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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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as football saturday ? number
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for francisco 49ers and the question for the broncos who will be the starting quarterback on the regular-season kickoff and 20 days. nick kicks off her team coverage tonight and join us live outside the stadium. of course we're talking quarterbacks. we just mentioned it 20 days away from the nfl regular season opener it will take place a mile high stadium gary has still not decided who will start at quarterbk decision sooner rather than later between mark sanchez and trevor semyon large bulk of that could hinge very likely on what happens here tonight last week in chicago a veteran mark's interest that took this dark got all the snaps with the first tamers tonight will be the second your guide 24 your trevor simeon the northwestern university coach has planned simeon will get the first quarter and a half of action tonight was sanchez set the play the next quarter and a half and
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paxton lynch to get the crumbs after that. believe it or not it remain civil even friendly between the two qb's. i've always rooted for my teammates. is the team winning and good for everyone. on the team winning a goes well for everyone on the roster and everyone in the building. it's an awesome group. it's been fun everyone's help each other out. is a good grip to be a part of that. the results of this preseason game number two against the 49ers what is the first home games at mile high stadium. pretty good crowd on hand as they're both getting ready for their first preseason home opener will talk about von miller chris harris junior.
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that story coming up a little bit later. fox 31. falling a super bowl when. as much is there waiting for that. live outside the station. unimagined a lot of tailgating coming on. these preseason games don't town and the standings and really doesn't matter who wins or loses but don't tell that to broncos country they are filling hours in advance of gametime tonight will be the fans first look at the broncos on the field at mile high stadium and nearly seven months. that may be the preseason but some of broncos country showed up more than six hours in advance of this evening's ball game to get a at the 2016 and
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a lot of sql 50 memorabilia and where there are many members of that team coming back this season there is one large absence that's their share of pay manning has left town. the diehard fans what they most looking forward to seeing now that pain has retired. i'm excited to see mark. way fills took our defense to a whole new level last year. just because his personality and has he plays. probably ct. because is great. at think is can a be good this year. we did the math it's been 209. i think you could say the fans have waited long enough to beat a beloved orange and blue lb a fun atmosphere here tonight at mile high stadium reporting live fox 31.
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waiting. i can break our producer to mention meet there. mark joins us now with the first check your game forecast house at looking for the umbrella there's no rain in sight out there picture-perfect across metro area this evening there are some showers to the west of colorado springs in the high country that's all moving down to the south anything to browse around the city later this evening cause blowback across the storms. mimi sunny how about those temperatures great to watch evening football game although you may want to take a large
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we don't know. prepares today tomorrow look into next week. this just in and arvada man has died after being hit by lightning happen and abuzz about national for news and northern colorado the coroner's office identified that man as 45 -year-old chad investigators say he was in the crystal lakes red feather lakes ar y when a large storm moved through that area there was standing between a couple trees when he was hit. with less than 80 days to go before the election there is one candidate not heard a lot from outside of commercials that senator michael bennet that changed as he helped open a campaign office and commerce city fox 31 31 political reporter speaking with him exclusively tonight. we have talked a lot of politics so far this election year for presidential candidates to
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one candidate had a particular quiet summer senator michael bennet is today where they green bus rolled and to commerce city. there is a big gap in this. seeing his commercials this is one of the first stops and months are cameras have been invited to senator michael bennet opening up an office for yourself and hillary clinton. i may have not seen me i spent a lot of time. during our exclusive chat the senator said we haven't been and in the right spots to interview him. he doesn't buy his up close to 20-point the republican nominee darryl glenn and said his tell me was such with such of the together doom in the interview. i'm sorry he said nasty things
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brushing off rumors he wants a job in his cabin. the interstate and being secretary. i'm interested in being a senator for colorado big issues facing our state remains opposed to colorado care and unsure about the right to die measures. we did get him on record supporting the $12 minimum wage. colorado should expect to see more of him in the coming weeks as they try to convince voters to send him back to dc. why should coloradans send you back there to something. i think congress has been an effective my office has been very effective. that's sums up the reelection strategy admit dc with the functional but he is very much
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to november november comes voters won't buy it by the way it looks from the year familiar is from 60 years ago volunteer held onto a first it for its reelection campaign joe st. george fox 31. new developments in the beaver creek fire the sheriff lifted the evacuation order for residents. closures on national forests and land management are still in effect tonight the beaver creek fire started in june so far i 47 percent contained the cause of the fire is still under investigation today's weather was perfect for a cookout with the cops the police department posted the community barbecue and they had a huge turnout take a look at video a lot of people came out to hang out the men and women who help keep tempers safe. city park near east high school and a dance off police chief robert white says today's event is about giving back to the
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the last couple years and law enforcement. i've been really trying. this is our way of saying thank you to the community they have been extremely supported of the men and women and our police department officers gave away free school supplies for students i don't think we had video of it but hopefully there were breaking it down out there please officers included. we we're at the open house a lot more on that. it was also beautiful day for the 209th annual aids walk walk for life and five k run. face. keeps you running. fox 31's a proud sponsor of the
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tournament and more all the raise awareness and funds to help in hiv and aids prevention education and treatment. great event out there i'd say he's one of the best people to get you motivated to keep going. beautiful weather outside we're just getting started inspiration on the water you have to see this kids of all ages showing us you can accomplish just about anything plus a unique tradition more
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portland daily life differently than most cup deprecate participate in something many of us take for granted that shows how they arrived to the challenge. getting into a lake or a pool
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and when your limbs are waterproof and worth 50,000 dollars something like a weight surfing before today was just a pipe dream. life isn't about finding yourself i'm a big believer and reinventing yourself terry it's about creating the life you want. i'm going to be a surfer someone told me a year ago our ten years ago what i be a surfer i would've said absolutely not. i am reinventing myself today. she is not disabled. my left leg is amputated below the knee he just faces some physical challenges others do not. i live i live and a world where i have to fit. with the walking and the able bodies here at stanley lake. thanks to a host of people. i can take this off my bike at
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are getting an opportunity. to experience life like everyone else and that's the beauty of it. also wearing prosthetics on both legs. eight -year-old participates in the amputee wake serving clinic for the second year. from adults and am think you can put party price pretty price on that's how you do it like nine-year-old. i've been working out these muscles today is about removing obstacles and continuing the journey of life. outthink you can put any price on it. grateful is the only word i can use. it took several organizations to put on today's free event including the clinic timing wise
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colorado fox 31. a great and a beautiful beautiful day out there the gigi's die with the ball today. sure seems like it days they become more frequent and set of these long strings of 90-degree days figure to get these breaks more and more often we've another one scheduled for next week but m m between now and then. let's jump into outside nothing but a sea o mile high camp picking out over the city a lot of action the mile high stadium. broncos taking the field not too long. outside across the board clear sky struggling to find any cloud cover across not only the metro that much of the front range. clouds are blowing off. in the southern reaches of the palmer divide showers developing over the foothills and mountains to the west of colorado springs
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south all the activity is well south of the ice 70 quarter door. far southern reaches of colorado a few thunderstorms but they're all moving down to the south towards new mexico. sunny skies expected mount ms. communities. consider one history say showers before dark afterward everything settled down was skies overhead here tonight nice gentle breeze temperatures and are cooling quickly for heading out for some broncos festivitiesan in your outdoors make sure you take longer sleeves. low 60s by the time wraps up highs today we're a lot cooler than we have. that blue through the other night and temperatures on average right around 87 degrees we're far below that it's really comfortable outside 75 and arvada 76 in wheat ridge of aurora at 76 and centennial not far off at 75 degrees 75 degrees
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little cooler 60s showing up across parts of the mountain with 90s come blowing through grand junction today toasty one on the western slope there is a rich building back to the west of us in the jet stream behind the front that blue through last night we're getting that northwesterly flow keeping is cool tomorrow afternoon in the rate starts to slide and ship to north southwesterly direction and warm-up begins back into the mid and perhaps uer few locations tomorrow afternoon just like we saw today future cast will show nothing but sunshine throughout the day i don't think we are worried about wet weather today outdoor plans you have one are two passing whiskey clouds not much to worry about in the sky 51 tonight a chilly one and some spots mainly clear when coming on through tomorrow afternoon back into the mid- even upper 80s. will top out 88 sections of the
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temperatures in the mid to upper 80s and lower 80s as you chopper further south. eighty-six at highlands ranch in castle pines castle rock is 83 and 82 respectively. seven-day forecast has as back to 90 with a small 90 with a small chance of an afternoon shower. showers on tuesday. the cold front comes through we're looking at a couple of days and the 70s before the warm-up begins once we get into another fall 20. couple save their wedding kids and eat later on this next couple day been doing they been doing it since they got married in 1955 they celebrate their wedding anniversary every year by nibbling on a piece of the original wedding cake they been eating the same fruitcake for 61 years station start on the first wedding anniversary the cake might be old they do add a special ingredient to keep it
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she made they take and i had to hang in there shower and new jersey and cheesecake the two age because there needs to start aging before you i said. we still love each other. that is so incredibly sweet. i have to admit that's not what i i envisioned i thought it would have the frosting look old but it's sweet they still do this. look how delicious that looks i would say no thank you. congratulations to them 61 years that is impressive. they celebrate eating take every year the day after they both get sick. your phone rings any think it's an important call.
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coming up what's being done to help you block these types.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." ct a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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spark to hear from work maybe family but the last thing you want to spam there getting robo spam called on their cell phones matt king has more on what's behind the uptake. i automatically assume they want to verify it on the human. they automated if it seems like your cell phones receiving more robo calls than ever before the agencies like the ftc and fcc's will probably tell you that make
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complaint they have gone in ten years ago that just wasn't the case. the minute jude the robo calls campaign at they union yesterday people lose almost $250 million every year to telephone scams minute of them executed. martin says telemarketers can buy list of phone numbers they like better use of their money is to buy software to cycle through millions of combinations of random numbers to reach more of us. we've seen such an the technology has changed so much i i literally just got one right now. known as a robocop acts would force phone number, is to on intel congress passes that are something like it into law are cell phone seemed destined to in see increasing number of calls. i've seen then routed from nassau county through utah. fear which coppola called legitimate offer our of
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it is really annoying. nothing i like more than answering that robo call. all my personal phone five miss called and one day i know they're all not broken calls. sometimes many of us take things for granted like seen walking for some people of those things don't come easy to incredible gift that's exposing one man to the world that he's never known. another disturbing trend colorado seeing as bike and stolen cars we're experts say
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almost 30 percent 2015 at 2014, 15,000 vehicles stolen in colorado just last year thank you for staying with us. this is deftly a disturbing trend you might think your car say that the canoes a hammer to break your window and a screwdriver to start it ten seconds later their car is gone. they must several the away and neutral didn't hear a thing. sara woke weeks ago today she walked out the door headed for work and discovered her locks uber had been stolen. i dropped to my lunch and just collapse to the ground i was heartbroken a lot of effort and time to customizing that car. may use his personal test is like orange vinyl and lug nuts. small changes that carried a big price tag. sarah isn't alone off thus in


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