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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  August 10, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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a drunk driver blew through a stop sign and hit them at full speed. they narrowly survived. this family has been fighting every since to prevent accident like that from happening again. >> a story sadly been told one too many times. it's one he's lived too many times. >> his blood alcohol level. 3 times the legal limit. >> how much have you had to drink tonight. >> . couple beers. >> . what's more specifically. what's a couple beers. >> .
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asked him to perform. he was charged with his sixth duiment his sentence. five years probation. 75 hour of community service. >> i'm scared. here's why. in all the research that we did, so that we could testify. we found out that for every time a drunk driver is caught. he's driven gotten caught. >> . spent years fighting -lt strength in colorado law. after a repeat drunk driver ran a stop sign. and hit her son. last year colorado finally joined 45 other states in making a fourth dui a felony. what the law didn't do is mandate jail time. for most repeat offenders. >> . it's watered down.
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he served 3 years in prison p-r for a 99 conviction in missouri. as you can see he continues to get behind the wheel. >> .
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they can kick up the storms. those out flow interacted with storms off the foothills. and enhance the rain chances. that's what we got over the metro. wind. some rain. and yes even the light -bg lightening that we saw. now. while it looked impressive on radar. this is the rain scope. there's the rain totals. where the rain actually measured up to something. and most places, it was just a little above a quarter of an inch. not a lot. but nice to see the rain. showers will end tonight. storms will return tomorrow.
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and even better rain chances which we need. in your 7-day forecast. >> . the coroner saying someone pushed her causing her to fall. break her left hip. her death now a homicide
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that. >> . new developments tonight. a limon man accuse of stabbing his estranged wife to death. changed his plea to not guilty. by impaired mental condition. >> . he's charged with domestic violence. murder for cutting the throat of in 2015. she had been hiding with her five children. at her brothers castle rock home to escape domestic violence. when police say re-khard richard broke in. >> . they wanted to and argue too much sugar caused him to kill his wife. the judge w now the public defender says he'll find a mental health expert. >> a trial date hasn't been set. the evaluation is due by october 27. >> . changing the rules for growing marijuana. a new ordnance passed today limits each household to 12 plants. prohibits out door growth. and requires to get written permission from property owners. >> . also have to conceal the smell.
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ordnance could be fined up to one thousand dollars.
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sanchez will start thursday against the bears. beyond that it remains to be seen. >> . being that even with today's announcement. the race for the top spot remains fluent. >> . sanchez had his best day in the last week. of camp today. and now he has the better part of 48 hours to prepare for the bears. >> you want to start fast. take care of the ball. finish strong. adjust at halftime. >> . you're preparing like you're
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and until they pull you out. >> . maybe, maybe you take the lead in this race. that simply then too close to call. and should continue to be. >> . his call either way. and we have to keep competing. >> . >> sanchez has 72 starts in the national football league. that's 72 more than trevor siemian. and lynch. combined. however. only ten of those 7 in the last 3 years. >> . we will be in with the broncos n chicago. watch for his reports over the next 3 days. >> . 30 days until the new regular season in a thursday night rematch against the panthers. the city of denver and the league are planning a huge kick off event at denver civic center park. >> transformed into a kick off village.
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>> . if we could get another million people downtown. wouldn't it be cool. >> .
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>> just another day another off happened remark by trump. talking about the second amendment. and seeming to indicate that gun owners take matters into their own hands. when it comes to clinton. trump setting off controversy with another comment. some believe amounts to a violent threat against clinton. >> suggesting second amendment
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clinton. raising questions about what the kabd tkapbd date meant. >> . >> saying in a statement. >> they answered back. insisting trump was simply trying to rally gun voters. >> . on a week when he was stay on message. is exactly the flare up giving member of his party, pause. >> . also announcing his wife will hold a news conference in the
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to refute reports that she violated immigration laws. >> . still a few showers and thunder storm out there. moving on to the eastern plains. from colorado springs. to the northern border. we zoom in. lightening is out there. the strike count is going down. indicating the storms are weakening. with the setting sun. >> the skies are clearing. rain is passing by the east. we're done. and then we have a few more here: coming out of the colorado springs. and south and east of castle rock. over towards the. temperatures today. a lot of 90s over the eastern
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pueblo the 99. 96 grand junction. and cooler by contrast. 70s 80s in the mountains. denver 97. one away from the record of 98. from 2012. outside right now. skies are starting to break. humidity low. 72. 76. a light breeze out of the north. you can see temperatures are a mix of 60s. down towards highlands ranch. and 70s. even mid 70s towards thorn torn. and. 70 golden.
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either way the sho*eurs tonight end. tomorrow. early in the morning. very quiet. cloud cover in the south and west. storms over the mountains. pushing onto the eastern plains. a rolt lot of these tend to dry out. like we saw tonight a couple of colliding. and you could get rain. that's what we're banging on for tomorrow. 60s for lows tonight. ho 40s 50s 6 40s 50s 60s in the mountains and points west. highs tomorrow 70s 80s. over the mountains and points west. maybe down a few degrees in the mountains. and back into the 90s. near one hundred degree heat possible here in the south and east. our temperatures here in the tpho*frt north and east easily into the 90s. maybe a couple degrees cooler than what we had today. 64 in the city the storms have
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and a little butt of a warm night. >> . still summer. hr*erts enjoy it (etc. let's enjoy it. >> . happening friday and saturday. we have a family 4 pack of tickets to give away. enter before 9 a.m. tomorrow. or today. in order to win. and you can do that under the contest tab on
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caught the virus in the womb and born with birth defects. she died a few weeks after her
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mother visited el salvador while pregnant. >> . when he had a pulmonary epl embolism. he didn't want to wait for an ambulance. he used the car to help him stay in the lane. control his speed. and brake. and make it to the hospital.
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there's no technology that's perfect. but i think the measure it is that it's better. and safer. >> . without the car he never would have made it. we have done that story where both sides. >> . fascinating. >> . a day at the fair landed her in the hospital. >> . we are hearing from a colorado woman who survived a lightening strike today to the head.
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there she was laying on the ground. >> . a colorado woman lucky to be alive. after lightening struck her in the head. happened two weeks ago at the county fair. east of colorado springs. her doctors say she only sur survived because she drinks plenty of water every day. >> the freak accident let left her family with a mountain of medical bills. and the hospital refuses to accept their insurance. >> .
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>> all i could see was white. i felt my body tense up. >> everything changed. >> you hear a loud pop. >> lightening struck his wife. in the head. >> . it entered in here. and went down my arm. out hi my hand. into the stroller. >> . he did cpr. she was air lifted to the hospital just in time. >> . she had bee before. >> . third degree burns. gab on her head. and nerve damage. she's be okay. but just found out the hospital won't accept their medicaid. since he picked the hospital. >> . you don't think about insurance or anything. when you're worried about a life. >> . they say there's no way they can pay the thousands in medical bills. because they barely make ends meet now. >> . he can't work because he's having back surpbl reu. and she can't work because of the strike. >> . i'm a wreck.
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and him. and she wasn't special needs. >> . their 15 month old has a rare condition. that requires 6 doctor visits per week. >> . >> even if they have nothing else. >> we'll make it somehow. but it's rough. >> . >> wraoefped out to swedish medical center to find out about the insurance. but didn't hear back. we will keep working on getting an answer. friends have et up a go fund me account to help the family.
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>> kids across the mt. row head back to class this month. police are reminding driverring to take it slow in speed zones. >> . officers say they know it can be easy to forget. but say there's no excuse more important than kids safety. and hear their fair share of excuses. >> . someone is killing cattle and
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now there's big reward for information. >> tammy vigil road to the town where the community is rallying to protect their property. and their peace of mind. >> . we're just north of hugo on county road 33. this area is particular concern to landowners and law enforcement. half the killings happening here. >> . a celebration of animals. >> we're at the fair. >> is anger. with a low moral. >> . somebody is randomly shooting cattle and antelope in the area. it's happened eleven times in less than 3 years. killing five cows and 7 ant antelope. >> . it's cruelty.
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they ko*gs hi costing the community peace of mind. >> . we have somebody that is doing this. and strikes at the very fabric of our community. >> it's money the commune hopes will put the shooter in their cross hairs. >> . dollar reward. >> . i'd like to think that in today's economy. that might be enough to get somebody to talk. >> . we need more eyes and ears. >> . people in evergreen are used to seeing wildlife in their yards.


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