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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  August 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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waterslide english gardens she was brought to the park's first aids center then put in an ambulance. >> and never been in the hospital lily is feeling better now but her mother still has many unanswered questions are the associate that write down other can investigate this according to state officials at the injury was never reported. >> i was concerned i wanted to find that with their findings were with the rights to see what was wrong with the election says there was confusion and reporting the of this incident did not mere understanding of the state's regulations reportedly injuries and therefore the park did not submit a report however the state was subsequently informed of his incident by the injured party's mother and inspected the slide the very next day indeed the attraction saint we have since spoken with the state and now have a clear understanding as to what the reportable incident will be no future misunderstanding state
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incident investigation and the on-site inspection cannot find the malfunction but this family says they're still and is it about the experience. >> it go and do all that it wasn't but i hate to see other little kids get her on that ride. >> julie leonardi fox 31 denver. >> officials from the department of labor and employment says they have completed an official incident report. >> three children have died all drowning in a swimming pool this afternoon i have been in a neighborhood in pueblo about 100 miles south of denver sisters just three and five years old the 17 -year-old babysitter the babysitter was believed to have been watching the sisters when this happened is still unclear how all three drowned right now denver police getting ready to take a new approach to stop racial profiling chief says that the department will start collecting racial data julie hayden tells us they want to make sure can be done quickly and analyzed in a meaningful
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occurred around our nation denver's police achieve success at the tension between policing communities across the country makes it clear it's time for the denver police department to launch in some sort of data collection program one thing that helps us as this speaks to what i think is important is because and transparency the actual process is still on the drawing board but the chief says it would probably involve the traffic and pedestrian stops and require officers to record information on the person's want to see when people are getting stopped and why were getting stopped with the see the outcome of the idea is to use the data to identify and address any possible racial profiling if it shows a positive thing that's a lot of credibility for the apartment if it doesn't show favorable than we have a responsibility to correct it kudos to the cheaper for realizing chief upon realizing that the time is come to lease hopes the chief will allow community and
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have some type of independent analysis of the data is a lot more transparent and a lot more accountable and a lot more input to the cheapest says they met without anything in or out out of terms of third-party participation turning up to news a beautiful crippling power outage that stranded thousands of delta airline travelers as quickly as possible. >> airline officials blame the problem on a power outage at the event operations around
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>> five weeks ago it was the news anyone would be shocked if your a 15-pound tumor pounded in found in his bulbous forcing the president to have two surgeries to remove the cancerous goal but good news is he returned to work today cancer free. >> they got a standing ovation during the city council tonight we received a clean bill of health division i athlete in colorado and a run of the diagnosis came after filling some statements in his spine and pelvis after a recent road race he was diagnosed with a cancer that forms and from cartilage and sells surgeons remove the tumor to life with him before second surgery july o her complications still fresh in my father's passing me going to cancer a little emotional tonight but what i
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life altering life-changing life altering but to be back for what you for like your purpose is what you like people like her calling as it's incredible same day as a second surgery to his was elected president by his colleagues alvis brooks returned it today to fill the job of just three weeks after getting a cancer free diagnosis. >> right now police are searching for this woman who was caught on camera still the laptop for big baptist church take a look police say that that's happened on saturday at 830 in the evening wearing black pants and a jacket coming to the church to the laptop off the table and stuff it into a pack before leaping if you knew anything about the theft of the the suspect please call broomfield police. >> a race for the white house ?-ellipsis bling as economic plan hoping it will serve to reset a campaign is falling behind recently in the polls among firms proposals lowering rates with three tax brackets instead of seven changing childcare deductions of eliminating eliminating state
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applying tariffs on goods from quote countries that cheat when i am president we won't start winning again big-league. >> and i wanted a democratic nominee hillary clinton delivered a sharp rebuttal he announced a few days ago that he's got a dozen economic advisers let's say he's got three wall street money managers and oil baron a former chief economist in one of the big banks the hardest financial crisis men named steve and you know they alter about the same thing he does about how to avoid paying their fair share during a rally in florida singer plan will create more jobs also speaking out against trump today 50 former national security officials have said the republican administrations for mixing all the way to george w. bush's signing a letter today announcing their
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the americans killed in the 2012 attack in benghazi are suing hillary clinton lawsuit says clinton's quote reckless handling of classified information that to their deaths for lawsuit also alleges defamation thing clinton has repeatedly called the parents of liars who implied they were liars during your campaign and also knew the searches on in afghanistan for an american and australian objective right off the streets the us professor for the american afghanistan and his colleague were yanked from there as he being cobbled several men dressed in a insecure uniforms kidnapped them right now no one is claiming responsibility and there's no ransom demands i was worried because she sat up there like a white sheet making me wait right here i was liking you just wait for a second i need to figure this out how we're going to pay for the haircut and as a manhunt for missing girl and autism ends in autism ends in a hair
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later almost 10 miles away detectives this is a 14 -year-old alice k burke got lost after her dog got all of its leash at the westminster dog park she went looking for him taken harshly tells us what happened next what happened next was a long night in the dark alice tells detectives she fell asleep on some grass when the sun came up she tried to find her way home but didn't make it there instead finding massillon they search from the air and output legs heels and trails all checks but none turned up any signed a 14 -year-old alice caber 18 hours later she is done at home still not home it turns out she was here never in a million years will be think she would've come through here at inside this inside this great clips so on superior when i walked up and i kind up glanced at her i kind of knew it was her but i wasn't too sure natalie prisoners they give the guerrilla haircut as she carefully questioned her trying to confirm her suspicions caber claimed to be
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off totally out was like i don't know if it's her not she said she had a dog named chip i was like zero my campers is a new miles was actually alice >> and then when she was about to pay she didn't have any money prisoners is not to the back of a salon to call police while they collect nectar into staying until officers arrived a happy ending to a very exhausting search i'm happy like i said i would want somebody to do the same thing for me and the kind that just sits home because i have a kid myself still missing tonight he is described as being a brown dog about 50 pounds if you see him or think you see him please call authorities and eye-opening demonstration of westminster today showed off her sprinklers could save your home the national fires burglar association set up a demonstration starting fires into rooms one with sprinklers and one without you see how fast the room without sprinklers is destroyed in
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lot of fire departments don't realize how fast of the modern environment burns this room that using today went to flash over in less than three minutes ray says of all commercial buildings while commercial buildings usually a sprinklers most homes don't end most of fire just happen her home and you recommends anyone his building or remodeling look into having them fire crews and thoren rushed an antenna flameout of storage storage facility this afternoon for many years storage on washington street firefighters say the planes that damage the tree offense in accordance with him building but didn't spread to the inside the variant, two care this november in the meantime there should be big bucks spent trying to sway voters in one way or the other cap next will take a look at the new report that shows why the big bucks are being spent on the lines may actually end up being yours plus a batman and robin thoma anneliese stephen bonnie and clyde told
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ho snoop dogg teaming up on day fraser as a jew with writers to a couple of storms out there are many sure your seven day forecast of the best
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>> right now the san bernardino county california firefighters say smoke from the pilot fire is so intense casting haze over las vegas which is 200 miles away the fire started burning around noon on sunday a starter with 4500 acres sever h are close to dozens of homes evacuated as crews try to gain the upper hand still not reported any injuries or structure damage and no word yet on a cause deliveries are giving people living on small island in maryland and faster access to much-needed medicine the white house has launched the medical drone pilot program smith island has telemedicine which allows islanders to video chat with a dr. will not take minutes for a drug to deliver prescriptions to the island. >> we don't have us pharmacy on smith and smith island with
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able to make the diagnosis by telemedicine and deliver the medicine even if the votes aren't running if all goes according to plan the first if i could happen late this year or in early 2017 taking a look at your money amendment 69 colorado care will be on the ballot this november could create a universal healthcare coverage and system right in the state when the main arguments against the proposal is that the state can't afford it to new report from the health institute says it can't the report says in the first year colorado a deficit of $253 million thanks to bake but is actually less than one person person and the plans projected revenue the plan report says that the deficit would grow every year as a revenue would not keep up with the rising healthcare costs unless taxes were raised the report wasn't all bad news it also says it would cut billions of dollars in administrative costs and insurance company profits from the healthcare system parkways has to pay $100 million in
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manipulating the london interbank offered rate is a benchmark interest rate that affects trillions of dollars around the world he says barclays colluded ?ith other banks making the rates are different than from mother to borrowing rates defeating its entire purpose that colorado is expected to get around the $4 million martha stewart's are stocking up to stocking up on her gin and juice that the cooking on any show called that monitor and snoop snoops dinner party interesting friends over pop off the train entr?es and desserts for the celebrity friends they show premieres this fall on vh1 is not the first time they've collaborated snoop once made brownies of all things and mash potatoes on the 2008 episode of martha stewart living just as so many places to go with the story i don't know where to start we will start here with a and begin we are keeping an eye on a few
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and east of us the front range is range is quiet but it's here the storm has been sitting here near pisa permitting county national weather service has on that a severe thunderstorm warning for a couple more minutes but what we are seeing here is because it's sitting there getting localized flooding as well as a flood advisory out there was some of the streams and creeks could come out there just hasn't moved all that much these storms are moving out of the state their decreasing as a southeast: what about to say goodbye to the brain junction at 90 low 90s more than south and east of north and east if you 80s over the eastern plains in the cooler 70s to the colorado mines at mountains edinburgh coming in at 91 degrees today we did not touch that very hot record the hottest temperature ever but it happened twice back in june of 2012 in very hot year for us and 71 and 74 southwind at 1037 percent there got a few
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71 as you go to wheat ridge and 75 for the woman stapleton rest of the front range at temperatures mainly in the 70s soon a few 60s down south 59, for the same in georgian town and we've got mid-sixties up towards estes park what's left out there isn't not much of most of will continue to push out otherwise with the lawless and trying to the lunch i went as we turn th commute start to get these bubbling kind of thundershowers go get some rain merit but as they push out on to the eastern plains only if you make it down here and again as the battle between the dry air that we had the lower elevations some from sprinkles some showers get through but look at this is a very scattered in nature there is a wider view across the state storms to the south and east will move out overnight around 1:00 o'clock in the morning we should be done week up a little bit of
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morning break into plenty of sunshine to the lunch hour and then storms will come out of the southwest mountains moved to the central mountains and then take that bend and push out onto the eastern plains will tell quickly most of the storms fadeaway was tonight not bad comfortable 50s of the 60s of it is a little warmer upper 60s to us tomorrow the hunter springfield into pueblo and mid-sixties out west with the 40s west with the 40s and 50s in the mountains rise tomorrow looks similar to what western slopes 70s and 80s in the mountains upper '80s
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something with the better range uses friday and saturday with although it is obviously more) and then send in monday week's cast every telemedicine in the forecast for the last three weeks we see the higher rain chances we are getting the rain we are just not getting as much as the computers want us to believe spoke says that's how lazy i am the mac all right was four-week summer with a woman nursing 2-degree mobile giveaway that the bedroom house on september n the toll gate crossing tollgate crossing neighborhood of over a buffer from some land at the cherry's creek
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what saint jude is all about you can help support their efforts and have a chance to win a brand-new $550,000 home of the limited number tickets are available an hundred dollars each get one before you sell out call 182-76-7695 or go online to jude a close look at the dream home there's a virtual tour including some 360 photos you can also watch a five minute long walking toward the video if you would like to see impersonator details about the open house tours every weekend this month could check it out a lot of us are stopping by as well ahead in sports game week for the broncos to prepare for a road game in chicago latest on the competition also which injured defensive player
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> 's game week for the broncos preseason game number
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chicago a lot going on with the team right now as they returned one of the best defensive players to the field today that all the top storylines out at team headquarters per his hurdle has tonight's training camp report. >> there was very good energy in the broncos practice today something they like tremendously after the last day off maybe this game week maybe they're figuring out maybe it's it out maybe it's the return of a long-lost friend. >> while let's see what didn't happen a broncos camp today i same as a matter of when we decide who's going to be working as the guy i'm not ready to get there yet we need to keep going. >> i had to ask the sure enough it's right there on the first depth chart released traversing and showing the number one spot at qb riding in the nose getting released today in troy said something about it coach told us not to pay attention to what i'm sure lynch isn't but sanchez is
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today his third and less than a week no wonder she is looking forward to facing the bears. >> you got anticipate locations and stuff he got anticipate when windows against a defense not against a weight defense against these players is good for us to work on accuracy and timing by the way sanchez isn't all football yesterday he took in the new board maybe with his dad make his my keys can of a veteran to that was impressive so those impressive so is the key to leave usually back at practice today for the first time since being shot in dallas last june we just keep progressing break in the crew we just keep progressing by the time again on the field of
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changed man. >> away from football he's just to see how important it is to yell you definitely want to love it than to let the game a little bit more to be a hoax to lead back by the third exhibition maybe by then you'll have a quarterback at the very least to have had some looks against other people and to amend in to amend the broncos say it's about time up on another team we take our brothers the broncos have one more day of work tomorrow before tapering off on wednesday at soldier field in a game i think that all of us hope to learn a little bit more about this football team and epic journey for a tiny
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under the head of a car in every word she is getting for
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>> is international cat day
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a new home for the holidays he rode in on the head of a car for under the heading for more than 200 miles from south dakota to minnesota couple driving the car said they heard a cap before they started but the sound stopped so they didn't worry about it when they left the car in a quite neighborhood street the whole neighborhood had to worry about it they cap woke us up we live right over there seemed that we can find him i'd tried to look for her in the window not that even superman could say that cap the neighbors spent outdoors over two days trying to get the cap out before eventually being able to grab her the grab her the man who pulled her to safety is adopting her using about naming hermes on after the car she wrote in the code after the state she came from or of course the ever popular lucky the cat i understand it took them hours over two days to get the cap out the mechanic to build the about the car didn't take
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joining us might remember to wake up with today colorado ? ? ?
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