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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  August 19, 2016 1:05am-1:36am MDT

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the auditor found out there's no one that goes out to make sure that those spots are properly maintained. went out today and found spots where the paint had been removed and so had the signs.
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to maintain accessible spots. >> there's a huge lack of awareness. people don't know what they don't know. >> on a personal note. he wants you to meet his dog. a rescue. his best friend for 13 years. he recalls a call from the vet one day. >> we might have to make some tough decisions. >> . he got in his car. as fast as he could. >> the the vet office shares a parking lot.
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and there are two disabled parking spaces. in this parking lot. >> . and they were both occupied. by people in the bank. stkpwhre had to wait until a spot was free. to see his dog. >> . when someone does that and parks illegally. it's mostly volunteers that go out to ticket them. the auditor recommends that a paid staff be hired to go out and do that. they also recommend a single agency be established with making sure these spots are properly maintained. >> . we have the full link to the report on
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we should be at five 1234679 we're lacking 1246789 we're lagging 1246789 we're lagging. it's not as bad as the totals from the year. we're mind by one inch of rain. we need more. i have more rain chances in the 7-day forecast. >> . we're glad to see dry conditions have made this a
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some evacuation orders have been lifted near la. tonight. firefighters work to contain the raging wild fire. that forced more than 80 thousand people out of their homes. the fire burned about 50 square miles since it started tuesday phorbg morning. officials say many homes have been destroyed. but haven't released a number. >> . new information coming in every hour. about the controversy surrounding olympic swimmer and 3 other swimmers. who claim they were attacked over the weekend. brazillen officials say he made up the about being robbed. the new york post even mocking him. with its cover tomorrow. saying liar liar two. >> . speed o on fire. calling him the ugly american. >> . it's not the press the team would like to have had. 3 of the 4 are still in brazil. lock te is back in the u.s. where he has some ex-planing to do. >> . the news of 4 american swimmers robbed at gunpoint. cast a shadow over the games.
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>> but police now say the stunning story is just that. a story. >> . sunday gold maine tkalist and 3 teammates and 3 teammates. partied at a after wards surveillance video shows the swimmers at gas station. officials say they were drunk. and vandalized the business. then made up a cover story. >> . police point to lock te as the
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the committee released a statement. a short time ago. >> . sentenced to ten years in prison. for the death of paris williams. in june of 2015. investigators say at time of her death, paris was under weight. had skin rashes. and ulcers. parises mother was convicted in the case earlier this summer. and tph-pbsed to 7 years. in prison. >> . a denver girl says she lost her hair because of a popular conditioner. you might have in your home. to betonight the problem solvers taking a closer look.
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ago. just before she turned ten. and said her hair started falling out. after just 3 uses. her daughter was nearly bald. she's convinced the ingredients are to blame. >> . the company stands by its product. >> . the fda is investigating. but even if it determines it's not safe. it has no authority to recall personal care products. >> . they are pushing congress to act. >> . denver public library. launching a new program to help more low income families. get internet access.
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that you can check out. >> just like a book. you can keep it up to 3 weeks. >> . something tells me they what a great program. >> . sign of the times for sure.
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it is a decision that has broncos fans tpraus tprus at a timed. team team owner pat bowlen passed over from making the hall of fame. >> . talked to one expert who says it's just a matter of time. before bowlen finally makes the hall of fame. >> . it was news that pained broncos fans. everywhere. team own degenerating health. being passed over for the hall of fame. >> everybody here should think what a bunch of idiots. >> . regardless of any emotional circumstances. around. our charge is pick the two people who we feel have contributed the most. to the national football league. >> . peter king is sports
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writer. a member of the committee. which made the decision. earlier this week. >> i feel like when you're reading a history of the national football league. 30 or 40 years from now. and look back at this era of football. just my feeling. the two people who came out of this group. paul and jerry jones. will be the most influential people. on this period in history. >> . he understands t frustration. and the fully expects bowlen to be in the hall of fame at some point. with only two spots available this time around. hard decisions had to be made. >> . there's a tremendous amount of momentum for bowlen. i will be surprised if soon he's not in the hall of fame. >> . king said he didn't expect that to be much consolation to the broncos. and their fans. he called the decision agonizing.
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even if he knows others will disagree. >> . >> still on the broncos. von miller showing out off his dance moves and singing skills in a new trailer to promote the launch of madden 17. >> . no brainer. he's the first guy you want on the defense. >> .
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>> . i have seen jeremy hubbard skip like that in the news room like that. while singing that song. >> . we have been seupblging it's pretty cool. very. it's cool. >> . it's fun. can't wait for football. >> . you yearn for football weather too. >> . i will tell you. i promise a few seconds ago i'll give you a forecast for the game on saturday evening. and a looking for the fall jackets. might be a good idea.
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denver at 90 degrees. 87 where we should be. we will not be near normal. for the next couple
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we're already in the 60s. the temperatures fallen off fast. thanks to the north wind. which swung through earlier today on a cold front. delivering the cool temperatures. everybody across the metro. in the mid to upper 60s. 65 in tkpwoeltden. same over in aurora. across the rest of the front range. we look down to monument. 59. 57 in cheyenne. you can see the string of 60s. up and down i 25. holding onto 71. that rain coming your way will cool you off. 40s 50s already in the foothills. i mention i want to focus on this. watch this. i go from now. to about ten o'clock. swinging off the foothills. midnight. it holds together on the future cast. i think that is over done. i'm going to hold onto showers until about midnight. but that is looking rich. for rain. i don't think is happens. wake up tomorrow morning 7 a.m. we have clouds we break into sunshine. and then here comes the second cool front. that will trigger another round of showers
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>> denver. 54. showers come to an end. tomorrow some sunshine at times after the morning cloud burn off. and a cooler 76. with showers. more rain possible. on saturday. i'll say this about saturday. early and late. for the rain chances. sunday dry. monday dry. and warm. tuesday wednesday
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i showed you. we're two and a half inches behind t-r rain. rain really at this point not a bad thing.
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the story new tonight. >> . if you have a dog.
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stkphr. >> too much time in the sun. can be dangerous. >> . some dogs get sunburned. just like humans. >> the first sign would be redness of the skin. >> . a dermatologist at veterinary teaching hospital. she says white and light colored dogs with short fur are most at risk. >> . they don't have the production the hair offers. and the melanin offers. >> . after serious sunbathing. >> it would have to be on a habitual consistent basis. spots like this boxer. >> if it's not caught early. it can be deadly. >> . it progressed to cancer. >> this dog got skin cancer. most likely from the sun. >> . it's a problem in colorado.
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>> . put sunscreen on your dog. >> we have to be their protectors. if they have light skin like this. to either interrupt the sun sunbathing or put a shirt on them. >> . your dog can still enjoy the sunshine.
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denver public schools face a new discrimination lawsuit tonight. >> a local hispanic owned abg trekture if you firm is accusinm
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criminating against >> . we have both sides of the issue. >> . the firm says they have been spending years trying to work with dps on the issue. say they see no change. and are hoping the courts can step in. to make a difference. meanwhile the superintendent says there is no problem. >> community. awarding the contracts to mainly male white owned businesses. >> . >> even though his firm is qualified. and has a history of successfully working with school districts. >> the kind of work we have been getting. out of denver public schools. are restroom remodel projects.
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if what the new federal lawsuit claim s-s true. his firm isn't the only minority owned small business missing out on millions of taxpayer dollars. in engineering contracts. >> . superintendent rejects his claims. >> . we have a transparent, fair, and rigorous process. in awarding contracts. >> . we asked him about the suits claim that only two percent of the contracts were awarded to minority owned businesses. >> . that's not accurate. >> . he says right now one-third of dollars are going to diverse businesses.
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special medication our team helped raise awareness of. that can sa*eu save the lives of people over dosing on ode kwroeut opioids. >> . after our investigation into the drug in june. governor hickenlooper agreed to get involved by becoming the first tkpwo* governor to be trained on how to administer. >> . >> the poll director says even though path to a win seems
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much needed senate seat for gop. >> . on the presidential campaign trail. today. trump just wrapped up his first rally since he changed campaign leaders ship. the republican nominee taking a different tone with the crowd. in north carolina. he told supporters he regrets saying the wrong things on the campaign trail. but claims he is always telling the truth. >> poll shows trump trailing clinton. by 4 percent. >> . she spent the day meeting with a law enforcement official group. from across the country. including police commissioners from 8 major cities. she says the meeting focused on the challenges police face.


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