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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  August 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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>> we've an active shooter. >> overworked and set up. >> my fear is i'm so over tired from being overworked. something is quite happen. >> the problem solvers discovered they are raking in overtime they don't necessarily want. why some say low staffing is affecting response times. >> it's hard to figure out what is the most shocking. the overtime denver is paying its dispatchers, the staffing levels, where the hold whole time some callers are facing. >> investigative reporter rob lowe spoke to all sides of the issue. >> beginning july 31, dispatchers in denver will put on a 12 hour work week. that's an automatic eight hours of overtime every week. it's often more if you call 911 on a busy night, don't be surprised if you are put on hold. >> when you get straight to
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>> at the alliance center we have an active shooter. >> there are very few people that have been shot. >> in the stairwell. >> june 28 is a day 911 dispatchers in denver could have used triple the staff. >> can play on the senate floor, shots are being fired in the building. >> their lines overwhelmed. >> all's of an active shooter downtown. >> people are calling from under their desks. >> the timbers what team arrived within minutes after mickey russell shot and killed his and then himself. by all accounts 911 workers and police performed well, but dispatchers didn't need a high profile tragedy to feel understaffed. >> somebody is going to get her. it's not a doubt when, it will happen. >> we've agreed to protect this dispatchers identity because the city employee fears retribution for speaking out. >> what's the more out like for those among the dispatchers? >> horrible. all people talk about is putting. people are not happy.
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dispatchers have had to work at least 48 hours a week, be on standby for another six hours and 60 hours a week isn't unheard of. a single shift can last 16 hours and the turnaround time can be brutal. >> leaving the building and within eight hours being back of the building. >> because you are having to work forced overtime? >> it tells you. you don't get enough sleep or time away from the job to come home and destress and do everything you keep a healthy mind. >> with the exact location of your emergency? >> i do 47 dispatch positions, only 32 are currently filled. >> and the city told us they usually have 42 dispatchers, but three workers left in july and another seven trainees just graduated from the classroom academy and now need another 10-11 weeks of on-the-job training. >> when the city sees how much is being spent on overtime for current employees there is no excuse as to why they can't
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this year, the problem solvers found denver spent $484,218, 63 cents on overtime for its dispatchers and 911 operators. one man alone made nearly $33,000 in overtime, another dispatcher made about $22,000. >> what i can tell you is we are not wasting taxpayer money. >> at the butler is the director of denver's 911 operations center. >> we've gone through transitions since i've come board and not everybody adopts while the change. that is any industry. >> she said denver is hiring 911 operators and dispatchers assesses it can, doing three training academies this year instead of two. >> it's not easy position a higher four. it is a fully trained position because you are in charge of people's lives. >> butler says 911 operations have outgrown this building which is why denver is moving its emergency center to the larger building at 45th and peoria in 2018.
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staff that the city has promised to budget. understaffing at dispatch means delayed responses from police a medics. a 2014 on it suggested 99 percent of 911 calls be answered in 40 seconds or less. so the problem solvers asked for call logs from friday and saturday nights in june and here is what we found. on busy weekend nights, dispatchers answer calls within 40 seconds, 80 percent of the time, not 99. on the worst night june 11, about 76 percent of calls are answ this photo shared with us from july 4 weekend show sony four calls in the q, the longest wait time at that moment 11 minutes 44 seconds. >> will we were growing up you never thought of being on hold with 911. but the increase in the volume that comes in the coming burst it makes it tougher to get the every call within 15 seconds or less. >> butler says denver went from 82,911 calls in july of 2014 to
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>> it's very stressful when you consider some of the calls can be a baby dying. >> sheryl hutchinson is the union rep for denver 911 operations a dispatchers and said she is been getting for certain calls and e-mails from her members. >> a lot of them are leaving and fighting at their jobs. a lot of them are just uncertain of what the future holds. they don't feel like they are being heard. >> 911, what is the address of ur >> some dispatchers fear the worst. >> someone is going to have a funeral and said a family their hospital because the ability to make it in time. >> denver dispatchers prioritize all calls. true emergencies are handled first. but a former dispatcher tells me at once took her seven minutes answering a person having a heart attack. if you have been put on hold during calling 911, we want to
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rob lowe, fox 31 denver. >> pretty news tonight we want to tell you about. a woman hit and killed by a train. it happened on wadsworth boulevard in westminster around 130. a person was walking northbound close to the tracks and she was hit. the train started breaking and the person did not react in time. the train couldn't stop her diu are told the victim was an adult female. she was pronounced dead at the scene. we will let you know more information as soon as we get it but police say she may have been wearing headphones at the time. we turn to the supreme court where justice sonia sophomore a is coming to colorado. she is going to speak at cu boulder next month. she will deliver the fifth annual john paul stevens lecture at the university of colorado law school. it's part of the law schools ongoing program to bring justice is past and present to campus to the fireside chat style if it is friday, september 2. a limited number of seats are open to the general public and are free.
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>> school districtacross the state are drying up for school. they are needing my bus drivers. they are trying to keep up with the appropriate number of bus drivers. most districts pay their drivers anywhere from 15-$16 per hour. denver public schools raise their pay to $16.69 to help with the recruiting. >> we have the ability to help kids on their way to school and on their way home. a lot of them live in the same communities as our drivers and so >> school districts will require a high school diploma and a clean driving record and numerous past the training program. >> just in time for's oldest ipad thousands of students receive much-needed school supplies thanks to the generosity of the community. today was the last day of the school supply giveaway hosted by the jefferson county action center. the nonprofit organization has already served 4300 kids this week.
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what that means it's nearly 33,000 kids meet financial help. when you consider a typical school supply list tops out at $100 per student. >> every child matters. everything that we can do to make sure that a child has the basic needs to go back to school is huge. you look at the release of the parents and it is so apparent how much of a difference we make. >> every donated by members of the community. if you want to help for next year you can still buy school supplies. hold onto them and next to buy you can donate them. >> going back to school also means getting back into that school your bedtime routine. after a full summer with different sleep schedules that can be hard. expert say eliminating the use of electronics before bed is a good place to start. your child has to reach -- check out the settings for you
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there are some other things. you can -- you have to start doing the same cannot have it set you do on a school night. perhaps an hour before bedtime have them take their bass, start reading a book to relax in the making the room darker, not giving them any heavy meals late at night. >> experts suggest getting into a school sleep routine sooner rather than later because it takes time to adjust to a new sleeping pattern. i have my first kid going to kindergarten in a few days. >> exciting. that will be tough. everything she said is easier said than done. >> if you hear someone singing karaoke, he might just have to jump in. it's contagious. >> we sent our ashley michels to interview a state karaoke champ and she even started singing.
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>> the broncos are back at work. what are they working on? coming up in sports. >> beautiful afternoon out there right now on the blue sky with the sunshine over the city and a little more comfortable today with highs in low to mid 80s. a few upper 80s in spots but those upper 80s and near 90 degrees temperatures will be much more frequent row afternoon. we will talk about
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most people absolutely terrible at karaoke. i would definitely know. but a denver woman was just named as one of colorado's best karaoke singers. >> now she is headed to nationals where she will be competing to become the number one karaoke singer in the
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meet her. >> well, you do vocal warm-ups and then you take a shot of jamieson. >> at first, she was afraid. >> i was. >> but the more more michelle brown sing at karaoke the more she loved it. ?? i could just do whatever i wanted in sing whatever i wanted ?? >> she started singing in the >> car. much to my kids -- >> she is really good. ?? so good, michelle won the 2016 colorado state karaoke competition they give us a metal that just as winner.
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winters now good to sing it out for the national title. >> i think a lot of people just think the karaoke competition is something not to take seriously. >> to her, it is serious. >> this is proving that you don't have to be pretty to have a good voice and to be in the top competitions like this. lesson and here goes nothing. ?? let's stick to the pro. one more time the karaoke queen of colorado. just a small town girl who now has a message for everyone who has a dream. ?? >> when she is singing at a ball full --
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officials asking for a little bit of help paying her way to nashville. there will be held in seattle next month. >> she needs about three and a more dollars to make the trip happen. we have more information on now it's time for a check on your weather. all my gosh. >> mark, i don't know how you follow that. >> wow! i've never like that. let's take a look at the forecast. it was a beautiful day. can't get much better than that. if you wanted to get outside on the patio with blue skies and sunshine's. you can see in the distance right underneath nothing but a sea of sunshine here this evening. temperatures outside at 90 degrees. 87 degrees at dia and a nice
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relative humidity of only 12 percent which is why we haven't had any rainfall across the metro area throughout the day today. right now we are in the middle to upper 80s across the eastern plains. a few 70s out there where we had a few -- fort collins at 78 degrees. we are looking at the '60s and '70s in the mounds. the bigger picture showing the highs today climbed to near 90 degrees paired that is not very representative at least around the city of what we had a most communities in the metro. central parts of downtown and western side of town it to the mid to lower 80s and some spots. it was a much cooler afternoon today and more comfortable. it is 88 degrees at dia. fort collins made it to 90 degrees paired we did hit the mid to upper 80s and the planes and really nice in the higher terrain. a couple of clouds is about it across the city. although fort collins one or two showers surviving the tripped on the foothills per they exploded in the high country.
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enough energy to push through fort collins and up and down i 25. they are starting to weaken as they move off to the east. a few shots of lightning to expect but assuming a pest 85 they will fizzle out. a few widely scattered showers in the south eastern plains. all is quiet and there is not much happening out there other than fairweather passing clouds into the mounds. notice after the sunsets speak till in the far eastern plane there may be a cluster dives out of wyoming and southern nebraska and clips the northeast part of the state. there could be some strong storms. far eastern parts of colorado. it is all gone by tomorrow morning. it looks beautiful to kick off the day statewide. a couple of showers bubble up as we head into the afternoon. very widely scattered and only a 10 percent chance up and down i 25. i think downtown we will get through our sunday dry. the sickle closer look. in the metro area throughout
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up to one or two clouds. lows dipping down into the middle 50s overnight tonight. just a couple of passing clouds here and there and we shut it down after dark. today's high for most areas stay in the middle 80s. northwesterly wind thanks to the jetstream. we get into the day tomorrow. temperatures climb back to near 90 degrees and the city again tomorrow afternoon. we will have a string of 90-degree days to start off next week as well. 56 degrees and cool and comfortable. it should be a beautiful evening. a couple of low 60s but not any and the eastern plains. across the metro area we are looking at about 91 degrees in the city and upper 80s on the west side of town. the seven-day forecast shows much of the same every day through wednesday. even into thursday and then we finally start to see a cool down
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weekend. >> all joking aside that was action pretty good. >> i thought you guys would pick up and take it from there. >> no, people don't want to hear that from us. >> you surprised me. the broncos were back on the practice field today with one notable absence unfortunately. >> of the rockies take to the field tonight in philly with the
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thank you.
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in the national football league world of what have you done for me lately, the broncos went back to work today looking forward to a week which will feature joint practices with the 40 niners before the to actually play a week from tonight at mile high. you wondered how they would come back after the win thursday in
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head coach gary kubiak was curious to and it went 50/50 today on what he saw practice. >> we do it practice very good offense of lee. less than 48 hours out of the game to come back and practice is tough. but we handle that defensively and didn't handle it offense of lee. it is disappointing for me. >> off to a slow start but it happens. you have to be more consistent and i think we could've made more plays out of the field that were correct. >> meanwhile, bennie fowle exhibition season after injuring a noble on special teams against the bears for the wide receiver has a small fracture that will keep them out of context for a next few weeks. he will continue conditioning. his absence will give guys like jordan taylor and jordan norwood increased reps at the receiver spot. most people seem to think that the chiefs are the main competition for the broncos in the west. not discounting the raiders of course but they still have a little more convincing to
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and making the big defensive play early as markus peter. >> off russell wilson at the goal line. not surprising, peters picked off eight passes last year. offense was at a premium and this one. alex smith and the chiefs only playing a couple of series. five different quarterbacks saw action for the chiefs today. the seahawks moments ago hit a hail mary with time running out to tie it and them went for it and got the two-point conversion to win it. not that it mes the grand scheme of things but pretty cool way to end an exhibition game. david dull 17 game career starting hitting streak came to an end yesterday in philadelphia but charlie blackmon can tease to sizzle. over his last seven games he is hitting .576 and has six homers and 12 driven in. as for action today, the rockies after losing five times in the last six starts didn't start off
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two on. a three run shot to punctuate the first inning. his 21st of the season. 3-0 phillies still early on in the bottom of the second. meanwhile, tyler austin and aaron judge accomplished a major league first today. they have been playing baseball well over 100 years paired the yankees teammates hit back-to-back home runs in their first-ever at-bats in in the major league's. they did it and helped the yankees win their fourth straight with an 8-4 win over the race. >> we're just talking other baseball news cosmetologist and -- trevor story made the list of cosmopolitan hottest players. charlie blackmon would be on the list. >> a constellation for story who is out the rest of the season.
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a final check on the weather? >> it warms up at up again. we are talking 90s tomorrow. tuesday we flirt with it and wednesday and thursday two. it will be a warm stretch to start off the week and finish off the weekend. sunshine all day tomorrow and on monday. small opportunities for rain every afternoon from there with the cold front on friday. >> we leave you with this adorable story. a duck and the dog are dust friends. george the dog lost his best friend two years ago, a lab named blackie. his owner said since then george has been set and hasn't eaten. he's been really anxious. last week, george came home with a new buddy, a large white duck. george owner said the two are inseparable. they play together, eat together and even sleep together. >> let's check in a month from now and see how they are getting along. we will see you back here at
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