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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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one of the kids actually called me a bald witch. >> . a denver girl says she lost all of her hair because of a popular conditioner you may have. in your home. tonight the problem solvers take
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investigating wen hair products. imagine this. losing your hair at the age of ten. because of a product that claims to be safe and all natural. >> . i have seen the commercials. two years later the feds agreed to investigate the hair products. as investigative reporter explains there may not be much the nda can do. >> . even if they conclude the hair products are responsible for the hair loss. and the number of received. the agency lacks the legal authority to even issue a recall. now. one denver girl and her mom hope their story will convince congress to pass pending legislation. to fix that. >> . >> >> when she played ann in the she didn't need a red wig. her natural hair was per perfect for the part. two years ago before her tenth
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and the results were nothing to sing about. >> . i was scared. >> . these photographs tell the story. her hair began falling out. her mom showed us the locks of hair she still keeps in a zip lock bag. >> . about a third of her hair. >> . after just 3 uses of the conditioner. her daughter was nearly bald. >> . and she's convinced the inkwraoed greed kwrepbts are very clear. especially seeing her hair fall on contact with the product. >> . in this video. celebrity hair stylist brags about the product he created. what happened to her was far worse than stripping. nearly two years after using product. her hair still hasn't grown back. >> . her complaints against w tpherbgs, is one of 127 the fda received so far.
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more troubling. the parent company admits it received 21 thousand customer complaints. now faces a number of class action lawsuits. >> . wen standby its product. telling us they are safe to apply to the hair and scalp. millions of bottles have been told. over 16 years. which we believe is testament to the quality of the product. there is no evidence that wen products cause hair loss. and the ingredients and safe and quality standards set by the industry. we stand behind them. >> . it has no legal ability to recall personal care products. >> it's unbelievable it's
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product. the fda doesn't have the authority. >> . after fellow students teased her. skpwhr. >> calling me names -fpt pointing at me. and it was very hurtful. >> . sh e lost her hair. and her dignity. two things she says no child should ever lose. >> . they should recall it. and just not sell it.
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chair of the koupb oupb
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to the presidential election. and another presidential candidate. gaining ground here. in colorado. libertarian polling at 16 percent in our state. so. does he have a chance and will he campaign here. >> . let's start by saying this is still a long shot. perhaps in this crazy election year. anything is possible. and colorado maybe uniquely situated to help gary johnson. not a lot of donald trump love in the state. and libertarian party was founded in the springs. in the 1970s.
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supports the second amendment. and wants to abolish the irs. as well as unnecessary wars. >> . trump and hilary split the rest. and neither gets then. the house of representatives in dc breaks the tie. because trump and clinton are so unpopular. johnson wins. >> . we talked before. i told you he's going to win this. i mean it. >> . adding we should expect a visit soon. >> . before you get excite -td. as of today. johnson is not officially on the colorado ballot.
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>> most still don't know who he is. but they are intrigued. >> .
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s*erl of the donors have one has donated nearly 350 times. deals on drinks. >> . it's thursday.
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a list of the best watering holes in town. for happy hour. who better to cover this story. than fox 31 dan daru. >> . >> can be a draw. >> it's really nice. makes me happy. >> who's kidding who. number one draw to happy hour. >> grease prices. >> . shaken not stirred a list of the top 21 best happy hours in
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not much particular order. we visited 3. >> . jack the bar keep at central pweus troe and bar. in the highlands. makes us a moscow mule. >> normal price 8 dollars. happy hour price. five. >> . smack dab in the middle. you'll find drink slinger. of north county. lovingly crafting a signature margarita. >> . five bucks on sale. >> last stop. the exotic blue sushi grill. where dusty makes a. >> samurai sakitino.
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usually nine. 6 at happy hour. >> . >> broncos secondary rocking these new tights. featuring their nicknames. no fly zone. >> . it wasn't the cleanest practice. head coach was not blown away.
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them down a bit. >> . coach did confirm his plans for the kpwart quarter back saturday. denver is no closer to solidifying a starter. both sanchez and trevor siemian will get e equal opportunity against the 49ers. sepbgd second year guy trevor siemia started on saturday. >> . the plan to to play about a quarter and a half. with similar kinds of challenges.
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>> >> i've always rooted for my teammate the team winning is good for everyone. >> . the team winning pwoedz well for everybody on the roster. everybody in the building. to be honest. >> while the defense thumps its chest and enjoying its reputation. and revels in the no fly zone. the offense is just trying to get better. saturday is trevor siemian's chance to make it so. >> .
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and you really get something brewing here. at dove valley.
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ard winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. >> live radar. we're continuing to track showers and thunder storms. nothing se sraor. you might get nothing severe. radar indicating a bit of small hail. there is rain out west. as you make your way passed glenwood springs. parachute. and into the glenwood grand junction area. let's start here. with the lightening first. you can see the lightening over the west to the south there's a better cluster around pueblo.
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nebraska panhandle. what we had today. out flow boundary. that thin green line. watch it flare up. the problem is. as soon as the rain pops up it drops off. we have seen that here. along the front range. these are pretty good rainmakers. again you might have a little bit of small hail. north of. up the i 76 corridor. bigger storms up into nebraska. nice to see the rain there. that line continues south. front range already dried out. metr the showers. especially on the east side. already starting to see fewer of them. we'll hold on to the chance into the evening. and that line on the eastern plains wraps back. there's the out flow boundary. back down into pueblo. and kicking off the storms. they'll come up quickly. get the rain you can. we all need it. they'll fade away. temperatures today in the 70s in the mountains. 80s to the northwest. craig meeker. 86 grand junction. out of the 80s down in durango. hot 80s and 90s again.
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denver coming in at 90 degrees. we should be at just slightly cooler. 87. record was 8 away at 98. outside right now we broke the cloud deck. a pretty sunset. so the rain showers have come through left us. but i'll hold onto the chance of a few more. until we get to about 8 or nine o'clock. northwest wind at 26 miles per hour. dries out the air. humidity backed off to 38 percent. that wind flow in the north direction, the cooler air is pouring in. look at the low remember we were at 90 today. that cool air is sweeping out here. and pushing all the heat away. and as you climb in elevation. already in the 50s. some of the mountain peeks r-r down into the upper 30s ho 40s. look at this wedge of cooler air. a break from the heat. as we will stay in the 70s. for the next couple days. and in that cooler air. the chance for this. showers. we'll hold onto the chance. better chance up in nebraska. and wyoming. scattered on the eastern plains and foothills.
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i'll hold onto the chance until maybe nine or ten o'clock. before we clear the deck of rain chances. tomorrow morning kind of a gray start. wraebg break into sunshine. here comes another line of showers and thunder storms. this line is another cool front. that will keep the temperatures capped. in the 70s on your saturday. some of the storms on the eastern plains as they dive sot south and east. could be on the strong side. notice late tomorrow evening. we could get a second round of the showers. another chance some needed rain. hold onto the chance until late tonight. tomorrow a quiet start. sub sunshine out west. looking pretty over the western slope. we'll break into sunshine a little bill. another round of rain from the mountains to southern valley. nice cluster along the front range in denver. pushing onto the eastern plains. >> . 7-day forecast. 70s tomorrow. thanks to the front coming in tonight. staying in the 70s on saturday. both days. with a chance of rain. sunday dry monday dry.
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and tuesday wednesday thursday the rain returns. scattered storms each afternoon. not great rain. and we see the temperatures slip again. into the low 80. >> . you want a break from the heat you got it. the next two day are the best chance of rain. >> . hopefully everybody gets something. >> . >> mels of dollar ins crash sent to iran earlier this year was used as leverage for the release of american prisoners. officials say they did wait to send the money until the prisoners were safe. but says two negotiation w-s -r separate in the 4 hundred million dollars the u.s. owed iran. would have been paid regardless.
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-blg >> what a mess.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are our three finalists -- a junior at the university of southern california from bethesda, maryland... a sophomore at the university of california, berkeley originally from boise, idaho... and a senior at the university of pittsburgh from jamison, pennsylvania... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] wow. thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, folks. hey, no matter how well you thought


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