls across the lawn of any sort of puts it in in the back of his pickup truck and then he just drives off into the sunset we've had that swing set for about a year and a half we paid $300 were pretty upset for getting your swing steps: we have some good news police ended up finding the swing at a flea market the family got it back still no sign of the guy who threw it in his truck and took off pretty brazen. >> what do you honestly think the guy looked around he didn't see the camera over the door the mac he dropped his
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way he missed the weber grill sitting right next to the swing set the mac dingdong alright guys of the weekend is upon us am excited about that unfortunately your saturday may be a little soggy sunday looking sunnier i will show you the storms of living and we continue to see the flow nothing has changed here however mentioned a few minutes ago most of the rain here in the southeast colorado got a nice touch on the west side story chief has each are cast in the second were expecting you to change with the temperatures in the 70s again in denver but the warm 80s and even 90s are not far away and our temperatures as early as tomorrow will be going back up here is what we posted today 70s in the northeast 80s
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north and west 70s for the western slope in some nice cool 60s money to the colorado mountains outside right now we are with higher humidity and community as 65 percent 66 denver 68 at the airport in the wind is a little brisk brisket of the east at 60 miles per hour usually state why temperatures you can see a lot of 60s over the eastern plains pueblo still at 73 cooler 50s and a 70 outputs grand junction and 71 as you look up towards greg future cast better storms is your notice of this area on the south we have a little bit of light rain down there but the color intensity here is way overdone for the rest of tonight and get to keep showers in the forecast for denver q showers and eastern plains and bring another batch into the west as we go through the day notice the clouds break with lead and sunshine that will allow the air to heat up getting the upper 70s and low 80s that feeling of the heat and the air as of the showers come off it will take advantage of that
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somewhat heavy rains last couple of days gray skies at lower temperatures you just don't have that volatility to get the storms go at the changes tomorrow with pretty good storms by the way of the eastern plains watch out with the storms coming and get this gusty wind and help out the 70s of wilmer 80s to the north and east getting close to 90 the south and east them in the 70s in the mountains a beaver creek for grand junction here's what it will look like a couple of showers as goals of the denver area tonight relatively crowded in the afternoon we let in some sunshine and here come the darker storm clouds late and that they will break it down this way 64 in the morning 67 at the lunch hour should top the 81 a watch out for the storms late day which includes dry in some unlike afternoon's. >> tickets are going faster by the saint jude dream home giveaway it is our annual fundraiser for the children's research hospital that does so
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year's house is a stunner beautifully constructed lots of space and is a half a million dollar home can go check it out for yourself open house towards saturday night until five ascending until five the houses on the corner of east saratoga places of buchanan street while there you can register for yet another price at $10,000 shopping spree from furniture row you buy a ticket and get a home in you help a great cause in the meantime private tickets $100 a piece you can buy one online good to in a limited number of tickets will be sold and be sure to get yours before they get us so that the rockies open a key series with the marlins are the broncos any closer to settling on a
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the rockies are trying to claw their way back over 500 tonight but more than that looking to whittle down the three games they started the night training the marlins by miami tied with the cardinals but the last wildcard in the national league three games
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that getting going it getting going early it was the marlins car was standing chasing home depot do with the game's first run nothing marlins in the first when the rocks got there first two men on nolan arellano offers on at the real pitch almost routine 643 i said almost the golden globe are no less looks more like breath on that one to tie the game within the in the next batter is taped all continuing to sing the ball opening hitting streak to all 11 games that is played have is now delayed updating this five to three marlins this come back and scored four runs and carlos in the ninth inning just when he got a gary
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and maybe four receivers looking to fill the teams at third receiver role. >> that gives us the chance to step up and start a roll and embrace it and making plays goodies make and please do it plays jordan making plays jordan played or make employees the guys in the front hall decision to make the terms of who they're going to keep because every guy i has been making a lot of plays it's a good thing that's a good problem to have a cu box and head coach mike mcintyre only won 10 games the last three years only two of those have this have come against the pack 12 rivals but there are eight losses last year came by an average of just over four points a game so should be encouraging as if they get practice started today can
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be mac once again we are talking about potential for the colorado buffaloes is been a rough ride for head coach mack mcintyre but they say with all the gross and maturation they are ready to take the next step. >> constructive criticism and i think it's more of a team the team itself a majority of the play plane in the field has the grown-ups it's a different bond that you can't break and that we can all criticize each oth all and that we love each other's. >> they should. >> they should be able to quote go eating solid food to solid food ends of the way you talk to them the way you challenge them the way they should challenge each other and the things that you demand out of them higher stake a. >> they must have a lot of work to do between now and their first game at which a september 2 apple's avail can
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hopeful of them bolder but the rockies tonight are killing me rockies tonight are killing me don't tell bruce r judge lynn: i had an angry woman in my courtroom this morning. a recent survey on decision-making in households found that women call the shots 43% of the time. however, this led to the demise of this couple's relationship. and that's why they came to see me. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. . the two of you have been together for six years. you have a 2-year-old together. ms. ray, i'm gonna start with you. why don't you tell me a little bit about your relationship and why you're seeking to end it here today? ray: when i first met andre, he was a very persuasive, strong-minded, very well-spoken gentleman. and now, he just lacks a backbone.


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