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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  August 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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almost 30 percent 2015 at 2014, 15,000 vehicles stolen in colorado just last year thank you for staying with us. this is deftly a disturbing trend you might think your car say that the canoes a hammer to break your window and a screwdriver to start it ten seconds later their car is gone. they must several the away and neutral didn't hear a thing. sara woke weeks ago today she walked out the door headed for work and discovered her locks uber had been stolen. i dropped to my lunch and just collapse to the ground i was heartbroken a lot of effort and time to customizing that car. may use his personal test is like orange vinyl and lug nuts. small changes that carried a big price tag. sarah isn't alone off thus in
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many cars experts say are being stolen to commit other crimes. begun to began to commit a crime are involved in a drug ring a good deal with your own car oftentimes that stolen vehicle is they getaway car. they've also been hit especially mom and pop shops like the one alex owns. it to car stolen last months just days apart. i couldn't believe that. how could that happen i just another one gets taken the thieves not deterred by will locks are stealing clubs measures that thought he could keep his vehicle safe. by want to mess and the sarah o'reilly learn some good news about her super it was found but it was almost unrecognizable the car even the orange & have been painted in the ignition have been ripped out.
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i do not want it back. sarah is hopeful she actually found a man's passport and the car to break down those numbers 300 cars are stolen and colorado every week right now people living in the louisiana recovering from has stored flooding drove the people from across the country stepping up to help with recovery efforts fox news has more the devastating floods in your look across america. after devastating rainfall in the louisiana the hard work of rebuilding is just wrapping up the storm system dumping more than 20 inches of rain over four days leaving rivers and creeks severely bloated officials say 4000 people remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed first responders are still african racks use. you we're going door to door if
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tightknit community if anyone's missing are whatnot we're just going to making sure everyone's accounted for. volunteers from across the country have been arriving to help anheuser-busch delivering more than 250,000 hands of drinking water and the loads up of hope is providing free laundry service to affected residents. i'm not as bad as everyone else. present obama has come under heavy criticism for not interrupting his weekend vacation to be in the louisiana meanwhile republican presidential candidate donald trump and his running mate mike this it's visitors flood victims on friday. the white house says president obama is receiving regular
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rouge on tuesday the firsthand look at the damage. brine units fox news. on the colorado red cross is sending volunteers to louisiana to help flood victims from wyoming are also helping bringing to red cross emergency response vehicles volunteers help bring food and water. if you want to help you can donate by visiting red cross or texting the word la floods 29099 to make $ all this information posted on wanted fugitives tries to avoid capture by disguising himself as an elderly man 31-year-old sean miller was indicted on charges of possession of hair went with intent to distribute federal and local authorities surrounded a home in massachusetts found a man at first did not look like the suspect they realized that man you see they're actually wearing a disguise they found
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loaded weapons. a new york man is experiencing the world and a whole new way david is a 55-yard with header and grandfather of six had issues with his hearing since he was born thanks to the miracle air foundation he can now here clearly for the first time in his life. that static was actually the fan david sweet has never been able to pick up on sounds like that. i see the fan moving around. i can hear the fan perko's can a be great. will will will is right eardrum and recently discovered his ability to hear out of his left ear was failing him to. i didn't know i needed to.
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little have insurance and thought he was going have to deal with his hearing loss that's me found out about the miracle air foundation and applied for the program. they have refurbished hearing aids. this is in a hang up over the top of your ear nicole hearing an instrument specialists and fitted him with his new hearing aids today. finally be able to hear clearly most of the time it's going to change his life. the foundation hearing aids two children and adults all over north america weatherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. to hear for the first time their eyes are lighting up and a lot of times people start crying and that's really rewarding for me on helping better someone's quality of life. finally able to hear his wife cindy with both of his ears for the first time ever.
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foundation is 10,000 hearing aids to run six around 6,000 people all across the country. he has six grandkids. he needs to hear them. hearings one of those things that story proves how valuable how much we should take back. they aren't the only big change the broncos games this season a lot of new food options as well coming up result of taste test performed by our very own damn. great day to strap on the boots and get on the trail view from national park shows other than clouds scooting by the mountains there was a gorgeous afternoon it indicated chance to get
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going to broncos game can make you real hungry all that sharing and shouting certainly works up an appetite them and reducing more than ten nude food items her fans fox 31 with the forts and hand shows us what's on the menu. it's a new season with a new quarterback and a new pale ale. in celebration of a championship season and the one i had mild high is adding some game-winning electric town with a lot of cultural cuisines we try to look at things locally and globally. to kick things off white kid go better with football than frito pie. basically you're free to us live to chili's of red and a green with the green as mark. another first down could be the
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how palisade peach small. really tasting those chili's and black theme corn type flavor profiles. for the touchdown throw in some street tacos euros and taco pizza in your game need something to wash it all down with. low magnum hobbs that's we get the bite there any give you the juiciness. you may come to watch your championship denver broncos play just nights day to remain united and orange. we just stared. what is he thinking. if you're out and about today it will be a good day to grab a cold one. plenty of sunshine our head to
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cold drink temperatures is afternoon and evening warm-up as much as there used to cold front last evening cool things off of beautifully here today for much more than this. mid-to-late august 75 are high downtown match that in fort collins along i 70. in the mountains much of the same 70s and low '80s showing up and 90 that's where grand junction the cooler air locked in in the lower elevations and 73 and fort temperature downtown parker at 72 72 in castle rock sitting at 70 degrees. the look like our camera view wants to work for us nothing but blue skies and sunshine. that i have to worry about much. there headed out for festivities during the game make sure you take a jacket and some long sleeves as were cooling down pretty quickly once the sun drops below the horizon.
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in the is wrapped up after 10:00 o'clock this evening we are right around that in the upper 50s are so. a few passing clouds here and there nothing but starry skies to the almanac and towards tomorrow morning there are clouds to the south over southern of the palmer divide in toward colorado springs the showers out there to the west of colorado springs have all died off. the rest of it as well down to the south over the far regions of colorado heading southbound into northern new mexico future cast shows not a whole lot to worry about a stray shower south of i 70. after the sun drops you don't have to worry about much wet weather it will all fadeaway and basically a a repeat performance from the sky perspectives nothing but blue overhead no wet weather anticipated tomorrow afternoon we will see a wind shift with that when coming to the southwest or shower south of
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will warm us back up. and the desert southwest arts to migrate in highs pushing right back into the upper 80s perhaps in some spots the lower 90s. is knockout last too much longer it's lined up for the near future more on that 51 overnight tonight mainly clear skies of cool evening we warm up quickly 87 for the high. maybe some low 60s 40 showing up and parts of the high country looking at mid and upper 80s. upper 70s low 80s in the mountains on the western slope could reach 92. the three day forecast has is pretty warm. a stray shower late monday and tuesday afternoons and then the next cold front comes in sometimes wednesday we see a divan a couple of showers come along with it.
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70s. not only wednesday but thursday and into the day on friday. before we dry out and start to warm up by the time we had into next weekend. excited to see the 70s and 80s. 90-degree days will be around here and there but not as frequent as what we have seen. dream home giveaway is almos here that means time is running out to purchase your tickets to bide this dream home for $100 a hundred dollars giving away the house on september 1 the goal is to raise more than a million dollars for the recharge possible. x have the the exit of the opportunity to tour the dream home. actually my kids out there. incredible. compared to last year's dream year's dream home really hard to compare beautiful could not go
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broom you walked into a while factor a lot of fun we met a lot of folks out there take some pictures i got to rock my broncos teacher it was a good time you haven't been out there you have to go see and person. you don't when the home great your supporting is such a good cause it's a win-win. if you'd like to help saint jude good chance to win a brand-new house you can buy your giveaway ticket a limited number is available get yours before they sell out you can also buy one online at also on our website is more information about the home. became to the house take a virtual tool with 360 photos including a five minute long walking tour video you like to see the home and person there are details about this open house tours happening again next week.
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is mind you again tickets will sell out. only a limited number. ahead and sports how the rockies rally back late last night to steal a win against the cavs. mile high stadium is the sports team tonight they have sports
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the broncos drug this ground last year when their harassing tom brady into submission a little bit of an overstatement intends to fit the narrative of the excitement that accompanies the start of a new season even if it's a start of an exhibition season actually this is the home opener against the 40 niners the first time they been field the defending super bowl champions first time they been in front of their loyal minions as defending super bowl champions sky show up for work much of the attention tonight will be on trevor getting his first start and perhaps taking a step closer to becoming the starting quarterback of this football team. i am think i'm thinking about it too much is fun to play at home no doubt. it's going to be fun make the
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much. ages most of the attention they will be other areas of interest 20 and on tonight of very competitive race for the third and fourth receiver even with benny out and tell the start of the season cody coming off a seven reception performance last weekend and chicago has made good helps all three cordobas really lengthen the field this last weekend and practice at the passing game far more prevalent than in weeks lb interesting how they come out defensively an exhibition these guys seem to know only one speed shutout chicago. just seems to left them wanting more the debut of von miller of coarse is front and center tonight and we have more on that. though be happy to see their super bowl mvp back in action been a while since von has been
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against tom brady the new england patriots. is been dancing his way through training camp ever cents. he take it easy coming into this training camp given he was away from the team. now he's excited to be back and what he calls his natural environment. want to leave it all out there on the field. i want to be the type of player i know i am. have fun. on the football field that's my natural environment. broncos country gets von back of the without demarcus ware the ticket easy with that back injury. he deserves a little time off before the grind back to you. here inside mile high stadium a little bit the calm before the storm we are far from the crowd sports director will be our eyes
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sideline of this ballgame he's out a monks of the people. really good crowd and energy where they get excitement. after all the defending super bowl champions it says how right on the south side of the stadium at mild high in all seriousness this is preseason football these are the a lot of the fans people skip out on. addition to the fact we are the that creates a goodie good crowd on hand a quick note are reminder talk about a lot of the guys plane keep in mind there still 90 plus players on this roster has to get well down to the 53 man roster first cuts are coming up quickly. will continue to keep an eye on that and how those races for you throughout the rest of camp at mile high fox 31 denver. we will have complete reaction
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tonight hopefully at 9:00 o'clock more than likely at ten of coarse tomorrow inside the sunday sports zone how about those rockies last night. one in the 70s three in the eighth a walkoff went in the 11th a big one for the third straight win for the rockies to get jump up for his first ever start tonight against the chicago cubs of course hoffman is the top pitching prospect in the rockies. that's baseball going on and coors field more highlights of that ball game we are thinking football exhibition action from right here at mile high. a super bowl champ has such a nice ring to it. interesting to see what happens
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it's great outside right now it will be for the entirety of the game clear skies cool by the time the sun goes down we drop to 51 chilly early tomorrow morning will warm up nicely actually about ten to 15 warmer than what we saw today 87 for the high 90 on monday we replete that are close to on tuesday. next round of 70-degree temperatures role in starting wednesday. already seeing a few snowflakes. it's getting their football weather is edging closer. inching closer. thank you so much for joining us at any time of the day go to
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a historic-preservation administrator from fuquay-varina, north carolina... a restaurant manager from santa cruz, california... and our returning champion, a stay-at-home dad and graduate student from columbia, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny.


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