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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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>> we do continue to follow breaking news. here at 5:30. live at tenth and federal. in denver. where police are investigating a confirmed officer involved shooting. >> . involving juveniles too. >> . i did speak to a witness. we had a brief conversation with an officer. we're waiting for a full report on what happened. here. you can see there's a lot of police activity still mind behind me. a lot of police this is going on for quite sometime. a 12 city block. closed to traffic right now. police have been going through that area. told there's a couple police dogs in the neighborhood. you can see some of the residents waiting to get back into the homes this evening. not allowed within the search perimeter. police have been sko*uring the neighborhood for the past hour or more. looking for something or someone. at least 3 people have been taken into custody. there was at least one suspect on the loose.
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active suspect. they are still searching the neighborhood just in case. at least one person was shot. an officer involved shooting. an officer was not hurt. we did see one of the suspects. we believe the suspect. in cuffs. just a short time ago. getting into and out of the police cars. the police in custody. police have s*erl witnesses that are talking to. some of the police vehicles tonight. we don't know again who the suspects are. they look to be. there was a young woman. who was had one of the polic vehicles. >> we spoke to a witness. who saw this all happen here. heard gunshots outside his home. >> . we will obvious share them with
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reporting live fox 31. >> . they just started grabbing things off the sidewalk. and in the garbage truck they went. >> will the city be sue for sweeping up homeless camp sites in downtown denver. >> . the bold step to remove homeless. saying they violated denver's no
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they retrieved somewhere upwards of two million dollars. >> the city tells us they are well within the law. >> i do hope the city. >> hoping the threat of a lawsuit doesn't scare the city. from keeping the sweeps up. he works at i candy graphics. near the rescue mission. >> . he hoefps the lawsuit he hopes the lawsuit is filed soon. >> . how can you make it illegal to be homeless. >> . lawyers involved still possible lawsuit planning a community meeting.
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>> breast milk facials. exactly what they sound like. a to east skin woes. at least one suspected vandal wasn't okay with the concept. and made their opinion known.
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opening this april. just one of the reasons these owners. >> we did notice it. >> were shocked to see their store window vandalized earlier this month. >> i was just cracked right in the center. spiderred out. >> the owners say they don't know what happened. they don't have cameras. no suspects. and while they aren't certain of the motive. the crack did come right on a window sign. advertising those breast milk facials. >> i was shocked >> . t*sz it's a shawl business. (it's it's a small business. we put everything into this business. we're help to if you're wondering where they get the milk. it's from a woman on a strict organic and vegan diet. her milk is screened. certified and safe to use.
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the second of two towers iconic hotel came down this morning. the hotel was very first high-rise. featured in several movies
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eleven. also casino. the first tower was imphroeded in june. >> . the end of another era in la tonight. the play playboy mansion sold after months on the market. for one hundred million dollars. >> . if those walls could talk. >> half the original list price
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going to a broncos home game. can make you hungry. >> . introducing ten new food for fans. fork in hand shows us what's on the menu. >> . a new season. with a new quarter back. and a new pail ail. >> . what. that's right. in celebration of a championship season. and the one ahead. mile high is adding some game winning grub. to the line up. >> . because denver is such a popular kind of electric town.
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we look at things locally. and globally. the two hot buttons this year. >> to kick which i things off. what could go better than frito pie. >> . the southwest chicken sausage. with peach shrau. >> . you're really tasting the and bean corn type flavor. >> . for the touch down. throw in some street tacos. gyro and ta co-pizza. and you'll need something to wash it down with. >> . united in orange. >> you may come to watch your championship denver broncos. you just might stay to remain
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bring on the niners.
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hall. o tpoezed to opposed to pat bowlen. stun by the news today. as they should be. you look at the numbers. bowlen beat jones in every major category. seasons. world championships. tied at 3. super-bowl appearances 7 to 3. play off appearances. the wins. in fact the only stat has more of. the negative stat. losing seasons. >> . bowlen will still be eligible in years to come. he's going to get in folks. the question is when. >> . baseball now. did it again. last night. cranked his eighth homer in the past 7 games. absolutely on fire. in fact with that swing of the bat there, make it rbi number 198 from the lead off spot. that passes the great eric young.
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>> . >> nationals did come back. hopefully a better result tonight. >> . olympic update. more gold for american gymnast biles. 19 year-old dominated the floor exercise today. with a near perfect score. 15.966. marks her fifth medal of the games. including 4 gold. >> . u.s. 83 total medals. 23 m country. as a result of course they'll get all the headlines sp publicity and press. the latest edition. there it is. michael phelps. and biles. >> . gracing the cover. >> . phelps has to have a sore neck.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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>> another hot summer day across colorado. highs today managed to again reach the low 90s. now i know this number says 88 for a high this afternoon. but the release just posted from the airport there. does say in fact for the daytime high. this afternoon. 45 90 degree day of the year. stkphr. more comfortable. still warm in the mountains. 70s 80s with 90 clocking in around a grand junction. earlier this afternoon. now temperatures at this point have cooled off. substantially. considering we did get a couple of thunder storms developing. over the eastern plains. earlier on this afternoon and
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brought thing back down into the mid 80s or so. get the graphics here to move along. live look outside. shows cloud cover spilling in. off the foothills. that contributed to the cool down. looking over coors field. a couple fans filter into the stands. first pitch 40 minutes from now. as the nationals again come to town. against the rockies this evening. dropped game one last night. hopefully they can pick up 88 degrees downtown right now. 84 at di nice breeze. although most in the metro area did stay dry. these storms are off toot eastern plains. south and into the mountains too. middle 80s eastern plains. now greeley at 88. north of town. fort collins at 82. 73 estes park. we have had a couple light showers blow through from time to time. plenty of 70s in the high country. here's the radar. notice we are dry across the metro. cloud cover.
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foothills. a few isolated thunder storms on the plains. the biggest kh*upbgs chuck of storm t-ft >> from about red feather lake. down to winter park. and among the i 70 corridor. most of those are going to fade out. as they come down into the lower terrain. there maybe one or two stray showers. that survive the trip. before they come into the metro area. one or two pockets that blow through. if you have evening plans i wouldn't worry about them getting ruined by the with the heavy rain pumping around el paso county. a lot of the green and red boxes through the county there. those are flood advisories. and flash flood warnings. the storm that erupted an hour ago. dropping about an inch to two. 3 inches of rain in some spots. now the rain is collecting. it is starting to pile up. a few communities there. in the roadways maybe covered. if you encounter any water covered roads turp around don't drown. >> . after the sun goes down watch how quickly everything fades
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that leaves us with sunshine. good start to the day. on wednesday. a very similar fashion to this afternoon. a couple storms erupting. through the early afternoon. in the high country. one or two of them could push across the metro again tomorrow. only a 20 percent chance. that you'll encounter wet weather. >> . closer to the mt. metro. sunday morning then again there maybe a passing shower or two. that come on all right big ridge over the western half of the country. still in place. this is where we have been in the 90s lately. we continue to do it this afternoon. we'll hold onto the upper 80s. through about we'll see thursday or so. once we get into the day friday. look at the trough. usher in cooler air. bring us back down to the 70s. and hopefully bring us some soaking rain. 58 over night tonight. in the city. mix of 50s 60s across the board tomorrow afternoon. again a hot one.
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88 thornton. 88 lake wood. for the daytime high. 7-day forecast. afternoon storms and highs in the upper -l 80s through thursday. cool down friday. into the weekend. good chances for rain. >> . all right. >> . denver police have 3 people in custody. after an officer involved shooting late this afternoon. right near tenth and federal. four o'clock police chased down one of the suspects on foot. provided details of the shooting yet. but say no officers were >> . local law enforcement task force. busts up a multimillion dollar drug ring locally. 50 thousand tkhrugs. eleven weapons. and a quarter of a million dollars in cash. two dozen people facing charges now. 14 of them in colorado. investigators say the suspects hid heroin in spare tires. to bring it from mexico. >> . police searching for man who made inappropriate comment comments to a group of elementary school students. it happened yesterday near baker park. that man was driving a black and
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if you have seen him. call police. >> . at least they got a good if i can picture of him there.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here is our second group of semi-finalists -- a sophomore at augustana university from houston, texas... a junior at the university of southern california from bethesda, maryland... and a senior at wright state university from dayton, ohio... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. one player waiting in the wings ready to come back


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