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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  August 16, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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right now at night in adams county deputy suspended facing several charges were his alleged victims as happened plaza more than a thousand law enforcement officers in the mile high city talking about impaired driving with driving while high front and center the roller coaster ride now pleased and happy about it a problem solved to have the problem solvers helped get when bunkers spend tickets into every home game this year after his
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>> a woman being by longtime adams county sheriff's deputy now speaking out against the domestic assault thanks for joining tonight it happened last wednesday that deputy 42 -year-old dean dominguez is seen here have been charged with several crimes will now placed on administrative leave kagan harsha spoke exclusively with the victim he dresses with him to be you was he on fox 31. >> as you can imagine it was a very emotional interview dominguez as we started looking into the alleged assault after the victim contacted our newsroom and while her story is very powerful we want to be clear dominguez is not actually been convicted of any crimes these are just allegations and were unable to reach him for his side of the story domestic assault is a crime but too
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but tonight she wants her story heard he was just letting great guy i thought i had hit the jackpot he was a 2 million that's what i always told people everyone loves him on the outside and he's a monster at home this woman who we chose not to identify says it all began wednesday night with an argument about a red bull that was spelled but quickly escalated when she says it dominguez picked her up and slammed her onto the living room floor and he was a closed access to punching me and grabbed doing this when it was all over the woman's 12 -year-old daughter picked up the phone and dialed 911 i begged her not to call the cops and she told me now he had you he had view this woman says she feels the same her daughter had to make the call the experts say that's not unusual victims are often reluctant to come forward and at the assault in that the assault as happened time and time again he's thrown a chair he's doing a dog kennel one of the kennels
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victims that she did call police about six years ago when dimming is pushed her claims officers is what the whole thing under the rug all he did was talk to him and they lost and they were in the driveway laughing that's what i didn't want to call the cops because they take care of each other we did reach out to the adams county sheriff's office they declined to comment for this story dominguez is charged with assault disturbing the peace and with wrongs to minors because his whole incident however he's been let out of jail after posting $550 bond right now firefighters responding to a big fire at eastern mclendon's video shot claimed this video shot from skybox moments ago crews all responding to the plain general albert county near the small town of agate the flames still burning right now but it doesn't appear in these structures have burned and a local law for confirming
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and the student part sheriff's office might bar is here with the details of. >> a family of corporal blake eric and who was killed while serving an eviction notice in bailey back in february deputy colby martin seriously wounded says they plan to sue the sheriff's office fred wagner ordered kerrigan and un- deputies to embed on deputies to evict martin want even the worst crime law enforcement officials according to the denver post and the dr. goes on to state the command staff or the d him to his house after he went back inside lawyers for the two said the sheriff's office and failed to properly train and supervise its deputies and did not adhere to national standards for barricaded subjects in high risk of fiction timber post reported the families are seeking $3.51 million per kerrigan's parents and 2.5 for martin developing right now does it for four robbers wanted bubbling up a medical marijuana dispensary in arapahoe county sheriff's
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one women brought the cure of colorado dispensary dispensary at eastview avenue yesterday afternoon is in them the men had their faces covered the women didn't they left the scene in a four-door white sedan if you know anything about this case authorities want to hear from you please is still looking for the man they say shot another man in the parking lot of the town center mall this happened after 5:00 o'clock yesterday evening police say they know who they're looking for but haven't tracked down yet they say he and the victim did know each other that victim is expected to survive it. >> more than a thousand law enforcement officers advocates from all over the world are here in denver for a conference on impaired driving is an annual event that this year driving while high because of a headliner to a goldberg joins us to explain why. >> colorado state patrol says about 20 percent of duis in our estate are marijuana related to daisy .-dot continued their dry high get a dui campaign downtown right next door to the largest impaired driving conference in
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>> i was involved in a crash when i was a young man who somebody died and passed away is an issue that affects us all completely avoidable. >> some are more passionate than others out of the edges cut of dedicated what i can do and can't just run traffic stop at a time now the highway safety highway safety ticket to the higher level exceed out highway safety manager glen davis and over 1,000 others who attended and impaired driving conference the highest attendance of her. >> offices around the want for that matter those on the streets of downtown today got a glimpse of the smoking gun part of our drive high get a dui campaign of others inside spread knowledge they hope will make streets all over the world safer. >> this program started in 1971 with the los angeles police department to dick starter teaches officers around the country how to tell if a driver is under the influence he said the conversation in colorado is different than most other states is identifying a
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people under the influence of marijuana and hopes his knowledge will help officers everywhere is and will confirm that they go back with the our attitude that we've got a shot i'm not na?ve enough to think. this problem but maybe we can make a big dent it. >> while the attendees had back home they'll keep an eye on colorado. >> absolutely we have a duty and responsibility but we want to share with other states it. >> and every attendee at the conference that we spoke to today said the enforcement is only a small part of the problem is more about education speaking of law enforcement a denver police officers suspended for wrecking his car after drinking at a party officer jason spitzer suspended for 16 days investigators say he drink between five and seven drinks before driving home from a party back in february's blood-alcohol level was .165 more than double the
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from driving for a deadly crash early this morning that shut down clear creek canyon four hours there tweeting out this photo from the scene another twee csb called it a case of alcohol fueled a birthday celebration plus excessive speed go horribly wrong the driver was killed to passengers taken to the hospital with moderate to severe injuries they are expected to survive in places like like michigan and grabbed headlines for their widespread contaminated water crisis nationwide schools also struggle with lead the issue and forced schools to proactively test their water district ride so far the districts 14,095 different schools including this one maple grove elementary the environmental protection agency recommends levels of lead below 20 parts per billion high schools as goals the majority of water fountains tested at that point below but the 11 water sources tested higher than 200 parts per billion even low levels of lead in the blood of children come and learning problems of slow growth and death is
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long the levels have been high we think it's a very little chance that anybody would have health issues because of it primarily because they're not much use to have the highest level the average age of schools 45 years old it's the older buildings that have higher levels want to get confirmation it turns out the water source warning people not to drink from at the school begins replacing the parts causing the contamination you can check your individual schools and tested scores at the remake will >> the developing story in wisconsin the city of milwaukee under a curfew in an effort to prevent a third night protest broke out over the weekend after police shot and killed a 23 -year-old black man saturday afternoon some demonstrators torched businesses overturned cars at one walks in officers the last two nights ending with multiple people injured and arrested we want to make sure that there is peace and order restored to this neighborhood because there are too many good people in this
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deserve this that was running from a traffic stop in officers shot and killed them investigators say he was carrying a gun and did not obey orders other news across america at the death the death toll in louisiana after more than 20 inches of rain fell over the weekend thousands of homes that are never flooded before. >> 20,000 people had to be rescued many by first responders and some by good samaritans like david. >> and couldn't do it from the buzz so i just jumped in. >> he hoped to save her inner .-dot 11,000 flood victims of sting and shoulders to make more rains in the forecast for parts of the state they are some places that i've never flooded before june idea of how powerful it is. >> aerial shot just looks like rivers in their. >> at one that will give up a span will not be sitting in the stands every home game
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spam when he was snubbed by an all my fellow they have the option to implement a civilian to watchdog agency for the denver police and accident at the olympics leaves several spectators injured tomorrow you see the moisture increase bring you more range has his back and cap that placid lake
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will lessen him of the way for the broncos regular-season schedule if you bought season tickets are likely looking except for the season opener super bowl rematch against the carolina panthers will dive all over the juicy matchup and look in the courts coming to town broncos looking to avenge the first last year in an october monday night matchup gary kubiak his former team and quarterback brock a spoiler to mile high than a mid-december everyone wants to be there to see the broncos beat tom brady and the patriots he'll be back from his suspension by then he was
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>> and then we'll all be going to the super bowl in houston to follow the broncos. >> were excited about it for the broncos fans was in the fan every home game thanks to the fox 31 problem solver he bought tickets on step of only to have the seller change his mind and try to get more money from somebody else the problem solvers got by on a case that results. >> is a roller coaster ride and now i'm pleased and very happy with the ecstatic afternoon a self-proclaimed biggest broncos fan learning his a season ticket holder for the super bowl champs after all there's no better team than the broncos a statement called as when he spent $1,500 and season tickets on step of even have them delivered to his home only to get a message from the ticket broker saying the seller had changed his mind wanted more money and we listed them on step up for
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is problem solvers and said what's going on here you can't just cancel an order. >> after our story aired last night stand of immediately responded in a big way the broker spent $9,000 a new season tickets for stephen on top of giving him his refund and he gets even it gets even better. >> these new tickets are in front of the older tickets i had an extremely close to the players now stub hub says the seller made a mistake he said he thought he was missing the tickets on a per game basis not for the whole season the stub hub said they wan us they will look at ways to simple for the process some mistakes like this can be avoided in the future we are glad that he got what he needed and props to stub hub for really stepping up this assures you if you have problems do you know us tips at because we will sort your problem we got results we sure do this is the high quantity of the broncos season tickets sold out since 1969 i can see why the seller
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ticket by the way it was good to see you should take us we helped him just a couple maybe the patriots can whatever sure we can open up a sunday somewhere are right beautiful evening out there tonight we still have a lot of clout blanketing the city right now but overall we were able to squeeze in a rain out this afternoon it was just too dry across the metro we had quite a few showers and still a few lingering storms on the far eastern plains right now as we look downtown of the capitol building everything is quiet as the traffic is the only thing stopping up your tonight temperature is outside right now cooling down nicely after high stability mid- 90s again today although there is a blanket of cloud cover shifting and from the foothills this evening the couple pockets of green trying to work in there over the southwest part of town again still to dry i think they're
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down to the surface there may be one or two road drops that survive outside of that little bit of drizzle i don't think we would go with much wet weather downward to the rest of the overnight the foothills very similar in the eastern plains as will notice and green out there that's ground clutter on the radar nothing actually falling to the ground but we have a little pocket of a thunderstorm activity doing just to the south of i70 heading down towards the border they should be exiting fairly soon also among east of i cap defied the northeast of trinidad that will be standing out shortly as well back to cloud cover everything is quiet in the higher terrain here tonight we need the rain fall on me 3107 inches so far this month at dia that is basically nothing just a few drops we need to add more in the bucket so far since june 1 and only had 2.72 inches of rain 5.14 is the average we are about two and half inches below average for the summer essentially we need a good soaking day of rainfall and we
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end of the week comes along with the conference scheduled for friday" done as well i'm sure a lot of us are excited about that these amenities have been pretty frequent occurrence around here as of late we had 44 of them now so far this year's 92 high this afternoon about four but the average but we are cooling down here tonight. comfortable quiet evening that of the beasley summit 74 arvada 73 in lakewood feeling good and i were a nice little breeze out there to where temperatures are at 69 degrees of the eastern plains still one or two spots in the 80s burlington will have the pueblo cooling off fairly soon with 50s and 60s still locked and in the mountains let's jump into our future cost notice overnight everything quiets quiets down that at the somerset wind is the energy that we came today from the daytime heating that means we have a very quiet morning drive lined up early on you tuesday outside of a couple of high thin wispy clouds everything should be bathed in sunshine and as we get to the afternoon that's a
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bubble up similar scenario to what we saw today but i think the moisture content is elevated just a bit from this afternoon which will support a few more showers and thunderstorms i don't think we get the severe criteria but there's a better percentage you will see a passing shower briefly coming by your neighborhood tomorrow to his high school class lately as well were looking at 88 the fort collins tomorrow afternoon winds are your top out around 389 greeley will hit 90 degrees before it's all wrapped up with the south east and all around the mid to upper 80s if united remarks and down in the palmer divide 84 in castle pines and 85 tomorrow afternoon castle rock in even bigger cool down by the end of the week let's take a few days to get there i think highs will stay right on the upper 80s through thursday on friday that's with a strong cold front cuts through we are looking at the highs down into the 70s i friday and into saturday 60 overnight tonight will clear things up a morning plenty of sunshine to start the day may
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a high of 8920 percent chance you'll see the rain tomorrow every single day similar to thursday to the front comes in palms up during chances calls if you is your work making new gain weight it may be one of him we had a few tips that will be fine but the temptation the office dozens of people homeless tonight after a deadly earthquake shakes per will neighbors
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at least four people dead judges more injured after a 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook a city in brazil the epicenter of the quake just to 6 miles underground the destroyed at least 80 homes it's hitting the city particularly back tight for the people displaced with temperatures in the area below freezing its winter down their accident at the olympics at least several spectators injured or happened outside the olympic fastball stadium witnesses say a large camera camera fell into the arena
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international olympic committee broadcasting service operated that camera remotely seven people were hurt all of them and only had minor injuries the border between venezuela and colombia open again nearly a year after it closed over six week agreement to at least temporarily open the border comes as venezuela's faces a severe recession thousands of desperate citizens have always crossed into columbia looking for food and other but they can't find a home in a video shows the years long pro canal the canals 100 second birthday today or scam ?-ellipsis time lapse of the massive expansion project which now allows the 50-mile training record handle twice the cargo to five billion-dollar effort took nearly a decade and was completed last month in a colorado company had a pretty big role. >> if only it could really happen. >> voters now have the choice to bring and a civilian watchdog agency monitoring a
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exactly does agency would do in the debates surrounding a
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>> make it something that would be much harder to remove that make it more stable is the watchdog agency overseeing the actions of denver police and the denver sheriff's department the office of the independent monitor tonight in
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position gets the green light from the denver city council now it ends up on the november ballot. >> voters will now decide if they want at what the agency what the agency of the city's charter delivers a man's assessment joining us live outside the city county building to explain. >> those against and say they feel a change is necessary but the majority of those who were here today for the rally this afternoon in the city council meeting tonight were for it now it'll be up to voters come november. >> the effort comes in the wake of protest nationwide following police involved the shootings across the country that's where the office of the independent monitor steps in reviewing the actions of local law enforcement overseeing denver police and the denver sheriff's apartment this offices department this office is can only independent entity the community has to rely on the investigation process making recommendations on how
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disciplined right now the officer is under a city ordinance are basically a long with no of funding so supporters of the bill to put the office and a city charter of us enjoy making it a part of the city's constitution for permanent and harder to change their knees are to be a system of accountability and this is a piece of the system that we want to strengthen not risk losing nicolas michel since his focus is transparency that the effort proposed as a better balance of powers at the end of the day the recommendations of that i make are only recommendations and at the police chief the director of safety in the share of property to accept those recommendations or disregard them. >> and other denver sheriff's department to express their support of the effort the police union opposed it again it will be up to voters in november. >> think you right now and thorn papers concerned about plans for a new top golf course to their homes they say would ruin their peace and
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136 and by 25 close to the rolling hills of division some homeowners backers would face directly into the lights and noise that could go until 2:00 . >> i just hope that the city will take him to concern the community and put themselves in our shoes if it would appear right now would they really let it pass i think the answer would be a resounding no a public hearing on the development set for next tuesday .-dot top golf necessity of donor commenting new developments tonight a man sentenced in connection the bias motivated assault against the maximum sentence possible christopher derby played guilty to the assault to four years in prison the most under his guilty plea agreement police a derby attacked a woman last month and south broadway street because of her race the women needed stitches after the attack derby spoke in court today apologizing for the assault turning to the presidential election has been a rough couple of weeks for donald trump from sticking a fight with the family of american muslim war hero to most recently blamed the media
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stephen denis has a look at the speech today trump hopes it will turn things around in an effort to get back on track and back on message donald trump unveiled his much anticipated plan to much-anticipated plan to defeat radical islamic terrorism. >> we cannot let this evil continue one of the major pillars is to suspend issuing visas to citizens from countries that the us determined they cannot appropriately that an ideological test will determine whether those proper mpeg american values. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today i call it extreme betting trump also argued in a country willing to work with the us against isis would be considered an ally. >> administration would be a friend to all moderate muslim reformers in the middle east
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had a rally in pennsylvania with vice president joe biden hillary clinton says she has a very different vision for america and how to keep it safe. >> is talked about sending ground troops american ground troops well that is off the table trump made clear in his speech that he disagrees a. >> hillary clinton lacks of the judgment as said by bernie sanders stability and temperament in the moral character to lead our nation and the republican nominee hopes this speech is the first to step toward a more focused and unified campaign. >> but hillary clinton and donald conkling new york is their home state but a new poll shows clinton is cleaning up the latest empire state poll shows court with a 30-point lead in the state with numbers like that the wall street journal put out an editorial today urging the gop to dump trump if he doesn't have proved by labor day. >> a group of state lawmakers are standing is supportive of


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