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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 9, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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>> hillary clinton expected to push congress to cut their summer vacation short what she thinks it needs to be done that just can't wait for loss imagine going to the grocery store and sing this little guy scampering to the produce section how a grocery store responded when the man who took this video brought road into their attention and employee stares down the barrel of a would-be robbers gun and takes matters into his own hands turns out the suspect was armed with a something different they thought will explain. >> at 11:00 o'clock right now you could have the chance to work with the broncos play would not be really nice the jobs are up for grabs today
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nieto is right there with what's happening stop to come down to mile high stadium and check out this job there to show you exactly where to go were on the over on the northern side of the stadium big john will do the hard work year and it used to go through intensive j again this is a north side sports authority peeled at mile high you kind of see many mile high in the foreground is with a job fair will take place as we speak impact stadium to show you what argus is given to actually hiring more than 600 positions a sports authority peeled at mile high 600 positions presence at the stadium more than 1,000 seasonal positions for multiple events at other venues are this will continue taking applications and to get until get this all positions are indeed filled with a hiring for three primary positions the number one would be what's known or called a
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explain prohibited items and the clear back hiring for security screener and metal detection obvious description that pays 10 bucks an hour thirdly parking lot attendants /traffic flow team members that pays a $9.50 an hour again you can apply here at the stadium at the job fair runs through 2:00 p.m. you can actually g website which we link to our website at shawl and kirk again all this information on our website know to use it to the remarks are argus is higher when quarterbacks for the broncos. >> is gideon. >> if you were to apply for one of these jobs you have a job were not in a you go but if you were which one would you apply for what would you want to do. >> quarterback's water.
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wants you to know that they are higher when they posted this to the twitter accounts saying that the application process going on now to the 15th of august lists details about how to apply pay for the first year all the information you need to know right) also at >> we're learning one person has died after an accident this morning and a 3600 block of police say it was an industrial accident investigating right now so far not saying exactly what happened here meantime police are releasing the name of the men who died in a crash last friday police say today's 30 -year-old brendan cabal meant was in a car with his sister-in-law previously they had said he was in the car with his wife but they now say his wife was in a car driving nearby table admitted the sister-in-law of reportedly arguing cable man jumped out
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the sister-in-law says he wasn't drinking at the time so after he jumped and she she tried to control the suv but it's traffics and was quite a mess as of now nobody has been arrested police in lakewood city investigation is not over and and if you're flying today held the airlines is still trying to recover from that big outage date on the planes yesterday according to doubt that it is canceling more than 500 flights today the headache is still there if you're flying still cut you may want to check on your flight before you had to the airport als unaccompanied minors will not be accepted until tomorrow or must the minor has already started traveling and has another flight today those miners can be revoked without a fee and travel waivers are being given out there also be given out for today's travel as well as yesterday said the that trying to make up for it. >> they've got a lot of work ahead of them they can figure it all out today in douglas county that will be a big decision on whether or not to
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marijuana plants are not the girl inside their home commissioners will take the final vote today if it's approved private homes can only grow 12 plants or less in using butane and the growing process would not be allowed growers would have to keep plants and closed and locked up and conceal the smoke from outside the home if you break those rules you face a fine of up to $1,000 a day from his account is accused of setting his light on fire after the couple had an argument investigators say 46 -year-old lawrence tiffin was allegedly gasoline inside the home they say his way to stop him and they struggled to spell spelling the gasoline on her and she told him she was calling 911 he allegedly said the gasoline fire setting her on fire investigators say they don't believe you set on fire on purpose the still facing charges for assault domestic violence and ours and his wife was taken to the hospital with second-degree burns you can get up to a $10,000 reward for helping to arrest suspects who are shooting and killing
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county sheriff's office is as a multiple cattle have been shot and killed cattle owners are offering a part of the money for help and that that would lead to any arrest after tyler perry says he is willing to pay for the funeral cost of twin girls who died in a court in georgia when -year-old ariella alana died last week after police say their father got drunk and left them in a car is now facing charges of perry is from georgia and says he decided to pay for the funeral after seeing an interview with the girl's mother hillary clinton expected to call on congress today to end their recess and come back to work to do something about busy gal per a clinton is touring the houses and in miami today she's expected to ask congress to come back to pass funding to fight the virus outbreak has put florida in the past few weeks in congress left for the summer recess recess last month that it outside about 1107 on your tuesday morning beautiful day but it is getting cloudy out there i'm sure it means something is coming getting a little bit
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time out here even though some kids are headed back to school some have gone back like douglas counties and go back in the middle of this week and others get back at the beginning of next week we're starting to get them back and in droves and the temperatures will start feel a little more fall like the beginning of the skill you're like today's gorges we have clear skies any which way i look at it basically i see sunshine except back towards the front range on the foothills whither are some clouds coming up in that exactly what i expect them because we will see was his and scattered showers at least out there lower 90s we are already there in a couple of spots and 91 the latest temperature in denver is officially 88 at the airport and admitted to a port 80 is as you go over it with the foothills to get cooler underneath this clouds at 90 to the high today we only got a few more degrees to go about former at the airport and we will see some of the isolated storms mainly over the west side of town i don't think many actually crossed by 25 and will be tough to get them going too far out on the planes tomorrow-90 looking partly cloudy there looked at
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go to cloud cover in terms of the lower 80s and we stayed there for a while. >> thank you greg coming up with back-to-school shopping and lose a lot of high-tech stuff and know that every device works for your kid in their school are problem solvers at back-to-school week were of back-to-school week were hoping it is plus an unwelcome guest at an louisiana area market share will go run and grab some lunch
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1110 greg's got a look at the extended forecast coming up in just a bit the new vulnerability on your android phone is that got security experts concerned right now problem is it's not a hole in the android software is a problem with the qualcomm
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could get a hacker full access to your info known as root access it affects about 900 million android phones has released its success by this but so far it's been slow to a lot because google doesn't make your phone they just make the chips it's up to the phone makers are to actually release of these updates and slowly but surely it's happening it'll take some time it's no secret arcades classrooms are digital more so than ever before computers and tablets and smartphones when it comes to making sure our kids have clear-cut today as part of our problem solvers back-to-school week we hope you shop for a computer for your child at micro center in denver there are rows and rows of computers and laptops for most people is a computer that worked well with aaron mccleary has worked here for years and knows that many parents dread trying to pick out which one is right for their kid it's usually i don't want to do this in the can to secure like this one
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isn't always most affordable and is isn't always the one they need is in charge of it for douglas county schools he said the first step is to ask your school talk to the school tough to the teachers at talk to the tech resources at school we wanted to make sure you tried the music software. >> your are three major categories to keep in mind first in google chrome books basic but often a perfect affordable option to chrome book is a machine that says for the most part you can't install apps but it's fast nearly virus is free in the battery lasts about 10 hours they started over $200 at next you have it mid range of laptops at a cost about $500 and up to not great for gaming video editing photoshop but they run windows you can install apps like microsoft office of battery life will be great either about five hours and finally you have high end ultra books both the windows
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costing about $1,500 and other things another thinks things can handle almost anything back in high school this may be a good place you trust your child you don't have issues with theft and schools in the classrooms and you know what they can manage it you start with this computer you can easily go into the hybrid technology classrooms and these days are so much different than what we were kids in the classroom this is an ipad charging station and inquires a lot of classrooms at computer workstations and laptops in makes it so for important to talk to your teacher and ignore school before you go out and buy anything at douglas county we have 50,000 computers it doesn't look like it the tablet may actually
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>> and sometimes you know is that apple or windows again asked the school and my network is important and another question a lot of parents have is how hot is it going to be we will talk to greg about that also parks it go to open space parks than talking about that this morning days to a study according to the daily mail of the students at columbia university in new york who went on speed dates intelligence women were impressed by men who were
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only wanted a clever woman if she was also totally hot it's a very attractive that. >> will you know totally hot. >> , prized by that some things never change in other words is what they are trying to tell us there's a new study out on the states for having a baby and colorado didn't even crack the top 20 according to the survey by while i have the number one is a vermont followed by maine connecticut minnesota new hampshire colorado came cayman 31st the mississippi state game came up dead last in the rankings are based off of things like healthcare accessibility and how big the hospital bill is likely to be colorado a customer at a los angeles area market got pretty freaked out when he spotted a mouse running to the produce alejandra avera took a video
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he's given us right to produce rivera told a security guard who called with a supervisor that they grabbed the mouse put in a bag and disappeared with it not sure where the supermarket said a statement saying all the potus in that area was thrown away the area was fully sanitized and also when they brought produce on that they can return it for a full refund the whole thing sparked an spark an investigation by the health department will tell you what that video alone that is sickening >> luckily as we mentioned earlier it was in colorado we are just days away from the broncos at first they deem the preseason to do the players are out at training camp one last time before they head out to chicago to face off against the bears it looks like warm temperatures are back again this week we will to you how long this weather will stick around and when the rain kicks
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one more day at training camp for the broncos it's time for the team to kick off the preseason with a game against the bears in chicago i can't resist it every time i have to say the bears. >> is cool the way you say it in the candy carmen leiva training camp. >> hi guys the bears coming up the bears i love it another
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on we are now there not there are co- number one as we know what's going on there they need to see them in a game they need to see them working to see really where they will go with this quarterback situation today at a camp i will tell you sanchez not having the best today we see that throughout this camp some great moments had a great path but then throws a pic or makes a really bad decision it's is interesting to see this process work really sharp and polished as he continues to really battle for the quarterback acted that two years ago was almost any give up football will know more tomorrow they traveled they are off tomorrow if they get back to work in chicago on thursday it that it is expedient cookoff at one time that the griffith will be there david will be there to
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usually the preseason games are more for the death in the rockies depth in the rockies in some of those roster spots they will see a time from our superstars like murray's thomas we allow that depth to work but in the broncos situation were actually going to see so much more work from this quarterback spot sanchez expected to take the first team i my celtic the first batch of work was in the preseason plays out i really been a situation where the preseason and the quarterback competition is so important tbd guys will have it all covered from here at team headquarters in chicago this is one of the most important preseason's and years. >> absolutely that's what's been so unique about it the fact that usually this preseason okay let's get to their re- regular season is pretty critical this year for
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so grab and the thing is when looking at a cold front of a cold front will arrive during the end of the weekend it's to be determined how much rain but it looks like a few days where we will get some rain showers and we're looking at the sky and look how nice it look a nice it is nice and clear to me turn the west and cloud cover building over i was talking about this this morning" will build and produce afternoon storms in the meantime still keeping my eyes and a little bit of a stationary front cover with illinois you can definitely tell us in the cooler air like lazy meanwhile it's 88 in denver casper is already in the lower 80s of that front again balancing work and
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reason i bring it up is because it's not only producing rain but also with at the head with the headed our way and that is what's going to bring us the rainfall as we get to the lake week for now all the action is often what it's all focused on the front of certified sound temperatures in the upper 80s right now 88 akron 88 denver 86 officially out greening the front range and general provision reenactment had 90 clouds they continue to increase as we get to the late morning or early afternoon the clouds will pop up just a couple of showers in the foothills of thousands of years of the big difference between today and what normally happens hopefully you see the class a 25 bilby garden to write an essay collections of placing it is an unstable air they get there is really stable there's really stable air over the planes that the things fizzle
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today so here is that front finally getting a move on as they head into our thursday bringing in the colder air breathing and somewhat air and excessively jealous into the forecast especially on friday and saturday things start trying out by sunday coverage cold air drags him the true scope of lower 90s today and tomorrow to the mid- 80s kind of a transition day on thursday as we start in the cold air to live through them the winter air moves in kansas on the chilly side as well higher, 82 on friday 80 on saturday in them back into the mid- 80s by the time we try out next monday is a little stretch of their again friday saturday looking like the best chances for rain employee decides he isn't going to stand for divorce what happens next line this was restored and decided to take on some
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>> at welcome back to it will come back to get this beatable clear skies. >> greg stevens spoke about what's coming our way to employees of the chicago store can base to face with some armed robbers that they ended up fighting them off it was suspects came in the grocery store pulled out a gun and demanded cash and the gun pointed right at him one of the employees charged the robbers just out of the store 's mother employees joined and when they realized that the guns weren't actually real will were seeing more and more of the people fighting back in singh hay were not saying hey when i couldn't take it anymore. >> everything they had it you
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isn't that chicago inmates had some serious issues of there in the past couple of years it's a lot of bravery. >> police wouldn't always advised to fight back they would say give him what they want and try to dissipate its just liquor so what's going on outside we got clouds building already this morning we do to put processing the cloud cover that will stop temperatures from early rising a lot more in denver high temperature is 92 to date nowhere in the neighborhood 90 by the time we get to the weekend they will be happy whereas the weekend the chance of showers on friday and saturday and looked in pictures of sunday morning than 256 if you're drinking coffee outside and a lot of people who would like to enjoy it on the weekend it may be chilly best chance of rain. >> friday into saturday and friday and saturday on the connect right now for me but i think we could get soaked pretty good late friday afternoon.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a graduate student in history, from somerville, massachusetts... an office manager from mesa, arizona... and our returning champion, a student from naples, florida... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks. good to have you with us again today. this is the third week in a row, i believe,


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