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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  August 9, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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and all day and
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and you will you as you and this incent by thenjured pay's mother a expecteto slide the ry next da indeed thattraction save. >> we ve sentees spoken with t state and nowave a clear undersnding as to wh the was poable iiden ey will bno future sunderstanngs mindstandis state ofcials to se e dail
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on-site inspection did not find the mail function the family says there's still uneasy about the experience. >> pulled out an incident report. >> a developing story in southern colorado three children have died of drowning in the swimming pool this afrn ighbhoodn pulobout 100 mis south of denver police to say the victims are two sistersdjusd threen five years old in the7 -year-old babytter is a the babysitter was believed have been watching the sisters when it happened and is still unclear how all three of them drowned announcing today the department will launch a new program that requires officers to record the race or ethnicity of people they contact chief robert white says of the tension between policing committees across the country makes it clear it is
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the ideas to collect information on a lesson in people involved in traffic and pedestrian stops and use that information to identifyand correct any possible racial profiling the chief says police are just beginning to design the process is a commitment to make it happen and to make it happen sooner than later but there's still a lot of unanswered questions that need to be resolved before we can actually an ballot. >> by the end of the year community the idea about the chief includes the community in independent parties can help is on the process and analyze the data to make buy an emotional meeting at the denver city county building returns to work to remove a 15-d tumor found there is progress the new city council president council president had two surgeries to remove a cancerous quote the good news you return to work today
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>> the standing ovation at city council tonight he said he still little late but received a clean bill of how the firm has doctors the cancer diagnosis shot the 37 -year-old brooks a former division i athlete's in a run of the diagnosis came in spite of pelvis after a recent -right-curly-bracket he is diagnosed with a cancer that forms cartilage cells tarting to inhibit tumor july fifth before his second surgery he lost his father did to her complications can still fresh in my father's passing going to cancer emotional but i went there was life-changing and altering but to be back and what you felt like your purposes for you collect your calling is is incredible to see the energy now the same day as the second surgery about the council president by his colleagues he returned today to fill the job three weeks after getting the cancer
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experience has taught him humility and only renews his passion to serve the experience of time humility and only renews his passion to serve the tonight at nine it is a real-life look at what will happen when a fire starts inside your home a national pirates pagoda association held it in my class and then they said this demonstration starting fires in two rooms one with sprinklers one without they say seeing how fast iwent witut can be an eye-opener even for some extras spirit him in the. >> even the fire departments you've seen today would to flash over in less than three minutes recess or commercial buildings usually have sprinklers and most homes that don't but most fire deaths happen there home looking to having them added fire crews and thoren rushed to knock down a fire of stores facility happened at the many user storage on washington street firefighters in the flames damaged a tree aprons and a quarter of one building but it
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massive manhunt for a missing girl with autism ends with a hair cut 14 old ellis gave returned up this afternoon and i hear someone within 10 miles away with pretty unusual details about how she was found how far she had to travel to get their alice k burdick disappeared sunday night after being dropped off at the westminster hills dog park as if she was founded more than 20 hours later about 10 miles away she told the women who found woman w entire way 18 hours later she stole my home it turns out. >> when i walked up and i kind of glanced at her i kind of knew it was her but i wasn't
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give the girl a haircut as she carefully questioned her trying to confirm her suspicions cable or claimed to be a boy named miles is through me off totally so i was like i do know if it's true or not she had a dog named chip brazil's a new miles was actually ours m when she was about to pay s di't havan mon. >> was as a snub to the back of us want to call police way call it could turn took to stay neutral officers arrived like i said i would want somebody to do this the same thing for me to kind the hits home but because the havoc it myself. >> and alice gaber's dog is still missing today she tells detectives sometimes he got off his leash that are part and got lost trying to find him in the dark so he lay down on some grasp of the night she woke up try to find her way back home this morning but didn't get there instead found her way to that salon wit
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presidential race to like donald trump has laid out a w ecomiplan hopg it will sve to reset a cpa that's flen behind in e pos among trump'srosal loring ratesitthree x bracketsnste of ven ao enng estatax. >> code i crent t de is soden is oan mpx thash we e code cplncerta proped repeali some mporarily opping new ones well asenegiati nass and tu goodsor "countri that cheaand a ray todemoaticilry cltodelivea ar bual. hn'escaheaskn the mile all say t same thin the ts cies in a ni pe me reatoy
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mpgna this proposal a disaster for the us economy and said it would help only the richest americans. >> at raining and the rain you'll be able to collect what falls freely from the sky legally how i knew colorado law could save yooney gaons yocan cct eryman year and power outage pummelg delta today an upte on the tuation inhe sky that is e unlily laonshipuilt on fresh evidence and that we need it when martha stewart and snoop dogg will have you dropping it like it's hot your pinpoint weather forecast a better chance of rain will
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that song when you say that are you ready for some football. >> we are all anxiously awaiting the start of the season of the bloggers themselves wseapal i ay ty're getti a little extra motivation on this day it's game week okay first exhibition game week but don't think that that doesn't put a
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time is great that can be any better time because i was tired of hitting the dam delete back of through credit i did some one-on-one today felt pretty good on the field to crack a joke or something make sure everyone is mine is right and of course at that posted at the chart buzzing i don't even know we put a ?-ellipsis today i will pay attention at all the day i can always change we've seen a here to the quarterbacks it's excess and as gary kubiak said all three were play in chicago on thursday all three to be finally facing that's been a common especially playing against our defense and you just got a be able to roll with it and get enough some to know some shots and get your
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better for that reason i think it's going great i think we are right where we want to be a it's getting to those days the guys are sick and tired of looking at each other you know we're ready to play against another team a different color uniform kickoff against the bears as of thursday night at soldier field will have much more from headquarters when we retu broncos apple goes headquarters in person heard onox 3denv looks lik marthatert is stocking up her chin d juiceaid back with r mind oner money and honey on her mi tomemangoining rc with oodogg ty ll getoong on a newho called about the sth dinne rt with a dinn prthat woulbehey wod ip up f e chain en?es and build bulldozers f the cebry frie it premieres
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once made brownies and mash potatoes on a 2008 episode of martha stewart living there were both together on the justin bieber roast in city became best friends are very funny. >> probably literally this is colorado where okay with that really strange feeling all couple we need the rain tonight the showers are slipping away as we get it with your pinpoint weather radar showing most of the action moving onto the eastern plains in coming to an end of the front range is a done we are seeing some lightning is here to the north and east and southeast colorado watch the number of strikes just kind of drop off the storms are weakening at this hour i will
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producing will keep an eye on them in southeast colorado the strongest part of the storms are slicing to our colorado 80s and 90s west all caps. didn't this brings about the 81 and the measure 90s of his easterclaims dver coming i 91 deees this afrnoon it'soo above wre we should be whichs 89 most in th90s for couple of ys have point out tt hot reco 105 degre mperature er recordedn denv it's happened at more than the 1878 10 bc that happened twice back in june the 2012 again is the hottest temperature we've ever recorded lights are on a corset field iraqis are playing 7476 and the humidity is low it's comfortable out there now that the sun has set ; 71 arvada 75 outputs, city 77 in the stapleton area
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from denver north and north and east on the south is out of town parker castle rock during the 60s which time and 61 and 57 as you make your way to its conifer there's the storm we have it there once we get past midnight they are gone may wake up with a little bit of cloud cover and northeast colorado otherwise the northeast playing the front range in denver metro in the mountains all starting with plenty of sunshine not much changes to the lunch hour and then here comes the storms looking promising over the higher terrain but as of a compound across the fnt range ofondon a will dry t just slighthance firs formally ithe afternn about as high of a chance has resulted a pleasure storms in the south and east everybody else will enjoy plenty of sunshine and once we turn past one or two here come the storms southern mountains of central mounds seconded across the front range eastern plains third en hear tha she is
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temperatures for those tonight will be in the 60s most locations all the a few spots clearly for collins in the 50s cooler 50s and even some 40s for denison to tell your right highs tomorrow back in the 90s grand junction 70s and 80s to the mouse close to where you were today maybe a degree or two warmer and parts of northeast colorado avenue in denver goes back to where we were today and certainly the hottest temperatures will be the upper 90s in the south and east asia hires for tomorrow on your tuesday 92 and needed 93 lined the edge you make your way towards boulder downtown denver at 92 degrees we will have no 90s about everywhere couple of spots on t west sidef 10 ma it into the upper 80s might when tempers might come to quick-tempered school that morrison and mid and upper 80s running from greenland and larkspur back to castle pines 90-dree reading and paer and in ghlands ranch i forecast will b for clri ski a little bezy but comfoable as we got down to 60 tomorrow 91 where we were today in the same chance
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we saw this afternoon same thing on wednesday 90 degrees one or two storms thathe bestf-breed chces tt do show uon thursda and friday that the cold front coming in as we knock it wn into the lo80s like i said we he the skieopened up can share little me rain with mostf the fronrange again will ba washout it's he best chance we've got saturday's tour if you storms by sunday and monday the dry warm weather kicks in again. >> from unused land to something everyone can enjoy for a fraction of the ual co how one'sental blo led the cy to creata brand-neopen-spaceark a tract on on the cigarettes starts today we will run on the new rules for buyers and sellers candy spelling test to the hospital what ate that
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of passengers and delta airlines a power outage of the operations center grounded more than 2500 flights six are likely to cost them tens of millions of dollars airline is waiving fees for everyone who didn't have to reschedule giving $200 vouchers to passengers who swiped or canceled swipe or canceled or delayed more than three hours. >> that's a little bit scary but the one thing can cause it to happen all over the world i trusted that they will figure itut eventually they're giving affected passengers unl friday to rebook their flights for free in your report says former fox news executive roger a lot used the company's budget to go after his enemies at new york magazine says he hired consultants political operatives and private detectives to target journalists and others at some legal experts say it to into it could make 21st century fox liable to shareholders
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the same candy all of them got sick of the africans in the art when it developed heart palpitations shortness of brthashes and ollen tongues candies re gmy rcles at some isome kind otalks an was it an animal marijuana or some sort of drug that somebody intended to put in their you have to think at least a seven of them second or children three of them taken to intensive care they're joining wide-open space without ever leaving denver city limits still ahead on the idea for the new park is gone from a walk in the park it's gorgeous out here tonight a lot of people in colorado are actually hoping
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>> i was super excited i actually jumped the gun a little bit if you have a garden listen up it could save you a lot of money starting on wednesday for the first time ever you will be allowed to think of the collected rainwater can use it on your lawn your garden maybe want to wash your car ashley michaels
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this new law works. >> this issue has been debated for years and some people think a brain falls on their property than it there is but a lot of other people like farmers say that is stealing because they're worried there that will be enough water downstream for them here is a compromise that lawmakers came up with i've got some pumpkins some butternut squash is to make one squash it safe to say beaty big pearson has a pretty green thumb does nothing there's nothing on the one in the morning thence my pjs with a cup of coffee about things like picking up the weeds or whatever and just admiring it in talking to edit one thing it one thing about having so many plants they get really thirsty need a lot of water starting this week at mother nature can help with the watering duty because the first time in colorado you can have a rain barrel most people have gutters and so you need to cut the gutter so it comes
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are done it builds up when it rains that means it free waters so what i need water that doesn't need to be treated for the powers for the garden i just develop a watering can of water that there are a few rules though first each house is limited to 2-barrel is together they can't hold more than 110 gallons if you use it all you just wait until the rain refills them second you can only catch water that comes from your downspout and has to it has to be used on your property have to be sealed on top like this one there's a hole in the bottom of the planter areas in the extra water goes straight down and lastly you can only use rainwater outside for things like gardens and washing cars beaty thinks it's a pretty simple way to save some water and simpson green i think if you got a garden if you've got plants anything like that that makes a lot of sense now if you want to go ahead and do this you will probably get about
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year now rain barrels cost about $100 each and you can pick them up at any of your local garden centers that includes places like home depot and walmart numeral breaking the law the sale of e cigarett t mirsnd band across amicafter new fda regulations te effect day that's not t only angender theew rules buye will have to show photo aho andetairs areow nn fm haing out free samples were sellingr selling them in all ag vending chin the fst recall a warning lter simply a letterrom fda to t retail that saysouroke the law we will be back and if you break the law again there been a be fines the new rule cigarette nufacturs or there lot to promote the devices is as a healthy alternative to smoking w to pridstngcienti evencef e ppt th aimhe data ndice mar cuur shift when it cos toarijuana t nbe of tho adults whsme weed s doubled three yea
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oke thdrug whe 43 pcentave iedthe gaupeportalso t ease m beecause mos iegal wise in at california massachusetts maine and nevada are all voting on marijuana legalization comes as november disability advocates prin dowown denver today against our right to die measure the group but that gets this the proposed amendment doesn't do enough to permit protect disabled people more than 160,000 signatures to put on the november ballot that still simply doesn't have the initiative to safeguard adequate protect coloradans at from this type of corrosion and if he is an initiative would let adults in the final stages of terminal illness is medical help today they must approve the signatures before he can be can be placed on the ballot outdoor lovers have any have any place to go as denver
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airport didn't do explains how the idea to start a buy one man walking his dog's sometimes big ideas come from small things like taking your dog for a walk in the park b mac and that's exactly what happened to scott gilmore when he took his dogs for a walk in the park except it wasn't a part. >> the plants were here the trees were here we would always see these big and they welcome on the other side of the fence thinking i believe it would've been a perfect place a perfect place that is foreign open-space park and how fortuitous that gilmore was the man inspired as he so happens to be denver's deputy executive director of parks and planning pretty good for me and pretty good for the city because gilmore got the ball rolling on what is now denver's largest open-space park first creek and then


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