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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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after a summer summerfield with violent incidences it is in place will be on the added security give them with the city leaders all want? we go to scout out the changes. it is the first friday night and a
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decided to take a stroll down 16th street to see how much they beefed up security. the downtown denver partnership spent $1 million on a security force the personnel wearing light personnel wearing light blue shirts will be on patrol 24 hours a day. not armed but there to support police is what we found on their first friday night of action. we parked the news van man at 16th and tremont
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the authority to detain people until denver and told denver
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trump is gaining support from african american supporters trying. he says some are struggling with poverty and michael johnson a democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is not the answer to their problems he also says he will turn around republican party's relationship with
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answers must be submitted in the next 30 days and clinton's campaign said sh >> wrapping up several offices this week what is being run by someone that might surprise you joe st. george explains. >> when you visit the trump campaign came in jefferson county you may think the chinese massage business business next-door is the most interesting about the place. he would be wrong. it is the 12 -year-olds hoping to get the
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>> i hours by andersen you signed i understand you signed up for this we found them on friday putting final touches on country field offices opening tomorrow in wheat ridge a place where they will gather to get out the vote. >> western schools kids would ll >> they may not always be the coolest thing to do, but he loves it now in hopes to inspire others. get involved. that's what i'm going to say kids need to be educated. >> shields giving her son so much responsibility to choose other parents, democrats or republicans make your overall responsibility to your children to teach them.
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making the ball is proud and maybe launching a career. donald trump is opening up in the state hillary clinton offices open. >> it is already got the hand gestures down. and with the hair that is very pretty impressive for a 12 -year-old. he will be in office and how old will we be? i don't want to do the math. and turning to problem solvers after hiring a photographer that did not show up. those pictures are priceless memories.
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labor day marks an unexpected part of summer and last chance for a decade away if you've not walked in your plans, it's not too late to score deals for a last-minute vacate. we have been shopping arou >> if you are looking for a real bargain, look for destinations heading into their off seasons. florida is a great example. another place is the mountain destinations like denver, breckenridge, even houston where you can stay for under $200 a night for the holiday weekend. the destination that is not at the height of its popularity right now and a great way to travel and say that a low cost.
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you want to take one last break, get online with all those tips in mind. >> cable and telecom now on a mission to block block mobile call. comcast and verizon are among the dozens to head a robo call with more control some break the law by joining the do not call registry also trying to provide more control for their users. if you don't want to see notifications from everyone you don't have two to users can limit from the pieces people they follow. you to turn on. it can be used for blocking harassment and another couple tool is the quality filter that will filter lower quality content or duplicate or appears to be automated.
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after a photographer does not show up. now she turns to problem solvers after months of delays where it was critical. >> the showers are moving away, but the cooler air is just now moving in. we talk about how low although the temperatures go
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>> they say they plead for a portrait session in the owner never deliver they reached out to problem solvers with stadium
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>> six -month-old mcdaniel was born with a rare brain disorder. >> they told us he probably would not make it past the month. >> the family wanted to document their time with formal photos to go along with his family pictures, so his grandmother brought bought a portrait session through melissa velasquez at a charity auction. >> i paid $150 for two gift certificates which included hair and makeup photographers. >> that was last october. >> it's just something we've been wanting to do for a while since he was born, but we are kind of been in and out of the hospital. >> after months of trying to retrieve a photographer finally scheduled to shoot for last week >> verify the night before we are going to meet at this purchases, yes, i will be nice and remember i have a terminally ill child so i need to make sure you will be that no problems she never showed. they say they
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taking their own photos. >> which are calling and texting her nothing. problem solvers also called and e-mailed the company several times. no response i texted her i've e-mailed her. i have sent messages. i've had friends call and did nothing. >> we got no answer at the address listed for melissa velasquez in liquid and is not listed with the bbb after we repeatedly tried to contact her barber says she center attack saying sorry i've been really busy and just getting back to people barbara so she later got another text from her blaming the family for the mixup. >> i would really love the pictures. we don't know how long we are going to have them here. >> he is precious. >> if you've been thinking about getting a dream home giveaway ticket, now is your chance. if you buy a ticket by midnight tonight for $100 you will have a
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from landmark when can the beauty of valued at $3,500 that $100 ticket also enters you into into a chance to win a dream home the house is in the neighborhood of aurora in the cherry creek school district featuring 3400 square feet, four beds, for balance, the psr i've ever seen for sure valued at $550,000 1800 ?- 276-7695 or go online on our website only a limited number of tickets will be sold get yours before they sell out. come see the dream home for yourself it is open for tours on the weekend. come this saturday between noon and 2:00 p.m. you also have a chance to meet fox 31 weekend anchors. the houses
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in the kobe neighborhood of aurora. >> she just likes to make yourself at home the matter where she is. get comfortable. i promise you the broncos forecast it will be chile tomorrow morning i will show you in just a second sunshine should offset that tailgating looks good remembering the kickoff is not until 7:00 p.m. tonight with the set setting the sun they will fall a light jacket is not a bad idea on the way out of the game otherwise it los here is what happens. eighty-one in denver is all this cold air pushed to the north tonight became running in on the cold front great for their and kicked off the showers and thunderstorms with the hail and lightning and wind. as far as temperatures here, these are your highs across the state today with the hottest reading at 91 all the reasons we had today virtually gone and we are
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forecasting the lower 45 degrees in denver. there is your current temperature mainly in the 50s and 60s still warm out west with 70s for the western valley. there is your remaining showers midnight or two in the morning before they are gone in the wake of the showers, we have low clouds we will bring that off with plenty of sunshine northwest colorado with the central mountains across the denver the front range northeast plains looking beautiful as you travel south, you may get one or two showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm that should be widely scattered. seventy in the mountains 82 in the eagles. ninety-eight and returning from grand junction here in the east, after what has been i kind of did in the fall tonight we are making less comfortable in the 70s across the area tonight we expect the rain is a wrap up around midnight. then we will burn the clouds off with a very
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this way ?- 51 in the morning after starting at 4566 at the lunch hour on our way to a very pleasant 77 degrees. we will update you with my brother looking ahead for warmer temperatures. >> coming up ?- next in sports ?- which rockies players keeping colorado competitive against the cubs tonight. >> and continuing the reputation of the denver defense. >> the next on fox 31 news at and expected surprises. >> this is the worst day ever. >> on their at 10:00 p.m. ?- what is making these pooches power and has their owners
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training camp on the sidelines. >> i know what i am doing, but it is all about mounting its body going they know what i have done for a long time in know once i get out there about the caps on they will be seasoned noise.
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where on the field. >> you know he is a great guy he does nothing but look out for their younger is a perfect example of how to be a pro in the league he is basically our patent on defense. >> because of getting exactly what they need out of the captain. >> he took a handful of us work isn't to say back for a little bit i will teach you something you guys are joined to have someone like him say that makes all the difference. >> is one of those that is take a man since i've been here. >> there is a practice are arguably more meaningful. >> sometimes sitting on the sideline is a good thing to where you can critique the guys and not just be out there playing there he is building the next generation of locker room leaders. >> i tell him every day you are my role model i want to be like you and i go up spent the other good thing about him is all the young guys just adding to the depths of the denver depth of the denver defense.
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for a two hour rain delay start at coors field chicago is the only 18 team warm up to them the mall of three pictures with dexter fowler abusing tyler the tenth of the season one ?- zero lead. and how about this ?- out of the lineup with a toe injury tonight goes the other way on kyle hendricks. his fourth of the year that cups of taken back the lead with a single run in the third. we are talking about cold conditions out there. 49 degrees at first pitch. >> a little bit miserable is in august? thank you. fall is coming. i, so plenty of one is to come. fox 31 news at 10:00 p.m. starts right now. >> it was so windy my car was literally shaking. wayne, rain
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bringing storms up and down the front range we spotted this downed tree and montebello and hail. >> a similar story in colorado springs the windshield wipers going full speed definitely hard to see right there. thank you for joining us tonight at ten. still showers out there with the dave a f on right now? the cold front whipping things up it has been an interesting evening of showers in severe weather we had let's take a look at life radar as we put it in motion the bottom right-hand corner of your screen as we zoom in, we continue to see on and off light showers with some down south in castle pines and the laundry area of humor showers off to the left into the foothills and notice from the left-hand side
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of the rain sliding into the northeast part. nothing on these severe side here is the future cast for denver i will hold on to the showers until about midnight after about the rain is gone some low locals could hang into early tomorrow morning but we will burn those clouds are. tonight, we are looking at chilly temperatures quickly falling off with the forecast was in the 40s and 50s. be a record-setting cold temperature speaking of call ?- check this out ?- pretty quiet. no advisers in colorado i meant to that north they are getting ready for frost overnight tonight. coming up in a few minutes we will talk about the chilly night ahead. we will warm up, and i will give you details on more rain chances ahead. >> the dog park and river front park area is closed


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