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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 19, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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>> a lot of buzz surrounding the presidential campaigns right now and donald trump are traveling today after handling any resignation on his campaign and some new information on where heather weakland may have gotten the idea to use her personal e-mail account by secretary of state. >> plus a cnn anchor was to
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if you're judging how august when hamilton july went to two we have slammed the brakes we've been talking about all week long a bit cold front coming to our area and this is where highs windup 74 in denver 75 at dia will bunch of 75's and is decided town of her 70s used are heading for the foothills and the showers are these guys are talking about the art indeed on their
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to arrive during the early evening depends on where you live if you live north of the mile high city you will see them first you will see them to him at dinner time i will track those to our area and the weekend isn't looking too bad we'll have a broncos forecast of their playing the 40 niners. >> in the race for the white house hillary clinton says a former secretary of state colin powell told her to use the personal e-mail mr. powell's office released a statement last night saying they had no recollection of the conversation colonel powell says he did send equipment e-mail for unclassified messages and how an improved communications within the state department houses he used to secure state computer on his desk to manage
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metaphorically have stepped out a trump trump source that metaphor told him he was becoming a distraction and wanted to and that they left the operation earlier this summer and today donald trump and his running mate mike pence both in baton rouge louisiana >> right now police need your help identifying and finding to women for questioning they want to talk to them about an unsold attempted homicide in
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>> which don't exist they say be on the lookout for these irs impersonators and never wire the money and update been burning and murmur county according to the larimer county sheriff of the fire burning their carter lake is now 90 percent contained its burden about 73 acres they say overnight rain helped a lot of the efforts to fight the fire which is good the cause is still under investigation. >> a wildfire in southern california still burning strong today this is an image of the blue cut fire from space is now more than 20 percent contained more than
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been working around the clock trying to get the erratic fire under control with a dry conditions and fueling the flames california's governor declared a state of emergency of more than 56 square miles have burned an evacuation order is still out for thousands of other people. >> the family of a missing lafayette man is hoping a dramatic increase in the reward money may help someone find her son jim cooley has more in the efforts to find writer johnson. >> good morning it's been a long and desperate call for the family of writer johnson for seven months if it looked all over boulder county the woods in the hills and no luck whatsoever trying to find a 20 -year-old son now they are dramatically spiking the reward money to $100,000 that are good to anybody who has information of his whereabouts or any information that leads to an arrest if thou play is involved in all of this writer
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working at the outdoor ski resort's car was found not too far away that night that that's been about it despite the weeks of searching no other sign of the 20 -year-old has turned up investigators use of drones in canines no luck whatsoever the boulder county sheriff's office has not ruled out foul play is a possibility in this case some believe that johnson simply decided to take off on his own and may be maybe somewhere anywhere around the country have been collected for private sources there is one catch however there is an expiration date on the reward money january 17 coming up next year that is the one-year anniversary of one year anniversary of writer's disappearance of. >> 1106 right now officials in germany calling for a band on burqas and face covering veils they say the broker does not bucket does not sit in with jeremy's open society in view
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make it legal requirement for everyone to show their face in public areas burqas and face covering veils will be banned in schools courts while driving and in public office germany already bans people from wearing things that cover their face at protests. >> today donald trump is releasing his first tv ad but he won't be you won't be seeing it here in colorado. >> the trump campaign that discusses immigration more than anything else for now the ad will only run and four key states of north carolina ohio florida pennsylvania where trump has been struggling against democrat hillary clinton huber will not be able to settle a lawsuit between the drivers after all a federal judge rejected a proposed $100 million settlement of the judges says of the deal did not compensate drivers in california and massachusetts enough the lawsuit it was overpaid
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the two sides will have to go back to the drawing board and try to figure something else out ryan locke t is apologizing today through social media the swimmer says he is sorry for the bribery scandal that detracted from the summer games the past few days this is what he posted on his ends to graham instant graham today and on his twitter i should have been much more responsible and how i handled myself and for that i am sorry police said security guards at the station had used weapons of solely to control the swimmers least of one athlete had vandalized the station the event sparked an international controversy unlocked his teammate who is what i did that night reportedly agreed to pay nearly $11,000 to a
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right now you can donate school supplies to denver kids in need and you don't even have to leave your home. >> this is so easy over is helpg to donate from now until two this afternoon you can open your number at move the slider at the bottom of the screen to score option and request a vehicle to pick up your donations the driver will come get your donations are free of charge they will go to child handed the university boston k5 elementary in paris elementary. >> pretty cool it couldn't be any easier so let's talk about kanye west why not you love
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digger he gold digger he's offering something new today the mac and mrs. is kind of like revolving around his new album is neither song or record but 21 pop-up stores and best-selling live for popular merchandise is named after his latest album this past march as they had a pop-up store in new york which reportedly brought in $1 million over three days as for the stores are expte easy snickers everyone has right now back in school they at school they can afford them expensive and maybe -year-old women is inspiring people not the ones buying them for by number giving away the money this one inspiring people to get physically fit. >> the indianapolis residents became a certified personal trainer she said she quickly learned her availability of
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really a dream that i want i need somebody to tell me that age it wasn't a factor. >> that school she says that she loves to see her clients change with a color that collective or even and need a walker or a cane she also averages at least 75 every year. >> and she's inspiring other people to get healthier super gratifying it's great my crush their wedding. >> there get a good did a good venue and that's happening next-door sort of resulted in pictures of the happy a happy couple of a wily wedding
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wedding next-door that day. >> if you're feeling nostalgic this week and there is an event designed for you. >> how you can see some of your favorite boy bands from decades past performing right tracking storms heading into our area of dutra is here to give you the details on where they will hit what will be have what will be dealing with
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welcome back well hello there. >> unstintingly here guys e-mail each otr we sit next to each other the couple of them together for a long time too long you want stuff to do i've got it for you you can bring your whole family. >> put the phone down or take it with you. >> i am fully listening this week and will have the phone of pleasure taking pictures of your all-time favorite boy band dutra was wrong forecast
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broomfield at first along with old town and more doors will open at 630 this will be a throwback concert that i know you will love you can have the first thing ?-middle-dot combos actually a lot of music to keep you busy this weekend this guy my mom her all-time favorite she loves him tonight is the night my friends at josh broke grow been over at pepsi center he'll play in actually sarah mclaughlin will play them another one of my favorites for something to do today had the pepsi and get those josh grow been okay you are not josh grow been great dutra. >> you know what they're maybe you could sing with this band because they do like to rock out that's right germany is going to be at pepsi center along with the doobie brothers is this saturday night that
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at $40 and they begin your good to pepsi and finally i want to be up early tomorrow morning and i hope you will be too great dutra tonight had some fun with these folks and the other day a whole hold a walk around the festival music is for the colorado aids walk starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. over cheeseman park it is a great day and honestly a lot of fun but it goes to a wonderful cause raising money for services hiv and aids prevention and treatment that's cheeseman park starting tomorrow mor you out there. >> he wants me to run him the high hills again like we did be mac they call the diva ?-dash tomorrow. >> is really good at it you know explain not. >> you know you're just bored and you have something you're good at you don't know what it is. >> as high was still working on the weather thing by
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>> at times of economic and mother in high heels. >> and this weekend at an open toed issues that can be okay you can be okay with them the problem here is he might have to splash after a couple of puddles later on this evening i know it's deceiving as you look outside here you got some sunshine remember we are soft and calls on all morning on those cards are coming back to ask us as we head into the afternoon. >> here is that cold front i've been talking week it's finally here providing that the cool down today you can feel it as you walk outside to there are very comfortable 67 degrees on the hot side wichita kansas sitting at 86 degrees we are definitely in the better of the two air masses is also a lot less humid here but it doesn't mean we won't get the rain we've been tracking it all morning long we started today colorado with adjustment into the lower 48 it was a big sky country cap montana will notice that most of it will
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dipping just barely northeastern colorado but look at the settling and that's going on along the on the rockies after casper that will translate to rainfall for us once it makes a here here's future cost started off just a couple of minutes from now and willing into the early afternoon this is for a clocks are getting towards the beginning of the evening rush to will be showers that there are many other side of town they will cruise on to the south and even linger around until we had to about 10 or 11:00 o'clock tonight he was a closer view in case you want to make your plans for this evening by three wl showers again in the northern part of the state will slide off to the south denver will be second to write about the evening drive showers will be getting heavier working on some of the heating that the sun is getting us and in castle rock and parker in highlands ranch and all the folks in the south side. >> they will come into the fold as we hit the late part of the rush in and into an antenna and again scattered showers were well off after the main push gets a thrill that may push bringing anywhere from about a third of
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inch of total rainfall we need this rate we are writing about 2 inches behind the problem is the timing we got a rockies game they're putting the cubs is always a super popular game especially with all the folks from chicago living out here to the mile high city is one of the most popular spots that are new residents are coming from i would imagine with all the lucky fans and cub fans and tonic of the highly attended game if you're headed out or know anyone who is told them to be prepared it'll be clouded obese and showers around two in hell of the broncos airplane tomorrow as well they are home against the 40 niners thanking starts at 7:00 o'clock temperatures around 70 to kick it off but
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the game is ever prepare for the two as we hit 74 saturday the tenth saturday morning in the upper 40s it is a chilly weekend but it improves it was close to normal by the beginning of next week. >> a lot of 90s this year. >> i'm glad you guys are on board at 1122 right now coming
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you can help us. >> joe was here to talk more about this little guy with an adult great dutra to a great friend regular what is the combo going on do you think. >> we are calling him a pug mix and he looks a bit like a post- beatle to me but you can never be too sure and that mugsy is seven years old he is neutered he loves everybody as is obvious here is good with children is very mellow but
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whole right over here so he's a character he's got a funny personality. >> he's so cute. he's seven he's a fine in the car and everything he did great in the car he would like to be any other dogs in the home at the time of adoption but he's a very sweet boy and has a big personality were excited for him to find his home it looks like we are boring him. >> be great just hang and watch tv with or he's just a little you don't have a lot of cats. >> do we have hundreds of cats at the shelter right now we've got kittens. >> special with the older cats that put the 80s of qu?bec and give them a give them a
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>> monthly thank you you can e-mail us at >> and orchestrate that. >> limited time that they get married on the ninth. >> your window is closing to adapt to me that's like saying about the dog and adopted dog in your that can take it away. >> and you guys catch the broncos forecast they did a couple of seconds ago we still have it if you want to see it it is it does it will tomorrow to sarah hyland hit 74 the game starts at seven i think we'll be lucky to still be around 70 by kickoff time i think the temp might be slipping closer to the upper 60s indefinitely finishing in the lower 60s of the upper 50s you can feel the excitement of four that even though is still the preseason. >> which is wrapping up of the season quarterback been going on thank you great. >> enjoy the weekend and come
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a writer, originally from detroit, michigan... a rehabilitation specialist from bonita springs, f florida. and our returning champion, an attorney, originally from stony brook, new york... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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